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  1. 30 yrs.. another disciple of the Evelyn Braxton "my husband did me wrong decades ago "club. Damn, that's got to be emotionally draining.. And when she retires , she's going to wish she had that $120k. Does daughter #2 get that much for her wedding ? Nice to know psychiatrist /psychologists have that much disposable income. I actually turned on the tv/channel on this scene....A crazy hyped-up over excited woman saying nothing of value while waving her arms.. if she wasn't on something, she needed to to take something.
  2. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    I wonder if Kelly is getting up at 0400 EST on Satuday to watch the Royal Wedding to get tips for the next Bates girlie , with her 100 pg composition book in hand.. Actually Princess Anne's dress in 1973 was very modest looking.. minus the flyaway cuffs... Takes notes Kelly..
  3. Season 7 All Episode Talk

    agree with all of the above. In addition to annoying story lines is Kristy and her daughter. Babygirl is the MOST wishy-washy 18 yr old I've seen. It's going to be hard to be a realtor when she doesn't drive. If she can make note cards and seem confident in passing all of the real estate exams they why can't she pass the written DMV exam? maybe christy should enroll her in a drivers-ed class . And then Christy is taking the class with her - I guess partly b/c she needs transportation. Last night she wanted to go clubbing with was it a 21/25 yr old? Either way - she isn't legal to drink and the club-buddy mostly likely isn't going to like the same club spot, as they can go anywhere. Did I hear right? Elena/Preston are taking out a 2nd mortgage for a business that she has no experience/background in? It's not like she's following a 200 pg well documented business plan. she keeps talking about building a future for her family? She is sounding money desperate - did something happen to Preston's job? What did she do before the babies (who are cuties) ?
  4. I;m glad you both brought this up. While touching - Ashley story about her grandfather taking her (and I am guessing her brother too) to Nemacolin sounded a little odd to me. According to the website ( link ) the resort was purchased in 1987 - that used to be a hunting lodge. How old was Ashley on these trips? Did she mention anything else they did - like a recollection memory ? the stuff the women did are all newer trendy things - like kids spa, zip lining and the high obstacle course. I'm just trying to think what and how the place was so impressive (ie showing her the finer things in life) that would appeal to a couple of grade school kids - other than maybe fishing - why back when. Surely grand-daddy didn't have them shooting . yes - they have a link for children activities, but for granddaddy to drive hours for an arcade, gymnastics and carnival games, hmmm. You can find 5 star dining/accommodations/service while still in the city. I wasn't expecting a Disneyworld/land , Six Flags, etc, but this resort seemed so "foo-foo" and "outdoorsy"..
  5. that's one of my concerns. Monique needs to learn moderation.. whether it was 3 or 4 drinks - we are still talking about LUNCH - IE lets say after 10 am and before 3 pm. Mowcows have vodka and Martini's traditionally have gin. Lunch is a little early for mixing different types of alcohol - and she playing with the hard/real stuff. If she's coming off a miscarriage and is maybe trying to get pregnant, why not go on the wagon and get your body in the best inside shape in can be in ? And if you are soooo tried with the 2 kids, since when does gin and vodka increase your metabolism and stamina ? Her kids are just about too old for midday naps, so what was she going to do when she got home with that much booze in her system? RE: WWHL - Monique should use what her momma & the gym gave her and politely bow out a charity or two. Her long skinny legs go on forever. Model shoes, shaving cream, waxing, shorts/minis, pedicures, toe nail polish, ankle bracelets, foot products, lotion..something..
  6. Agree. Books are a reality show side revenue stream. Never understood how /why Teresa book about her federal prison stint made the new York best-selling list. Are children books eligible for best sellers?
  7. WORD !! I would have left - meal unpaid - if was in a metropolitan area. Caught a city bus, cab, uber/lync, or just walked (jogged/ran) to the nearest business so I could arrange a ride.
  8. No I didn't see any meat. I too might give it a try on a bunch that I haven't put a lot of labor into to. I guess those who were looking for an alternative for smoked meat, found one. Another new thing to try that a Braxton said/done - Toni said that to get in shape for touring, she runs on a treadmill in heels and sings. Did find a couple of you tube vidoes out there... hmmm
  9. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    Did Tori finish college? I thought she only had 1 semester to go - the student teaching part.
  10. Couldn't Keri take Deziel to his movie filming appt? What is he doing these days? I would think Toni would be at the point that she is tired of missing too family events in a row. I was hoping she would be there at the shower since she knew her mom and dad would be there and she brings a calming effect to those two firecrackers. I'm glad to see that everyone is getting tired of the beef and tippy-toeing around Braxton Sr and Ms. E, and realzied it is time to let go and focus on the next new generation.
  11. Umm.. The scene at Traci's house when they were in the kitchen cooking.. I know each family's cook has their own secret recipe for cooking collard greens - but is this butter?? And just how much butter ? Speaking of eating well & high caloric, Trinia's weight gain is getting more noticeable - her short hair is making her face appear larger - esp in her TH.
  12. Season 7 All Episode Talk

    Goat yoga???? Studios have enough smells without adding farm animals. Nasty. Having them jump on your back serves what purpose - balancing/ strength training?
  13. Charissee said " she is going though the processes of divorce..." what year did her husband leave for NJ NBA/college coaching job - 2013 ? I suspect there was disharmony even before he took the job - o/w she would have immediately moved the whole family to be with him. Most new coach interviews always have a comment "my wife and I are pleased to be part of the xxx basketball/football family"...etc What on earth could be the hold up? BS on the "court calendar is full" or "I need xyz-$$ to pay attorney fees" -which are the reasons I've heard most drag out divorce proceedings. Sorry, I'm not a fan of drawn out proceedings. Hope she's not waiting on Eddie's $$-ship to come in - ole boy is 63 years old..
  14. actually this was my favorite scene of the episode. It was very sweet and caring. I thought for a minute she was going to stay behind - hubby being sweet (yeah he probably wanted a little alone time too) over a bunch of screaming women who ask too damn many prying questions, please no contest. But I think Monique had to go b/c of a contractual agreement with the show. If she backed out AND was at fault for the accident , after drinking, well that probably wouldn't sit too good with producers. I'm surprised they didn't do a PSA, after the show, about the dangers of drinking and driving. Or even the effects of alcohol when you are stressed and/or tired.
  15. speaking of child-calling and Candiace ... why is she so anxious to have chris' 3 children move to where they are? She doesn't seem like the motherly type - wonder what the ages of the kids are. She's too self absorbed in herself. I hope she wasn;t thinking of having them live with them - which means momma could be paying 1/2 of the mortgage for 5 people..