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  1. S14.E11: (Don't Fear) the Reaper

    I figure he's maybe supposed to be bipolar or something like that. How maybe he gets in a manic state and is like, "I need to change careers!" Would be interesting if they opted to explore an angle like that...
  2. S19.E12: Info Wars

    Agreed! It bothered me that she seemed to think Barba (sorry, "Rafa") should have still gone through with the prosecution. And the reaction shots of her in the courtroom were more over the top than usual!
  3. S06.E13: By Any Means Part Four

    Not sure how I feel about this. I will say, I feel like way too much time was given to showing loading screens on computers...was expecting to hear a modem dialing in there (yes, showing my age...)
  4. S15.E02: Smile and Say Mise

    We've tried a bunch of the meal boxes, and Blue Apron was one of my least favorite--food showed up warm the one time, and the second time (they gave me credit for it), something was leaking in the box. For value, I think it really depends. Sunbasket is one of my favorites right now, and they use all organic and non-GMO ingredients. Organic food can be quite pricey, so I think it's worth it. Also a big fan of Marley Spoon (which Martha Stewart is involved in) and Home Chef--i subscribe to all three then just pick the one with the menu I like most each week. (Ones we've tried and canceled for various reasons have been Plated, Hello Fresh, Terra's Kitchen, and Green Chef). They've helped us get out of a cooking rut and also eat a bit healthier. What we need to start doing though is use the recipes they've sent us and buy our own ingredients, now that we know we like them. On the topic of the episode, I was also disappointed by how they did the mis en place this season--I like it better when one person is responsible for each item. And I swear, my knife skills at chopping shallots were better than some of them! I was also mystified by the mushroom peeling--sure, if I'm using Portabellas, I'll "degill" them (bottom part), and I'll destem all mushrooms, but no peeling...Just wipe with damp paper towel and rinse briefly.
  5. S06.E07: Conspiracy Theory: Part Two

    Yes, I was fully expecting there to at least be some shots fired at them, the way they were standing out in the open and with the camera shots. Maybe it was supposed to imply that they were being watched? It does seem obvious something will happen to Gus, and then Rusty will feel responsible...
  6. S06.E04: Sanctuary City: Part Four

    Yes, I think that's what the problem is--it's not like we saw the boys with their parents in the first episode. Or that we spent much time with the boys at all to learn their names, so that when they're talking about "Ryan's mom" it's immediately clear who that is. It's like you have to be like, "Wait, which one is Ryan? And which is his mom?" Then...I also have the whole "face blindness" issue, where I have trouble recognizing people/remembering faces. So I tend to have trouble with TV shows/movies (let alone in real life...like if there's 3 blonde waitresses, I can't remember which one is ours, unless I pay superclose attention.) I felt so much better when Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post wrote about having it--I was like, "That's what's wrong with me!"
  7. S06.E03: Sanctuary City: Part Three

    I figured it was just meant to be a red herring regarding the priest...or, I don't know, maybe could turn out to be something with the other (formerly) missing boy?
  8. S06.E02: Sanctuary City: Part Two

    Yeah, I prefer a mix of single episodes in with the multi-episode arcs. I miss the light-heartedness, too. I mean, maybe there will be some of that with the wedding? But Brenda's parents were usually great. I know it got kind of bad toward the end, but I miss Royal Pains. It could handle some serious subject matter while still being light-hearted. And the first season or two of Covert Affairs (then it kind of went off the rails). I don't want all dark, all the time...
  9. S19.E06: Unintended Consequences

    So, I'm surprised no one commented on Noah's grandmother's comment to Benson of "I wish Ellie had known someone like you when she was younger" (or something like that) when she was giving her the baseball glove. Ugh. It felt like the Saint Benson line of the ep... Like "If only she'd known you earlier, she'd have been saved!"
  10. S06.E02: Sanctuary City: Part Two

    OK, glad it wasn't just me who got confused! Maybe I need to take a picture of the murder board to keep things straight for next episode... Agreed that the drug-addicted father was acting very strangely--quite clinical how he was talking about the autopsy for having just lost his son. But then, that's how some people deal with things, they detach (or, well, take a bunch of oxy!) Also, I forget how many parts this first arc has--does it get wrapped up next week, or are there more?
  11. S19.E05: Complicated

    This is an episode that would have really benefited from having Wong still on the show. He could have interviewed the supposed kidnapping victim to assess her mental status. And also maybe from Tunie confirming that the cause of death of the body they found matched the brother/father's account (if they could tell after that much time).
  12. S19.E04: No Good Reason

    This episode felt approximately two hours long. I was sure it was over at one point, then came back for that ridiculous PSA at end...
  13. I love Barba! I just watched Twenty-Five Acts for the first time. Is it wrong that I found the part with him with the belt in the courtroom scene to be kinda...hot? And also, you know, very cunning.
  14. The Music of Six Feet Under

    I discovered one of my favorite bands from this series--Built to Spill, whose "You Were Right" Claire was listening to in, I believe, "The Plan." What's interesting is that the album that song is from, "Keep It Like a Secret," also has a song called "The Plan." The show pretty consistently had great music though.
  15. S01.E08: Part VIII

    I thought that was how she initially hit Frankie after she saw Phoebe was unconscious? So like it was almost a PTSD or muscle memory thing when she attacked him at the beach (and Bill Pullman). But maybe I'm wrong...