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  1. You mean in the window? I totally thought that was the top of another building LOL
  2. Spoilers With Speculation

    I don't know why that would be off screen when, on screen, Dean knew Sam was pushing Jack to use his powers to do exactly the thing Billie was worried they would do. Sorry but for me that would be awful writing for the show to come back and later have Sam say well you did say Billie warned us.
  3. I don't think he's alone. If he is that is the best selfie ever.
  4. Spoilers With Speculation

    What bothers me though, is that Dean did tell Sam about Billie being alive. He did tell him about her saying they had work to do. So to me it's plot contrivance thus far for them to not have Dean tell him about that part of conversation.
  5. ^^^^ I really want that couch over by the window. Also, Jensen looks like he wants to be competing himself. :) Also, in that hoodie he totally reminded me of Alec McDowell, the character he played in Dark Angel.
  6. Spoilers With Speculation

    Here is the entire conversation. http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=13.05_Advanced_Thanatology_(transcript) ETA: Just as an aside. ^^^^ is some of the best dialogue this show has done in years. What a great scene between Billie and Dean. Just phenomenal. IMO, Billie is warning Dean to not play around with these other worlds. The first time they went through I think she was willing to overlook since they basically didn't know any better. But now? This can't turn out well for anyone. And thus far, it's not been shown, nor implied that Dean has discussed this with Sam or anyone really.
  7. Supernatural Fanfiction

    I don't even understand how that could happen. I mean Dick is a real nickname. Like how would it even know? Weird.
  8. Supernatural Fanfiction

    ^^^^LOOL. Cas has a tummy ache LOL
  9. Spoilers With Speculation

    Dean's characterization has been all over the place in the narrative this season and IMO it was to service setting up WS. He was more a plot device than a character. Dean believed Mary to be dead, he accepted it, and asked about her to Billie who didn't answer him. Then he's happy with Cas comes back, tells Sam they will find Jack and he's still thinking Mary is dead right up to the minute Jack shows him her being tortured. Then he flips out and puts a gun to a teenager's head to make her do their bidding to get Mary, and then once that's all over with, they help Donna on a hunt and Mary is again an afterthought other than Sam now becoming hopeless and Dean telling him, "Don't worry, we'll find a way" and he's no longer frantic to find her. IMO, Dean's flip out was OOC and plot driven for WS reasons, and now his lack of talking about Billie's warning is OOC given that he literally told Sam that Billie is Death now and plot driven, and IMO, at this point, there is no good reason in the narrative for that pretty big thing to be left hanging other than for Billie to show up later and scold Dean in some fashion, or give him a worse comeuppance. Oh you mean for 13.15? That Jack, Mary and maybe Cas get stuck there so that's why Dean and Sam are off on another route? I wonder if that other route is how they end up in Scooby Land for 13.16?
  10. Spoilers With Speculation

    Pretty sure he does make it back because the Shaving People video showed him in the red light in the Bunker yelling for Sam and Dean. I don't know if it's supposed to be at the lake house again, but it sure looks like the same location and I know they filmed at Brittania Beach again, via the tweets from Misha with Alex, which doesn't mean it's the lake house spot per se. But it could be. IMO, that scene by the water is where Jack comes back through from the other side. I think it will be the original rift location, IMO, he and Mary are trying to come through together but she doesn't make it for...reasons. Or they decide she stays behind for ...reasons. Once on our side, Jack sends up an angel radio signal to Castiel, who races to him with Dean and Sam. IMO Cas is trying to encourage him that he can open it again without a dreamwalker. I mean given that Jack's energy alone opened the first rift which just happened to be a direct doorway to AW....(but hey you know can't have that logically be in play cause then they don't need Kaia to throw them into the wrong place to set up her story and WS....but I am going to laugh my ass off if they are back at the original rift location....cause someone was like OH HEY MAYBE WE SHOULD FIND THAT DOORWAY AGAIN! LOL*** I gotcha. Maybe so. ***ETA: But then Jack probably can't open it given the further adventure listed for 13.15 which says that the boys are 'gathering other things that they need" to open the Rift.
  11. Spoilers With Speculation

    Why do you think it's Donatello? He's already the Prophet so that seems kind of redundant. Not being snarky, just wondering.
  12. Spoilers With Speculation

    I legit don't remember Cas being discussed as being the "Holy Man" just whether he would be in the ep. It's probably not any of TFW, not Donatello. My spec all along was that it would be Lucifer thinking he's the Holy Man. But he might not be in it either. All that said, I bet it's someone we really don't want to see.