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  1. S01.E01 Pilot

    How did I not know this?! Okay, it could have been worse. I felt like the feminist "WOKE"-ness of it was overdone, as stated by others. Especially when the professor/demon of the week preys on strong women and steals their strength. That felt a little too on the nose. Harry was more likable than I expected him to be. Laughed too hard at "I just wanted to show you the effect" and letting the girls be surprised by the demon confetti explosion. The man coming in and explaining their destiny to them surprisingly bugged me less in execution than it did in the promo, although I still think they should've discovered their legacy on their own first. Hate that we're immediately going with long-lost secret sister in the pilot. It's a bit much. Also, Flash did the time freeze in a cafe scene better. It reminded me of the Vampire Diaries pilot more than Charmed. But Vampire Diaries improved significantly after their pilot (which is easily the worst episode of the first few seasons, imo), so maybe this will too. I won't be watching consistently. The casting is spot on for the younger two sisters. I can barely tell them apart. The house is adorable and so cozy and cluttered. I kind of love how packed they've made it. I would totally believe any time a magic artifact happened to be crammed into the living room bookcase as a plot point. I like that one of the sisters is a scientist who wants to win a freaky Nobel Prize and that after years of salt to fight demons we use baking soda. I'm easily amused.
  2. S05.E02: Blocked

    I've been waiting eleven years. Apparently I use all my creativity to pick on Flash writers instead. I think I made the right call.
  3. S05.E02: Blocked

    Oh, that newest young Barry is way too young. Drives me crazy. Ah, The Flash. Where only the writing staff can screw up the timeline more than Barry Allen can.
  4. S03.E04: Vietnam

    The way that lock of hair fell in Jack’s face in the opening scene on the helicopter gave me Peter Petrelli flashbacks. But not in a bad way. Just in a nostalgia-fueled “dang that man doesn’t age” and “aw, Milo’s still playing protective brothers” sort of way. Tachycardia! OMG! So this is a contributing factor to the Crockpot of Death? I love that Nicky has lighter hair. Kevin makes genetic sense! Oh, and Michael Angarano from Sky High. I knew that guy looked familiar. And he looks pretty good shirtless. Their dad saying “make me proud, son” was a good moment. Not uncharacteristically nice, but also not a complete dick move, which is a nice change of pace. And he used to be decent back when he didn’t drink. The “what might’ve been” there could have been such a better life for him and his family, but it’s interesting to see how they’re showing that cycle of addiction across four generations. He’s a tough guy in disguise. That’s you, Nicky. You’re CK. It’s only a matter of time before people realize you’re Superman. “The three of you deserve each other.” Yeah, they do. Pearson granddad almost had the same birthday as the kid like Jack did with his. Nice to see them tie back into the originally claimed premise of people with the same birthdays and their connections at the hospital. Poor kid. Two minutes later and he would’ve missed the war. Seriously. Milo doesn't have that strange a look. They could fine someone to be a much better match for him. The older teen Jack from a first season episode wasn't a perfect match but he was at least in the ball park.
  5. S05.E02: Blocked

    Barry was not with you in fourth grade, Joe! You took him in when he was eleven. That’s fifth grade! Why am I the only one remembering this? All you had to do was change one word, writers. One word. Get a continuity editor. Cisco and Caitlin’s friendship is one of those things this show has never screwed up and I love them for that. Did we see open honesty about time travel shenanigans and death/disappearances in the West-Allen family? Character growth, yay! They're continuing to make me pity the villains when they die, and I found this chick annoying and boring up til the end. But that angle on that stab was beautifully horrifying. So disturbing. And I love when Barry has to rescue the villains.
  6. Quotes from The Flash:"Lightning... gave me abs?"

    Cisco: If there’s one thing Team Flash is good at, it’s handing the future its own ass and then some. Cisco: Please stop caring about me. Singh: Iris, it’s a pleasure to see you - can we secure the crime scene, please?! Ralph (whispering): Han shot second. Cisco: That doesn’t even make sense! Cisco: You cut my hair, I cut you. Cisco (quoting Ralph): Accept the fact that she isn’t the love of your life, because if she were, she’d still be in it.
  7. S07.E01: Inmate 4587

    I missed the episode yesterday because I completely forget about the time slot change. Bad fan. But overall I liked it. I grow to like William more and more with each appearance, as they let the actor act his age. Loved Felicity calling him Will and love how protective she was, especially in Oliver's dream. Also, loved that Oliver dreamed of William running in the green hood on Lian Yu. That was a nice touch. I am so glad you posted this because until you did, I assumed we had another time traveling child on our hands and was ready for Barry and Oliver to start a support group. Always happy to see that kid from Goosebumps "Werewolf of Fever Swamp" is still working. Also, I was way too happy about the naked Oliver prison fight. I mean, I knew Oliver looked great shirtless, but can we talk about his legs for a second. 'Cause, damn. And in other damn news, Oliver hit that prisoner with what a 50 pound weight in the head? Dude, seriously. That's screwed up even by season 1 Oliver standards. Didn't hate Dinah and Rene. They seemed believable enough. Wouldn't absolutely hate if those two got together (who are you to judge me!). So they've pulled a Winn on Curtis and shoved him into a corner at ARGUS. I mean, it makes sense, but felt like a ripoff. So does nobody remember Laurel being a vigilante? No one's gonna call out the DA on her hypocrisy? Okay then.
  8. S02E10: A Duel of Iron

    Great ending. I need a battle with Colleen and Danny wielding Iron Fists together being all badass with their weapons and looking attractive in the glowy light. I want them back together, they're adorable. Definitely my favorite Netflix Marvel couple, at least until I get my way on a Jessica/Matt hookup.
  9. S04.E01: American Alien

    I'm weirdly happy that President Lynda Carter has been outed as an alien. She's a good president, but clearly ineligible for the position. It was fun to see Kara having her shit together and acting Cat-like but nicer. Also enjoyed seeing what's her name from The Good Place.
  10. S01.E04: The Twin Thing

    I'm impressed by how creepy floaty guy on the street (who must have been an actor getting pulled on a skateboard) was so simple yet so creepy.
  11. The casting is really good. The women are all believable as family because I keep mixing them up.
  12. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I agree that Loki should stay dead, but I actually like the idea of Loki happily cheering when his big brother shows up because he believes in Thor.
  13. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    I would imagine the episodes won't be weekly plots and we'll have smaller elapsed time in between episodes to catch up. I'm actually glad they're skipping the jump this time. It's nice to have a change of pace for once.
  14. Quotes from The Flash:"Lightning... gave me abs?"

    Cisco: Don't drink and vibe.
  15. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    I'm so glad Randall and Kate resolved their issues quickly. Randall overreacted a little bit because Kate's allowed to want biological children and he's getting his feelings from things she didn't say to him that he heard second hand. He had some valid points, but overstepped. Their reunion was nice. Love the Jack and Rebecca stuff. I want Rebecca's purple eyeshadow. Fake Teenage Mandy Moore gave me early 2000s teen movie flashbacks. But why are we pretending the stuff the day after the Immaculate Reception isn't on Christmas Eve? If I can google sports trivia, writers, you can keep the facts straight. We can't just have Randall and Beth both happy and successfully working can we? But I love Randall stepping up into the best of Jack Pearson to help the community. Aw, I hadn't even realized, Good for her. I'm looking forward to Kevin learning more about Jack's time in Vietnam. Still thinking he or bro have an unknown family in Vietnam. I want in on the Other Three's text thread of gifs and complaining.