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  1. And even so, she had built in access to making money via The Candies Foundation and all her reality shows and interviews...which her parents damn well knew about. They all knew she’d be fine. She was making six figures at 18/19.
  2. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    Yep, it was that same CHARLES MICHAEL YIM, who defends his bad behavior by saying he could’ve been worse. What a guy. Perhaps Charles Yim did find this thread but he doesn’t have the power to delete what he doesn’t like here and he probably knows enough not to enter the metaphorical gun fight here armed with a only knife... I hope Charles Yim does read it so he knows exactly what we think.
  3. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    So the gross asshole charter guest, Charles Michael Yim, blocked me on Instagram for merely pointing out the fact that they only pay $5k/person for the charter on this show when someone asked what he paid and he refused to answer. His “big point” in defense of his actions on the show seems to be that he could’ve been more demanding and a bigger asshole. He blocked me within 2 minutes so in contrast to what he claims (he says they’re not obsessed with their phones, it was just edited that way but he blames everything on editing and says they were perfect guests 🙄), he surely is that obsessed with his social media. He must want to appear richer...why else would he care if people know they only paid $5k per person? Even if the condom thing was staged they probably picked him to do that to because he’s a giant douche. I can’t imagine how many comments he’s deleting and how many people he’s blocking if he’s that sensitive. Chef Adrian also commented in his own defense because Chuck here basically insulted his cooking by calling it simple. Adrian pointed out they requested simple foods, like those enjoyed by 5 year olds. 😆
  4. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    She was. And we never heard from her again. I’d like to think it’s because she was embarrassed by her behavior but she seems to be the type to still think she was right. I also never understand why she was considered pretty and even less how she was cocky about it...all I ever saw was a plain looking girl with a huge chin and an even huger chip on her shoulder. She had a terrible personality. That season was full of terrible personalities- Adrienne, Sam, Aleks (that fucking spelling!), fucking CJ (ugggghhh). It would’ve been interesting to see Kate deal with all that. I also would like to see Adrienne work under Kate and see how that would go. Hannah too.
  5. S07.E24: Back to Square One

    Lol. I’m from the Midwest and that always makes me cringe. You went hard and I’m here for it!!!!! Especially the part about Jen and Larry. And they’re not even telling the whole truth, guaranteed. Also, Cheyenne and Cory were never together, they just hooked up according them.
  6. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    I hated Adrienne. I see the comparison to Ashton like you mentioned but I do think Adrienne was a bit of a douche in her own way. She allowed her ‘friends’ to sexual harass Kat and then was unsupportive about the whole thing. Sam definitely had out of line moments but Adrienne did herself no favors with her own behavior, IMO. Hannah sucks too, I’ve never liked her. Maybe this is why I’m biased towards Kate, she’s the only chief stewardess I’ve liked. I don’t think Kyle is very many of those things and she liked him a lot. Connie too, they’re actually friends “irl.” I agree, she’s probably my favorite too. I also loved that response to Leon. 😆 I agree with this too. I don’t know why there are people who hate on this show so much - several podcasts I listen to have ripped on it and called it boring.
  7. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    I think she’s witty and smart and I value that in people I’m watching on a show more than I value kindness or whatever. She makes me laugh and I like watching her. Not sure what I’d think in actual life but I tend to get along with her type because I’m not a Caroline or Jen or Rocky or even an Amy, we’d probably get along fine. I’m sure Josiah, Kat, Captain Lee and Connie would all say she’s wonderful. She seems to get along better with people who can “hold their own” with her and work hard as well. True, we don’t have to pick just one! This too. It’s hard to hate on someone hating on someone they’re working with who isn’t doing their share when she’s the chief stewardess doing far more work. When she was rude to Amy I had more of a problem with her, because Amy is also a very hard worker and I think she’s a good person. I have no issues with how she’s treated most other people.
  8. S07.E24: Back to Square One

    When was Gary ever a total train wreck? Especially compared to the rest of the cast. I think he’s always been a pretty good father. Am I forgetting something? I totally agree about Dakota. It really is a thing, though. Just google rehab scholarships and a bunch comes up. This is a site for people without insurance to find ways to get into rehab and they suggest asking about scholarships. https://luxury.rehabs.com/drug-rehab/rehab-without-insurance/ I know that here it was probably code for mtv paying but scholarships are a pretty normal thing for many rehabs to offer. Alllllll of this. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
  9. S07.E24: Back to Square One

