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  1. S03.E11: Angels and Mermaids

    where have i seen the actress who played cheyennes mother?
  2. because it's like he's kissing his mother. yes, i know the age difference isn't that great, but she looks and acts much older . and she's so damn goody two shoes frumpy. just loved the dr/patient hippa(sp?) breach with kayla and jennifer. and how she thinks it's ok to go thru her daughters purse. she makes me want to smack her. also, i must have missed seeing it, but she said she looked in her medical file!! she needs to shake hands with julie. they both have quite the big snoopy noses.
  3. S02.E17: All Coupled Up

    not disappointed to see the pig living in the house. although it is getting mighty big. under the covers though, yeah, hmm. that's reserved for cats only! i hope it has access to the yard. pigs are incredibly smart. so intelligent and some make good pets , hence, i don't eat pork myself. i am afraid they are going to get a "farm animal" complaint from one of the neighbors soon. so either they will be able to keep it in and outside or move it to a farm sanctuary.
  4. has this episode and those after been shown yet? i haven't seen any episodes on direct tv since the one before this!
  5. have the forums been down? so little posting here since wednesday. nothing about thursdays episode?
  6. that coat was hideous. is there an orange muppet that is missing it's fur?!
  7. when is this new movie going to be on?
  8. so they can't show non hd shows on bravo? i'm confused.
  9. i guess this show is not returning?
  10. if they were going to show "old" episodes on bravo. why did they start just a few years ago. i , for one, would love love love to see the first season and beyond. i was too young to watch then but i love nostalgia. i had been hoping for ages that some channel would show vintage dool. this is a big disappointment.
  11. pretty bad show. hardly laughed at all. i guess i'm in the minority but i hate the sappy ass show, this is us. don't watch the idiotic, brain wasting, bachelor. i may be getting too old for most of this show. and the musical numbers suck. yep.
  12. just saw the one with the modest craftsman, which looked to have asbestos shingles on the front. the wife's family had lived in the house for most of it's live. i'm assuming she inherited it and was nice to see they had "only" a $50,00 budget. but. once again. a new kitchen, exterior painting , new windows, etc etc. there is no way in hell this is done for that amount of money. i want a damn list at the end saying how much each renovation cost . and labor. no friggin way. lets get real show.
  13. S05.E14: Charlotte Brontë and a Backhoe

    no way would she have the extra cash for that. ridiculous.
  14. in my opinion, the little girl is a terrible actress, so that may have something to do with it.
  15. S05.E03: NRA TV

    fuck charlie daniels. i used to listen to him back in the day. he is ruined for me, as is the other nut job, ted nugget. stop ruining my memories you fuckers, just shut up and let me remember the 70's in peace.