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  1. Season 7 Discussion

    I don't understand their attitude about having children either, that it is up to God to decide and they can't/shouldn't do anything about it because it would be sinful. Kelly had Lasik surgery to improve her eyesight. God gave her poor eyesight. Why isn't it sinful to correct it?
  2. And then in the next scene, they were standing around the kitchen island that had a bouquet of white roses.
  3. I thought Luann was incredibly rude about Ramona's remodel. Very neutral and a little sparse, but I thought it looked good. Ramona's house was very dated before, and I think she gave it a nice update.
  4. Yes, I've wondered if they were cut for purposes of cutting the shows budget.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    Catching up on season 3 which is marathoning today. I don't mind Rocco. I think it's interesting to see parents who are just starting out raising a Down Syndrome child vs. the stories of the adult cast member. However, I absolutely cannot deal with Rocco's haircut.
  6. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Dorinda said to Bethenny that she felt bad for hurting Luanne because, "She's not that person". Dorinda, you consistently get mean when you are drunk, and say vile, nasty things to whoever happens to be sitting the closest. Yes, you are that person.
  7. S06.E16: Beyond the Sunset

    I also think it made sense for Juliette to retire because her career and fame never really seemed to make her happy. She still had an unhappiness and insecurity inside stemming from her childhood and lack of stable family. I could see her finally being truly happy enjoying a quiet, loving family life with Avery and their children. It would give her the love and security she never felt she really had in her life. I know it's cliche that the wife gives up her career but, to me, it felt right for Juliette. I could see her still being a songwriter but staying out of the spotlight.
  8. I could see it happening. For Dorinda, it starts with slurring her words and gesticulating in a very animated way. When she does that, a nasty tirade directed at the nearest target is sure to follow shortly. I think Lu saw the signs and knew Mean Dorinda was about to come out, even though Dorinda hadn't said anything nasty at that point. I don't know how Carole and Tinsley could have been defending her. Maybe neither of them has happened to be on the receiving end of a drunk Dorinda verbal attack. I also think Bethenny was correct that the things Dorinda said about Luanne were not her true feelings. In the flashback they showed with Bethenny's charity friends, Dorinda didn't even know those people and she started attacking them. As Bethenny said, it's about how Dorinda feels about herself. She's angry and sad inside, because her life hasn't turned out like she expected as she told Bethenny on the plane.
  9. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    I thought she said she gained them naturally, which I assumed to mean through weight gain, but I wouldn't swear by it.
  10. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    She said something to the effect that she got new boobs courtesy of mother nature. I think she has gained some weight since she got sober, and it landed in all the right places. Me too. Craig claiming Naomi couldn't name one lie of his because there weren't any was insane. Come on, Craig, I only watch you on TV for an hour a few weeks a year and I can come up with several. I think that a lot of the reason Naomi was so angry after they broke up was that she realized Craig wasn't at all the person that he had pretended to be, and that she had believe him to be. It's not just that their relationship didn't work out because they came to realize they weren't a good match. She came to realize that he is a liar who can't follow through on anything including, apparently, filing his taxes.
  11. I know Ramona can ask for people to do outrageous things for her, but I'm kind of on her side on this one. Miguel and the other guy were introduced as the "House Butlers". It doesn't seem outrageous to ask a Butler to unpack your bags for you. I would think that would almost be expected. (I remember one time Southern Charm Patricia was all out of sorts because she had to pack her own bags for a trip because her Butler, Michael, was on vacation.)
  12. Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    The shoes are bizarre, but Kathryn is stunning in that picture.
  13. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Chelsea appeared to be the only one actually trying to have a good time at the ball. The ball was obviously a (cheap) Bravo production with Patricia's name slapped on it. Why would Patricia ever invite Peyton for heaven's sake?** I'm sure the bright lights were for filming purposes. **It makes me laugh that Peyton moved to Charleston to be on the show, but seems to have mostly ended up edited out. Better luck next time! Maybe Savannah or New Orleans needs a new cast member.
  14. S01.E03: No Good Horses

    Of the 3 Dutton children, Jamie appears to be the only one who bathes (the dirty horse trough doesn't count). Beth continues to work my last nerve, but perhaps if she washed and combed her hair it would help. I might have missed it because I have trouble paying attention, but does Kayce have any kind of job?
  15. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I think you are on the right track. I wonder if, by attacking Jazz and Nate & Jeremiah, he isn't also calling out the Duggars for doing business with TLC who promotes these "sinners" on TV. Derick probably justifies his getting fired by thinking that he wouldn't want to be associated with TLC anyway since their programs are counter to his values, and JB is just a hypocrite. Derick thinks he is so much better of a Christian than the rest of the Duggars because he's no longer associated with TLC.