    It seems like his perception/interpretations of things are off and he’s ready to assume the worst, at least with regard to Bristol and what he thinks she’s saying. I don’t like her at all but he’s definitely looking for things to be offended by whenever they speak.
  10. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    She’s unhinged. I don’t think she was weird on the boat because of painkillers, I think she’s just a little wacky. I’ve been on them for weeks and never acted like her. Plus, this video kinda proves she’s just nutty, unless she’s drugged here. Thanks! I watched the episode on painkillers bc I had to have surgery for my own infection (wayyyy worse than Caroline’s...just sayin’) so I missed that somehow 🤦🏻‍♀️. The whole categorization of the cast sounded very Kate-esque so I should’ve realized. (If anyone listens to Watch What Crappens the hosts have had this whole bit about everyone ignoring Caroline all season so I was going off that idea too.)
  11. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    Did you purposely leave Caroline out? Haha, everyone did, - what would she be? I see him as more of a bottom feeder. Maybe one of those sluggy things that eats the algae off the fish tank and otherwise just sits there stuck to the side of the tank. I would’ve settled for, “because I’m a fucking idiot, sir,” as well. He said it to or about one of the guys (Ross?) as well. I don’t think it was him trying to be misogynistic or creepy or anything, I think he’s just social awkward and immature. Isn’t he like 23? Lol! He’s totally a cat. Kate is too though, IMO. They can be the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp.
  12. S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    OMG! I’d like to hear what Kate would have to say about them leaving it for the staff. That is the behavior of absolute trash.
  13. S06.E05: Naked Smoothies

    Wait...what? I know this is kinda off topic but literally, shit? Like, all of them? I guess I need to start watching that franchise again! Or not! Holy shit! Do they have poop fetishes? I think it’s weird that a stewardess would be surprised by the condom too, but I don’t remember how much experience Caroline has had. I would expect that any seasoned steward/stewardess has seen their fair share of way more disgusting and truly shocking things. Like the aftermath of people who DO have poop fetishes aboard the yachts. 😝 At least Caroline and company are getting paid well for this kind of job, the hotel housekeeping usually makes close to minimum wage and were lucky to get $10 in tips total in a day in my experience. So many people don’t even tip their hotel maid anything, I can’t really get it up to care that these people working on the yacht “only” got $1k each or something on a few day charter if they do. They should know the next ones will probably make up for it anyway.
  14. S07.E24: Back to Square One

    I don’t either. There’s no way Amber would’ve kept her mouth shut all this time if she really had a miscarriage. She would’ve jumped at the chance to scream it in the face of anyone questioning her “depression” or why she didn’t/doesn’t see Leah or to explain away any other bad behavior she has committed since that time. Especially since they feel free to broadcast it for all the world on this show. Imagine if Teresa had shared whatever issues (if there are any) Carly is going through - Catelynn would’ve thoughtlessly told MTV cameras all about it and we’d all know. Teresa, if nothing else, has to know that. Good for her for protecting her daughter’s privacy. Too bad Catelynn and Tyler don’t protect their own daughter the same way. It also can’t be good for Nova to be utterly confused about “celebrating” Carly’s birthday each year when she doesn’t even see or talk to Carly. Catelynn and Tyler are scary delusional to me with everything they do in regard to Carly. Let’s see, she’s had a stalker from 2008 on but decided to put herself (and her kid(s) out there on the following shows: - Secret Life of the American Teenager in 2010 “playing a friend of the fictional character Amy, a 15-year-old who is dealing with an unexpected pregnancy” - Dancing With the “Stars” in 2010. “Palin's success on the show attracted other negative attention, including death threats against her. In one instance, suspicious white powder was received by the show. The powder turned out to be harmless, but security on the show was tightened.” I know I’d keep going on more and more shows if I were receiving death threats and possible poison in the mail! - Sarah Palin’s Alaska in 2010, her mom’s reality show. - Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp in 2012. All about her personal life and son. - Dancing With the “Stars” again in 2012. - Teen Mom in 2018 showcasing her whole life and family. - Dancing With the “Stars” Juniors for her son in 2018. I’m sure she will appear, at least in the audience. So she’s been on 5 reality shows if you don’t count DWt”S” Juniors because I don’t know if she appears herself. And also the one CW drama she “acted” on. She also went on like, every talk show known to man in 2008/09 and has been in at least one music video. (Also, thank you for sharing the grim reality of your loss with everyone. ❤️) Especially in regard to the fact that Amber’s experience probably didn’t exist... I deleted that part of your post on accident but I totally agree that Kristina is super genuine, something lacking in most of the other cast members. My thoughts exactly. Tyler tried and Catelynn’s answer was literally, “she’ll manage.” Catelynn, a grown ass adult was going off to the spa to deal with her childhood issues, all the while ignoring the childhood issues she’s obviously setting her own daughter up for. The irony fucking burns. I bet April and AbandonmentDad thought Catelynn could “manage” as well while they fucked up her childhood. But we should all feel sorry for Catelynn because she can’t “manage” like she expects her toddler to. This.
  15. S07.E23: Mama Bear

    I wanted to be an actress as a kid. My grandparents didn’t try to plan my schooling around it and then suggest it all to me. Especially at age 10. Wtf. Wayyyyy overstepping their bounds and I screamed SURE JAN JEN when she went on about how important it was to Ryan. Ryan barely gives a fuck about Bentley at all, let alone where he goes to school now, let alone where he’ll go in the future. I’d bet $500 Ryan couldn’t tell us Bentley’s teacher’s name. Not even one. For the last 5 years. I bet he’d have to pause to determine what grade Bentley is even in.