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  1. Season 1 Discussion

    Comcast has Epix free this weekend, so I'm watching this. It's pretty enjoyable, but the plot holes in this are the same plot holes that always aggravate me. They all ignore the space/time continuum. They continue to use cell phones (can't those things be traced?). Where are they getting the cash to travel from country to country undetected? Where do they get all of their gear (like phones, laptops, vehicles and awesome cameras and lenses)? Other than that...I am enjoying the story as it unfolds
  2. S4:E1 Cake and Pastry Week

    I was thinking the same thing. Where is this filmed, does anyone know?
  3. Season One Talk: Get Shorty

    If you have Comcast, Epix is free this weekend and you can watch the entire season two now
  4. How is Jay driving? I thought they couldn't get a license until they received their green card
  5. Oh my God what a whiner! what a big baby he is
  6. these people are awful
  7. Does Ashley have a chandelier in her car?
  8. I'm sure they want their money back
  9. Small Talk: Hang Dai!

    Lookit you! So happy to see you here Tea.
  10. That poor girl. Didn't she just have a cesarean?
  11. He was adorable. Good for him!
  12. S13.E10: A Storm to be Reckoned With

    These kids are adorable.
  13. Is a slut person a part of the BITCHSLUTASSWHORE family?