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  1. that's so sad but shows how an act of kindness can mean so much to someone.
  2. that bugged the shit out of me too. nothing happened to their home except damage /down to some trees. i've had MUCH worse damage happen to my home and yard due to severe wind storms and i'm not in a florida hurricane zone. they were barely affected and not to mention, have the money to get someone in there to do cleanup asap and have it looking pristine again. unlike myself and many others who still have tree stumps and assorted reminder of damage years later. they don't know how lucky they are, do they.
  3. not off to a great start imo. the segment with ashley, is that her name, was boring . i don't like her segments in general. it was a waste of time that could have been better served.
  4. after the large white glob of mucous or snot or whatever flew out of sam rockwells mouth and landed on his wig, i could not enjoy the rest of the show. very sickening. i don't know how the other actors could interact with him. i wanted to vomit. what the hell was that? pretty mediocre show. leslie really resembled oprah in her wig. love her.
  5. thanks.
  6. is this the way girls dress to go to the prom now? wtf?! her tits were gonna fall out of her dress any second. never mind the rest of the get up. my father would have beat me and locked me in my room. actually, i never would have even thought to dress like that ever. there is sexy and there is slutty. i'm surprised the school even allows it. very inappropriate for a young girl. is there no decency anymore? no i'm not a prude but why is this girl putting herself on display like that in front of bunch of horny teenage boys. what the hell is wrong with her parents?
  7. what is their connection? thanks.
  8. omg. what the hell is she wearing? to work no less. i couldn't decide if she were trying out for the part of an angel who is trying to look sexy, in a play or what!! she looks friggin ridiculous!
  9. it's too bad it's impossible to find a doctor in real life who is even half as caring.
  10. mee maw is quite the scammer. it's nice that she is there 100% for sheldon but there was no reason for the whole family heirloom lie. she really rubs me the wrong way most of the time.
  11. i did like the way adam put bonnie in her place. she really does emasculate him at times and is too controlling. i hope they break up too. i wish we got more of the girls in the group and a little less of bonnie and christy.
  12. also, i wish grandma would get a better wig and tone down the makeup. she would look so much better. it seems she could afford it. this family seems pretty well off.
  13. this is the thing that stuck with me at the end of the show! makes me feel better about how i'm aging. we also have to remember that she is standing next to women with 10lbs of makeup and lashes on their faces and plastic surgery up the wazoo. still, she does look older than 50.
  14. i hope you are right about andre!! agree about ciara's hair. tone it down hair people. cut it or something. it is truly way too distracting. don't like eric and jen. she is too frumpy and old looking for him. he needs a younger, less haus frau woman.
  15. i have no choice but to watch it on satellite. i don't have cable or unlimited internet time. living in the boonies is the pits. i wish they would knock off the crying wolf as far as the news and weather goes these days. it really pisses me off. i am so disappointed. i wanted andre to be either tony!! or new and improved. hate ciaras hair but lucky for her she has access to studio hair stylists because thick curly hair is a bitch to control. when she is on all i can focus on is her hair.