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  1. S01.E03: Miss Bareback Buckaroo

    So Beverly D'Angelo joins the "Too much plastic surgery makes you look like a Muppet" club, with Rebecca De Mornay, Goldie Hawn and Fran Drescher.
  2. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    Something that's bugged me all season...how many women other than Diyoza came down from the prison ship? If it was mostly men with a disease that was going to wipe them all out shortly, then it seems like the best play for Wonkru would have been to defend the bunker and wait for the enough of the prisoners in the valley to die off. Of course, that doesn't make for drama....
  3. Season 1 Discussion

    The entire Season 2 is available on the Freeform streaming app and I binged it last week. Thanks to the Murder House episode, Esther is finally starting to grow on me. And getting Fran Drescher to play her mother is genius. But, Fran....your plastic surgeon did you no favors. You and Goldie Hawn now look like Muppets.
  4. S08.E01: Right-Hand Man

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious that Harvey and Samantha will be dating at some point. I can take or leave Heigl; she's not enough to scare me off watching a show.
  5. Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    I hate how needy they made Rachel in episode 4.3. I hope she gets over it by 4.8. Edited to add:
  6. Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    God, what this show needed all along was Francois Arnaud. Well, at least for me anyway.
  7. S01.E06: It's Mine 2018.06.10

    Holy crap, according to TV Guide this first season only covered her first 2 weeks in New York. It felt like months, not weeks. Granted, it makes sense that her try out period would only be weeks, but her stalking of Simone and her various hook ups made that whole period seem longer.
  8. American WomAll Episodes Discussion

    Yeah, her voice and mannerisms are really unnatural. I don't remember being put-off by Megan Mullally's weird vocal stylings as Karen on Will and Grace or Alyson Hannigan's Willow-voice on BtVS or the gargling-with-glass voice that Fiona Dourif did as Bart on Dirk Gently, but Silverstone talks like she's got a broomstick up her butt on this show and it's just really annoying me.
  9. S01.E03: No Good Horses

    I'm rewatching the ending now on the Paramount app because my recording cut off right as the guys went into the house. From the family pictures they showed, was she the wife of the guy Kayce shot at the end of the first episode?
  10. S01.E03: No Good Horses

    So I'm not the only one who doesn't know who that was. I hope it wasn't Kayce's wife.
  11. S02.E12: Postpartum 2018.07.04

    I never thought I could feel sorry for that little snot Eden, but that execution was just brutal to watch. And it looks like everybody pool-side felt that way too. That was really an over-reaction to their "crime", and reduces the breeding population that much more, proving that Gilead is just all about old white guys.
  12. S01.E01: Daybreak

    I was having a hard time telling the dark-haired, bearded guys apart, so it's probably just as well that one of them died in this episode. Just to be clear, the one the hard-ass daughter boinked was NOT her brother, right? You can never be sure when some obscure network show might decide to go all Game of Thrones just for the shock value. I guess I've heard Ashokan Farewell enough now to recognize it within a bar or two.
  13. S01.E01: Pilot 2018.06.21

    I love Jordan Gavaris, but I wish he was in a better show. This is just painfully bad. I don't think I can watch any more of this even as summer fluff.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Who Pays the Price?

    I watch way too much tv; I knew the nurse was a kidnapper as soon as she ran over to "help" Abby in the clothing store.
  15. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    Bravo!!! I enjoyed the hell out of that, and I'm not sure I would have had they dragged this story out over 3 more seasons. To finish in 2 1/2 hours they had to keep the story tight, and they did a great job. And now I want to go to an Eiffel Tower wedding.