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  1. The Tommyverse: TV Crossover Central!

    Nice cartoon shared universe, but Nerdist is missing a few. Astro from the Jetsons was on another cartoon --- apparently he worked with a space police officer named Space Ace (Don't ask how that happened!!!!!) He ocassionally teamed up (via crossover) with The Galaxy Trio, the Herculoids, and Spaaaaaaaace Ghoooooost (before he became a talk show host). Meanwhile, Nerdist is forgetting (Scooby's) Laff-A-Lympics -- a mega crossover cartoon just for fun. The Jetsons "ALSO" met the WWF (and Vince McMahon said "This is NOT the first time I met a talking dog.") Meanwhile, I may have pointed out earlier how the Disney Channel Live Action Universe (DCLAU) was also part of the Tommyverse. Well, the cast of Jessie actually provided their voices to their animated likeness when they guest-starred (I kid you NOT) on an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man, which means that the Marvel animated universe from the 2010's (USM, Marvel's Avengers, Hulk and Agents of SMASH, Etc. ) are also connected to the Tommyverse. My head hurts.
  2. S05.E03: Penguin, Our Hero

    Once again, I just love your recaps, Lantern7. I still wish that "this" forum still did full-length sarcastic recaps. (OK, that was TWOP, but you know what I mean). No Riddler this episode; what he be doing??
  3. The Masked Singer

    Good job, SnarkyTart. You were the first to guess Bradshaw (without any other guesses). I actually doubted it was him and I previously included that link showing him back when he had a country music career. I guess I owe you a Coke.
  4. In Pursuit With John Walsh

    Each week, John Walsh leads viewers through unsolved violent crimes that urgently need to be closed - where time is of the essence and harnessing the power of ID's active and engaged audience could bring these criminals to justice. Joining John in every episode is his son, Callahan Walsh, who leads the operation on the ground, working in tandem with the community and local authorities to search for persons-of-interest. In partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), In Pursuit with John Walsh will also feature two missing children each hour, providing age-progression photos and descriptions in the hopes that viewers can provide new leads to their whereabouts.
  5. Season 17 Discussion

    Oh, Benjamin Harrison / Far beyond comparison / He'll fight just like a garrison So yeah, that happened --- Disney back during their "We have NO IDEA what we're doing" age. "I've got a great idea --- let's make a musical about politics and the 1888 election --- that's what the kids want to see!!!!"
  6. The Masked Singer

    Another interesting guess; Bradshaw did have a "modest" country music career, with a single climbing deep into the charts. His former team was the Steelers, who are in the same division and battle the Ravens (at least) twice every year (The deer did say "Look out, Ravens.), but the Ravens didn't exist when Bradshaw was playing. I'm still more inclined to believe that it might be Peyton. Getting ready for the new episode tonight.
  7. Batman

    Greetings, old chums. It appears as though IFC is now going to be broadcasting a block of episodes every Saturday. The episodes seem to running slightly longer than 30 minutes, so IFC may be the first network in several decades to show the actual "uncut" episodes in their entirety. For those of you who still have not purchased the DVD sets, this is most exciting news indeed. (Although I still wonder why you have not purchased the DVD sets.)
  8. S07.E09: Elseworlds Part 2

    The Trigger Twins - identical twin criminals who were a thorn in AzBats (Jean-Paul Valley Batman (long story)) side during the 90's. You don't need to be the "World's Greatest Detective" to figure out that the blonde who was with Oliver Queen and the blonde who was with The Green Arrow are the same person.
  9. Probably because he wasn't killing any criminals (as several of the recappers have pointed out, "that's" Five-O's job!!!!) Like I said, normally their job, but, in this special episode, they need to preach how civilians shouldn't be taking the law into their own hands and letting the pros do it. Soooooo...... I see we're using Hollywood Plot Device #147382 -- vigilante obsessed with comic books. We have Castle (04.02), IZombie (02.09), NCIS (09.15), and Elementary (04.17), just off the top of my head.
  10. Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    Angry Young Man - Billy Joel Angry Young Man (Fooling Yourself) - Styx Angry Young Man - Corey Hart Angry Young Man - Steve Earle Angry Young Man - Ted Nugent
  11. Universal Soldier (1972) - George Lazenby portrays a mercenary commissioned to train an army for an exiled African leader. (Turning down another Bond film was one thing; starring in (and co-writing) this flop was quite another) Universal Soldier (1992) - Van Damme takes on Lundgren; good acting is definitely not necessary.
  12. S12.E09: The Citation Negation

    They, of course, get the Russian janitor. "Here, I am janitor. Back home, in Russia, I am scientist." and, for the last time, Raj, we are not getting Mayim Bialik to be on our te-, oh, ............. never mind. I remember back when Sheldon thought he had discovered "something", only to have Leonard disprove it a few episodes later. As I recall, shortly after Sheldon discovered it, they asked the Russians (or was it the Chinese??) to colloborate the data, which they did (which they never pointed out when Leonard later debunked it). I seriously was wondering that as well when this new piece of data came up. (Does anyone remember that movie where Walter Mattheu is portraying Albert Einstein (NOT KIDDING!!!) and he tricks the Russians somehow.)
  13. Season 10 all episodes talk

    Gooooooooooooldberg!!!!!!! Goooooooooooooldberg!!!!!! Gooooooooooooldberg!!!!!!! I knew I recognized that voice when I was watching those previews this past week. I miss seeing him. and Callen's sister story arc is............ done.
  14. Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    I Got A Feeling - Ricky Nelson I Got A Feeling - George, Paul, John, & Ringo I Got A Feeling - The Four Tops I Got A Feeling - MoneyBagg Yo I Got A Feelin - Billy Currington I've Got A Feeling - Ivy I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feelin - Eagles of Death Metal and then there's James Brown, but that's technically I Got "The" Feelin
  15. Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    Politics aside, may I just say that the cameo appearances of Scott Bakula as Dwayne Pride and Wahlburg as Danny Reagan were really stupid.