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  1. All- the Peetes have moved to the Hammark channel; Sundays 10 pm EST. The first episode aired Sun ,Feb 2/18/18 and will repeat this Friday.
  2. Season 5 Discussion

    Re: the ATL commute - I guess you just learn to deal and have turned traffic woes over to God. Most jobs are where you do not want to and/or mainly can afford to live.And the public transportation system isn't great for a metro area of our size. Officals and residents have been complaining about traffic for at least 20 yrs and little has been done. We'll see if the next 20 implements something.... Re:, unmarried on the show- I think the show will continue..look at how many divorcee's are on the RHO* series...And as the DRs have said "they are married to medicine"... even though Simone and possibly Jackie might not be married in the biblical sense. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Ex's keep reoccurring. Actually a un-married DR might bring a new dynamic to the show.
  3. Season 5 Discussion

    I did have to think for a moment on Mariah's announcement... who cheated on who... Did Ayden step out or did she? hmmmm. And not to be mean, but I was disapointed Drs. Scott & Contessa was not in the hot seat -I wanted to hear about the nanny... I don't think Heavenly know anything else about thier personal marriage details i thought 120 / 80 is normal....
  4. S15.E10: Red Rum and Then Some

    I Would have thought there already was a michelin star soul food resturant. I wonder why not?
  5. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    Whoa.. by ministry I meant the church in the area, they or an friend attend. Not necessarily the smith-family owned church . I actually did think Pa Smith made his $$ by doing something a little more lucrative and stable. Hard to support a house of that size in a gated subdivision in FL unless you feel very comfortable in your monthly earnings. And I.m not saying to interfer to the point as not to marry Tori - but just ask/guide are you financially ready to marry period. Bobby and Tori are approaching this as if they are doing a step-by-step puzzle.just b/c he graduated, move to tn , slow down a little and get a little more stable. Is this them : http://www.primerica.com/public/PrimericaRep?rep=robsmithjr
  6. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    Very well said and many excellent points. Sad to say, most men I know would have either 1)ran, 2) said go get the ring yourself if you want it that bad & quickly or 3) when the jeweler said the sizing was done and ready for pickup, burn rubber to the store & put it on the finger right then , just to hear peace. What doesn't make sense is how come Bobby's parents are appearing so spineless? Sounds like Pa Smith worked hard and amounted some financial success-doesn't he have a business and/or church that perhaps Bobby should be starting his career at? Also I know a few moms who gave their sons "look with you eyes wide open speech" about getting involved with women who appear too desperate. Just b/c Tori & Bobby haven't slept together, doesn't mean trapping motives &games aren't in play. Tori is a great young woman, however I would think Ma/Pa had bigger dreams for Bobby - starting with daughters of their own friends & aquaintances. I understand you have to let them make their own adult decisions but show some fight.
  7. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    Odd, but ok.. I guess I am used to being around parents who think the opposite-want to give the option for their children to experience something they didn't/couldn't.
  8. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    Bates believe in higher education ONLY at one very specific institution. What was a sad occurrence of events was Lawson dreamed of signing the national anthem at UT-Knoxville. I thought he wants to sing at a school that he (or any sibling) is not allowed to apply, let alone attend. With so many dependents, the family would have been provided an excellent scholarship/financial aid PKG from an university. Time will tell if someone will venture out and earn a master's degree. BTW: what was duggars the reasoning their offspring can't earn a 2 yr , trade, or 4 yr degree?
  9. Season 5 Discussion

    I think bravo is on mini vacation due to Olympics. Or some award show this Sunday.
  10. Season 5 Discussion

    RE: the free health clinic in Barbados- I find it hard to believe some of Drs didn't have patients/clients within their own speciality. Heavenly could have been doing dental activities, and I find it hard to believe there were there were no preggers for a pre-natnal lecture. For the PCPs, there should have been a phethora of issues people had and in need of free medical advice.
  11. Season 5 Discussion

    I put more of the blame of this mess on Eugene. If he is the sole breadwinner , his vote on where they live ( ie monthly payment) should carry more weight. Lay his check on the table and say, " baby you know I love you, but this is all I got to make you happy. " Secondly, I thought the break in was at a neighbor's house. Common sense should play in that you don't jump ship overnight b/c of issues with/at the neighbors.If the break-in appears to be a trend, then sell. Third, I got the impression that Eugene knew already he had issues with hypertension. He just stopped taking his medicine , making better lifestyle choices, and monitoring the readings. Yes, Toya is pushing him to an early grave, but he seems to be scooting there all by himself.
  12. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    Whitney went to college? Graduated? In/for what? Did I hear right,?
  13. S15.E08: Restaurant Wars

    sorry, I am late to this thread. This is the best RW episode in a long time. Long time. don't care for the chefs getting overly involved in the decor - like shopping at Pier Imports and Restaurant Depot picking out plates/flatware. I am glad for Craftsy(?) to come in , meet with the team and get the necessities, along with printing the menu and doing the logo. The $40K prize to the winning team was icing on the cake. I also like the idea of each team using the same physical space and kitchen. Great idea of doing 9 different dishes to give the chefs a chance to showcase their skill. Good strategy by Conifer to pick dishes that required more prep (where you have time) but could be plated and served quickly. Great idea to bring back an eliminated chef to help with prep. This was filmed in 2017 - lets get rid of the paper tickets. Once the menu was made, load it into the restaurant software and have the printer or monitor in the kitchen so the chefs know when to fire what..
  14. Season 5 Discussion

    why was Toya trying to cross over Curtis in the first place? It looked like she was trying to start trouble. Contessa , who was in all white, was on the end with a red drink in her hand. good job with keeping that drink in the glass.
  15. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    they just aired Tori's decorating a trailer in TN for Bobby. If they aired their engagement - which I'm sure was a long winded event all inclusive family event - I missed that episode. but yes, I think they are now married in real life - the wedding has aired yet.