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  1. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    I missed the details of how the murderer dumped the body. At the beginning, I thought that a group of people posing as workers showed up and disposed of the body, and that dunce cap guy was in trouble for not stopping the group of workmen before he left. Did the murderer say he just left the body there instead? Or did he say?
  2. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    I think Sherlock may have been sincere with the mother and with Joan. If he doesn't like something he'll typically throw a fit, fume, and stomp around. He's only passive aggressive with his father. He told Joan he was supportive in spite of the surprise. I think he respects her enough and is self aware enough to say the truth. That said, she absolutely owes him an explanation, and her ideas about how this would work seem overly optimistic. If Sherlock isn't a co-parent, she's going to need a full-time nanny to keep going with her lifestyle. And having a recovering addict for landlord and business partner seems like a liability. That's before the beehives on the roof and the sensory deprivation tank in the living room. I thought it was Alfredo in the car in the preview. I hope it is.
  3. Gary Hobson, I believe. The new shows almost seems like a variation on "Person of Interest" as much as "Early Edition." I suppose in some ways "Person of Interest" is a more technology driven and less event specific riff on "Early Edition." They know who something may happen to, but have no idea what will happen.
  4. S06.E07: Sober Companions 2018.06.11

    Random thought from the Doyle stories: there were a few that opened with Holmes and Watson traveling because Watson had made Holmes take time off for his health. The mannequin didn't have useful evidence, but the body would have been there some time before the switch. It could have given off a lot of chemicals a cadaver dog might still find. Here's a Q&A article with a cadaver dog handler.
  5. I didn't realize there was a stuck-in-ice scene in the original series. The Thing From Another World was from 1951; I suppose it could have influenced the original series, but no way to know. Either way, it was a good, well-executed concept. Regarding the Iron Giant vs. the robot, I didn't mean to imply a physical resemblance. I was thinking about the backstories: killer alien robots lost and disconnected from their civilizations, befriended by a child. I agree, the old school robot wouldn't work now, and they did great work on the new design.
  6. S06.E07: Sober Companions 2018.06.11

    Michael can taunt and torment from a distance. I'm glad the pretense was dropped. I did wonder if Sherlock is actually going away for a rest or if he's planning a solo pursuit.
  7. I really enjoyed this show when I was younger. It's interesting to think about it now, in an era when print media is less pervasive. This may be one show that could never be remade. Kyle Chandler has always been a good everyman, at least as far back as this show. He was great as Gary. I loved the friendship between Gary and Marissa. And of course the cat was my favorite character.
  8. S06.E06: Give Me the Finger 2018.06.04

    The scream trope seems to be there to tie back in to Michael in his car. Reworking the scene in my head, I would rather of had him surreptitiously watching Hannah through a window. Then, she would not have had to scream to tie back in to him. She could still have dropped the dry cleaning, gone to the body to check the situation, reacted for a moment, then considered her own safety with regard to an intruder potentially in the house. That would have let her be a cop about it.
  9. S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    Welcome to the season :-) Sadly, the next is in 2019 :-/
  10. S06.E06: Give Me the Finger 2018.06.04

    Enjoyed the episode overall, but have an additional nitpick. Faced with her deceased roommate, Hannah didn't go on alert for a possible intruder. She did not call for back up. That did not seem like an officer's response, even a shocked officer.
  11. S06.E05: Bits and Pieces

    That plot seems to have made the rounds, because I remember there was an episode of House where organ donation recipients were getting cancer.
  12. S06.E05: Bits and Pieces

    Lestrade and Gregson both exist as separate characters in the stories. I think from either perspective they would be considered distinct. There were children in the Baker Street Irregulars. Holmes has had a few young informants on this series but I don't think any of them were children.
  13. S06.E05: Bits and Pieces

    We did see Lestrade as played by Sean Pertwee starting in Season 2. Quinn plays Gregson. I agree the plot was convoluted and that the stalker is not clicking with me as yet. The character moments were all good. This show has always been good at bringing out humanity in a character like Holmes. Other versions have a tendency to make him out as super- or sub- human. I've watched and enjoyed many versions of the character, but this is the one that succeeds most at showing him as a person rather than just a detective.
  14. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    I find that I can tolerate Enzo as long as he's not in Inspector Clouseau costume. When he's plain clothes, he talks like a person. When he's in the costume, he's grandstanding and obnoxious.
  15. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    This was okay. It didn't wrap up much other than the zombie cult, but I'm okay with that part being done. Add me to the list who don't get how the whole orange brain is required to cure a human, or why the enzyme is not reproducible. It should be studied further and with more resources they might be able to reproduce it. Further, there were two brains involved in the test: Isabel's, and cured social media girl's. They both had enzymes. Therefore, the other people who bought the cure from Blaine should have it. They need to identify them and get them into a testing environment. They finally started showing Chase's uncertainties and his reliance on a shady lieutenant. It would have had more of an impact if they'd spent more time on it this season. If FG operates on keep what you kill, shouldn't Liv be in command? Major leaping several ranks into command is weird. And giving Liv permission to turn as many people as she can get through is a horrible idea. They already had too few brains to reasonably go around. Even if they stopped all the brain tube resellers, they were not getting as many donated brains as expected. Now, Blaine is their sole source of brains, and I would bet that a substantial portion of his brains are not donated. We already know that some people are killed to go on Romero's menu. Clive and Dale's wedding was sweet, and reminded me why I liked them together. Vampire Steve as officiant won me over with 'we are gathered here today to get through this thing called personalized wedding vows.'