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  1. The humans are property, and disposable. He literally sells them. His lieutenant has some rights and expectations.
  2. The force has always been strong with certain people, regardless of family. It manifested in obscure ways, like superior piloting ability because they could sense what might come next. During the days of the Republic force sensitive kids were identified and sent to the Jedi academy for training so that they could learn how to use the power within them. The reason that the focus of the past movies was on the Skywalkers is that the other Jedi were exterminated. Luke was the first person to be trained as a Jedi in 20 years. It's not that there weren't other force sensitive people, like Leia, or like Chirrut. There were no masters prepared to teach them. Now that Rey has acknowledged being from unknown parents, I'd like them to stick with it. If they ping pong back to her being from a known bloodline, it undercuts the through line. In The Force Awakens it felt like they were leading somewhere. She was 'waiting for someone,' she had a Rebel pilot doll, she was dressed like Leia. As of now, that wasn't foreshadowing, or it was a misdirection, or they changed course. So much of this movie feels like a course change. Okay. But if they are going to do a trilogy, there should be some building across it and some continuity between films. There should be continuity and through line in a single movie. Otherwise it is not a narrative. It's a bunch of short stories in the same movie. That may lead great scenes, but not great movies. Honestly I think they did find the real code breaker. I feel like there is some tie in comic they are going to release to explain how this guy lost his red flower brooch and everything else while gambling, and happened to end up in the same prison as Finn and Rose. He had a huge cache of coded chips for the purpose of sneaking around, and it seems unlikely that there would be two such people around the same spot. I think it's like that moment when Threepio mentioned he had a red arm to promote a tie in comic.
  3. I knew it was Fitz the moment he spoke under that mask. I wonder how much time has passed for him. I have missed Fitz and Hunter, and look forward to their team up! I wonder how long a break they will take after it. They have really piled on both May and Mac. Mac's musings on having to grieve twice were touching. I'm starting to wonder if the female Kree is also artificially mute. Every time she sends those orbs at someone all I can think of is Magneto.
  4. Fair point. Oddly I feel more for Rose's sister (Paige?) and her sacrifice in the opening moments than I did for Rose. It was nearly silent but her determination to complete her mission and faith that she could do it were striking. I understand Rose's hatred for profiteers, but I didn't feel like that sequence at the casino worked. Rose crashing into Finn's ship risked two deaths instead of one. No, they vary. Luke's blue and green lightsabers have distinctly different hilts. Random other thoughts: The porgs were less egregious than I feared, but I could have done without one in the cockpit of the Falcon during the final battle. There were moments in this where I could see the marketing tie ins. All the weapon, set, and planetary designs were as spectacular as always. Po's love for BB8 and Luke's relationship with R2 were nicely paralleled.
  5. I have been debating this movie with myself since the credits rolled in my theater. There were parts I liked. There were parts I loved. But most of it was just there. I was so glad to see Luke again. The battle against Kylo was amazing. I suspected Luke was projecting himself, and knew for certain when he looked down at Kylo's red footprint that he was worried about leaving no footprints himself. Of course Kylo was too enraged to notice, and we got a great showdown. His reunion with Leia was very touching. Even that opening moment where he just threw away the lightsaber and stormed off was good. I loved Leia as a true leader. I liked her putting Po in his place for disobedience. I had hoped for Leia to use the force, but I was really disappointed in the cheesy execution. It undercut the moment. I was a meh on the writing for the Vice Admiral, but I liked her final farewell with Leia because it made clear that they were friends. The light speed jump into the enemy fleet was well done. Rey. I am fine with the idea that she comes from nowhere and no family of note. I'm not fine with her using the force expertly with no training. I hoped after the first movie that it would be shown that she had previous training and was drawing on that subconsciously. Apparently not, unless they are saving that for the end. Finn and Rey had no appreciable character arcs in this. They went places and did things but are largely unchanged since we met them at the beginning of The Force Awakens. Po had an arc, at least, though a simple one. Aside from a few really good moments this feel slapdash. As others have mentioned, the world building is lacking and the pacing was bad. I can't figure out if I've grown away from Star Wars or if Star Wars has grown into something different.
