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  1. I think this was the case. I think Sansa's endgame is being Lady of Winterfell, so moving her to the North earlier didn't seem like a big change for them and gave them opportunity to have many meetings and reunions in S5 and S6, and it seems they always like that.
  2. I do think that D&D stoped caring about faithfulness to the books long time ago. If something feels like a good idea for them, I'm sure they would do it, no matter what will happen in the books, that GRRM won't finish anyway.
  3. Why it's sad? I mean they didn't steal anything. They worked hard for more than 10 years on the unfinished unadaptable story and made the biggest TV show on the world that broke many records. They derserve this.
  4. Yeah. They've won. For now. I think the only leaks we can expect now are the leaks during the airing of S8, like we've got for S6 at free folk from truede, just after E1. But since those type of leaks didn't happen in S7, it seems they learnd how to shut them down. That happened with S2 and S7, twice LOL. But I think those are the easiest leaks to avoid for them,
  5. I think he will have more scenes than ever.
  6. Great, I'm not the only one. LOL I know there were some minor recatsings in the show, but when you consider how big this cast really is, they really succeeded in keeping everyone together for 8 seasons. And thank the god no one in the cast and crew was sexual predator.
  7. Did anyone have this unhealthy fear that some actors could die before the end of the show and that they would have to recast or cut them? Lol Like it happened with Dumbledore or Leia. And now that the shooting of the show is almost over I'm like great.. everyone lived lol
  8. WOTW is completely useless this year lol. Old news, nothing exclusive.
  9. There is no way every episode will be only 60 minutes.
  10. 3-4 months before the season. But maybe this season it will be different, since it's last season and they skipped 2018.
  11. Booo... They are so strong, they don't even care LOL.