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  1. To answer the question upthread, my 10 year old will buy Courtney anything. At the finale, the people cheering the most for her were the tweens and the 60 year olds. I put in my name for Champions semi-finale tickets cause it’s on a Sunday and don’t have to miss anymore school and work. Since it doesn’t air until January, do you think there will be a spoiler post here so I can tell you all about it? I guess this new show is only judges votes? How are they going to keep the results secret for months? If I have to sign a confidentiality agreement I will and not post anything but you know someone will.
  2. Sunday the 14th is the semi-final and the 17th is the Finale. But it doesn’t state if they are live. I guess you could look up tvguide.com and find out.
  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!!??!!!!!! Wave goodbye to Simon!
  4. Yesterday I got an email with a link for tickets. It’s being filmed at Pasadena Civic Center starting 9/27. Finale is 10/17 for a total of 7 shows. Just checked, tickets still available! Even though two dates are Sunday’s, two AGT in a row are enough for me for awhile lol.
  5. Thanks! I even searched AGT and got nothing.
  6. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    My dad during the promo commercials - “are they having an affair?” “Do they like each other?” “They touch too much” I do like Sarah, just not on GMA Day
  7. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    GMA Day - you know Kelly is loving that it’s bombing, it’s “proof” that she carries the show and not Michael.
  8. Who did Simon piss of at people.com? No stories about the results.
  9. I have not read the comments yet but wtf I really wanted Brian to win! I guess I’m still happy for Shin Lim. I really wish I was at the show today too! Also shocked that Courtney was not in the top five!
  10. So I was at the taping last night. (I was at last Tuesday's taping too. See that thread for details) Here are my observations: Shin Lim was pre-taped. It was hard to get into it, as the screens they have are up top and not large, so hard to see the detail needed to fully enjoy his act. I was surprised about the piano act. Positive audience support. There was three times that I felt the audience truly connected to the acts: Brian King Joseph - We ate him up, you could feel the humanity in the building. I think he got the most love, the audience would not stop the cheering, it was cool. Possibly the loudest audience response. He is my winner. Zurcaroh - Everyone was in awe, and tears in some eyes. I really enjoyed their act. Michael Ketterer - Not a dry eye in the house after the intro. Including mine. I don't remember his act because I was too busy trying to calm down! Now the rest.....Daniel Emmet - eh. The audience was distracted, by what I don't know. But no one was paying attention. Mel B. and Howie turned their chairs around and talked for a bit during his act. Vicki Barbolak - I think for the most part everyone enjoyed her, as did I. But I don't think she is top tier and deserves to win. Glennis Grace - No one in the audience was caring about her. Interesting that Howie mentioned her professional status in so many words. I hope she does NOT win. But I would not be surprised. Samual J. Comroe - I enjoyed his act, but again, no one special. Courtney Hadwin - What a difference from last week. Last Tuesday, they told us we had to stand up for all her act (the only act they asked this for). They also asked us to cheer louder for her that we were for BTS, which did not happen. This time, nada, no special treatment for her. Duo Trancent was cool. I have to admit I kept waiting for a mistake to happen. The buzz in the theatre was def electrifing, which was missing last week. I think all the contestents gave forth their A game, again, better than last week. I ran into Vicki's husband again. He remembered me and was again very nice. After the show they had us stick around for a pre-tape for today's show. I don't want to spoil the suprise, but it involves multiple contestants and I think it will be well received. As for behind the scenes - I was distracted by Simon's too tight shirt. I'm surprised a button didn't pop off. I can't beleive no one told him to go up a size! He didn't talk to us as much as he did last week. Heidi's boy toy sat in Simon's seat during one of the breaks. Mel B. greeted him warmly. There was boy Simon's son age in Simon's seat at one point. Not sure if it was his son though. Howie still looked at Simon during the acts to see his reaction.
  11. Yes honestly she was the only one they kept hyping. I will be shocked if she does not win. - while waiting to start his act, the audience around King (in front of me but just out of my reach) were high fiving and such and he attempted to reach everyone. He oozed appreciation to the fans and just being there. Oh yeah Vicky did not try out first on her own she was discovered on You Tube and approached by the producers. I have tickets for the Tuesday finale show. I hope we get to go again! One more thing, during the break after King’s performance, Simon went on stage and hugged him lots and talked to him the whole break. King was the only one to get a judges love on stage. I think they showed this on the results show.
  12. Yes Simon is the boss no doubt. He was our “host”, the only one that would periodically address us. - I wasn’t super close to the judges table, but Heidi did radiate beauty. All the men took pictures between Heidi and Mel B. and families and kids with Howie. They all appeared nice in their interactions and not fake. - I met Courtney the night before at my hotel. She was there with her dad. I told her congrats and she has a lovely voice. She thanked me. Then a few minutes later I asked her if we could take a selfie and she said yes and we did. I think she was genuine in her shyness and timid ness.
  13. I was at yesterday show including the taping of BTS. - BTS fans are crazy loud. They were good, they did their performance twice. During their performance, the judges table had stand ins. - producers were really pushing Courtney’s performance. They asked us to be just as loud for her BTS. We were not. It was also the only act where they asked us to stand up the whole time. She was chugging down water or some liquid until 3 seconds before she started singing - the sibling group - no one in the audience was paying attention, Howie was right. - I think the act that the audience truly loved the most was King. He was fantastic. And other show tibits - -I think Heidi and Mel B are friends in real life. - They must have really oily faces, at each break they used a sheet on their own to lift off the oil. Of course their makeup and hair people come out too, and will literally work on one hair out of place. - Heidi is a goddess. -Their kids came to say hi during breaks, they are adorable. -Simon takes a lot of (potty) breaks. He comes back 5 seconds before they go live. -During performances, Howie leans back and looks at Simon's reaction. -During commercials and the intros is when they change the sets. Up to 25/50 people swarm the stage in a well choreographed routine to get everything done in a few minutes. -Sound was amazing in the Dolby Theatre (ha!). However the show acts seemed overproduced. Could not hear most vocals and when Tyra talked. Haven't watched it yet so I don't know how this translated on TV. -During breaks, if you sat close by, they allowed you to take pictures with the judges minus Simon. -Simon was the most friendliest walking back to the judges tables, shaking everyone's hand and seemed happy about it. -Simon got on the mike a few times and thanked us for being a good audience. - One time he told us not to Boo when he "X"'d and he was serious. -You could get moved around a lot in the audience, I got moved 4 times. But for most of the time, I was in the VIP family area. - One of Howie's Suitcase Girls (Deal or no Deal is back) got engaged during one of the breaks. - They did the pretape for BTK too. Supposedly broke a record for how loud the audience was. They were pretty good. - The scary knife guy walked right in front of me, I looked away, I didn't want to meet his eye, he was scary. - I was sitting right behind where the King the violin guy was lifted up. - There was easily 60 empty seats in the first level. If you ever do standby I'd bet you'd get in. - They handed out mini metal flashlights for the choir number. Maybe cost $1? They collected them afterwards and threw them away! The only reason why I think we couldn't not keep them is they thought they would be used as weapons? - I met someone from the choir, Vicky’s husband and Courtney. They were all very nice!
  14. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    OMG I can’t wait until Sept 10th so I don’t have to see those GMA Day commercials ! Michael and Sarah are trying too hard.
  15. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Hugs received, thank you!