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  1. S02.E09: Til Death

    love her. first saw her on true blood. she deserves a nod for sure.
  2. he does not come off as educated at all. what a waste of a guest.
  3. S01.E06: Cherry

    and in too many small towns live racists, hillbillies, good ol boys, just back wards (woods). a thousand time better in my opinion to live where there is diversity and openness. i am also thankful i did not grow up "in the country" . every rural place i have lived has been terrible.
  4. S01.E06: Cherry

    i have dental phobia. this is one of the most sickening horrifying things i have ever heard of. some sexual fetishes are really crazy and the people need to be in intense therapy.
  5. S01.E06: Cherry

    yes, the age gap makes no sense there.
  6. S04.E09 Episode 9

    the 2 parts were confusing. too much to think about. her murder was hard to watch. i'll hand it to them that this was pretty gruesome and probably realistic. she did a good job at dying. horrible to think she may have been alive and unable to move when he threw her in the water. this was a pretty nightmare inducing murder. well done but i will certainly not rewatch. what is this place allison was living in? a rental? because it was one cruddy looking apartment for someone who lives in that part of long island and probably has some money although come to think of it when was the last time she worked. i ff'd a lot so i probably missed some things.
  7. oh ok. i guess i ff'd too much! you would think chad could have afforded to rent a place in the meantime and not move in with granny.
  8. S02.E02: Part II

    they sure as hell do not look even remotely related.
  9. chad should have told abigail to go back home to granny jennifer. it's the DIMERA mansion. why does he have to leave?
  10. hope (kristen) need to speak LOUDER! why does she whisper her lines half the time?! today was boring. why isn't sammy going to her mother's wedding? hope has a lot of damn nerve. i hope ciara and ben hook up asap.
  11. Shallow comments: Agree with poster who said Tripp needs to put his shirt back on and shave. Speaking of shaving, Hope/Kristen: High Def is not your friend. You need to shave the long peach fuzz off your face. It happens as you age, but it's looking really fuzzy. Stefan-O is a boring character. I guess it's the actor. Though I also hate Abigail. So I'm hoping Chad divorces her and she and Stefan can run off together. But fat chance they will get rid of the princess. Now that John has seen Marlena in her wedding dress, I predict something bad is going to happen.
  12. S04.E01 Smoke

    throwing the bottle and the pills in the water was a real wtf! pretty dumb move for a gangster who should know better. even i know better than to do that. except when they are out in public disposing of a weapon (pills)that would incriminate them.
  13. S04.E01 Smoke

    oh damn. i was going to try to find it at the liquor store just because i love the bottle!
  14. S01.E05: Closer

    the ivory floor made me very sad. i hate adora and people like her. she's one of those who thinks things, resources, and animals are on this earth for her pleasure , abuse and worse be damned. she had no qualms about the origins of the floor. bitch. yes, i'm not getting the gang rape thing. to me, she was just a slut and gladly took on the team. i wish they would explain better.
  15. yeah, safe like a mommy. cause she looks like she could be his, almost. i love the weddings also. i guess i may be a little jealous of the john and marlena continuing hot romance. not really all that relatable in real life and if it is, boy you are lucky.