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  1. Thanks. I thought that guy was supposed to be dead. So a time travel thing either worked, or Elliot only thought he was dead.
  2. Was that definitely present day? I wondered if it was a scene from the past, that we didn't see before. I'm not entirely with it tonight.
  3. I read that they'd ordered three more episodes, in the past month or so. So I guess they're seeing how it goes. I haven't seen anything about it being cancelled, only that ABC put it in their worst time slot.
  4. I still love this show. Will we only be getting three more episodes when it comes back? This is one of the few shows that I look forward to.
  5. Oh, rot and ruin - that might have been the book.
  6. Haha! This is the way I pictured it. It reminded me of a Lorelai Gilmore quote, something like, "oh look Lucy, is that a football for me to kick?" Not for me. It's because she's a baby, and Carl is close to being an adult. He's already dealt with a lot, and I pictured him, Judith, and Maggie's baby running things together. theres a teen book series out there, that I read a few years ago. I can't remember what it's called, but I think it was recommended here. a zombie series. One character is a girl who raised herself after a certain point, out in the middle of nowhere. She fights zombies. There are people in a town, protected by those who have the weapons, and go out in search of supplies, as well as "putting down" zombies.
  7. Why did he say that he was uncool? I didn't really buy her daughter being so okay with her mum dating. Probably projecting, though. I thought Kevin was more sensitive there, than her mother, but of course she'd be defensive.
  8. Hopefully so, but I don't remember Glenn/Steve yeun saying anything. Did he? During dumpster-gate. He said he had to avoid people for ages, except for the cast, I guess.
  9. "Negan... on this Christmas... I promise everyone that... I'm gonna kill you." only that wouldn't work, if they're determined to keep him alive. Just the word "Uranus" gets me. I don't Negan, though. I know a couple of guys who love Negan. The first one I'm surprised by. The second one, not so much, and he's over fifty now, I think. I'm not sure. He fan girls over a lot of things I don't understand, though.
  10. I remember Steve yeun talking about teasing him, when he first had scenes with Enid, like friends or brothers would. They all sound like a big second family, which I've always envied a bit. *Now* I'm getting all teary-eyed. I like him a lot more, now that I've seen what he wrote, and heard about it all. I respect the way he's taking it, but am also glad that his dad said something. You don't tell someone they'll have a job for three more years, at least, and then do this.
  11. I was wondering if he died, because the actor was on TD, but they wouldn't just leave him grinning and pressed up against a gate, would they? I guess he was captured, unless Morgan saves him.
  12. Yeah. I have goosebumps, thinking about that first episode, and also Jim - digging the graves, because he had a dream, and at the end, "I remember my dream now". The relief at being safe at the CDC, only to find that wasn't going to last long (and Daryl trying to break the glass, so that they could get out). Also, in last night's episode, I thought Negan wanted "the widow", do you were right. What's his name shouldn't have let her go.
  13. I was feeling resigned to it last night, but now I'm annoyed again. This kid has more bravery in his pinky, than Negan has - a grown man who has to surround himself with terrified minions. And who do we get to keep?
  14. :( now I don't want to watch anymore of it. Poor kid. Thinks he has a future on the show, and they kill him off. So is that the end of Ezekiel, too? Is that why he's on TD?
  15. Damn. I felt a bit better about it, because I thought chandler wanted to leave. Wtf gimple?!