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  1. BBC America

    bbc america sucks. end of story. graham norton, excellent, a coupe of other specials once in a while. excellent. otherwise it is "shite"! i am so disgusted and disappointed. being one of the lonely few left behind by technology in my one horse town, i have cell tower, limited and expensive internet, i can't watch tv via anything but direct tv. what a lot of hype and no substance this channel is. shameful.
  2. Teachers

    did anyone watch last night. i'm sorry this is the final season. it's nice to have something original on tv like this, better than the same ol crap. still want to know what happened to cate freedman, why there is no info on why she left.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    lily tomlin and jane fonda are so cute together. jane fonda is so touchy feely loving with her, you have to wonder if lily's wife(girlfriend , i don't know if she's married) ever gets jealous! very adorable though. makes me wish i had a girlfriend who cared so much. i haven't watched grace and frankie in a while, i'm not able to view netflix since i live in a ****hole small town , well, lets not get my blood pressure up, but her face looks so different and she seems to be hunched over. is she that old?
  4. S03.E09: J-A-- JAVIER'S P-A-- PANTS

    the wine bottle smashing was killing me. keep them! they obviously enjoy wine. just wasteful...
  5. S06.E12: Hacky Sack and a Beautiful Experience

    after what she did to them she should have had the hug lady hug her friends not her. she is getting really unlikeable. i never thought i would like bonnie more. and i love love love tammy!
  6. S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    hmm. i guess her daughter doesn't follow then. i have a feeling she either has female alopecia due to hormones/heredity or has some sort of condition (due to the eye problem) because if you look at the sides, she has no hair where "sideburns" would be. again, i'm not being hurtful, i'm just curious. this family certainly SHAREs ,so well...i want to know more.
  7. S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    ok, i know this has been asked before but i have to know why jeannette's mom wears an (ill fitting) wig and has an eye condition. no disrespect, it is just bugging me. what do or what did her parents do for a living. they sound educated for the most part. the twins are nice looking kids. jazz is bugging with the vagina-ness. she is going to be 100% disappointed because she is expedition something that is not possible. has she even seen a picture of one. so she has had the surgery since this summer, correct? anyone know what has happened since?
  8. i think the money spent on the idiotic day spa affair could have been better spent to help those women. it was condescending.
  9. Botched

    tattoo titty dancer sure had a lot of work. besides her ass, her nose was terrible. once again, where is the psychiatrist? no words for the weirdo who works out in the nude. the pointy nose woman's nose looked excellent after dr nassif fixed it. i'd be pissed at mother for 15 years also if she made a decision like that for me.
  10. Schooled

    terrible. bad actress. coach and principal steal the show. on the goldbergs lainey and barry and getting married but she spoiled it right at the beginning of this new crap fest by saying they didn't work out. what kind of a school is this where you can just walk in and get a teaching job without a certificate?
  11. why are the "other" a b c etc. shows, not in alphabetical order? how are you supposed to find a show? this is terrible. i don't know if i am even adding (following?!) correctly.
  12. thank you, that's what i was thinking. there are a lot more gullible people in this world than i previously thought. really, it's ridiculous. have they no friggin common sense. the ones that were born into it, i give a pass but those who went into this cult after living in the real world. you need therapy.
  13. S05.E02: Scared and Unprepared

    it looks like this family is well off. for janette to be nursing jazz after this operation, when she has no nursing experience is insane. hire a nurse or go to a recovery place. it's obvious she isn't capable. she didn't even do any research. what an idiot.
  14. S12.E11: The Paintball Scattering

    this series can't end soon enough. everyone needs to go away except mayim who needs her own sitcom.