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  1. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    "There's only one thing I can do.......... time-travel!!!" "DAMN IT, BARRY- oh wait, never mind." and once again, Kara proves that Barry is the "only" idiot who can mess things up even worse while time-travelling. So, two Supergirls??? Oh God, please don't remind me of Countdown. (OK, so it happened in the last issue of "52". but you get the idea.) One of them time traveled into the future and worked with the Legion, the other went to the bottle city and teamed up with Power Girl (although I must admit, I really loved PG's version of the Nightwing costume). Oh good. Evil Supergirl; much better. This will give Melissa a chance to practice more of her evil posing that she did during the Earth-X storyline. Evil Russian Supergirl; still better.
  2. Warlock (1959) - Sheriff Henry Fonda needs to tame the town of Warlock. Warlock (1989) - A witch hunter chases an evil warlock from the 17th century to the present day.
  3. They had a lot of shows on TV at that time that offered a "good message". Some of them specifically mentioned "you-know-who" (Touched By An Angel, Promised Land. Joan of Arcadia) and some didn't (Quantum Leap, Early Edition, Wonderfalls). We sincerely need some more shows like that now (and less reality crap).
  4. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    I hated it when they did that during episodes of Smallville (usually to produce a cheap way to make it look like Clark was moving super-fast to save somebody). ((as well as aforementioned dramatic effect)).
  5. We're back yet again, people!!!!!! This season, it's................. Team NBA (Shaq & Sir Charles) vs. Team MLB Big Elephant: Ahem..... The cast of "Grey's Anatomy" vs. the cast of "Station 19" Big Elephant: Excuse me.......... Ice T and Coco vs. Vivica A. Fox and her family Big Elephant: Helloooooo....... Olympian Shawn Johnson, Tori and Dean are on the feud, Vanilla Ice in da house!!!! Big Elephant: Yoo-hoo!!!! OK, OK, as much as I wish to ignore the big elephant in the room.................... THE KAR-TRASH-IANS are on the season premiere. See you all June 10th.
  6. Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    Crazy - Seal
  7. S29.E21: Flanders' Ladder

    I saw just about every female on that wall, from Cletus' wife to Dr. Hibbert's to Patty (or was it Selma that has multiple husbands) to Seymour's mother to even one of the twins in Bart's class-- now grown up. Was is it about Flanders??? Homer: Stupid sexy Flanders.
  8. S04.E22: A Dark Knight: No Man's Land

    My guess is that doll face kid is Roman Sionis aka Black Mask, sadistic kingpin boss of Gotham City who started out wearing a dorky looking doll mask and then graduated into wearing a skull face (looking like a black version of Red Skull)
  9. Titans In The Media

    I've heard of shows that have been granted full-season pick-ups, and even a few shows that have been renewed for a second season before one second of the show "actually" debuts. This is the first time (to my knowledge) that a show is granted a spin-off before it even debuts. Before long, we will have a show that is "so adored" by the "network", it will be granted six seasons, a two-hour finale movie shown in theaters, and two spin-offs before one second of the show "actually" debuts.
  10. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Russo brothers discuss off-screen characters who died and lived during the snapture. Big spoiler alert: Russo brothers refuse to say anything regarding Well, apparently, and enough with the conspiracy theories already; Loki is dead.
  11. Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth - Stevie Nicks For What It's Worth - Liam Gallagher For What It's Worth - The Cardigans For What It's Worth - Ensign For What It's Worth - Placebo
  12. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Oh Joe, poor sweet Joe, you should know by now that the "Let's create a huge cliffhanger so they'll renew us" ploy "NEVER" works. From Terminator: SCC to Sliders to even ALF. lots of shows ended on a cliffhanger "expecting" the network to renew them. Oh, wait, never mind ---- ALF actually got a TV movie to resolve its cliffhanger ---- REALLY??? Out of all the TV shows that deserved a TV movie to resolve its cliffhanger, you give one to ALF????
  13. so............... what to do, what to do, #1 introduce a new relative, like Bret Maverick's cousin Bart, or Chrissy Snow's cousin Cindy or Edna Garrett's cousin or Valerie Hogan's sister or ............. (come on people, you can think of more) #2 since this is a workplace, introduce a suspicious similiar (or not) substitute -- Cheers, Charlie's Angels, The Profiler, The Equalizer, CHIPS, Stargate, ............ (once again, I'm just getting started, I'm sure you people have a lot more as well) #3 They also replaced the original Lone Ranger with Clayton Moore (of course, the mask helped) and then there was Due South where Ray V. was replaced with Ray Kowalski who everybody pretended was Ray V. because, well, you just had to watch the show. and let's not forget the two Darrins and the two Beckys. (This is fun, how many can you guys come up with??) #4 like "A Different World" or Scrubs One thing seems obvious: Hollywood seems more than willing to keep a show going despite even (one of) the main actor(s) getting fired or quitting.
  14. Season 15 Talk

    Teen Titans Go recently did an episode as well where the writers of the show also remembered that classic PC game (and Robin died of dysentery). A lot of millennials are very confused this year. "What is this "game" that you speak of??"
  15. S03.E23: Quintessential Deckerstar

    It's a T-shirt that you get at Niagara Falls. I was just there recently.