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  1. Well, certainly Janelle speaks with great authority on how to overcome inertia, because she has been working out consistently for 3 whole days!
  2. S06.E03: Old Habits Die Hard

    The only one still remotely interesting on this show is Todd. I laughed when he said he would have to get his affairs in order before letting Whitney drive him around in the RV. Zero interest in Buddy. Only slightly more than that in Whitney. I do think Whitney has lost some weight since last season.
  3. Windy City Rehab

    I like Allison and Donovan. I generally like Allison's style, but I'd like to see her get over her enthrallment with brass finishes. I see a lot of tv designers using gold and brass finishes, but I don't know of anyone in real life who is using it, or who likes it. It still looks dated to me. On the penthouse condo remodel, Allison was mad that the carpenter who had framed out the fireplace wall had done it in plywood, which wasn't fire resistant, so it had to be redone at the last minute when the guys who were to install the stone facade wouldn't install it because they knew the plywood underneath wouldn't be fire safe. Given that the condo took 9 months to remodel, I'm guessing that plywood was up for weeks if not more. It really surprised me that neither Allison or Donovan identified that wasn't safe for a fireplace.
  4. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    It wouldn't have surprised me if Debra had sat in vigil at John's deathbed. Because, you know, he looked so happy when they got married. And the romance! I found this whole episode so odd. John was barely in it. All the time spend with Ronnie and the Uber driver was just dumb. I think the revisiting of prior events in John's life that took up the first half of the last episode would have worked better in this episode. Showing all the despicable things he had been doing, as they did in the revisit, would have led better into his attack on Terra, as it showed that he really was capable of anything.
  5. S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Plus, Debra didn't really know anything about John's sister. What if she was a manipulative psycho just like John was. Just another example of Debra being too trusting.
  6. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Christine's probably not in "leadership" like Meri so she's probably not going to this event. Meri always held herself above the other wives because she was the first and legal wife. Now she's got a group of LLR lemmings she can feel superior to because she's in 'leadership', plus she's extra special because she's a teevee star.
  7. S01.E07: Chivalry

    I agree with you. Most con artists just want to get money and maybe some prestige (e.g. pretending to be a doctor). But I think the recap of events showed that John enjoyed messing with and intimidating people. He loved it. As you said, he loved dominating people and showing them how smart (he thought) he was.
  8. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    The really dumb part was that there was plenty of space for a longer tub. Instead they put in that ridiculously short tub and filled the empty space with ridiculous tree stump tables. I'm not sure if they were trying to save money, but they should have held off on painting the outside of the house if they wanted to spend more inside.
  9. Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    I was so disappointed that it wasn't on tonight. When I saw your post I was excited to watch it so went to Comcast on demand and this episode isn't listed. The latest available is the one where they did the magazine woman's house and the couple with the orange dining room. Why are they making it so hard to watch this show!
  10. S01.E06: One Shoe

    Good plan, because clearly the place where they were living was the problem, not the drugged addicted psychopathic husband.
  11. S01.E06: One Shoe

    Correct. I'm not clear why John and Debra were living in that condo rather than their original place on the water?
  12. Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    When the article talks about Debra's history of picking bad men (although it doesn't go in to detail) it says: Where other's see red flags, Debra sees a parade. That seems to sum her up in a nutshell.
  13. S01.E05: Lord High Executioner

    John is just vile, a psychopath beyond redemption. I don't understand how he thought attacking Ronnie's workplace was going to help him with Debra. Unless he thought he could get away with it; he would get revenge on Ronnie because she would know it was him, but he would convince Debra that he had nothing to do with it. John truly is one of those people who is unable to feel empathy toward another human being. He sees everyone as either someone to be manipulated to get what he wants, or to be destroyed if they cross him.
  14. All Episodes Talk: French Country in Texas?

    I watched a re-run yesterday where they remodeled a small cottage for Jimmy Don's son. The cottage didn't seem to have central heat or air. They put in a wood burning stove which I'm sure would supply enough heat for cooler winter days, but I think it would be stiflingly hot in the summer. The cottage had an open two-story living area with a bedroom loft above. They put in 4 large plate glass windows on one wall that went all the way up the two stories. Pretty, but the windows didn't open. The cottage originally had a gambrel roof which Jimmy Don hated so they removed it and completely rebuilt the second story, eliminating all the second story windows and a door to a deck (the deck was also removed) so that the second-story loft had no windows. I can't imagine how hot it would be up there with no ventilation. Since they rebuild the roof they could have easily put in a couple of skylights that opened to let out some of the heat, but no. Also, Joanna designed a railing/headboard for the loft so instead of facing the two-story wall of windows, the bed faced the windowless loft. It was a complete design fail, IMO. I can't imagine he was able to sleep in that loft in the hot Texas summers.