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  1. Goliath: Season 2 All Episodes Talk

    I’m watching the first episode, what is it that Billy says to Brittany after he hands her the check? I can’t figure it out, thanks. And why can’t we have episode threads?
  2. Interesting that the People article that covers their 10 year anniversary does not specifically mention the molestations nor the infidelity. https://people.com/tv/anna-duggar-past-10-years-wonderful-adventure-husband-josh/
  3. Sad. Ian Gomez is getting a divorce. https://people.com/movies/nia-vardalos-files-for-divorce/
  4. Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    Joe said David is his own middle name.
  5. Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    Just watched the videos. Kendra has a great support system. I think they are going to go far with true happiness. Does it sadden Joe when he compares the two families?
  6. Holy moly that was the saddest video ever taken minutes after a wedding ceremony. I hate jim boob and j’chelle.
  7. Same. Usually I don’t buy more bags, I bag my groceries once I get to the car.
  8. Goliath: Season 2 All Episodes Talk

    I started watching the first episode, fell asleep about 20 mins in and woke to maybe the 3rd episode? It was so gory, I could only watch for a few minutes. Are all episodes gory?
  9. S01.E01: Pilot / S01.E02: We Don't Hurt People

    I watched 1.5 episodes and I had to take a shower. Only watched for Scott Speedman. Not a fan of Barkin but she is growing on me. I will give it one more episode. I strongly dislike Shameless and this reminds me of it. Did John Wells have a fucked up family?
  10. Jesus weeps.
  11. I went with my dad this year to Good Friday (non-denominational Calvary Church) and they had those combo packs. When my dad handed me one I was like “what the what?” I did not partake so I can’t comment on the taste.
  12. Preach! Not suited at all for a news program. I still say he looks nervous when a sexual harassment story is done. Is he next?
  13. I read somewhere that it is not going to be televised. <sad face>. I’m a sucker for all weddings.
  14. Did anyone see the comparison of the wedding gown with jlo’s dress in “the wedding planner”? https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.eonline.com/amp/news/937144/um-did-meghan-markle-look-like-jennifer-lopez-on-her-wedding-day ive see that movie a million times...the dress did seem vaguely familiar