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  1. Lots of great comments during that live chat from all those new wonderful followers that jumped over from that "animal video." Can't wait to see what they add to the vegas live chat....yikes...
  2. "nothing short of a phenom", thank you thank you for my laugh of the day, sorry I mean no disrespect but she didn't re-invent the wheel, she had a team of people help her go to China to mass-produce leather reproductions of some of her favorite bags. The phenom came when people had cracking issues and quality issues with the GILI leather.
  3. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Over the weekend I noticed Auj commenting on Joanna Gaines Instagram asking her if she could send her some "Always More" stuff! I just had to laugh! I just don't see Chip and Joanna Gaines pimping anything so hard like Jer and Auj....
  4. Season 7 Discussion

    I have not seen the new episode however they showed a clip on Instagram and it was of Chad and Erin decorating the children's lair. Chad seemed to be the only adult in the room, Erin was walking around talking about how wonderful it will be to have a newborn and hold one and how she has missed having a baby. Umm...isn't your other one only like 1??? He seemed really concerned and looked stressed. He said he was concerned about her health and he thought he had his hands full with one child! It made me kind of sad, I wonder if he is in over his head and is too much of a nice guy to be honest about it....I kind of want to give him a hug and a beer.
  5. Season 7 Discussion

    On Whitney's real estate page she has one listing. That may be why they haven't shown what she actually does at her job....
  6. Season 7 Discussion

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BkTPJV9FjaV/?hl=en&taken-by=bobbysmith.rp It's a boy, interesting naming him after Dad but calling him Cade...is that what Erin and Chad did with Carson?
  7. I'm going to let this video and last image on the video speak for itself......
  8. Season 7 Discussion

    Thank you for posting this, I was curious what kind of teaching degree she actually had. This clears things up 100%. I am only able to watch the show occasionally but follow them all on Instagram, last week when one of the Bates fan pages posted a photo of Tori in her cap and gown AND announcing she was pregnant I just thought, wow way to put all that money and time and effort for that degree into nothing. I am so like you, some of the best times of my life looking back were when the only person I had to think about was myself and my boyfriend. Yes I love my kids but life changes as it should with them. Everyone has choices and decisions to make that work for them but I just wish someone would pull one of these girls aside and say hey slow down, enjoy one major life change at a time. I guess I should just be thankful their parents let them go to Clown College at all....
  9. Season 4 Discussion

    My husband quit watching it with me after that episode where she made such a big deal about servers quitting and how "they just don't know what a great opportunity this is" comment....not every server/waitress gives two poops who you are lady, its called a job.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Not blaming Aundrea, obviously she did what she did and ended up alive however I kept thinking the same thing, I would have caused a wreck, ran into another car anything. And when they stopped at McDonalds I kept thinking I would so just run, I know he told her he would shoot everyone but I kept thinking surely she is going to run at McDonalds...she clearly was able to get into his mind a bit and that is for sure what saved her life. I also am like the cops at the end I wonder what else he has done that no one knows about.
  11. Do you ever just dream of a day when Pam or this poor model soul looses their s&*t on air and tells the host or in this case Gary where they can shove and display their overpriced ugly duds?? I can't believe Gary did that to her, way to have control of your own line, and way to prep for your own show, geez go over to her and say, "ladies how about we style it this way." I almost cringe everytime I see there is going to be a Denim & Co. TSV because I know THIS is coming....ugh!
  12. I immediately thought of a former Q host when I saw those jeans coming all the way to touch the floor and not showing any shoes!
  13. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    They're back on social media....only made it 3 weeks without posting, such dedication to their work these two are. My favorite quote from Instagram is that their new book will: " encourage our generation to prepare for, pursue, and protect their love story💗 " Ya'll serious??
  14. I just turned on the Q and that explains why poor Bob Mackie just opened his show telling Mary, "Just be kind to me". I know he was kidding but good gosh how sad he has to kid to a HOST about being kind to him??
  15. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Their announcement today, they are writing a book about their love story. I am not even kidding. Am I missing something? Their "love story" wasn't even that remarkable or noteworthy right?? And didn't she even reject him for a time??? These two continue to amaze me and not in a good way.