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  1. Favorite season: 2, although really the first four seasons overall Favorite episode: "Lights, Camera, Homocidio" Favorite minor character, non-villain edition: Buzz Favorite recurring villain: Yang Favorite friendship: Shawn/Gus. Like duking it out with Shawn and Cory or Scott and Stiles for best duo ever. Favorite recurring joke: The nicknames. Or maybe "You must be outta your damn mind!" And allow me to add a few more: Favorite Musical Number: "Shout," followed by "Shawn Hears the Theme" where he breaks down the case of from the musical Favorite Serious Ep: "Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark" and "An Evening with Mr. Yang" Favorite One-Time Villain: Alice from "Scary Sherry" Most Emotionally Satisfying End to a Case: Shawn stops the daredevil dying of natural causes from killing himself for the insurance money
  2. Shawn: We walked right into that one. It was kinda dope though. Shawn: Show me your belly button and prove you're my father! Gus: Some of us are eating! Shawn: You always have my back. Because that's how we do it. We take on these, these crazy obstacles, right? And we come at it together because we are an us, we are a we, we are lovers in the night time. Allison: Duly noted. Can you shut up forever?
  3. Keeping her name makes sense for the character, even if I do think Felicity Queen has a nice ring to it. And Smoak-Queen sounds like a fairy tale villain or a Once Upon a Time ship.
  4. To be fair, Gus did state that smelling distance was half the city with his nose.
  5. Curtis: Well, maybe if you bugged Lance like you bugged us we'd know where he was. Felicity: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We didn't bug you guys. We tracked your GPS. It's totally different. Curtis: (turns off comms) Bugging me now. Felicity: You know I can hear you through Wilddog's comms? You know that, right?
  6. I actually really liked this one. The reception was beautiful. That music playing while Oliver was giving Felicity heart eyes was wonderful, and then that dance to "At Last." Guh. I thought this was Dinah's best acting yet and even though I generally want the newbies gone, I enjoyed watching them break up and thought Rene and Curtis made some good points. They convinced me that there was a weight to them leaving. I also kind of liked seeing them hanging out getting Big Belly Burger without OTA. Like if we find out in a few eps that they've got their own vigilante team working separately, I'd be fine with that. Loved Thea trying to protect Lance and saying she'd never date a DJ again and being the cool aunt who gives one sip of champagne. And, damn, Diggle was working that shirt and leather jacket.
  7. Shawn: He's no dandy. Gus: He's a black gentleman ninja! Woody: Freeze, you elegant bastard! Ordained villain: Shall we begin? Shawn: I do! Jules: Me too! Vick: Get out of here? Mr. Guster, this is my first field action in two years. Do you have any idea what the chief of police does? Shawn: Yeah, they cut ribbons and stuff. Vick: Exactly. It's awful! So, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go shoot some bad guys.
  8. Shawn was Juliet's gateway rule-breaking. Once she lied to Vick about his psychic abilities, there was no turning back.
  9. Love that the movie ended on a cliffhanger like the series. The adventure continues. I kind of wish the Lassie cameo had just been a voice because a) do we really use Facetime that often in real life? and b) I want to believe Lassie didn't have a stroke and it's hard to believe that when he looked like he did. Like the Iris actress and am impressed they accurately remembered her name. She seems older than 11, though. Loved Karen being excited for adventures. Mixed feelings about using Mena Suvari's character again. On the one hand, I enjoyed the Yin/Yang plot. On the other hand, she represents my least favorite episode of it. But it was a great Jules/Allison fight like last time. Love that they included Buzz. Henry the Hipster was awesome. Love the Spin Doctors and Gin Blossoms references (the 90s references I can get). Love that Jules and Shawn finally got married. Loved Gus's "She deserves the best version of you" speech. My OTPs are really rocking it right now. Oh, and Sam Huntington! What a lovely surprise! They got me all excited when he didn't die at first and then he did! Ah! My poor heart. The new girl for Gus was just okay. Honestly she seems a little crazy and I'd need more time to see if she mellowed out. Kind of made me miss Parminder Nagra's character for Gus. Black Gentleman Ninja! And he truly was a gentleman in the end. Wish Ewan could've had a scene with Jules, but that was an awesome end. Oh, and Vick as Juliet's maid of honor! I feel deprived that we didn't get to hear Gus's best man speech. I'm so happy with this. I really feel like this might be the best reunion movie I've ever seen.
  10. We're not supposed to live-post, right? But without being spoilery, it's like they never left.
  11. I liked Archie and Betty's portion of "Mad World," didn't like Veronica's. That dance was weird, but not as weird as Betty's singing continuing while she was doing it. I'm waiting for Betty to go full on split personality at this point, which just makes the pole dancing teenager even creepier. I liked Mrs. Cooper in Serpent gear. I liked FP wanting better for Jughead. That was a nice moment for them. I don't care too much for any of the couples, although the end of Bughead makes me sad.
  12. Do we know anything about a DVD release? I'd like to put it on my shelf next to the musical.
  13. These people remember to contact each other in the early episodes when weird shit first starts happening. Just the instant one of the kids sees something weird and Upside Down calling the adults. Or calling one of the older teens who then calls an adult. And they use their odd little Scooby Gang to begin investigating early with lots of cooperation. Also, just realized this thread is where my idea to make this came from.
  14. Miller and Purcell back together makes me realize just how badly I need to see the Prison Break sequel. They have wonderful chemistry no matter what characters they play and it never feels the same. I don't care how flowy they make Ava's hair, you can't convince me she'd be a good love interest for Sara. Although I did like the way they worked together better in this episode and Ava did come off more likable. Jax better come back. My feelings on Jax aren't that strong, but he will not get kicked off the show because Victor Garber wanted out, right?
  15. Ray as Beebo: Yes, Jesus is the one true god. Which doesn't mean that science and evolution aren't real. And did I hear Sara say "Damn right, little brother" to Jax's goodbye speech?