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  1. S02.E18: The Wedding

    I'm worried for future Annie! They're trying to trick us! Nice Big Three moments. I especially loved Kevin telling Randall not to let him sleep with Madison. Kevin yelling at Randall about the wedding planning reminded me of Kate being mad at Toby last season finale over the balloons popping before William's funeral. In fairness to Kevin, waiting till the last minute is very un-Randall. I'm always happy to see Dan Lauria in things. Part of me is still in my six-year-old mentality thinking that because he died in Wonder Years he died in real life. I wanted Kevin to let her wear Jack's necklace. Okay, who is that playing cousin Zoe? I recognize her and it's driving me crazy, but it's not on IMDB yet.
  2. S04.E16: Run, Iris, Run

    It was a terrible decision to send Iris into the field and expect her to do everything that it took Barry three years to learn. I mean, every time Barry learned a new trick, he was always shocked that that was something he had to figure out how to do. They should've stuck to Iris solving all the problems with running really fast like he did in the early days. I'm glad we got actual confirmation that Iris hadn't been working, and I hope that we get to see more of her going back into journalism. She can have purpose investigating things; it doesn't all have to be at STAR Labs. I loved the purple look - because irises are purple! I'm way too excited about that. She should wear ponytails more often. In an Iris-centric episode, they really should've given her more to do, so I didn't love it like I wanted to. Cisco doing the English accent was far more attractive than it should have been. I'm always amused when Glee alumni show up on here. Caitlin cannot pull off "girl," so either she shouldn't have said it or should have been said in more of an obvious joking tone. And now that I've said that, man, Killer Frost snark about Iris as The Flash would've been really amusing. Loved Harry not believing that his head was on fire. Also loved Barry saying "Run, Iris, run." Really nice delivery and felt like a parallel to Iris talking him through the Grodd fight in season 1.
  3. Quotes from The Flash:"Lightning... gave me abs?"

    Cisco: We are not Frankensteining innocent people! Ralph: Oh, my God! I'm Sarah Connor. Cisco: Am I the only one who thinks putting a rageaholic and dark matter together might be a bad idea? Cisco: Haven't you seen Spider-Man 2? Caitlin: No. Cisco: How can you live with yourself?
  4. Jemma: They couldn't find you a kilt?
  5. S02.E13: AKA Playland

    I liked the season. Overall I prefer season one, but there's a lot of things this season where I felt like Krysten Ritter really excelled as an actress. Seriously, if I could go back and tell my 2006 self that the woman playing Gia Goodman would one day be believable as a kickass superhero PI, I'd never have believed it. I think she did a great job showing some more subtle vulnerabilities coming through. I felt like Jessica was being pretty reasonable for an antisocial woman with trust and anger management issues. I'm glad that Oscar turned out to be a decent guy and that Jessica isn't rushing into anything with him. But she broke up with Malcolm and Trish! I hope they can work it out. And that Trish doesn't go crazy with her newfound powers. I hate that Jessica doesn't have her friends now. I need Luke and Danny to show up at her door and tell her Matt's alive so she can get dragged into a new crazy adventure to keep her mind off the fact that her sister murdered her mother. They made me like Jeri more. I kind of hate that. But I look forward to seeing some more interactions with her and other Defenders characters in future series. I'd also like to see that cop Costas some more. He was a good decent guy.
  6. S02.E10: AKA Pork Chop

    "Miss Jones has a constitutional right to attorney-client privilege." "Her powers nullify that." Such a disturbing little moment that tied in with the movies nicely.
  7. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    This was really good. Elvis was a superhero. Seriously, what more could I ask for?
  8. Quotes of Tomorrow

    Nate: The only people evil enough to kill rock and roll...and I bet you that sick bastard likes ska. Ray: Normally you send us into the field with a little more pizzazz. Sara: *eye roll* Put on your Sunday best, Legends. We are going to church! Ray: Just keep Mick away from the collection plate...and the communion wafers. Mick: Pshh! That's not bread! Sara: But that means... Amaya: Elvis is a totem-bearer. Elvis: I don't know how I'm going to thank you. Nate: If you'd like to write a song about me, here are several words that rhyme with "Nate." (silly Nate, Elvis doesn't write) Ray: Maybe the preacher was right about rock n' roll. You know what never hurt anyone? A nice showtune. (Barry and Kara might disagree with you) Ray: Mick, don't panic! You just forgot to chew again! Nate: The real reason music matters is that it keeps things alive after they're gone. Sara: You just had to throw a rodent funeral, didn't you? Elvis: Thank you, Jesse. Thank you very much. Amaya: I've sabotaged Axis tanks. I'm sure I can figure out a stupid playlist.
  9. S02.E08: AKA Ain't We Got Fun

    In fairness, the breakout is probably a huge secret since they're apparently using its existence to scare the supers. I love Malcolm. He's just a nice, decent guy. Seriously, what the hell was Trish thinking offering him that and claiming it wasn't addictive? I half-expected him to turn into a werewolf when he took off running. I feel like the season is finally picking up the pace.
  10. S02.E07: AKA I Want Your Cray Cray

    I think in comics Alisa Jones is her adoptive mom. Jessica was a Campbell before in comics, hence the middle name here.
  11. S02.E07: AKA I Want Your Cray Cray

    I like that Jessica had named Alias Investigations after the guy, even though he turned out to be an ass. It's so strange and sad to see Jessica before Kilgrave. She always had issues, but she used to smile and wear colors and be playful with her boyfriend and want to study. Really well done episode showing the difference. Add Sterling's death to the list of things that hardened Jessica. This is my favorite episode of the season so far. And I'm gonna have that damn song stuck in my head for days now.
  12. S02.E01: AKA Start At The Beginning

    I've never seen Trish's boyfriend as a full-on good guy and I don't expect it to start now.
  13. Season 6 Live Posting Thread

    I love that she was wearing red before she put on the suit like she was a freaking Power Ranger.
  14. S02.E01: AKA Start At The Beginning

    So happy to have Jessica back. Best way to celebrate International Women's Day. I don't care for Jeri. Still love Trish. Ready for some action.
  15. S04.E15: Enter Flashtime

    I liked it. I feel like my expectations were really high and not quite met, but it was an interesting topic and I felt like we were finally getting some progress in the Caitlin/Killer Frost relationship. I'd like to see them kind of combine more. "Don't let Caity die" was actually a really sweet moment. And I think the wig is getting better. And then Westallen was all snuggly and wearing matching clothes at the end.