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  1. S03.E05: The Perfect Game

    I checked the FBI jobs website. It says that candidate will have an "intensive background investigation." There will be "records checks" and "extensive interviews with former and current colleagues, neighbors, friends, professors, etc." The candidate would also have to pass a polygraph. Since Dex was an orphan, his sessions with a psychiatrist ought to be in his records. And if they interviewed employees from the boys home, it's likely that they new of some incidents. Agreed.
  2. S03.E05: The Perfect Game

    That bothers me too. There is no way he should have passed a law enforcement background check and/or mental fitness evaluation.
  3. S03.E11: Reunion

    I'm not sure that she said killing Fisk was the wrong thing to do. I think she said killing would change Matt forever from the person he had wanted to be. I like seeing the three mains back together on decent terms, but I'm glad they didn't rush the reunion. There was a lot of ground to cover. I'm glad Matt is starting to come out of it. I was a bit surprised at a Holocaust tie in for the painting as I did not think it or the owner were old enough. Fisk's intense, sudden rage always startles me. I am really caught up in this season. I binged a lot further and faster than I intended.
  4. S03.E06: The Devil You Know

    I wondered if new of this incident would provoke an appearance of Frank. I didn't see the copycat Daredevil coming. Well played, Fisk. That was painful to see. I feel like threatening the witness before rather than during the testimony does not make it less coerced. They are name checking journalistic integrity but not really displaying it as well as they might.
  5. S03.E02: Please

    I like seeing Foggy's family and knowing more about Karen's past. I want to know more about them as characters separate from Matt. There was some nice costuming showing the clear difference in wealth between Foggy and his family. Matt's taking the masochism a bit far.
  6. S03.E01: Resurrection

    I liked the Karen and Matt flashback. It gives some more perspective on how they ended up where they did, and it highlight's Matt's view that he's more morally justified than other vigilantes. If/when it comes up that Karen killed Wesley, I'll be interested to hear Matt's reaction. I'm a fan of Sister Maggie's refusal to accept self-pity, though I didn't anticipate the depth of Matt's depression. I hope Electra does not show up in this season.
  7. Venom (2018)

    Forgot to mention it earlier, but I feel like there is some version of this movie where Venom eats Annie's cat. I'm opposed to cat harm, but it seemed like they were setting that up because the cat recurred and because Eddie didn't like the cat. I was bracing myself for it, and then it didn't happen. There were several places where I felt like things were started and then dropped. I saw an article that the movie was cut down quite a bit, and maybe that's why.
  8. Venom (2018)

    Saw it today. I'm a sucker for the occasional B movie and this worked for me on that level. A reviewer I like compared it to a campy mid-90s Sam Raimi movie, and I have to agree. I didn't read Spiderman so I don't have much history with Venom, and maybe that helps. I didn't like Spiderman 3 for a number of reasons, and I think this was better than that low bar. I feel like they were 60% of the way to a really good movie. Tom Hardy was good (his ticks usually work for me, but YMMV), and he went all in on the crazy. I liked that Eddie Brock was an impulsive screw up who was justly dumped and fired. The relationship with Venom was surprisingly interesting. Annie had her moments, though there were a couple times where she could have been a more assertive character. I didn't mind Riz Ahmed as the bad guy. I thought he was appropriate for a silicon valley tech villain, but the plot and the dialogue tipped him too far toward mad scientist. The symbiote effects were decent, especially when they were outside of a host. They were creepy, moving slime mold things. The movie needed some more supporting character development, a little more plot logic, and a little less car chase/symbiote chase action. It's not great cinema but it's more entertaining to me than, say, a Michael Bay Transformers.
  9. Overall Season Discussion

    I also finished just because rather than because I was really enjoying it. I started fast forwarding through the fantasy bits, which is rare for me. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Legion were the direct comparisons for me, and this didn't come close to those. It really meandered and got overly interested in the fantasies and the weirdness with Justin Theroux. If this had been more focused on the central two characters - and if it had been shorter - I think it would have worked better. None of the other characters held my interest. It was kind of flat. It never evoked fear, joy, or sorrow, just grayness. I think the actors did as well as they could with the material, but the series plan needed another pass.
  10. I haven't made it to Discovery yet, and thought I should give this show another try first. I didn't watch many episodes from the original run. Having seen it now, I think the acting wasn't always the best, the writing and development of the female characters could have been better, and some of the plots were better left to TOS. I had trouble connecting with the characters, though I came to like Archer, Phlox, Trip, and T'Pol over time. While it's a mixed bag, it's a better series than I thought it would be. They put a lot of thought into making the set design and the technology look like it fit between ST:First Contact and TOS. They also did some nice work stitching together the background of the Federation by building it out of a lot of small moments. The Andorians were a nice addition. Jeffrey Combs was good as Shran. He managed to be hot headed but likeable. I loved the way that the antennae were used to accent the character's emotions. In some ways he was a more developed character than a lot of the main cast. Even Soval had more personality than Reed and Mayweather. Looking back I think the Andorian episodes were the best, with "Carbon Creek" and "Cogenitor" also up there.
  11. Cellular peptide cake. With, as mentioned, mint frosting. "Phantasms" is a favorite of mine. There were a couple of other episodes that were hallucinatory/dream state, so Dave's right, Star Trek had this covered.
  12. S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    I think it's a matter of personal space more than anything. Those are probably small residences, and both like to have heir own working/living areas. I wonder if there is a common patio or something where they could come together for tea.
  13. S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    My mind went in a similar direction, and ended up in a dark spot. If Hanna committed suicide and left a confession note she could manipulate the story. I don't want to see that, but I could see it as a way out of a writing corner.
  14. S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    Well the bees probably stayed. Sherlock probably entrusted them to another apiarist. But if not, I picture the Brownstone becoming one giant, buzzing hive. I'm sure Joan brought Clyde along. He probably had his own seat on the airplane. I'm sure the flight attendant was happy to bring him some lettuce, or a strawberry. Surely Moriarty has a one-armed man that can take the fall.
  15. S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    There were a lot of little things I loved in this episode. The last exchange in the brownstone. Sherlock being sensitive to what Joan went through and waiting outside her door until she awoke. Sherlock bringing "Michael's body" to the brownstone (I totally thought he did when he said that). I wouldn't mind a good stint in England in the (now) final season. I would enjoy it if Lestrade, Kitty, Morland, and Moriarty made appearance. I hope Bell gets to stick around. Others have pointed out the plot inconsistencies in this one. It's hard for me to believe that Gregson would cover-up a murder for anyone, but Aiden Quinn's performance was quite good. I thought the misery and despair came through. It was a bit of a pot-kettle conversation between Gregson and Sherlock, especially considering that Sherlock incited arson in an attempt to cover for Joan. I suspect that if Joan had actually been arrested, then Gregson would have acted. As another person mentioned, he might have taken the fall himself. How bad a criminal is Hanna for still having the murder weapon? Come on. East river. I think this would have played out better if Sherlock had figured out Hanna was the murderer without having Gregson be involved. Or, if Gregson had come to Sherlock with help covering up for Hanna. He obviously wasn't good at it if he gave his real name while deleting that footage. I remember this show's 221B differently. I thought it was an upper floor apartment.