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  1. All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    Julia--and I only remember that because I literally just watched a couple of them today! I think the problem is, there were some other love interests of his who I really liked (Claire, Faye, Claire, and a couple I'm forgetting) and they only lasted a couple episodes. It seems like the ones I don't like are on forever (her, Lana--right, I think that's Jean Smart's character's name?)
  2. All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    I'm watching ones in the Felicity Huffman period right now, and I agree! I think I'd managed to block her out of my memories of the show...
  3. No one has talked about this one yet, but it's one that sticks out in my mind. Just watched Conscience. I'd remembered the stuff with the wife in vegetative state very clearly, but had totally forgotten about the researcher being killed in the pool in the beginning. It was kind of heartbreaking in the end when the son is like, "She wasn't really answering the questions, was she?" Great manipulation of her husband to get him to confess though.
  4. Top Chef in the Media

    Do we know when the new season will start airing?
  5. All Episodes Talk: I'm Listening

    Love that episode! That moment when Frasier sees Niles dressed as Jesus and goes "JESUS!!!" just kills me every time. And, before that, Niles going way over the top with the toasts and other comments in pretending to be Jewish.
  6. Frasier in the Media

    I agree on all counts! The show worked so well because of both the writers and the chemistry of the cast. And what would they do now, Frasier settled down with Charlotte (is that her name?) or whatever woman he ultimately ended up with? Because I don't think there's any more mileage left with "Frasier has trouble dating!"
  7. Lennie Briscoe Was NOT Great: Unpopular Opinions

    Yes, I think that's more what I meant about Fontana, that he's at least interesting to watch. I'm currently catching up on the episodes with Falco, and his character is very zzzzzz. I'd forgotten how annoying Borgia was. Saw her first episode the other day and was like, "Why did everyone hate her again? She seems OK." Then saw "In God We Trust" and "Locomotion" (train one) and was like, "Oh....right."
  8. Lennie Briscoe Was NOT Great: Unpopular Opinions

    On rewatch...I'm not hating Fontana so much. Or Branch. (Still don't like Serena!)
  9. Season 12: Good Riddance Lewin!

    And what sort of precedent does that set for future times that insurance has denied a claim--just go beat up the employee who denied it, and you can get the coverage you want! I feel a better ending would have been the guy going to jail (maybe on reduced charge of manslaughter or something like that), and saying he was sorry for what he'd done, but his child's life was worth it to him. But at least justice still would have been served on the guy he killed. Speaking of Serena and Nora, just watched DR 1-102, forgetting how most of it ended up being about them. With a better actress than Rohm, that could have been a really good episode, but I just wasn't buying it from her. Like "Oh no, my life might be in danger. Oh no, now I might get disbarred. Oh dear, this is awkward that my boss is testifying against me."
  10. Suspect: "First of all, I'm not a drug dealer." Abbie: "Right, you just collect rare cocaine." "True North"
  11. "Closure Part II" and "Lowdown" are other must-watch ones for me.
  12. Agreed, that's a great ep.
  13. This topic occurred to me because I was just flipping around and "Slaves" from Season 1 (ep 22) was on and I couldn't not watch it, even though I've seen it several times already. The mix of a case that's pretty screwed up, plus the detectives each having to talk to the therapist makes for some great TV. And that scene where they find Elena...chilling. So what episodes do you never tire of watching?
  14. Suspect, regarding a parking stub: You didn't find that in my car, you put it there. Briscoe: I knew those fake parking stubs would come in handy someday.
  15. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    I was afraid he'd get there and find her dead...