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  1. I don't know where you get this idea that LF was badmouthing Jon. He approached Glover and Royce after the meeting where they criticised Jon and praised Sansa. Maybe he just told them that he agrees that Sansa is doing a good job. Why? So we could have another anti_sansa circlejerk? She apologised to him in S6. Do we really need her to apologise to poor little Jon every season? Sansa is not worried that they won't trust her, she is worried that they won't care, they will just use that as an excuse to turn their backs again.
  2. No. This wouldn't work. LF was smart not to openly say anything against Jon, Arya or Bran
  3. He trusts that she wants to survive,especially since she is pregnant. And it's a very typical for all chacatres in the show to underestimate how delusional Cersei is. Even Jaime was shocked. It's not stupid to refuse to make an alliance on false facts that could later create many problems, since it is very important that alliance survives. It's not only about that meeting, it's about actually fighting together.
  4. When people say that Jon was stupid when he wanted to save his brother or that Tyrion is stupid because he doesn't want his sister do die, I wonder do they have brothers and sisters? How is it possible to have such black and white perspective? It's not simple. It's human heart in conflict with itself. Life is not something where you are making cold and calculating decisions all the time, like you are playing a game.
  5. As soon as possible = 12 years of hard work.
  6. Some book fans had these dramatic outrages since S1. I saw that with LOTR and Harry Potter as well. But all it takes is to enoy anything is to be open minded and without bias. As I said, it's really impossible for something to be nonsensical in such capacity that they are claiming. To write a show where every character's move is nonsensical is impossible even if we ignore that GoT is critically acclaimed. Those exaggerated claims completely undermain legitimity of their criticism. When everything is horrible and idiotic, nothing is.
  7. The plan is to destroy alliance between the Boltons and the Lannisters. That makes both sides weaker. And later in S5 he also helped Cersei against Tyrells. To destroy that alliance as well. The goal is the same like in the books. To take the North and marry Sansa. And later to take the Iron Throne. But Jon came to WF and then Daenerys arrived and the White Walkers as well and everything went to shit.
  8. Yeah. It's his typical MO. Create chaos, divide people, turn everyone against everyone and then profit. But here he got Jon as KITN so he was fucked. His attempt to divide the Starks was a desperate move that killed him.
  9. I don't think that the Vale requires that many characters. KL, the Wall, Meereen,... all had a lot more characters in the books. The Vale could've been the same. They've told Daenerys' story in Meereen with only one character from that place. And another character that was killed after 2 episodes. A tourney that could've been cut or simplified like a lot of other events from other storylines. Kingsmoot was simplified, the whole Dorne's storyline, Meereen, there are a lot of moments and characters that were cut from KL, the North, Riverlands and so on. They didn't need to be completely faithful to the books. We are going in circles it seems. I never said that there are no advantages of a separate Vale storyline. I said that "we like Sophie and that's why we gave her WF storyline" is just safe excuse for Benioff and Weiss where they avoid to say their true reasons, like disliking Vale storyline or finding it unnecessary or saying things about Sansa's future in the books. You can like Sophie and give her Vale storyline. It's not like they had to have Ramsay's marriage storyline. If they thought Sansa gradually gaining insight into Vale politics was more important that Theon's redemption arc they would've cut Theon's storyline, not Sansa's. In S4 Theon and the Boltons were in only 3 episodes. If they thought the Vale was more important they could've had 3 episodes in S5 as well. But they can't say this openly because that would, as Benioff said, probably make people less happy than if they don't say anything.
  10. Mostly because show watchers don't pay too much attention to how things work. Mostly because they don't nitpick everything.
  11. I think writing a 3 seasons of the show where almost nothing makes sense is a great accomplishment. How is even possible to write a story where nothing makes sense? D&D should get award for that only.
  12. I'm sure you can find some show watchers who are confused about almost anything in the show, but that wasn't the general sentiment. Just like with any adaptation majority of complaints are coming from hardcore book fans. Benioff and Weiss made a show that is successful at every front, loved by the audience and the critics. Changes that they've made with Sansa helped both the character and the actress. Sansa is more popular than ever. And Sophie got an oportunity to be part of some major movies, thanks to challenging scenes D&D wrote for her, where she was able to show her talent.
  13. Proof that cast wanted show to be over and that negotiations for S9 or S10 would be really hard. And expensive.
  14. It's interesting that the only people who find some things confusing in the show are some book readers. Show watchers have no problem following and understanding the story. That's why some scenes in Sansa's storyline in the last 3 seasons are some of the most iconic and memorable scenes this show ever had.
  15. And who has the right to objectively judge the quality? You didn't like Sansa's storyline in the show, and that's fine, but there is not a single reason why D&D should regret putting her in WF. It solved so many problems that GRRM now has. As you said it didn't affect the show’s long-term popularity, it didn't affect the support from the critics or the Academy, it gave them the oportunity to finish the story. It even helped Sophie to get some major roles. It really made Sansa and Sophie one of the faces of the show, which she really wasn't in the first 3-4 seasons. It was success at every front. And it was entertaining to watch her in the last 3 seasons. One of the best decisions they've made IMO. I don't think Sansa really has a story in the books yet (in the Vale). Her chapters are just set-up for the actual story, GRRM just planted the seeds, but we still don't know what will happen there and how.