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  1. I want to feel bad for Taylor T, but just cannot. I have an iPhone, and although I didn't sign up for it, the biggest breaking news stories appear on my phone without prompt. With everything going on in our world today, there's no way that we wouldn't know about metoo. Surely she follows celebrities on instagram. One of the reasons that metoo was so big was that so so many celebrities were getting involved and sharing stories and support. Also, I don't like her response during the analysis, that she knew what it was but didn't know the name. how do you know what the metoo movement is, but you don't know the name? I don't understand that at all. It think she was trying to cover up for it, but that made it even worse, so I agree with Kelli when she said that she was still speechless. I can't with Victoria. It's easy to blame certain things on editing, but we are seeing it because it happened, and even the little that we are seeing is just ridiculous. Jinelle possesses a maturity that I admire. She was absolutely right that if you didn't want the help, communicate. Did she not think that it would get back to Kelli? I didn't want to believe the rumors that she was promised a spot on the team, but everything we have seen has proven just that. There is no way that any other TCC would be allowed to gain 11 pounds, disregard the help that they were told to take, and behave in this way, and still be allowed to continue in training camp. If I were a veteran or even another TCC I would be disappointed. Also I think that media training, simulation, whatever it is called is fair. The cowboys are one of the most popular and visible teams. One huge scandal and everyone will be scrambling to talk to anyone, cheerleaders included. Not knowing the answers to specific questions is one thing, but one must have the intellect to hear a question, take a breather, and then come up with a stock response that will satisfy the reporter and cause minimal harm. Then just no further comment.
  2. S32.E13: The People vs. Johnny Bananas

    Amanda and Zach both getting angry at each other for doing the exact same thing was ridiculous. I'm not really a fan of either of them, but it's nice that Amanda stood up for herself just as Zach did, reminds me of that time where Bananas and nany couldn't agree and one had to cave in. Sucks that they ended up going home though. For a million dollars, I don't know that I would have made that move. Not sure that Tony would have made that move had he and Bananas been in the situation. Love that Devin and Cory made it back just to see Bananas squirm.
  3. S32.E07: Big Little Lies

    I loved Kam's plan, and wish the mercenaries didn't come in and ruin it. I saw on twitter that some people didn't think it was a power move that Kam made, but I think differently. Of course one of the rookie teams was going in, because they would have just gotten together and made sure they were going to vote in one of them. By Kam doing it the way she did, she got both rookie teams in. That ensures that all the other teams will survive at least the next challenge and voting, because if one rookie team lost, they would have just turned their attention to the next rookie team. This way, both rookie teams got in, and one was guaranteed to go home, so the alliance was broken. Ugh mercenaries ruined it!
  4. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    GREAT POINT! Totally didn't think about this!
  5. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    I'm 100% on board with all of this post, especially the bold parts. I really want to support this show because it is in my backyard, but the shade and meanness was so forced this season that it was truly off-putting. It's like the told them to dial it up to stay employed. I'll have to see the trailer for the next season before I make a decision.
  6. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    Well I definitely didn't think I was going to cry during this reunion, but here I go.
  7. S03.E20: Reunion Part 2

    When I lost my dad I hated when people said that I was like an orphan. Said it last week and said it again, still can't believe she was able to film the reunion. The way the show set up the story, it seems like Charisse's marriage was rocky, and her being on the show put it over the edge. It was her biggest project at the time, and she still lost her housewife status. That's just sad.
  8. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    Felt so bad for Karen during the reunion. Surprised that she was even up for filming this season while all of that was going on, would have been understandable for her to take on a friend role. I couldn't imagine going through this reunion so close to her father's funeral. She's super strong. Otherwise, the reunion was pretty tame, looks like it will be better next week. You can see why they get two parts, and Atlanta gets three parts.
  9. That's fair. I would have the same concerns as a mother, but the timing felt wrong. I think what made it feel more charged was that we just saw Chris and Candace get emotional over the kids a few scenes prior, so it felt more pointed than it may have felt otherwise. Bravo editing.
  10. Not saying that being alone has to be bitter, just referring to the fact that they have been attacking Karen all season long.
  11. Monique, Karen, and even Ashley come with their men, but bitter Gizelle and Robyn with each other. How appropriate. ETA this is not to say that one needs a man to be complete.
  12. Anyone else think that Michael is trying to give her a reason to divorce him so that he doesn't have to adhere to the terms of the prenup? He has excuse after excuse.
  13. At the end of a nice conversation about the step kids coming to the wedding, Candace's mom makes a remark about him having three baby mamas. She just knows exactly what not to say.
  14. La Dame.