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  1. Arrow Stars in Other Roles

    Rewatching an episode of S12 Supernatural and realize "Hey, that's William!" Jack Moore played a young version of a hunter and he was pretty darn good.
  2. ...you're on your lunch break at a nearby sandwich shop and they are playing "Nothing Else Matters" and you think...oh now it's following me OUT of the store.
  3. Spoilers With Speculation

    This would piss me off more than him being Lucifer. that owuld mean Mark P. will have been both Michael and Lucifer and I am so not okay with that.
  4. Spoilers With Speculation

    IMO, OG Michael has a lot of possibilities of how to be used. There is only the word of the lying supposedly dead Lucifer that Michael was crazy and unable to function. And Lucifer had every reason to denigrate him so he could be the bigger, stronger, better brother and destroy Michael's reputation. Remember in s12 when he referred to Michael as his little brother?? Michael could have gotten out of the cage when it cracked. Remember back when the Darkness smoke monster came out? There was a winged creature flying out of it. I remember there was a lot of discussion of whether it was Lucifer or Michael or just a bird but it didn't really look like a bird. We know Lucifer was still in the Cage because Rowena used that spell to move into a faux cage. I would give the show a lot of credit if they go back to that and say that was Michael flying away. I know Chuck said Michael was in no shape for a fight in s11, but who knows why he said that other than at that time the show didn't want Michael to be a factor. It could very well be that Chuck has known all along Michael wasn't in the Cage and was protecting him for other future reasons. Or alternately, considering he flounced off during the Apocalypse and wouldn't even come back when Amara was killing humanity until Dean shouted at him and called him a dick, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know and didn't care to know. (Even more Dean and John parallels there, just sayin').
  5. I'm not 100% convinced that Lucifer was trying to kill AU Michael in that fight as much as he was Dean. When he had Dean at the complete disadvantage and was pummeling his face, he wasn't threatening AU Michael, it was personal between him and Dean and he said something to the effect of being able to kill Dean in other ways, then he said something like "See ya, Dean" and started the smiting thing. That's when Sam threw the archangel blade up to Dean. And he stabbed Lucifer. IMO, if Lucifer is truly dead, it had to be AU Michael that did it to keep the rule of only an archangel can kill another archangel with the archangel blade. ( LOL at me thinking they'll stick to their own rules LOL) SO....if it was AU Michael, then maybe he had taken over for Dean because Dean was badly injured by Lucifer. I also, wonder about this because I thought the way Dean said "NO, we did it", his facial acting and body language didn't scream a triumphant or even stunned Dean to me. I also think Dean wouldn't have been surprised about doing it together. And I think he would have said "We finally did it, Sammy. We really did it". I don't think he would have said "NO! WE did it". I can't really articulate the difference but it was different. I also thought upon first watch that it was really AU Michael shouting "We had a deal" because I thought Jensen sounded like Christian Keyes in that moment. So....with all that said, here are my 100% likely to be wrong WAGs: Lucifer injured Dean with the smiting and so AU Michael took over during the fight to kill Lucifer. Then AU Michael was going to leave Dean's vessel badly injured near death which is opposite of what OG Michael promised Dean and so it was Dean AU Michael shouting 'We had a deal!" because Dean wouldn't let him leave so he could heal him. I think it would be fascinating if after the first 5 episodes of s13 was Dean wanting to die, but feeling rejuvenated after Cas was resurrected, that he decided to use AU Michael to heal him. That is to say that Dean is keeping AU Michael in him for his own reasons. So it's an internal battle between Dean wanting AU Michael to stay and AU Michael wanting out. And Dean not allowing him to go. Or alternatively, Lucifer injured AU Michael and Dean won't let him out even if he wants to leave. So maybe the fight isn't for Dean to be free of AU Michael, but rather for AU Michael to be trapped inside Dean because Dean will not let him out into the world. I would love it if we find out that before AU Michael possessed Dean that Dean and Cas hatched a plan that if Dean manages to kill Lucifer, that AU Michael must stay in him until Cas can find another way to get rid of AU Michael. Maybe we'll get Cas talking to OG Michael and convinces him to let AU Michael possess him. ***The only part that throws me off those WAGs is the "Thanks for the suit" thing after it was clear that AU Michael was in control. I dunno. I just can't see Dean letting AU Michael go and risking the world.
  6. OMG! The answer is so good. I love it. hAHAHAHAH
  7. I legit LOL'd. That is hilarious and true. Damn, that's not even shade.Thats flat out calling out shit stunt choreography for what it was. You go, Jensen.😂👏👏
  8. So Jensen doesn't have a beard at ChiCon? Bummer.
  9. I can't figure out why Jack would be of any more help than Dean because Jack is not Cas' bio child and didn't Jack basically fill Cas with some sort of images of a Paradise? IMO, this writing contrivance with Cas so he doesn't have a reason to really attach to humanity (The Winchesters) and he can't really attach to Heaven again either. And it leaves the writers room to do pretty much whatever they want with Cas EXCEPT make him a full human or as an angel a full time resident of the bunker and full time with TFW. I think there is a lot in the comment from whoever said " We are aware of those things" which to me translates to "We write for fanservice" no matter which faction is poking at them at any particular time. I cannot fathom any reason for Nick to even be a character in the show. It's ridiculous how much they are obsessed with Pellegrino. I could even deal with their obsession over Lucifer in the Nicksuit. But finding a reason to have Nick around makes no damn sense at all. He was a vessel so Lucifer could eventually get to Sam. It's all pretty stupid.
  10. Spoilers With Speculation

    that is a hilarious asspull retcon. He never had any such agenda. Mankind was colllateral damage to his fight with Lucifer. Not the end game destruction. Why would he leave 5000?
  11. Mary Winchester: This Girl is on Fire

    I know of whom you are speaking with the actress from FTWD. She was on Deadwood and I thought she was quite good and I can't figure out why she went off the cliff on FTWD unless it's a directing issue as well. I do wonder if some of these actors are using botox and leaves them unable to adequately use their all their facial muscles to show expressions. And before anyone comes at me for being sexist or catty or whatever, I've seen this same thing happen with male actors who also use botox. If you can't move your forehead or show frown lines or have some smile lines around the eyes, that will undermine a performance especially if the actor can't communicate enough internal life to overcome the loss of facial movement.
  12. ...at work and a kid named Dash comes through the line and you think, "okay, this iss getting ridiculous!"
  13. It's bad. Straight up bad. They have s6 or s7 pics of the boys and it looks like Jack is going to kill Castiel. Dislike very much. I realize it's old school style but no thank you. Why not put the pics of the handsome men they are NOW? Why do they do this? It's IMO lazy and kind of ageist. ETA: Also, why is there a city scape?? The boys venture into small towns and travel primarily back roads. They rarely go to a big city. LOL
  14. You're at work and a guy comes through the line wearing a t-shirt and cap that reads "Jensen's Foods" ( which is a competitor grocery store here that is a couple of miles away from our store) and you have to bite your tongue to not make a comment about Jensen. And then have a chuckle that a competitor's employee is buying from us (cause we have crazy cheap prices on good products).
  15. Heh. Fair enough. I still think hers are the most comprehensive even if she gets some things wrong about story etc.