  6. Agreed. He absolutely snagged it.
  7. This series had way more depth than I expected going into it, and that was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed spending time with the side characters and in seeing what they brought out of Frank. If it were just Frank and his suicidal pursuit of the bad guys it wouldn't have been nearly as good. He was so done with life at the start of it. At the end he's in a better position, and I agree it's hard to see where he goes from here. A lot of what he's done up to this point has been possible because he didn't care if he lived or died. There were some flaws. I liked Madani at the start, but she was tricked too often. She started to feel less competent, and that's not a good direction. There were a few too many flashbacks and hallucinations. It held up better than most of the Marvel series in the home stretch, though there were some repeated moments at the end. On the whole, I think it was good, and intense, and subverted some expectations. Frank and Jessica could definitely drink together. Silently. Watching the crowd. Judging the hipsters.
  8. Frank's confession was played very well. There was a lot of nonverbal communication there. Up to this point I have been fine with the hallucinations and flashbacks to Frank's wife, but I felt they were overplayed in this one. I'm glad Billy's exposed, and I don't think anyone mourns Rawlins.
  9. That was bloody indeed. Man. Billy should have known better than to send people into Castle's own territory. I'm surprised Frank went to Madani, but since he couldn't find Billy himself I suppose it was the best option he had.
  10. That standoff in the kitchen was top notch. So, so good for Frank and for Karen. I loved the subtle communication between him and Karen while he was trying to distract Lewis, from the wire to the understanding of what Karen has in her purse. Best scene of the series to date. The elevator follow-up was good and it was interesting. I'm glad they didn't go there in that moment. It was better as a moment of decompression and friendship. The stairwell scene was intense too. She interrupted his mission and Castle didn't take it well. I did not expect Billy to try to end things right then. As DEM said above, it is surprising that he showed his cards like that. If he had killed Castle with that shot then it might have worked, but continuing to hold the gun on Madani completely gave him away. I suppose he was debating whether he could get away with shooting her too, but the police intervened. Frank's realization was well played. The second meeting between Madani and Karen was a good sequel to the first. Karen got a couple of good moments in there. Good to see Det. Mahoney again, just to add a little more universe continuity. ETA: I did not expect Frank to encourage Lewis to kill himself. I know he was there to kill him, but still.
  11. Add me to the list in assuming it was Trish Talk. Maybe next time. I was seriously worried about Curtis. I shouldn't be surprised that Lewis would recognize Frank, and even idolize him a bit. He makes an interesting contrast with Frank. I don't know if it's too on the nose in discussing the difference between vigilante and terrorist, but it's a legitimate thing to ask about a character like the Punisher. Jon Bernthal sells this. The kid playing Lewis is pretty good to.
  12. Darn it I was afraid for Sam in the last couple of eps. If it hadn't been for the shock of it being Billy under that hood I'd like to think he would have survived. There are a lot of people in this show who are on the border or over it, but Billy now seems like the lead psycho. No shakes, no guilt, no compunction about continuing to play his role toward Madani. David was more mature about the situation than he could have been, aside from getting himself drunk and stupid. I do like the increasing familiarity of his conversations with Frank. Frank is starting to feel more human again. The stories about how they met their wives made for a good scene.
  13. It was a good raid on the military base, and I liked that Frank was so bothered by going against legitimate soldiers. I'm glad no one died during the op. The use of the laser sight in the gas was good, and Billy showed some insight in turning his off. I felt so bad for his character. He wants so much to help and doesn't know how, or that it's too late.
  14. I think Curt was trying anything he could to get Lewis back in the group. He fought really hard to help the kid, and even bailed him out. Man, I was afraid it was going to be Russo. Rats.
  15. This was an intense episode. Gunner was a good character. It's small but I liked how puzzled Lieberman was with how someone would like off grid and out of a city. Good move on his part bringing a drone, though. And a sandwich. I really like Karen in this series, and her interview with Madani.