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  1. Malia was point potential. Why oh why did she only tease us with just one year on the team.
  2. I think it is Jacie. Looks like pregame and the season where Whitney was point and Mia stood next to her, that was season 7. Ally was no longer on the squad at that time.
  3. I remember the incident, just don't remember which episode that was. Season 3, episode 4-7, one of those for sure.
  4. Don't remember the winded episode, but the Cassie/Taylor confrontation is season 6 episode 6, the kitty and cameo pic episode.
  5. Brittany was definitely a solid choice, great dancer, well spoken, look and figure were there. I'm still stunned that seniority didn't rule out.I'm forever a weird skeptic, and wouldn't be surprised if this "upset" was planned. Tia and Jordan were also overlooked for 2nd group leader positions over Cassie, Crystal, and Brittany, so it was a crazy year in a lot of ways.
  6. As much as I loved Brittany Evans, I will forever be shocked by this. There were so many upper vets that were overlooked: Trisha, Brooke, Tobie, Tia, Meredith, Megan, Jordan, and they picked a 3rd year. Since the 3rd years were a large group and pretty close with the 4th years, if it truly is popularity based then I could see them getting enough votes to get Brittany, even though I can't believe they overlooked 5th year DCC queen Brooke.
  7. Khalyn was there, she even danced thunder. she just didn't do the sidelines for whatever reason.
  8. Pro bowl: Lacey without question VOTY - I wouldn't be surprised Lacey again, but if they don't want to give both to one person, I would say Amy or Maddie. Kashara for honorable mention for saying in front of Kelli that she would pick Lily for the team over Victoria. ROTY - Bridget or Brennan.
  9. I always say that season 7 is my favorite class, and was prepared to select mindlessly until I saw the lineup for season 10 and remembered that I really enjoyed that class as well. In the end I still picked season 7. It came down to Kay, Raylee and Simone in season 10 vs Chelsea, Emily, and Teri in season 7. Overall the talent in season 7 won out. Least favorite was season 8, I really liked Jinelle, Rachel, Jessica, and Samantha, but the rest eh. I thought Samantha had a good chance at point and one point (hehe). Plus, meeeeeet me in Vegas toniiiiiiight. Whenever I think of season 8 I heard that song, ugh!
  10. Season 5 was very close but I LOVED Sasha, Lauren, Nicole, Olivia, and Alyssa more than the rookies in season 6.
  11. Season three was my favorite of the choices, with season 7 being my actual favorite. Season three rookie class gave us two points and multiple 1st and 2nd leaders and show group members. Least favorite is season 6. Season 5 was a close second, but 5 of those rookies were cut, and it was overall a weaker squad and season than 5, but they got the spark back in season 7. Plus I think that Brittney and Courtney should have made it in season 5 instead of 6.
  12. I don't believe so, she was on the front line but never one of the three in the triangle, the closest she got was two away from point I believe.
  13. This is how I felt about Nicole Bulcher the year she went, over 7 year vet Sydney.