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  1. meltdown in the fandom is half the fun. lol
  2. Yeah. I really don't like Joanna Robinson. Not as a person, but I don't like her contribution to the fandom at all.
  3. I think this will only get worse in the next months. I hope this forum will be our safe space. lol Dany vs Sansa is bad, but can you imagine meltdown online when (if?) Jon/Dany vs Tyrion happens?
  4. I agree that it is beaten to death, but in that episode where those man came together, Stark sisters did some together as well. I don't think that D&D are misogynists. In E6 you have Dany's speech where she is like "so many stupid man that just want to be heroes and outdo each other", I don't think that this fandom is on the level of Star Wars, but a lot of things in this fandom are toxic. I don't think that they could show anything without hysteria in some parts of the fanbase.
  5. And why is it important that they are female characters? There wasn't any rivalry and conflict with male characters in this show?
  6. Yeah. I really don't get this. What they expected? Fireworks for Daenerys?
  7. I think toxic fanbase influenced your opinion about this scene. It is more civil than almost anything that we've got in Dragonpit. Sansa is cold, yes, but that's it. In Dragonit we expected massacre to happen every moment.
  8. I don't think we can analyze the entire relationship between Sansa and Daenerys, even in the first 2 episodes, based on 3 secondes we saw.
  9. And imagine what will happen when we get Jon and Dany vs Tyrion. Lol
  10. That's what happens when you don't give anything to fans in more than 16 months. And I don't think that even trailer can make things better in the fandom. That will only create 1000 new stupid theories. And when the show airs it will be even worse lol. I have few places on internet where I like to discuss the show but I think situation in the fandom will only be worse in the next months. Too much hype and emotion for my taste.
  11. I think she will suggest this when she realizes that Jon won't be just a pawn in that relationship.
  12. My point is, I don't think that tensions in the North will be the biggest element of the last season, but it would be bad writing to completely ignore history and human nature and have everyone in the North fall in line when Daenerys comes. Things are not black and white, yes, they need Daenerys but if she is liberator as she claims to be why she even needed Jon to bend the knee? She would let everyone in the North die otherwise? And it's not like they will refuse her help, they just don't trust her. I'm speaking from the Northern POV. I, personally, don't have a horse in this race. I just want interesting story.
  13. I think you are really simplifying things and making her seem petty. She is not happy that their home is given to a stranger, to Mad King's daughter. In this moment I don't think Sansa or anyone else in the North think there is that much difference between Daenerys and Cersei. And why would Sansa think(at this point) that Daenerys is even better option than Cersei? Cersei at least is much weaker, it's easier for the North to deal with weak Lannisters than powerful Targayren. And yes, Daenerys is coming to help, but from Sansa's perspective this could only mean that she is helping them so she could take the North for herself. From Sansa's perspective, if Daenerys is so selfless, she would help them unconditionally, but she wanted big political "favor" before helping them.
  14. I don't think that anyone in the North will see Daenerys only an ally. They are not idiots, they know her army is important, but at first they will think that the price is too high and that Daenerys just wants to conquer them. For some, being killed by WW is better than being ruled by another mad Targaryan. And giving up on Northern independence was not the only way of making alliance with her, if she really cares about well being of Westeros. Ofc, Dany is not mad and they will soon see that she deserves the title, but I don't think that the fact that are not super thrilled about this pact is unreasonable.