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  1. So it seems that Teon dies and Yara survives. I knew one of them would die. I guess Yara makes more sense as the next ruler of the Iron Islands
  2. His scene with Cersei in E3 was one of the best in S7 IMO. I wanted to see more :(
  3. Naming one of the most loathsome characters in ASOIAF after an ex-girlfriend (and making that same character auburn haired like his ex-wife) and giving her a humiliating death at the hands of a character who has callously Umm. ......I'm not sure I understand... Lysa?
  4. To be honest, I think that's because they had more experience in that area than him in real life.
  5. I would love a war between Dany and Jon to be the ultimate conflict but there is no way that's happening.
  6. I agree. All of them are fake. I don't even trust BoatsexBaby any more.
  7. The fact that Dany and Jon are in love will make it really hard to sell his position at first. But by E3 I think the North will accept Dany. It will be just like Jon said, "they will see you for what you really are".
  8. I was speaking from Northern POV. I don't think they will care about death if dragon. At first. Or maybe they will. We don't know yet. And that's why they could be angry. I feel you are speaking from the position of Dany's fan and I am trying to see how will Northern lord react. The fact that they will act unreasonably (maybe), doesn't mean that isn't realistic in politics. I could give you many examples from my own country, but you probably never heard about those events in history lol.
  9. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    I agree. Harris played him as too weak. And he wasn't eccentric at all. Gambon was too agresive in GoF, but director wanted to show how Dumbledore is loosing control. So even if Harris was alive he would be agresive in that movie as well. But I think they were both great actors and they did what directors wanted them to do. If Gambon was in first two movies he would also play Dumbledore as slow and weak. And I'm sure Harris would have been great in later movies.
  10. If politics is something so rational and simplistic where everyone agrees with everyone life would be easier. Is there any big deciosion made in history where everyone agreed? I mean, in USA, they can't even agree about climate change ffs.
  11. But this is what it makes realitic. That is how politics works in real life. Hypocrisy and cowardice.
  12. Maybe they expected he would be able to convince her that the WW are her enemies as well and that she should fight them. I mean, that's what Jon promissed them at their last meeeting in E2.
  13. Not true at all. She even said she knows nothing about it in S6.