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  1. S01.E06: Amour Fou

    Sure looked that way.
  2. S01.E01: Pilot

    Between Juliette Lewis and Garner this is almost unwatchable. I hope it gets better by episode 4 or I'm out. And I say this as someone who finds Kidding charming even though it's awfully sad.
  3. S01.E06: Amour Fou

    After the scramble for the gun at the end of the episode I'm having a hard time believing that Joe managed to get off a shot that would actually look like Peach did it while committing suicide.
  4. Doctor Who in the Media

    BBC America is selling a "Doctor Who" Barbie of Thirteen. Doctor. Who. Barbie. I'm a wee bit horrified. https://shop.bbc.com/barbie-doctor-who-thirteenth-doctor-with-sonic-screwdriver-collector-doll-21823.html?cm_mmc=ExactTarget-_-email-_-US+-+DW+Barbie+-+10-14-18-_-email&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=US+-+DW+Barbie+-+10-14-18&utm_campaign=ExactTarget
  5. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    I was surprised by the poisoning, but I also couldn't imagine Blake as the new evil mastermind. I may drop this show as I'm not interested in Remi unless she has a sword fight in every episode. But then it wouldn't be Blindspot anymore, it would be Highlander or Into the Badlands. I want to applaud Mastrantonio for going light on the plastic surgery and thus continuing to be recognizable as herself. Beverly DeAngelo, Fran Drescher, Goldie Hawn and Rebecca DeMornay all have terrible plastic surgeons and now look like Muppets.
  6. You: The Book

    I don't think it ever occurred to her that he was a stalker; she just didn't think about him at all early on (and she didn't know he had her old phone). She also seemed pretty oblivious to how Peach felt about her.
  7. S01.E05: Living with the Enemy

    This reminds me of the book versions of Aster and Cody in the Dexter series. Dexter recognized them as budding psychos when he started dating their mother and he tried to channel their darker impulses the same way Harry tried to redirect his as a child. The tv series made them normal, boring kids and wrote them out eventually.
  8. S11.E01: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

    I thought this was much better than Capaldi's intro episode. And I totally buy Whittaker as The Doctor, no problem there at all. But the culottes! I hate the culottes.
  9. Season 1 Discussion

    Mikita nailed it! Now, if there is a Season Two, what are the chances the somebody tries to dose Garrett with colipsum against his will or knowledge?
  10. Season 1 Discussion

    When I saw that next week was the finale I got a little sad. This show is so cheesy it should be labeled 'Keep refrigerated" but I still want to see how the story is supposed to end. I just know next week will end on a cliffhanger of some sort and I'll be really surprised if there's a Season 2, so I'll never see Talon destroy the Prime Order or Gwynn take the throne or Janzo find his twin sister (you know he would eventually). Oh well, I'm never going to see how Dark Matter was supposed to end either so I'm just going to have to deal.
  11. S01.E03: Maybe

    Yeah, that's what the whole "I have a delicate constitution and you must go with me to the hospital" act was all about, and Joe called her on it.
  12. S01.E03: Maybe

    I found a dead cat under my dining room window last week, and the smell blanketed my yard until I found somebody to come take it away. It cleared up after a few hours, but then, cats are small and the body was outdoors. I can't imagine how bad an adult human would smell in an enclosed space. I see Peach is starting to let her freak flag fly in this episode.
  13. You: The Book

    Yeah, it was mentioned in the first book. When Joe first started working for Mr. Mooney he took a rare book out of the cage to read, and left it on the counter upstairs where it was, of course, stolen by a female customer*. Mr. Mooney locked him in the cage for several days as punishment. 09/11/01 was included in those several days, so Joe missed the Twin Towers coming down. * Joe has the worst luck with women ripping off the bookstore. You'd think he'd learn to be more suspicious after that first time.
  14. S02E10: A Duel of Iron

    This season is so much better than Season 1 it's almost unbelievable. Especially since I found the 2nd season of Luke Cage so disappointing... Luke protects Mariah from the Jamaican guy, then he protects the Jamaican guy from Mariah, lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. Iron Fist actually had a story for season 2, Davos steals the fist. I learned to really like Mary Walker enough that I would watch if she got her own series, which I can't say about The Punisher.
  15. You: The Book

    I finished the second book tonight. The casting for season two should be interesting. I read book one 2 weeks ago, and in my head Beck looked like Hilary Duff even though I knew the the age wasn't right, just the tiny size. Now I'm thinking Duff would a better fit in the 2nd book.