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  1. And this was Curtis’ issue, since he brought up the difference between the newbies and OTA when the newbies talked, so that set it up for him to have a problem no matter how Oliver went about finding the traitor - confrontation or surveillance.
  2. You know, I don't even know if we can blame that on Dinah or not. They acted like Vince already knew, but we never had anything on-screen that would indicate he did. Yes, Dinah could have told him off-screen at some point (and therefore it would still be a betrayal) or she never told him and it could be the writers thinking that it was a fact Vince knew, not realizing why he would is because he's working with other villains who do and that Dinah wouldn't know that, or the writers just not thinking when they wrote that conversation.
  3. Well, considering I don't think that the League of Assassins has marriage licenses... No, seriously, it's not real at all and the best thing the show can do - for both Oliver and Nyssa, but Nyssa especially, considering how her father treated her - is stop bringing it up because the "husband" comments are not funny.
  4. Yeah, I feel like Rene really didn't help himself, both in the field and after back in the bunker. If you've just broken a guy's trust and you're going to be the one who puts him in jail for the rest of his life, but the guy still gives you a second chance and brings you back into the field with him, don't go against his orders the next minute and don't remind him that you've done it before/will probably do it again.
  5. You're assuming that the newbies wouldn't have still been offended that they were being suspected and Felicity and Diggle weren't. Remember, Dinah and Curtis were bothered once they realized it was just the newbies who were tracked. The team split had to happen one way or another because that's the storyline the writers want right now. We probably would have gotten the same argument even if Oliver had brought the newbies in and confronted them immediately simply because he only suspected them and not his wife and brother.
  6. My problem was with their attitudes about waiting, Curtis' comment to Felicity about tracking Lance (it really wasn't the time for hurt feelings to be brought up) and them turning off their comms. It's the last one that bothers me the most. They really shouldn't have turned off their comms. What if something had gone very, very wrong?
  7. Honestly, for me, Oliver and Thea's relationship just isn't the same after last season, just between the whole Susan nonsense (it's like they try to pretend to forget how that "reporter" was introduced before Oliver even met her) and the fact that Thea called Oliver after he was captured and tortured for a week. Really, the best thing they can do is give us some good Oliver/Thea moments the rest of the time she's around, not have stupid reasons for her absence and then give her and Roy a happy send-off and at the very least mention her every so often as a "hey, I heard from Thea, she and Roy are..." or really anything that tells us that she's still alive and part of Oliver's life even if they don't live in the same city.
  8. I'll be shocked if Thea doesn't leave Star City when Roy does (or the episode after at the latest). I'm also assuming his return is going to be connected to Oliver's trial in some way and that's the "urgent matter with high stakes for the team."
  9. I feel like I appreciate Roy more now than I did when he was on the team. Especially considering the newbies in 609 and what I assume we'll get from them moving forward trying to form their own team.
  10. Yeah, if you had told me at some point in the last two seasons that there were any extended interactions between Felicity and William coming up, I wouldn't have cared. But the kid's not that bad when they actually write for him (and for his age). That being said, I'd probably gladly trade every single one of his scenes this season for a multi-episode arc involving Felicity's father.
  11. Thinking about it, it only makes sense that BS letting Lance go is part of Cayden’s plan. If she’d killed him, yes, there’s a chance the team could have still split, arguing over what happened in the field, but it’s more likely that they would have banded together after his death to go after BS/Cayden even harder. I don’t know if Cayden would have wanted to take that risk.
  12. Yeah, I'll be surprised if this doesn't happen. I do wonder what WH's episode count is for the season.
  13. This is what I'm thinking. Which makes me think that she could easily tell him later on, "okay, you need to testify against the entire team or I'll take Zoe away," so really, I have no idea why anyone is trusting Rene right now. We don't know everything about the deal Rene made with Watson or what kind of lawyer he has or anything.
  14. Huh. So the CW is really airing new episodes during the Olympics. Wonder if that'll be true for all its shows.
  15. First of all, I wonder how long this new team is even going to last. Can they even function in the field together? Especially considering I'm assuming Curtis will be stuck on comms for them (so no field work for him). Am I to believe that Rene and Dinah won't butt heads in the field? Sure... Also, I really don't see how Felicity and Curtis can work together considering his anger over being spied on (forgetting he tracked her by having her eat nanites without knowing it last season) and the problems they've already had concerning the company. Am I to believe that trust issues won't spill over into their work with Helix Dynamics? Honestly, I'm rooting for the newbies to fail.