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  1. I forgot that Marta comes from a long line of strippers
  2. Fix The Show? Or It's Fine As It Is?

    Why yes, yes I have! Reality Blurred says the next season will be in Canada, near the Arctic Circle. No premiere date at this time. Unless they were there this summer, there goes our dreams of a self sustaining homestead!
  3. So, her other daughter has never met this man, correct?
  4. He's staying in a hotel... where's the mattress sheet??
  5. S18.E02: A Fond Farewell

    The guy who was eliminated, Scott(?) looked familiar to me. Maybe from some other cooking competition?
  6. "I had no idea how much damage water could do" Have you not seen the Grand Canyon, lady?
  7. All Episodes Talk: Sniff and Sneer Here

    I find this show to be delightful! THIS is how you do a kid's cooking competition show! Sheldon's teeth tho...ease up on the whitening, dude I just wish ONE of those kids would have said "yes, I AM busy, Busy!"
  8. Does Jesse really thinkhe is in the right here?.