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  1. thank you. i was going to ask that yesterday and forgot . i admit i am not a technology wizard but i don't believe a phone charger can charge a phone right out of the box can it? does it have a battery? why does ciara need metamucil? how long has she been there that she hasn't gone? i can't stand her. you would think the princess would be a little concerned about her health. her leg may never heal correctly. what a dope. talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. ha! little princess indeed. will be not too happy to have to go potty in the woods. she's a complete idiot. she may have life long complications because of..what? princess and princess jr. the hortons are complete hovering, annoying mothers. see jennifer horton. who is the worst. what makes it worse is kristen can't act for shit. i did not see that either and did not get the vibe that ben wants to sexually assault ciara at all.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    everyone, please tell your friends to go to snapchat contact us and let them know they need to do do a better job of policing the site for abuse and death videos. i tried to contact them thru the support section and it wouldn't go thru. it said "this is awkward, we can't find what you are looking for" if anyone knows of a phone number or other way to contact them, let me know. update, i was able to email them thru their contact page. i am sickened by this.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    i agree, how do you contact whoever runs snap chat? i barely know what that is! i want to complain to them. it definitely is. we need stricter laws.
  4. kristan is bad most of the time. and once again i say , she needs to stop whispering. i have to put captions on to hear her at least once a show. ciara is horrible. so clearly a horton princess trying to be a bad ass. when i was her age (and knew actual bad asses!), well, she would have been a laughing stock a poser, etc.. so easy to see through her.
  5. that was ridiculous, having the entire clan there. i noticed her shoes too. liked the dress, save the shoes for winter.
  6. every time i hear "teresa" i want to scream. what the hell did they change her name for?! agree. the writing for this family sucks.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    i didn't watch the cat video. tried to search on f.b. , some said this video is old and the cat was found deceased, others don't say what happened. i wonder. besides that , i hope they can i.d. this punk and soon drop kicks him or worse. piece of shit. animal abuse perpetrators need to go to jail. i urge everyone to write their reps for better protection for animals and consequences for abusers.
  8. wow, i guess this show isn't very popular. i don't watch either but tuned in last night to see cher and snark . so if anyone saw it, what did you think? i think she looks 100% plastic and robotic, she can hardly move, her face or body. good grief, you have to feel sorry for women who are almost 80 and refuse to stop looking like they are under 30. she never seems very likable to me.
  9. i agree. that woman knew what was up. i'm sure they all did. they have been putting up with his bullshit for years. so sad to remember the cute young man who could have made a better life for himself. yes he was typecast as a bubble gum musician, but then don't go out on tour with that crap and change things. your father was a p.o.s. , you don't even recognize your own daughter. aacckk... wasted. he was right wasted time, wasted life.
  10. although it did sound insulting non the less. making fun of someones (former?) occupation regardless of if they do it better than the ones she saw. it sounded terrible. i'm surprised she didn't catch herself and give an apology, present company excluded type thing. he sure looked embarrassed.
  11. jennifer the fucking busy-body strikes again. can you imagine having this harpie in your life?!
  12. it looks like he was a bit of an ass. no dementia, just alcoholism and all that does to you. he seemed phony to me. he was a liar obviously, and how his daughter was not even mentioned is abhorrent. of course, he abandoned her so.....makes a person feel bad to think this was one of their first crushes. how is bobby sherman doing?! anyone know? :) it was a totally shitty thing to do.
  13. i felt his pain, how embarrassing. not very nice on her part. i see what she's saying but it was not the place to bring it up. the women in the chair with the pooping in the water story , dear god, have some shame. i can't imagine having the world know that about me.
  14. Season 4 Episodes

    i was hoping they would kill him off. agreed. no. spark!
  15. wasn't eve a prostitute? remember ,she is an entitled, royal horton on her mothers side. just stop helping other people who need it at the station and look for ciara. i was fuming. bitch.