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  1. and that another thing - there has got to be a better answer than driving two separate cars. why not ship gifts ahead of time ? RE: the precious bunny with cage/food/poop....no way I would have crossed state lines with him..Didn't really have the room, anyway. Granted the sisters and Mimi went ahead to Cajun - but surely in all of League City someone was at home during the holidays to rabbit-sit. Do pet boarding places take rabbits?
  2. She said she needs to " live her life"...living with danielle and/or the other daughter prevents her from doing so. Now what does that mean? No clue. I listed a few possibilities a while back- she wants a man over, run around in the house with little clothes/makeup, party, watch her TV shows in peace..
  3. Now - given what I just said.. I guess the next question would be was this episode producer driven - as I was dying to see kinfolk (either by birth or marriage) to Mimi , as she claims to be so alone at times . Seeing a sibling, or parent, to Mimi would have made my day. I'm glad / hope Mimi made it to Cajun Christmas - if she didn't it would have been 364 days of pure Hell for somebody... If her extended family celebrations were that time dependent and the quints are only 2.5 - they could have held the Houston festivities on 12/23 or very early on 12/24. and travel out daybreak 12/25. They waited until after church on 12/24 to pack - for something you been crying to get to for days?? And I understand you have 8 people to clothe but how much stuff do you really need for 2-3 days, jammed into a bag ? the quints don't know exactly when 12/25 is. They just know it is coming. Blayke would have loved 2+ celebrations. I have never heard of Cajun Christmas (and it is odd there was no flashbacks/history as to what it is/was) but it seems so "scheduled". Even if you got there at 6 pm - seems odd that the celebrations were completely over. An extended family party, of all ages and generations, completed packed up at sundown to the point it doesn't make sense to pop by? And they know you are coming? Danielle described the event as big as Mardi Gras ! Maybe to her as a child, it was ---as an adult, well, not so much. I take a majority of the people live there, so you couldn't meet up on 12/26 - so I am missing not being able to see any extended family. How bad did they want to see you & the girls ? Again, another parent lesson - you travel X-miles to come to town and now I got to run more to visit/find everyone to who proclaims to want to see me & offspring? Naaaw, baby. In the previous episode - Danielle stated the SR-Busbys live 10 min from where this "celebration" takes place.. The Busbys don't have this Christmas tradition?
  4. Danielle & Adam learned a hard lesson. You can't please and do everything in the 24 hrs defined as "Christmas day". Either it is important for you to be at home , celebrating with those who live there/starting your own traditions OR travel 3hrs , in two separate cars with a bunny (?), that day to extended family and join in on their traditions.
  5. when does their show come on? I take it that means outdaughtered season is coming to an end..tonight is christmas part 2...after New Years.. it will be a while until another holiday...
  6. now that she is no longer an active DCC (not sure if she is on retired or substitute squad) , I wonder what future plans does she have..... she can date (or have a fling) with whom she wants now.. I wish the exit interview would have focused on the future as opposed to Kelly saying "we had a few speed bumps in the road.."... let it go, just let it go..
  7. Agree. Its a waste of everyone involved time to fool with 400+ women when at the end of the day, you are going to to "get real" with 100. I suspect many you can put "put aside" due to experience, recommendations, figure/picture, and yes a video submission - freestyle, kicks, and published choreographed routine that contain all of the dance elements/DCC style, all shot in one take - each - ie no editing. Actually - technology does exist where the candidate can request to view the choreographed dance to be seen, step by step, then have x-hours/minutes to record and hit enter. Have the "test" done at one of those testing centers that has a private room, since there will be dancing and music. Judy keeps stating they learn a dance a night - but they rehearse for how long 3-6 hrs ?
  8. but that would mean teaching the kick-line to 400+ candidates... And I guess part of the "test" is not only one can kick to their nose/forehead... but can you kick after a 4 minute dance ?
  9. Nick Flores ears sticking out ... hmmm. I;m so busy looking at them I can't focus on what point he is trying to say...
  10. let us know if/when you find it.. I guess my memory is failing in my ole age...I still have memories of Vivian reading a "poem" the night she was cut....
  11. her husband does what - since he was at the draft wearing a security tag ?
  12. RE Brianna - former TN titan - I loved her semi costume. the color looked great on her and I think the design suited her body. wonder how much did her outfit cost...
  13. speaking of Brianna - former TN titan - I loved her semi costume. the color looked great on her and I think the design suited her body. wonder how much did her outfit cost...
  14. Since we are on acronym definitions... I have seen "THIS." --- what does that stand for?
  15. Did I miss Neil McCoy saying anything during deliberations? Normally he has something nasty (in a sexual way) to say... 60 yr old man grinning like its Christmas morning and he also hit the lottery...