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  1. schools (ie someone goes or teachers there) and small churches (ie someone is a member) rent their spaces for reduced fee vs. a event space/auditorium. what is the turnaround time to make profit on small business - 3 to 5 years ? Did she say how long she's been in business ?
  2. speaking of "vet life outside of dcc" - what does Kashara do? She keeps mentioning changing oil and other car stuff... does she work in or own a mechanic shop ?
  3. re: the pee pads... I don't own a dog, so please be patient in me asking this question. I thought once dogs are trained they go outside. Is that not true? I see dogs outside and they and their owner seem so happy. and the reason to manufacture in China was cost and time to market ?
  4. Season 6 Discussion

    He might didn't know the actual details until it happened. probably didn't want to repeat rumors at home. I know some people who were RIFed didn't know until that day/hour of -all of a sudden called into a meeting. A Dr getting downsized...what's his speciality again? Dr eugene just got a promotion so maybe there is an opening where he works
  5. Amy's feature " Vet's Life outside of DCC " has been on my mind all weekend. What an accomplishment at a young age. She's a visionary http://eminencedancecomplex.com/ Anybody know or have a good guess how much capital is needed to start your own dance studio ? Do dance studio's carry liability insurance - in case someone gets hurt ? She mentioned she teaches baby classes but the girls look school age - so she teaches when - before school hours or just right after until 5- 5:30 ? Then the capital needed to do the build-out, make initial payroll, and lease the space until enough parents pay the monthly dues. She must have written an excellent proposal to get a SBA loan..
  6. why not interacting with those families who are maybe 1st or 2nd generation - in the US to start to develop cultural awareness ? Yes, it means expanding your bubble of friends. I would like to see Bill/Jen having an outing with a families from either/both cultures, as opposed to trips or play dates at dance studio. I'm not saying never to go back to one's natural birth country. Its just a time a place for everything. And my point was really a 7 year old mentioning something that seems a little extravagant and giving in. Let wait and see how the preview plays out. And let me say this - no I am not adopted but I do know what it is like to feel like I am "the only one of my culture/background" in certain situations. Something I've just learned to deal with my whole life. Not everyone is the majority everywhere.
  7. surprising that K&J didn't send her to one. I'm sure the cowboys have a team sports psych on staff.. Looking back after the Jets situation, little surprised she or no one close in her close inner circle didn't mention seeking out a psy to help. If ins didn't pay, I would think being around "college football" employee would have lead to a discounted hourly fee. Now if she has gone to one - which could very well be secret to us due to HIPPA....then... hmmmm...
  8. first two squares - no. the wasabi was a little hot for me and I could smell fishy as soon as I put it near my mouth . Will keep trying to be brave.
  9. yes. they skipped filming during the flu season. which also protects the TLC camera staff. It seems like they are filming once a month. they just had 6 mth photos and kindergarten graduation -which was probably in May . The 5K has a July date - which I just noticed was on a Sunday. I think one will get a better 5k turnout on a Saturday.
  10. FYI - Back to all of the discussion about clean eating.. my grocery store has the organic seaweed chips 10/$10 . Several pages back a DCC had a pix that her boyfriend packed a game day bag - that included the chips, which I admit I had never seen the chips before. So for a $1, I decided to at least try it... $1 to play powerball or seaweed chips. :)
  11. Great post. looking forward to the bullet list of what Malena needs to do - if she does not make it...
  12. any body know if Tina made it the 1st time she tried out ? Did she retire on her own or was she cut during the re-tryout process ?
  13. might be a causality of not having the meeting in a true working office. Kelli probably had a tissue box on/in her real every-day desk. But then again, having a RIFed TCC mutilate a white tissue, with tears, mascara and nose blowing, might not be something K&J (or the cameras) want to see.
  14. hmm. that would make one hell of a basketball court...🏀 they are one player short though. LOL !
  15. I'm all for getting to see/know one's culture overseas - when its age appropriate. There are practices where one makes a trip back to where their heritage or religion started. In the meantime, there are events and places at/near home where you can see the day to day of what goes on - how the culture is celebrated (and yes sometimes modified) here in the US. Let's start there, first. I would think they are at the age where children in their culture learn about holidays, customs, events and traditions. I'm not sure how diverse their new school, church or new neighborhood is, but if Will and/or Zoe don't see other children that look like them, that surely that can be corrected if Bill/Jen wanted it to be. 1st step might be befriending someone who is from that culture and spending time with them on special family occasions , which yes sometimes includes foodies. Surely Jen runs into other cultures at work and usually people are pretty open to talk about themselves. This time of year, all kind of customs,traditions and foodies tend to work themselves into general conversation. And that means also being open to listen and learn about another culture . For example Thanksgiving, as must as it is loved in the US, isn't celebrated the same way , or at all , with other cultures. I just learned about Diwali and Old Year Night just by people at work discussing which days teammates are going on vacation. One stop in the farmers market - esp. in the spices section - opens up all kinds of conversations, and a place to make a friend.