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  1. I had to mute the TV during Sonja's facial with all the sex talk. I really don't understand why Sonja feels the need to brag about all the men she has had sex with. Why is that such a point of pride to her? In a city the size of NY, it can't be all that difficult to find a number of men who are willing to have no-strings-attached sex with her. It's not because she's all that. Some men just aren't too picky. Also, there are probably some that had the mistaken belief that Sonja has a lot of money (because she pretended to them that she did).
  2. Season 10: All Episode Talk

    Given that Jon's relatives last name was Adams and he had been in Massachusetts since the 1600's I wondered if John Adams was on Jon's family tree. I'm sure they would have mentioned it if Jon was a direct descendant of John Adams, so I assume not, but was curious to know if he was a distant cousin to John Adams.
  3. Agree. It felt very personal to them and very joyful. There was an empty seat at the front next to William that they were saying on TV was to acknowledge Diana's absence. I thought the simplicity of Meghan's dress was beautiful. It really let the veil, tiara and neckline shine. But, to me, when a dress is very simple, the fit has to be perfect which, imo, it wasn't. The bodice needed a couple of additional darts in the bust area for a better fit. I assume the looser fit is the look she was going for but it didn't work for me. With a better fit it could have been stunning. I thought her Stella McCartney dress was stunning. It had a similar fit through the bodice as the wedding dress, but your attention was drawn to the halter neckline and the lovely way the bottom of the dress fell, not to the bodice.
  4. He reminds me of Dwight's Cousin Mose from The Office.
  5. S10.E07: On an Island

    I'd consider starting a gofundme for Sonja to have Matt Paxton come in, but I wouldn't want to subject Matt to Sonja's sexual harassment. (Matt is an 'extreme cleaning specialist' from A&E's Hoarders for those who don't watch it.)
  6. S09.E06: Pizza Boards & Industrial Doors

    I have a feeling the side chairs were intended to go in the nook by the window. But the neighbors chose the bench from the Overstock room which Laurie put by the window, so she then put the chairs in front of the wall unit. I watched the repeat again this afternoon, and I think the living room couple was pretty clear on what they wanted. In the interview at the beginning they said they wanted "a lot of space for the kids to move, a lot of space for us to spread out", and "functional, not a lot of furniture". That's pretty much the opposite of what Laurie gave them.
  7. I think that may be why Dorinda has a problem with alcohol, she doesn't learn. I'd guess goes into these situations thinking that she will be able to hold her liquor and control her behavior but then she can't. After Bethanny told Dorinda she was a drunk, Beth bit her lip as if she was waiting for a verbal attack by Dorinda. I agree that Beth told Dorinda what she thought Dorinda needed to hear even if there would be repercussions. And I don't think Beth did it looking for drama, I think she was genuinely trying to help her.
  8. Sonja was gross with the photographer. How was her behavior towards a professional there to do his job in anyway appropriate? Yet you could tell Sonja thought she was being oh so cute and flirty. No. She was behaving exactly like the 'me too' stories you hear of men in power making sexually suggestive comments that mortify the women who just want to do their jobs. Just imagine how that scene would play if Sonja were a man, and the photographer was a woman. I was disgusted by her behavior. Speaking of mortifying behavior, I could barely watch drunk Dorinda because I was so embarrassed for her and for Bethenny. I can understand why Bethenny said she was afraid of Dorinda. Can you imagine bringing a friend to dinner and have her behave like that? I'd be afraid to ever invite her anywhere again. I have a lot of respect for Bethenny, both for what she had done in Puerto Rico and for how she handled Dorinda. Bethenny was a good friend to Dorinda in that scene. She told Dorinda what she needed to hear in a respectful way.
  9. S09.E05: Stripes and a Stripper Pole

    Totally agree about Clinton's room. Between the blue walls, white brick, and concrete floors it was very cold. As an occasional use party room it was great, but definitely not an inviting place for relaxing. Both times this season, Hildi has taken an inspiration fabric and tried to almost mimic it on the walls, then added an art project of balls/eggs hanging on a string. But, yeah, Hildi you're too innovative and edgy to create a Prince room. Not. Hildi just isn't imaginative enough to think outside the literal box of a purple Prince room. One of the most acclaimed Prince performances was at the Miami Superbowl in the pouring rain. He wore an aqua-blue suit with a coral shirt. How about using accents of those colors instead of purple (which the husband said he hated). Maybe have artful close-up pictures of guitars (they don't have to be purple) since Prince's guitar skills were legendary. Add some pictures or a mural or something referencing rain drops. I'm sure a great designer could have come up with some better ideas than these to reference Prince in an innovative way. Of course, I'm not convince that the HO Prince superfan would have gotten something too subtle because when Paige mentioned the Little Red Corvette as a Prince-reference she said that Prince didn't even drive a Corvette!
  10. S10.E05: Tea for Tat

    That would actually be quite convenient for Sonja so she can wear Bethenney's clothes.
  11. S05.E03: Groovy Baby

    I know the look that Naomie was going for with the headband. Long, straight hair with a headband is totally a 60's look, but she had the headband too far forward. It was across the top of her forehead instead of farther back on her head. Several of the other women at the party did it right, but Naomie's look was a total fail! I think it is pretty hard to have a regular 9-to-5 job and be available to film as much as they need to be. They showed season 1 during the day yesterday when Craig was working for a law firm and he kept showing up late to different events because he was at work. Most of the people who have jobs on these reality shows work for themselves so have more flexibility to be available for filming. Yes. From watching season 1, Craig was actually very interested in Kathryn but she basically ignored him and pursued Shep instead. Craig was the one who spilled the beans at Thomas's dinner party that Kathryn had gone to be with 3 of the men at the table in the course of 3 weeks. The three were Whitney, Thomas and Shep, all of whom have substantial inheritances. To me it seemed clear that Kathryn was after a man with big bucks and Craig didn't fit the bill.
  12. Season 9 Spoilers, Speculation & Social Media

    I have not read the book, but I have wondered how much happier they would have been if Janelle, Christine and Robin had been the original 3 wives, and Kody had never married Meri.
  13. S05.E03: Groovy Baby

    Naomi needs to mind her own business. Hopefully she is learning that. As I was watching that opening scene with Thomas and Ashley, 'gross' was exactly what I was thinking of him. Also that Ashley is playing him hard.
  14. When Camille told Kyle she got engaged, it seemed to me that Kyle couldn't make a full smile because her cheeks were so frozen from botox. Kyle and Faye are going to ruin that beautiful house. Removing the original banister with brass & metal is ridiculous. So many designers seem to be going all-in with brass again; I think it's going to look dated very quickly.
  15. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    Cohen is said to have taped phone calls, so there may be tapes of calls with Hannity that he is trying to protect.