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  1. S04.E04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

    True, he didn't hurt anyone. However, he used his position and weapons to bully a citizen into compliance. He didn't try to win hearts and minds, which I think would have been more in character. He reinforced their stereotype of zombies, and cemented them as enemies. Good point. He's guilty of murder, torture, and extortion. Plenty of witnesses can now come forward and testify openly against him. I'm still waiting for Chase to figure out that Blaine infected his brother-in-law, and is part of the reason Fillmore Graves ended up a zombie army.
  2. S04.E04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

    This one was up and down. Ravi's horrible undercover acting always makes me smile, but Liv's brain of the week had worn out its welcome. I was really thrown off by Major shooting up the bar and menacing people, however shady they might be. That was way out of character. Major is supposed to be compassionate, and violent only in defense of others. I wish they would stop making things awkward for Clive. He doesn't need more drama. He's already stuck being the straight man for all the other characters.
  3. S05.E13: Principia

    Googled to refresh my memory. Joey didn't like what he was being asked to do, and he was suspected (incorrectly) of being one of Hive's minions. He left, and never came back.
  4. S05.E12: The Real Deal

    On the whole, a touching episode. I liked the explanation of Coulson's condition, and the simple tie in to the origins of the show. I didn't quite see Mike Peterson as the right person for Coulson to manifest Coulson's feelings about death. Were Ron Glass still with us I think this would have been his role, since he was actually the doctor responsible. In his absence, I think it should have been a different familiar face with more of an emotional or authoritative tie to Coulson. For example, the cellist (whose name escapes me at the moment). Or Maria Hill. Or (impossible as it would be) Nick Fury. I was waiting for some explanation of how Coulson was authorized to officiate a wedding, and they did throw one out there.
  5. S05.E13: Principia

    Enjoyed this one, especially the loving mockery of Mack's MC Hammer period. Since his unexpected trip back to the present, Deke has started to grow on me. I like the way they are embracing his whiny, reluctant, self-interested nature while simultaneously showing his uncynical joy about trees and popsicles. I hope they don't turn him into a hero, but that he continues to hover on the good side. I'm not crazy about him as a Simmons-Fitz, but I'll reserve judgement. However, he's a paradox if they save the world, unless they pull out a parallel universe or something. I also didn't remember the Strucker kid initially, but eventually caught up. Not sold on the Ruby plot as of yet. If they do bring back more characters, I hope Joey is one. I liked him.
  6. I vote for the four episode runs a couple times a year. I think Daredevil season 2 almost did that with the first arc of the Punisher story, and it was great. It would solve the problem of having to have an unstoppable villain every season. There could be average or middling villains if it only takes four episodes to stop them.
  7. S04.E03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

    I'd like him to be more developed. I think he suffers from being the last character in on an already crowded show. It's depressing, but not surprising. Blaine is Patient Zero. It was him actively spreading the virus to profit from brain sales that put everyone on this path. I'm curious whether Chase will ever find that out. I think they can taste, but that they taste differently. All the zombies use hot sauce to make things more flavorful. When he was running Meat Cute, Blaine had a chef coming up with expensive brain based recipes. He wanted them to taste like they were worth the money he was extorting from people.
  8. S04.E03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

    I thought Liv having only a small amount of brain to go on would lead to a less intense personality experience, but no. However, I did laugh a lot at this, especially when they queued up Truly, Madly, Deeply. I enjoyed Sam Huntington on Being Human, and it's fun to see him here. I got a bit of tonal whiplash when they went from lovestruck Liv to Blaine having the cures to turning that guy back to human to eating his brain. It makes sense that Blaine has the cures, but it's interesting that he's saving them for a rainy day. Of course Blaine named his restaurant Romero's.
  9. S02.E13: AKA Playland

    I'm divided on this season. I was hoping it would be more about Jessica the PI, but instead it piled more pain on her from all sides. Her mother was okay as a villain, but I wish this had been eight or nine episodes. I think it fell into the same trap as last season with the capture, then escape, then capture, then escape of the antagonist. I kept willing Jessica to tranq her mother and send her to prison. I don't like seeing her taken advantage of, kidnapped, and battered again and again and again. I could not stand addict Trish and I can't take any of her protestations of wanting to do the right thing seriously anymore. Malcolm was fine, and I'm still curious to see where he goes. By far the most riveting work was from Carrie Ann Moss. Jeri is terrifying in a way that I wish Sigourney Weaver's character in The Defenders had been. None of the Marvel shows have tried to be particularly accurate in this area.
  10. S04.E01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

    Good summary of the cure research. Major was injected by Liv with Cure 1.0 after she scratched him to keep him alive after the Meat Cute massacre. Original Cure 1.0 recipients were the late lamented lab rats, Hope and New Hope.
  11. Wind River (2017)

    Just had an opportunity to see this on Netflix. Taylor Sheridan is a talented writer. Hell or High Water is the best of his movies that I've seen, but this was good. Tense, cruel, and emotional. I thought it was a good cast, and all the actors played the roles well. Renner had some good moments, though I was a bit surprised the movie focused so firmly on him. Gil Birmingham was the standout to me, as he was in Hell or High Water. He's an excellent actor. Olsen's character did echo Emily Blunt's in Sicario; both of them endeavored to do the right thing, and both of them failed in various ways. The other commonality is that they were both set up to fail. I'm not sure if that's coincidence or commentary.
  12. S04.E01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

    I haven't read it, but there's a book called Night of the Living Trekkies. I believe he was fired for his crackpot theory that zombies could happen, and for insisting too loudly that it be researched. This was in the pre-Z days. Since his former boss died last season, there may not be that many people left who remember his theory.
  13. S04.E01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

    Justin turned out to be pro-mass infection. I don't remember him dying, so maybe they just broke ties. That's what I thought--wasn't she FBI before? I also can't remember what the status of her relationship with Clive was at the end of last season. She was FBI, but she's now infected. I guess in quarantine LT was the best offer she had. She and Clive had just gotten back together when she got infected. I remember there was a touching moment near the end where he was helping her dye her hair. Diverse investment strategy.
  14. Annihilation (2018)

    I was not familiar with a whitewashing concern for this movie, so I googled and found this article as well as others with similar content. They should have researched the main character's background. In spite of that mistake I think they made an effort to have a diverse cast. The main five characters were all female scientists, including one black woman and one latina, and the primary male supporting roles were played by non-white actors.
  15. S04.E01: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?

    This was jam-packed with updates, but it was fun. They managed to keep the episode format remarkably similar, but changed the context. I can't tell how much time passed between the end of last season and the beginning of this season. Society is operating pretty well, considering. Fillmore Graves appears to have some kind of official martial law thing going. Clive referenced one of their rules when he was interviewing the wife and son suspects so that he could take their blood pressure. He's still by the book, but the book changed. Looks like Clive and Liv's partnership was a model for the rest of the department since they've set up other zombie/human teams. So Ravi is a part time zombie. Odd choice. I guess everyone but Clive and Peyton can take on a random personality now and then. Despite his restraints Blaine now has a fine dining restaurant, a bar, and a funeral home going. Quite the entrepreneur. I had no doubt that Robert Knepper would rise from the well, but I didn't anticipate that he'd have gone crazy. Nice make-up on him with the bits of algae.