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  1. To make that on topic, I've just been so mad again, over people who attack women who just need for the men to be held accountable (or an industry). For the men to admit to what happened, admit the women weren't lying, or crazy. Yet those same people who loathe "SJW's" as I said, attack those women, and expect THEM to be held accountable. They have no problem with these women being slaughtered all over the internet, and in the media. I'm so fucked off.
  2. I also found out today, that a friend of mine who was seriously injured last October, and was vague about what happened - it was the result of domestic violence. Her husband was a suicidal veteran, and she was trying to stop his second attempt at it, when she was run over. She'd approached one of his superiors about it, only to have it shrugged off. He was released from a psychiatric ward the first time, only to be told to get his ass into work. She's been begging the Army for help that she was supposed to be receiving, since he was discharged for DV, but they haven't done anything for her in almost ten months. She's homeless (living with friends), and has millions of dollars in medical bills, apparently, for reconstructive surgery. She posted pictures last November, when she was still in the hospital, and she needs to go back for more surgery, but can't. She also needs to be able to look after her family. She expressed her concerns for months, this all happened as the #metoo movement exploded, and they've done nothing. She isn't an actress, but I'm venting, because it's DV thanks to PTSD, she didn't leave right away, and there are people who would fault her for that, when she was trying to get help for him.
  3. Adding to the above: there are women with misogynistic attitudes towards other women, even now. Some women will happily create hell for other women. Sit down, shut up, don't do this or that. Except when it comes to themselves, or women they agree with. And some will do it for the men in their lives, or just for men in general.
  4. Right. I was going to say more, but I will spare someone else here the oversharing. I don't think I'm fascinating, but when I realized that things were getting worse, not better, even though I was doing as I was told (except for letting go of one huge boundary), I started telling people what was happening, and didn't care if I was seen as crazy. Other people in the house didn't do much of anything, so there were no consequences for the person in question. People didn't want to "get in the middle of it". Right, thanks, I was getting beaten up occasionally, and harassed almost every day, but hey, don't you go getting in the middle. Just keep letting it happen. There, there. I stopped watching an entertainment show, years ago, when I heard them go to the red carpet for "the Hollywood opinion" on something. I'd just had enough. I'm not one of those people who thinks that entertainers should just act/sing and look pretty, keeping their opinions to themselves. It was just putting the focus on that, as though they were the deciding factor on something - no.
  5. This is what I heard on another site. I also saw posts from a couple of people who worked with domestic violence survivors, and talked about how they rarely just leave. They don't always get out alive, either. Another woman said that when she went to the police to report a rape, after it happened, they said to her that if she was lying, they would find out, and prosecute her. She's traumatized, trying to report the incident, and they threaten her. So nobody needs to worry about men being destroyed by #metoo. Spacey has another movie coming out, though. I don't know when it was filmed, so maybe it was before the accusations, but I doubt his career is completely in the toilet. That seems to be the concern with those who think that #metoo has gone too far, when it hasn't even scratched the surface. I remember this, and thought about them when I heard that Depp is being sued for attacking someone on a film set. I have dealt with being the only one bullied and physically abused (by a woman, standing up for her husband - the guy who kept hitting on me, and causing trouble in my family). People can be selective with it, when they have a need to preserve their image.
  6. I have friends who rave about Wawa, so I've heard about it, too. One girl new to the NJ area, loves it.
  7. Yeah, I was just thinking about how all of those grown men could have easily taken Negan, if they wanted to. They didn't. So many of them, and they did nothing, at least that we've seen.
  8. The Eyes: News and Media

    Thanks for the link. I need a laugh tonight. I haven't watched since season two, but she was wonderful in that show. My favourite was the gun-toting housewife, who gets everyone organized.
  9. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    I've frozen in fear before, but under other circumstances, I flew into action. I don't understand her just freezing there with her BABY! I'm glad she didn't just forget she had another daughter, I'm glad she's still important, but other people were in danger there (Emily, the baby, the driver). I wouldn't have minded her as sad and weepy, if she hadn't been a cold-blooded killer before. The last season was dumb, and part of what ruined it for me was the "true love" crap suddenly happening in those last two seasons. I liked his sister, too, and . but she was great in Chuck. I love that show.
  10. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    She's much too proud, or she was, before Eden was executed, and she realized what her baby girl was in for. Yep, this. @SourK I don't want Serena to be raped. I know she helped to create all of this, but I don't want to see her go through that. I DO want to see Fred deal with all kinds of torture, that goes for all of the men who are playing giddily in their little insane world.
  11. We now know the Marthas have a network, and are involved with the resistance in some way - unless what's his name's martha set that up. I don't know whose house was burning. People were comparing the story to Jane Eyre, but I'm hoping his house wasn't on fire, and that his wife wasn't in danger. He helped to create Gilead, and now regrets it, just like Serena. We will probably see the guy from the bar again. I hope that June isn't with the Waterford's again. I need them to be punished.
  12. I tend to deal with CRS now (Can't Remember Sh*t), so I might be able to come up with ideas, if I decide to watch another season.
  13. Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    In five days, it will be the second anniversary of my mother's death. The last week of June was her first week in the hospital, in 2016. I'm dealing with a huge disabled dog that can't move unless we move him (he hasn't taken to a doggy wheelchair, and has no strength left in the front part of his body now), feeling stuck (am actually stuck), and a lot of people *are* annoying, but it's partly that I don't understand them, at all. This year has managed to be worse than the last two, which I didn't think was possible. Yay.
  14. One woman is there through her own actions. She helped to create that hell for the rest of them. She may be a victim of it *now*, but not as much as the handmaids, Marthas, econowives, little girls. It's only through having a baby girl around, that she claimed as her own, and seeing someone else lose her daughter, that has her seeing them all as victims.