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  1. Our dog that we lost in September, was paralyzed in his lower half, for about a year, and then he stopped using his front legs, mostly, this year. He still urinated and pooped, I'm just not sure that he had any control over it.
  2. S11.E12: AWOL

    I loved this. I'm not feeling well either, so I watched this a little while ago, and laughed out loud, I don't know how many times. That dog is the cutest! Loved him repeatedly hitting that bell, but a good reminder to not train mine to do that. I also liked them talking about the good old days, being blindfolded and taken to an undisclosed location. LOL. Corky's tangent on packing made me laugh, too. I like how they just humour her.
  3. That is a good spot. So her show about the firemen must have failed, unless it only got thirteen episodes. Oh, bugger. I was just saying in the other thread, that I didn't think they would do that, but what am I saying? This is primetime TV, promising tears every week (tears that I do not want to shed over fictional characters, that often). I think I'm going to have to read spoilers, and not watch it all when it comes back. I can't take that much fictional grief - I still have my own REAL grief to deal with.
  4. I don't think he had an affair. That would be too obvious. I also don't think they would show something like Gary losing Maggie, as a preview for a season. That would be another huge loss, even if they haven't known each other that long. I have a friend who was in love as soon as he met his wife. She was from a different country, and said that he would claw through the earth to get to her - he really said that. They've been married for four years now, and did long-distance for two years before that. If she's in her second trimester (Delilah), then the baby will probably show up in the season finale. Or just before. If they don't have her lose the baby. This is honestly so much drama, after the immense loss of a loved one - it just seems unbelievable. I don't think they will have her lose the baby, unless they want to get Eddie off the hook, and have him get back together with Katharine.
  5. I would be, too. I remember when I was at the zoo with my dad, four years ago, and an entire group of people cut in front of a large group waiting for the tram thing that transported people. When we're in line, if we have more than the person behind us, we always tell them to go ahead. I agree that the puking is the perfect reaction to being told that your sort-of boyfriend slept with someone else, because he was in love with you. Especially over their brand new car. I thought it was sweet when he realized that she was doing chemo, though. I loved Katharine and Theo together. I also think that she and Eddie have more chemistry than he does with Delilah. I don't buy any actual love there. His calling as Santa was a nice touch, and the way that Katharine set that up. Theo is beyond adorable. Loved, "I know you're Santa." "You think that Santa is a real estate lawyer?" I liked his reasoning that Clark Kent was a reporter. How long is Eddie supposed to be gone? He's missing Christmas with his son, and won't be around for his girlfriend's pregnancy? I suppose it's best, but he missed his son's birth. And now he's skipping out for the holidays. I finally watched, as you can tell. I haven't been well today, so I watched this and Murphy Brown, before trying to sleep. I'm glad that I did.
  6. Was Cybill Shepherd ever in a show as a police officer? This reminds me of that one anonymous one, an older actress who was told she was too old for the network, but he wanted to sleep with her? I can only think of Moonlighting.
  7. If Eddie can be redeemed, so can Delilah. Truly redeemed, not just given a pass because her husband seems to have killed himself. (I say "seems" because he could have been pushed.) I don't believe that she would have. I'm wondering why Eddie is so head-over-heels for her. I don't agree with all of the slicing and dicing she gets from most people here, but I haven't seen anything about her, that makes her so much more special than his wife. People don't cheat because someone is better looking, so I don't put anyone past cheating, even if their spouse is gorgeous - it's just that I don't see any real connection between Eddie and Delilah. Also: Jon took care of her. Katharine is the one pulling the weight financially, in her marriage. His part-time teaching gave him the chance to meet her when everyone else was at work, but he wouldn't be able to keep that roof over her and her children's heads. I'm not fond of Eddie, and I seem to be in the minority. He cheated with his friend's wife, and let his other friends insult Katharine. He didn't defend her. *Jon* did.
  8. Yep, and to throw a wrench into Gary and Eddie's relationship, even though Eddie is the reason the marriage finished (or seems to be finished). I haven't watched it yet, I just wanted to see if anything happened.
  9. Comfort TV

    I can't watch that, but mum used to watch SVU, over and over. We used to watch Gilmore Girls, and The Closer, together. Things like that. I miss her so much. I've wanted to watch The Closer on Amazon, but haven't yet. I watched Dead Like Me after she died, and over the recent Thanksgiving holiday. We watched that for the first time together, too.
  10. I didn't understand what this was supposed to be, at first. Paste = paced. Bloody hell.
  11. S09.E08: Evolution

    I didn't know there was a petition! Off to sign.
  12. S09.E08: Evolution

    Ohh, haha!
  13. S09.E08: Evolution

    Yeah, what was that with the teenagers? If it was supposed to show us that he's a great stand-in for Carl, they failed. Wait, why were people here talking about waiting three days?
  14. S09.E08: Evolution

    I've just watched it. Fast-forwarded through Negan's few scenes (although I wasn't in time to miss him talking about how every time he took a shit, the smell went right up Gabriel's nose - is he five? Stay classy, Negan. F'king hell. It wasn't that bad, when he was missing from the screen. Or maybe I just don't expect much anymore. That end was creepy, though. I didn't even recognize Eugene - it's been so long since I watched it (or feels like it), and he has apparently lost the mullet! At least Jesus got to remind us of how he could fight, before that one turned on him (I knew to expect that, but it was still pretty neat, the way they shot it). That dog had better stay alive.