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  1. Supergirl Quotes

    Kara: You're all clear, kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home. Brainiac: I assume that's some sort of film reference. Kara: We never showed you Star Wars? Not a single Star War? I think it's just the use of a singular Star War that amuses me. Mon-El: Well, you did it. Just like a Greek myth, you went down to the underworld, and slayed the three-headed monster, and saved Persephone. Kara: Uh, I think in the myth, Persephone eats pomegranate seeds, and is confined to the realm of Hades forever. Mon-El: Yeah, well, that just strengthens my point, because the Greek gods have nothing on you.
  2. Luke Cage Quotes: Sweet Christmas!

    Mariah: Why are you looking up? Misty: I'm looking for a lightning bolt. I just prayed with the devil.
  3. You Know You Watch Too Much Supernatural When....

    I would've assumed she was a Roswell fan.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I agree. Although I will say, there was a moment in one of the later episodes (9 or 10) when he was trying to say he couldn't represent Peterson anymore for the appeal or retrial because the case was so exhausting the first time and Peterson didn't want to take no for an answer where I appreciated that even he was trying to distance himself from the guy. I found it amusing. The thing that gets me about this is that Michael Peterson, despite me thinking they didn't have enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, certainly seems guilty. And considering how biased the series is towards his side, it seems like they really screwed up. He just comes off pompous and not grieving. He just never seems sad. And the fact that they waited till the last episode to show the "happy moments with Kathleen" montage suggests they had no idea prior how much they had not featured her and how that came across. I love that the sister keeps looking towards the camera in her speech. Also, now I really want to rewatch the Lifetime movie from the daughter's point of view starring Treat Williams.
  5. S13.E05: Advanced Thanatology

    This was a really good case of the week. Pointless, but good. Reminded me of season one in the opening scene. Good times. And the ghost stuck halfway through the door because of the salt line was a fun visual. I don't think that's happened before. I like the reaper's reaction to seeing Dean in the veil. Shawn the ghost was really likable, wish he could've been saved. "Are you keeping me dead?" is one of the most Supernatural lines ever. I like Billie saying "The Dean Winchester I know and love." The score during their conversation was really interesting. "We won't talk about it later. You know that." Ah, Sam acknowledges their communication issues. Great ending scene. Love the music, love the odd camera angles in the car and that they don't even need words in that reunion.
  6. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    It's been awhile since I saw it, but I feel like it's a lot of cool moments, but just not a main plot that works well. However, I absolutely love the scene at the courthouse with Tony's "You want my property? You can't have it!" speech.
  7. You Know You Watch Too Much Supernatural When....

    You're at Busch Gardens riding Escape from Pompeii. It has a part with flames rolling across the ceiling. You briefly feel like you're in the Supernatural pilot.
  8. Small Talk: The Impala

    The one in Charlotte this August. My sister and nephew are going with me. Fanatic people, nerdy things. The family business. I feel like the package i got was relatively fair for three days of Supernatural people, especially since this isn't a regular thing for me.
  9. Small Talk: The Impala

    Is this the thread to say I just booked tickets for my first Supernatural Convention and am really excited?
  10. I'm just going to pop in briefly to say that Gary Hobson is one of my favorite characters of all time. He's kind, smart, selfless, basically a regular person trying to be a superhero and he looks like Kyle Chandler. I love him.
  11. S03.E22: Make It Reign 2018.06.11

    Well, we all knew that agent who suddenly got to talk wasn't going to make it. I'm liking Erica Durance's Alura more in this one. "Mom, this is Alex" was a nice moment. At this point, I'll be really shocked if they let Sam live. Her death and Alex's future adoption of Ruby have been too foreshadowed this season.
  12. S03.E21: Not Kansas 2018.06.04

    I don't like when they incorporate the gun control and immigration issues into the series. It just doesn't work in such a fantasy based series. It feels heavy handed and unrealistic in their world. I feel like it would work better if they kept it more metaphorical and tied in more of a "we need guns to defend against all these supervillains" angle with the debate. Mon-El looked ridiculously attractive in the white linen and khakis. Like, I don't dislike Mon-El anyway, but I temporarily forgot every criticism of him ever. And now I suddenly think Chris Wood would be perfect for a Nicholas Sparks movie...or a Tide commercial.
  13. Supergirl Quotes

    James: If someone comes in with a stack of pizzas, they can stay. Alex: Are you sure? Winn: Yes. 99%. That's as sure as you're allowed to be in science.
  14. My favorite part was Kimmy yelling at Titus about not knowing it was her when he played Kimmy in a clip and his response "When they let you keep the wigs, you don't ask a lot of questions!"
  15. "You still haven't told Kimmy about 9/11!"