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  1. I'm sure in some momnets Dean did feel that way about Sam and Cas. But that doesn't mean Dean hates them for those actions. He loves them regardless. That's what Michael can't or won't admit and that is the wild card here. Dean was content to own the bar, to have something of his own that the people he loved/loves can come back to for safety. I think Michael thought Dean's resentments would cause them to turn on Dean but Cas knew better because he knows that angels are manipulation prone. Michael told some truth but failed to consider human love. And I think Michael doesn't consider that because he doesn't believe in love since God bailed on him. And that ties back to Dean's issues with John. Michael has had no chance to really go after God about abandoning him because he stays away. And similarly IMO, John essentially emotionally abandoned Dean from 4 to the time he died. One apology from John that led to him putting the worst burden on Dean I still out there. That is what Dean still needs to deal with re John.
  2. Spoilers With Speculation

    I think Billie looked just as perplexed as Dean. That said, if it turns out that Dean cannot die and your interpretation is accurate, I think she would feel bad for him if he can't die.
  3. IMO the Canon fail about the rings happened with Ben Edlund. Dean picked them up after to portal closed at the end of Swan song. At that point they were fused together. Death's ring made a reappearance in Appointment in Sammara when he told Dean to be home for a day. Dean gave it back. I don't recollect that the whereabouts of the original 4 rings has been broached since Swan Song.
  4. Dean picked them up from the ground after the portal closed.
  5. S14.E10: Nihilism

    Family Business Beer (Jensen's brewery).
  6. I get why you feel this way, but I really do think you'll enjoy the episode. I thought Dean's reaction was interesting with "What I am supposed to do with this?" IMO, he looked more shocked than scared. I am wondering why they don't open another portal to AW, have Dean go there with Michael, eject him and then come back. Heck it might be that is what Dean has to do and thus separate himself forever. I do wonder what he is welding in the promo. Maybe he has to build another actual cage?
  7. Yes. On the binder was written D. Winchester.
  8. S14.E10: Nihilism

    Thank you! I ranted about that on Twitter. I did like that Cas acknowledged Dean's emotional and mental scars, like literally. Now, my only headcanon is that was written to show that is Sam's POV without it actually being true. Like maybe it's going to setup something that leads to a legit look into Dean's trauma for Sam to understand that he's just wrong.
  9. Erm,....when did Sam ever idolize John? Never is when. Is Jared's comment only in reference to the 300th wherein something's altered, because that is rewriting Canon if he means in this universe. And if they legitimately mean that Sam has always idolized then that further feeds my theory that Sam is being turned into Dean. I mean it was Dean who idolized John so much so that Sam mocked him for it. The fuck?!
  10. S14.E10: Nihilism

    Ohhhhh. . That makes complete sense! It would also explain his face and Billie's reaction
  11. S14.E10: Nihilism

    Yep. 100% agree with this after seeing the ep.
  12. S14.E10: Nihilism

    Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. I am legit impressed. Thank you, Steve Yockey for giving Jensen something good to work with. All the awards to Jensen, right fucking meow.
  13. FWIW, it's lyrics to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. :). Or rather a song written by Siouxsie and the Banshees which they covered.
  14. S14.E10: Nihilism

    Okay, y'all have me eager to see this episode. I'll be back later!
  15. The only way I will accept this is if it's setting up Dean to be OG!Michael's vessel. Or even if Michael has a much bigger plan to get Sam to say yes because maybe Dean is too damn strong for Michael, that his squirming is becoming too much to fight off. Maybe Sam is his target not because Sam is so strong but that IMO Sam would be easier to manipulate than Dean, which IMO is not out of the realm of possibility given Sam does have a history of his hope/hubris/stubbornness allowing the ne'er do wells to manipulate him.