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  1. Also, why would Cas accept that Dean was dead?? That makes less sense than Sam thinking he is. ... "This is so stupid"- Dean Winchester
  2. I sure hope TV Insider is flat out wrong about this business with Sam. This would baffle me far more than the events of s8.
  3. Why the Hell would Sam think Dean is dead?! He saw him alive and they even chatted. Does Sam totally not remember what possession is here?
  4. I don't think so. IIRC, The CW has a contract with Netflix that I think they negotiated for like 4 or 5 years a couple of years ago.
  5. So Netflix Canada is removing SPN Oct 13. https://spnhunters.com/2018/09/15/supernatural-leaving-netflix-canada/
  6. LOL. I love Misha. He is such a little troll and it's fantastic.
  7. The only thing I can think of that would be this super secret is 1) Dean is really most sincerely dead and it's Michael pretending to be Dean. or 2) JDM is coming back for a cameo or something in Ep 1 so they are squelching everything. Sadly, my negative Nelly side is increasingly concerned they don't have more than 10 minutes of Michael!Dean. It might be fantastic and amazing but maybe if they give up too much in the promo materials they've shot their wad, so to speak.
  8. Oh. My. Gods. I can't even believe that bullshit. At this point, this seems intentional. I don't think it's intern failure at this point. How much you wanna bet that was planned originally to promote Wayward Sisters, so they co-opted the spot?
  9. Wait, the SPN Facebook or the CW facebook page?
  10. Spoilers With Speculation

    And for me, it lessens what Castiel has done in his life, the sacrifice he made in s4 and s5 to side with Dean/humanity. It would be one thing if the writing had made it clear that it was Cas' influence on Sister Jo, that maybe they good be more kind and helpful to humanity. Why would they other than retreading Anna's SL which they kind of did with Sister Jo. Anna ripped out her grace to become human but Sister Jo hasn't done that so how much does she really want to be human. IMO, Cas' story has been rather epic, WRT to his relationship with humanity. Not even the "broken chassis" moment deters or reduces the sacrifices he made for Dean/humanity in s4, s5 and s9. He chose Dean/humanity every time. His terrible plan in s6 was short sighted but his intentions were never malicious to humanity or Dean or Sam. IMO, Sister Jo's act IMO wears a little thin when she's doing it for money when she could be doing it because she learned about Castiel and thought it would be good to be amongst humans and help them at no charge. I still can't understand how there are only 10 or whatever angels left in Heaven or on Earth. And what also doesn't make much sense to me is there is angel radio and they can sense each other's existence, so why didn't Cas already know the numbers were so low, or sense all the angels that had died when he was sent back from the Empty. It only makes sense that he didn't know if he was altered in some way and couldn't feel it. So I think there are big plot holes with that entire angel SL.
  11. Spoilers With Speculation

    So, it's now officially less than 4 weeks from the premiere and still no promo. Sigh...
  12. S07.E06: Slash Fiction

    This is, by far, my fave ep of s7. I only hate the final breakup scene. It was terrible. I swear I don't think Robbie Thompson wrote that scene at all. I think Sera tacked it on. Some of my fave bits: Chet is fantastic. I'm kind of bummed he was killed off so quickly. Bobby: "Well, if you're gonna be stupid at least be smart about it". I think this is my favorite Bobby line of all time. Frank Devereaux is a fave from s7 for me. He's not enough like Bobby for me to think he's really Bobby's replacement. Dean throwing the squeeze toy into the back seat and it's sad little "cry" when it was tossed just makes guffaw. Dean lip synching to "All Out of Love". I 100% believe he would do that because it's from his childhood at that point. The entire diner scene between Levia!Dean and Levia!Sam was hilarious: Levia!Sam: 'You know what I did." LeviaDean: "What" Levia!Sam: " I ate him". Levia!Dean: "Of course you did". GOLD. Absolute comic gold writing wise and acting wise from J2. Colonel Tigh!!!! (BSG reference). Weird to see him without an eye patch LOL. He was so disgusted with Sam and Dean. LOL Leviathan!Dean is so great. "I am Dean-adjacent". LOLOL. He's such a smarmy asshole and so pleased with making Sam feel like shit when he told him about Dean killing Amy. I love this episode.
  13. S07.E07: The Mentalists

    This is my 2nd fav ep of s7. It's largely saved by the actress playing Melanie. She has great chemistry with Jensen and I really could ship them. I would love to see her come back. I also really enjoyed the actor that played the tour guide. He had presence. 'You are a virile manifestation of the devine'. Yes, Dean you most certainly are. Loved that so much. And I will always cheer Dean's lambasting of Sam. That was spot on IMO.