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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    PLEASE let Curtis choose his boyfriend and his boyfriend then says he's moving out of Star City because of all the vigilantes and Curtis goes with him. That is the only way I'll accept a storyline about Curtis right now. Really, the only time I'd like to see Curtis on my screen is when he begs for forgiveness for hacking Diggle's chip.
  2. Right? It's like by the end of an episode, there's a moment where I think, "hmm, I don't quite hate him anymore." And then the next episode begins and reminds me, "Yep, hate him." I didn't mind his last scene with Iris. Would I have rather they had Iris and Caitlin talk instead of Caitlin just going, "You go, girl" (twice, I think)? Yes. Very much yes.
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I would really like to hear from an EP soon. We need explanations for a lot of the choices this season. Even if what they say isn't what we see on-screen.
  4. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I'm assuming/hope so.
  5. The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    The show has established that he's happy with Felicity. Oliver has said he's happy with Felicity multiple times. What will it take to get some people to just admit that Oliver's happy with Felicity? (Also, if this person doesn't think he's happy with Felicity, what would he call what Oliver was with the other women? Don't tell me SA's nope face = happiness to him?)
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I like Alena, but... I really don’t want her to be evil because she’s Felicity’s only female friend. They haven’t bothered to give us any Felicity/Thea and Thea’s leaving. If OTA and NTA reconcile, I don’t want want them to try to make Felicity and Dinah friends. Even if BS could be redeemed, nope. So even though I’ve felt like if Alena came back post-Cayden that there’s a big chance she’s evil, I really hope I’m wrong about that one.
  7. I liked AoS’ 100th a lot more than Arrow’s. It wasn’t perfect, but few episodes of TV are. I loved the whole, “let’s get this done before something terrible happens.”
  8. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I don't know what I'm dreading more - the episode itself or the promotion by KA for it. Something tells me the latter's really going to annoy me.
  9. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Don't get my hopes up. (Though I don't think it necessarily sounds like he'll die?)
  10. S06.E15: Doppelganger

    Yeah, especially since if you take what we saw of that world at face value, Oliver wasn't in Diggle's life either. So Diggle's perfect life is one where he doesn't have his wife or kid, Oliver hasn't become a brother to him and he's GA with only Felicity on the team? It would've made more sense if Diggle said that the alien world made him realize that part of him always wanted to be GA for "insert somewhat logical reason." And he could have reiterated that reason in this episode to explain why he's so eager to be GA again.
  11. Clock Tower Theater: Fanfic, Fan Music Videos and Art

    Love this:
  12. S06.E15: Doppelganger

    I just rewatched a few scenes to see if I could find an answer I might have missed re: Diggle wanting the hood so badly. And all we get is that he wants to be GA again. No reason for it. Pretty sure the only "reason" he's ever given is that he was GA in the alien world, which doesn't make any sense and I always blamed the drugs for that, but that's what he's sticking with? I wish we'd gotten something in the Diggle/Felicity scene that explained why he's so eager to put the hood back on, especially when pretty much everyone's after GA right now: Diaz, police (corrupt and legit), the FBI, etc. It seems like Oliver and Felicity have just accepted that Diggle wants to be GA and haven't bothered to ask why? Or have I forgotten something?
  13. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    TBH, I hope that title changes? But yeah, please be Anatoly.
  14. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I feel like they haven't done a good job selling the victims this season, on-screen or off. The last time we had any quotes from the EPs about them was before/the beginning of the season, when they were still trying to sell the "everyone has a villain!" story. We saw what happened with that. Dragon was set up to be Diggle's villain, but now he's Oliver's because Oliver's the main character/mayor/Green Arrow (though Diggle wants the hood back)/etc. Really, the show did a better job setting up the newbies as OTA's villains when I'm pretty sure that's not what they were going for with this storyline. Even if the EPs said stuff in interviews that we didn't see on-screen, at least we might have an idea where they're coming from? Sort of?
  15. S06.E15: Doppelganger

    I missed that they were holding hands!