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  1. S02.E15: The Car

    I struggle with 47 year old Rebecca too. I don't feel like they aged her up enough to have teenagers especially having not been very young when her teens were born. She looks so similar to when they were in elementary school to me that it's hard to believe that time has actually passed. I feel like one simple thing would have been to have the glasses make their appearance at that point instead of waiting until she was in her 60s and a shorter hairstyle would have been more accurate for the time period.
  2. Kate - Chrissy Metz

    Although obviously sometimes there is no real reason why somebody is heavier I feel like they missed a chance to explain it. Since Kate was one of a set of triplets they could have said she was very tiny when she was born and her parents were instructed by doctors to feed her fatty foods and lots of foods to encourage her to grow. My nephew is only ten but when he was a baby my SIL was instructed by his pediatrician (who was also my BIL's pediatrician so a doctor who had been practicing since at least the 80s) to do things like put extra butter on everything and feed him lots of fatty foods to help him gain weight because the doctor was concerned about why he was so skinny. My SIL switched pediatricians but if that had been followed one could see how that could cause a unhealthy relationship with food from an early age. I feel like something like that would help explain why Kate is the only one in her family that struggles with weight besides a great-grandmother.
  3. S02.E09: Number Two

    I feel like a lot of kids want to be vets without understanding all that is involved. Thinking it's just playing with cute animals and maybe making them take their medicine. I can't see Kate putting animals to sleep or having any interest in many additional years of schooling. I liked the episode but would have liked had they not done the same few days of Kate as a teenager. I feel like they tried but so much had to still be focused on Kevin. Kate didn't experience a defining moment. I think showing her grieving the loss of the baby compared to the loss of Jack lile shortly after he died would have made for a better episode.
  4. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    I find this interesting since I feel like I knew way more about the abdication and the Queen's childhood then I do about things like Princess Anne's marriage. I definitely seem to be in the minority but I think more recent events could be very interesting. However I'm very sad to no longer have the current actors. I understand they would look a bit silly playing so many years older but I feel like they've done a really wonderful job. I'd have preferred if they had aged them for Season 3 and then recast for seasons 4-6.
  5. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    This article spells things out more there will be a time jump between Season 2 and 3 and another between 4 and 5. Apparently Diana will also be introduced in season 3 and heavily featured in season 4. I'm curious how they'll do a time jump between 4 and 5. So much was happening in the 80s/early 90s in terms of the Queen's children's relationships. It seems hard to find years that would be able to be skipped assuming they do include all the Queen's children and not just Charles with the rest being background characters. I would think skipping time between 5 and 6 starting after Diana's death would make more sense. I'm so excited for all the future seasons.
  6. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    I read an articles that said Charles will have a larger role in season 2 and Camilla is going to first appear in season 3. I'm thinking we may get a time jump between 2 and 3. Since they're recastingthe leads it makes sense to jump a few years as well.
  7. Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    Yeah I slipped on the stairs when my son was a week old and he fell down the steps banging his head. He was fine. Babies are more durable then people think.
  8. S01.E07: The Conclusion

    He didn't mention his father at all. My guess is Billy saw something and was threatened causing unusual behaviors OR he saw something and didn't ever come forward because of fear and felt guilty hence the nun inthe attic. I think the driving at night being followed by a man dressed as a nun was bizarre but not necessarily connected. Plus it was dark couldn't he just have had a dark hood?
  9. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    I think once they reach it they'll be able to show more current things. I'm curious how they'll do the 90s. I feel like 1992 could probably be a season by itself! I'm hoping season 2 and 3 are well done to justify going forward.
  10. I wonder how much time will pass in season 2. I think it'll be easy to keep the children extremely minor characters and mostly off screen until they are older. It'll b e a tough balancing act as the children get older and demand their own stories told. I'm not sure after watching season 1 if they'll be able to pull it off. I felt the pacing with the servants and royals was poorly done.
  11. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Is there a future season speculation area? I didn't see it. Anyways I'm thinking if this show can get to have a season 3 then they're probably going to get to do the whole series. I've read that season 2 is 1955-1964 so if you assume season 3 gets you to 1974 then interest will probably start to ramp up because season 4 would include Diana. I really hope that that the show gets to tell the story of her life and reach the present day or at least fairly close to the present day.
  12. S01.E07: The Conclusion

    So was she killed in the parkinglot then brought up to her apartment? Or were they meeting in her apartment to discuss plans? Unless Sister Russel was very involved this doesn't make sense to me. Why would her apartment be the place to discuss plans not Billy's apartment or a dark alley. Also his mother remembers his father coming home bloody but doesn't mention her son being with him or his uncle. I know that if my husband came home bloody claiming he'd been in a bar fight I'd be livid. But coming home bloody claiming a bar fight with our young son would be another whole can of worms.
  13. S01.E07: The Conclusion

    But his nephew remembers her being killed inside her apartment, which isn't where she's believed to have disappeared from. Then she's wrapped in a rug, which contradicts the neighbor who saw her trying to escape from her own car. Plus there didn't seem to be any connection between Maskall and Billy. My theory is Billy saw something and was threatened causing his unusual behavior. I'm not sure about his nephew.
  14. S01.E01: The Murder

    I also live in the area and just recognizing places is keeping me intrigued during slower parts. We actually were in a bidding war for a house on North Bend, which we lost. I know many people who attended Seton Keogh and have been inside the school. Thankfully everyone I know attended in the late 90s or later.
  15. So I take back my previous questioning on authenticity. I saw a few participants post on Facebook that therewas no extra foodbor anything else given to them. That they actually survived on a few crusts of bread and felt faint from lack of food. And that it was very cold. I wonder if their complaints were edited out or if they didn't complain. I feel like this House show focused on showing political and social change instead of focusing on what they struggled with daily living in the slums. I'd have preferred preferred to get more from the pparticipants of what they wereactually experiencing. I think it should have been a longer show. Five episodes isn't enough.