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  1. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Rest in peace Ms. Franklin. What a voice and what a presence.
  2. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    Skyler creeped me out. However, the idea of Sherlock transporting her on the subway made me smile. The joke at the end was great. The apartment that they found the body in looked familiar. I think they've used it before for other corpse discovery scenes. Sorry to hear you have back trouble. The microbe and molecule arguments were more accurate and feasible than printing a whole person. The time required to 3D print a complex organism would be impractical, not to mention the lack of memories, training, etc. in the final product. Even for 3D printing a chocolate bunny, it'd be much faster to pour the melted chocolate into a mold, especially in a 'mass production' application.
  3. S06.E15: How to Get a Head

    I knew the councilman was behind it and spotted the wig, yet totally missed that it was the actor who played September. It really did change what he looked like. I like the interplay in this one with Sherlock and Marcus. The bits between Sherlock and the captain were good too. Gregson wanting someone correct and by-the-book babysitting Sherlock makes sense. When Det. Grimes was coming downstairs I thought for a second it was Marcus. Of course Sherlock has pig carcasses rotting in shallow ponds.
  4. S06.E19: In the Pale Moonlight

    I believe it was biomimetic gel. It's been mentioned in other episodes as a medical supply. And I agree, the station is the primary Federation outpost in the sector, so the supply would be concentrated there. In fact, the station is probably a major resupply hub, and that would explain why there was as much as there was on hand. It's interesting to consider what this episode and the conspiracy look like from the outside. The Klingons know that they released a prisoner to the Federation. Bashir knows he was ordered to give up a potentially dangerous medical supply for classified reasons. Quark knows the Captain covered for an acquaintance. Station security knows that a ship on a secret mission docked at the station. Knowing only one piece of the puzzle, it's hard to imagine what the rest of it looks like. In time of war, there would be many possible explanations for each item.
  5. S06.E13: Breathe

    That is a fascinating artifact. I wonder if it could also have been an inspiration for the palantir in Lord of the Rings.
  6. S06.E13: Breathe

    I can accept that with a handwave. But actually, I meant I'm surprised it wasn't a combination or keypad safe.
  7. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    I enjoyed this one too. It was a puzzling but engaging story on all sides. The opening was really strong. I think they threw in an extra red herring early on in the ep. There was a black female officer I didn't recognize who was at the forefront in two short scenes, first when she insisted that no one had left the floor because she was watching, and in an additional scene when she responded to Gregson. To me they highlighted her as a likely suspected, but then subverted it by introducing the other cop later. "Don't play dumb with me, you're not smart enough," is now my favorite Sherlock put down.
  8. S06.E13: Breathe

    It was going to be the last season, but they got a surprise extension. Yes, the FBI agent was investigating the financial records of two companies that hired him, and reached out to him for information. That told him she was closing in.
  9. S06.E13: Breathe

    I hadn't though about an older child. It would take a really good child actor to make it work, but it's possible. They are a thing. Joan could go this route, if she knows of someone offering this service and approves of them. She would have to have a pretty good relationship with the home daycare provider, or pay a lot, in order to drop off a child at strange hours.
  10. S06.E13: Breathe

    I enjoyed this one. I must admit they are putting quite a bit of thought into the child story line. I appreciate that there are some obstacles to the process and that adoption is not just magically happening. Sherlock cleaning the 'viscera' out of the model house was amusing, and so was his concern that a child raised around detectives would easily defeat child safety locks. Two things struck me during the hitman plot, one random, and one morbid. First, it would be odd to have that many weapons hidden in a cabinet that had a pickable lock. Second, gallows humor demands that the suffocation device be called a succubus, not an incubus. That's a thought. The hereditary king of Bohemia is in the ACD story "A Scandal in Bohemia." It's the first Holmes short story, so very early in the canon. It's the Irene Adler story.
  11. It was a good moment. And a realistic concern. I have a friend who has a tortoise and another who has a cockatoo, and they face the same concern about who to entrust with the animals in the future. I enjoyed seeing Jon Noble as Morland again. The actors and writers have created a really interesting relationship between Morland and Sherlock.
  12. S02E07: On and On 06.22.2018

    It was a wooden chair on what looked like a wooden floor, and Mariah isn't a large woman. I think it's feasible.
  13. S02E07: On and On 06.22.2018

    Tilda, drag the chair outside. Untie her later. I am also tired of musical interludes. Have the music, but don't end every episode with lingering, silent pans over all the characters. This would make every episode at least five minutes shorter. As with last season, this show drags for me.
  14. S06.E09: Nobody Lives Forever 2018.06.25

    I don't remember if they specified it in this series, but Mycroft is usually seven years older. They also suffered the trauma of an addicted mother. Sherlock didn't seem to remember much about her condition, but Mycroft would have been old enough to remember. Those memories couldn't have made it easy to deal with Sherlock at that point, either.
  15. S06.E09: Nobody Lives Forever 2018.06.25

    No, Mycroft was a live and known to be alive. He chose not to reach out to Sherlock when he had leukemia, and went through treatment and a bone marrow transplant, and was well into remission before Sherlock came back to London. Sherlock had had an affair with Mycroft's fiancee (he said to prove a point about her interest in Mycroft's money, not him). They cut off all contact. While Sherlock was in rehab and staying in New York, their father gave Mycroft 221B Baker Street, and Mycroft moved out all of Sherlock's things. Sherlock was shocked to find Mycroft there, that his private space had been given away, and that his things (supposedly) were discarded. He immediately started antagonizing Mycroft, referring to him as 'fatty' and failing to consider that dramatic weight loss could be related to illness. It wasn't a happy reunion, but they came quite a ways before Mycroft eventually faked his death, and later passed away.