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  1. S02.E13: The Whirlwind

    When he first showed up in Daredevil I thought he was taking money off the villains he killed. He salvaged some guns from them this season. Definitely, between the tattoo outlines and his line to Curtis that in his past life he would have judged him without speaking to him. Every time he was on screen, all I could think of was the preacher from the 50s movie "Night of the Hunter."
  2. S02.E11: The Abyss

    I thought Frank was far enough away in the rooftop fight to not see Matt's face. He had his sights on the ninjas. Matt's blindness is a deterrent to anyone thinking he's Daredevil, even when they sound alike.
  3. S02.E13: The Whirlwind

    I think Frank had nothing more to say, and he wasn't going to leave unfinished business this time. When Curt said he wouldn't call the cops, it was obvious who he would call. For a hot second at the start of this episode I thought they were going to leave Billy, Madani, and the doctor dead. It would have been a bold choice. This does leave all the characters without unfinished business. It could work as a finale. It's a bit sad that Frank's committed so fully to a destiny of hunting down and killing whoever he sees as a villain. I recognize that that is the Punisher. It's just that the end of the first season was a bit more open ended and optimistic, and I liked that. I even liked the way this season started with Frank not looking for a fight but not backing down from it either. I like it when he is a little more tethered to humanity through Curt, Karen, and others. On the whole I enjoyed the season. There were as usual some things that strained my suspension of disbelief, and I think the pacing, especially with the Amy storyline, didn't quite work. I would have liked it if the stories were not so interlaced; it felt like they both both dragged out a bit as a result. I still find Jon Bernthal compelling in this role, though when the focus was on weaker characters it was less engrossing. I'd like to think that this and Jessica Jones could hold out.
  4. S02.E11: The Abyss

    Yeah I don't think Frank is in on Matt's identity. Karen's expression when he said that was a great mix of exasperation and 'if you only knew.' I hoped there would be time for Karen to come into this season and I was glad to see her. I do like them together. It was a more explicit discussion about the possibility of something between them. It was a bit melancholy, but it was honest. They have no illusions about each other at this point.
  5. S02.E06: Nakazat

    Well I guess Frank couldn't burn down a CVS.
  6. S02.E06: Nakazat

    I'm trying to justify using black and white film - real film - for blackmail pictures. Not coming up with a reason. That said, Amy’s not bad in con artist mode. Quick morph from waitress to school girl outside the restaurant. Good move by Madani getting everything from the diner. The poor lab tech was so excited to be helping and just got ignored.
  7. S02.E05: One-Eyed Jacks

    Turk! Billy on a recruiting drive can’t end well. There was a little bit of “The Professional” in Frank and Amy walking down the street near the end. Wonder if that's what they are going for here.
  8. S02.E04: Scar Tissue

    Billy’s appearance is not as exaggerated as I expected. Scarred but not horrifying. I don’t know about his attempt at redemption. He’s not off to a good start. Call the cops, doctor. Still having trouble warming to the girl. Det. Mahoney’s joke that his ex didn't shoot him in the head was tasteless. However, he didn’t deserve to be shot, and he should have reported Madani. She’s dangerous right now, and being a federal officer does not exempt her from review. She may claim that she’s interested in her kind of justice and not Frank’s, but it doesn’t seem that way. Nice to see Curt.
  9. S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    At least it wasn't the super twangy stuff.
  10. S02.E02: Fight or Flight

    I had an idea of what was going to happen when Frank picked out the other hotel room. It was used to good effect. I'm not a fan of the girl thus far, though I'm not sure how I feel about her being kidnapped by Frank. I haven't looked at any of the preview material, so I wasn't sure if Madani would figure in this season. I'm glad they didn't jump over what she went through, but I'm worried about how she will deal with whatever comes next. I think Russo's mask is a reference to a real life therapy for military veterans as described in this article.
  11. S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    It was nice to see Frank having a normal night, before everything hit the fan. I'm glad Beth survived. I was worried for her. The fights were brutal. Getting an early start on Frank being a beaten up mess.
  12. Travelers

    Interesting question. It makes me think back to the twist in the Matrix Reloaded. For Travelers, I prefer it the way that it was. This way, we are in on it from the beginning.
  13. Travelers

    Since the director didn't receive the initial okay arrival message, it may have assumed that the disaster happened too quickly to send it. It might have sent another traveler soon after to another location where it was more likely to receive a reply. By the time 001's survival was determined, there was no way to send a traveler back to his original known location because others had been sent. The shelter being built in a different way is a good idea. I also wondered if the Helios impact changed the geologic stability of the area, leading to the future building collapse.
  14. Travelers

    You're right, I forgot he mentioned that.
  15. Travelers

    I think there are two possibilities with 001's leadership of the faction. 001 clearly had issues with the director, and how he ended up as the first person sent back is still an unknown. Maybe he volunteered, maybe it was punishment. If he volunteered, maybe it was because of the habitat collapse that occurred in his original timeline, and didn't occur in the Helios timeline. If he normally lived in the collapsed dome or was close to a lot of people in it, then when it collapsed he felt like the future had nothing more for him, and he volunteered. In the timeline where the dome didn't collapse, his allies or friends survived, and he became a rebel leader of a sort. From his followers' perspective he may have been sent back in time as a punishment. Or, his plan in the season 3 finale may have succeeded - he uploaded his consciousness to computers, and took the long way to the future, and leads the faction as a sentient program. Perhaps he's more acceptable to them than the director because he used to be human.