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  1. S01.E10: Colony Collapse

    Rubber bullets.................. "honest".
  2. Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    Hold On - Chicago Hold On - John Lennon Hold On - Kansas Hold On - Michael Buble Hold On - 50 Cent There are just way too many to list.
  3. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    "This music isn't helping him to calm down." "The music isn't for him; it's for you. Turtles can't hear very well." "Wait, what about that list of music you said that he likes and dislikes??" "Oh, that was pure rubbish." "You mean we've been listening to Goatwhore once a week for no reason!! I practically have all those songs stuck in my head forever now!!" "And thus the reason. Opening your mind to different genres of music can be quite enlightening." "And you didn't do this to annoy me??" "That was purely secondary; I can assure you."
  4. Rise of the Turtles

    Comments on the new show.......... So ........... for those of you who could not "wrap your head around" a teenage April O'Neil, how about a Black April O'Neil??? I certainly don't have a problem with ANYTHING, all I'm saying is that between Hispanic Lady Jaye, Black Wally West (Apparently, in the comics anyway, now there is a Black Wally and an Original Recipe Wally, take your pick!!) and now this........... All I'm trying to say is..... if they wanted to have a black young girl hang out with the turtles, then create an original character ------ there is no need for a Race Lift. Anyway, Raph is HUGE, Donnie is still wearing those googles all the time, and what else do YOU GUYS have to complain, er, I mean, comment about the new cartoon????
  5. The news is out, and they are going with............. Suspicious Similar Substitute.
  6. The roast was filmed this past weekend, and will air on the 29th on Comedy Central. Please don't click on this link (or any others) if you do not want spoilers. Obviously, lots of "Moonlighting" jokes, jokes about his "incredible" singing career, and his marriage to Demi Moore (who, of course, was there). And, apparently, Dennis Rodman made an awful joke about Bruce, bombs, and North Korea. (because what else would you expect from Rodman??) So far, no Hudson Hawk jokes shown, Blergh, but this is just a small sample. See you all on the 29th!!!
  7. S11.E09: The Bitcoin Entanglement

    Finally caught the episode on a rerun today. So, five years ago, on the revival of "Dallas", John Henderson (John Ross Ewing) has a conversation with Larry Hagman, who had actually died several weeks before. They had "spliced" together several bits and pieces of conversation (the "it's gonna be my masterpiece" was actually from the second episode that year, for example) and seriously did a good job making it look like the conversation was real.
  8. All Episodes Talk

    When I saw the "Hammilton" skit, it just reminded me of Green Jelly and that silly heavy metal comedy song. Did you know that Pauly Shore voiced one of the little pigs??? Between Vanilla Ice, that song, and the Macarena. I think we were willing to listen to "anything" back in the early 1990's.
  9. Roseanne: Aftermath

    So, I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this show yet (with all the other ones we are mentioning) ------ in the summer - fall of 1980, Suzanne Somers left "Three's Company". When she tried immediately starring in a show on another network, ABC sued her and the other network. (The network heads were very angry at Somers and her contract dispute). Despite the fact that Somers' new show and character was not Chrissy Show, ABC claimed that the character was "similar" to Chrissy, and the other network did not want to deal with the litigation, so they just scraped her show and went elsewhere. Everything seems to be (somewhat) amicable so far between ABC and Barr, and I clearly do not know if the status quo has changed much since 1980, but if Barr tries to create a "dueling" show, ABC might challenge her.
  10. The Conners

    Don't forget "The Hogan Family" ---- speaking of which ----- They did make fun of recasting Becky by having the family watching "Bewitched" and complaining about the Two Darrins. I seriously believe that they would poke fun at themselves once again. I keep complaining to DC Comics --- I totally said that Batman was going to do that. Where's my paycheck?? I knew all along that there was another Power Girl --- are you going to pay me for this??? DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH!!! I'M STILL WAITING!!!!!!
  11. Roseanne: Aftermath

    Ha Ha Ha Yes; I just wanted to do the ol' "Rule of Three" gag. but, yes, there are at least "a few" more (How about "The Golden Palace", anyone, anyone) and that is just counting the times where they "created a new show" ------ There are still an endless number of shows where they replaced a main cast member and kept the show going, sometimes in the first season (Charlie's Angels, A Different World), sometimes after several seasons (Scrubs, The Equalizer, Profiler, etc.) Ha Ha Ha --- and (I think) Mayberry R.F.D. (which I mentioned) was on for four seasons as well!!!! and (once again) several of the shows that I mentioned that replaced one of their leads in the very first season (The Hogan Family, A Different World, Charlie's Angels) managed to continue for several more seasons.
  12. Roseanne: Aftermath

    Long live "The Hogan Family", er, I mean, long live "Mayberry R.F.D"., er, ah, long live "The Conners"!!!!!!
  13. The Weird Al Yankovic Topic

    So, what concert did you attend?? and what song did Al sing at the end??? From Buddy Holly to PUSA, Weird Al sang "any song" as an encore for his Ill-Advised Vanity Tour.
  14. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    "There's only one thing I can do.......... time-travel!!!" "DAMN IT, BARRY- oh wait, never mind." and once again, Kara proves that Barry is the "only" idiot who can mess things up even worse while time-travelling. So, two Supergirls??? Oh God, please don't remind me of Countdown. (OK, so it happened in the last issue of "52". but you get the idea.) One of them time traveled into the future and worked with the Legion, the other went to the bottle city and teamed up with Power Girl (although I must admit, I really loved PG's version of the Nightwing costume). Oh good. Evil Supergirl; much better. This will give Melissa a chance to practice more of her evil posing that she did during the Earth-X storyline. Evil Russian Supergirl; still better.
  15. Warlock (1959) - Sheriff Henry Fonda needs to tame the town of Warlock. Warlock (1989) - A witch hunter chases an evil warlock from the 17th century to the present day.