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  1. Is it that you don't enjoy Michael because he isn't as entertaining as Lucifer? I can understand that. What confuses me is that you think it would be bad for Jensen to play an uninteresting character? I'm just not quite following.
  2. Spoilers With Speculation

    That could be. And that might also explain why Michel couldn't take Dean at Stull.
  3. Spoilers With Speculation

    Death wasn't dead though. So it seems to me still had the power over life and death unless you're suggesting someone else did during that time, and I don't recollect that being the case. Reapers do not have power over life and death. They are merely agents to take the designated souls to their resting places. If the souls don't want to go the reapers can't make them go, hence ghosts. Reapers don't kill people. IIRC, the whole point of Lucifer binding Death was so he could try to make him kill whoever he wanted. That's why Death was so pissed and why he opted to give Dean his ring. He wanted Lucifer back in the cage and to be unbound. But the rings don't make them Horseman though. And if I'm supernitpicky, that ring looks nothing like Death's original ring. Whilst I appreciate your attempts to make OG Death not possible now, I just disagree that it's because they change I don't understand this notion that Death was off the grid. He was locked away. It was never said AFAIR that he had no power during that time. I mean maybe I've forgotten something big here.
  4. Spoilers With Speculation

    To me Dean either never intended to say yes and it was a ruse, which was actually my head canon for, well, ever. And Dean knew that saying yes would get Zach as close to him as possible so he could him and he knew it would break that deal. Or it was Dean's intention to say yes and he changed his mind at the last minute and once he killed Zach that broke their agreement and thus reneging was the last known choice Dean made so it didn't stand. Adam, on the other hand, I don't think ever reneged verbally so he was taken . Now I also had the notion for a long time that the Beautiful Room was the only place Michael could do a possession. Why did everything have to happen in that room? Why did the negotiations take place there? I've often thought that if Dean and Adam had both been in that room, Michael would have still taken Dean and not Adam. But you know, I think that's a crap episode and none of makes sense unless I think of it as Dean having been playing Zach all along so he could kill him. But that's my headcanon. And for me the question still remains if one thinks Dean said yes, does the yes still stand should Michael be a thing for Dean?
  5. Spoilers With Speculation

    How do you account for the fact that Death was a Horseman? A Horseman isn't an office, it's a God like entity. He wasn't an Angel even if he was called the Angel of Death, which I recollect was some attempt to rationalize how angels could be reapers. And War, Famine and Pestilence weren't angels. Also, Billie wasn't Death or even "a Death" in s11 which was after Death died. Why were humans still able to die if there was no Death? I can't fathom why Death would have a library of deaths when he was Death? I'm not being snarky. IMO someone else set up that Library of deaths but not OG Death. It's cold and harsh like Heaven. Did some angel do it? For me, to say that Death is an office and not an entity completely diminishes the character unnecessarily and I have a hard time believing that is what the show intended with Billie getting a promotion. I mean what if Cas had never killed Billie? What if one of the random reapers Rowena killed got a promotion? So that's why to me, since Death is not an office but an entity, he can still come back and be an entity inside Dean.
  6. Spoilers With Speculation

    I thought Dean did technically say yes after Zach started killing Sam. Zach asked him "So, is that a yes" . Dean was crying and said, "Yes....dammit. Yes" Then Zach called down Michael and in between Dean said.."on a few conditions" and then Dean killed Zach. Sam and Dean left and Adam was trapped which is why I think he was possessed because he had already said yes. I don't know if that means it's an open yes now, or if Dean would have to say yes again.
  7. S08.E16: Wrath

    Well. No. that's not what I meant. I would just rather Rick not be ripped down to being a lousy character.
  8. Spoilers With Speculation

    My point was more that Dean Would be Death's vessel like any possession. 100% agree with this
  9. Spoilers With Speculation

    Agree to disagree. :)
  10. Spoilers With Speculation

    I have moved up Cain into my top 3 dark horse candidates. IMO, Tim O would also be someone who Jensen would speak of that highly and respectfully. I don't know what the purpose would be other than Mark of Cain and First Blade combo being what is needed to kill AW Michael. If you ask me me, how would that work? He still had the Mark of Cain when Dean killed him with the First Blade, so unless Rowena's spell reached into wherever Cain ended up, IMO, a Marked up Cain can possess Dean.
  11. Spoilers With Speculation

    Bold part: This is the key. Billie is a Death. OG Juilan Richings played THE Death, the Horseman. AFAIK, she was not promoted to a Horseman. So that means IMO she is a reaper that wears Death's ring and does that job. I don't think she became a different kind of entity like the Four Horseman. Unless he possessed Billie in some way, Billie is still Billie the Reaper. IMO, she is serving as "Death" but is not the character, Death. So to me, if OG Death is out there somewhere, he can still come back possess Dean, just like Michael, so Jensen would be playing Julian Richings version of Death. Not Dean Winchester's version of Death. Now I personally would love to have seen Dean be A Death. But since it's being said that Jensen is playing a different character, and IF it is THE Death, then he'll be reprising Julian Richings version which is both exciting and kind of a bummer. That said, it would certainly fit with him saying those are big shoes to fill and that he hopes he can to it justice because he has always praised Julian's performance.
  12. S06.E09: Clap Your Hands If You Believe...

    "Sex crazy"? What does that even mean? People have all kinds of variable sex drives. Sam is not some golden boy who doesn't have sex on the regular. LOL He kissed Sarah who he did like but didn't really know at all. Maybe he had sex with her and we don't know it.** Sam had sex with Madison after knowing her for what 3 days? He related to her and liked her. He had hot monkey sex with the doctor in Sex and Violence and was not under the influence of anything. Sam isn't some super duper good guy who never has sex with strangers. LOL. And if he did, so what? He really didn't know Sarah or Madison anymore than he knows this sex worker. And I think if he did go to a sex worker before now, he would have been respectful to some degree, unlike this asshole in this episode who blew her off after she gave him her number. This Sam is a complete and total dick on every level. I can't stand him. from future episodes ** The fact that Sarah hasn't died makes me think, no he did not. From future episoes
  13. I would think if it was the evening sunlight it would be hitting the woman's leg in the same spot but I see nothing of that color on her black pants. I see the colors on the trailer which don't look like sunlight to me. That looks like the color the trailer is painted.
  14. My first thought was that Jensen rode his bike and those are bike shorts and he's wearing a water pack And maybe he took a tumble on his bike and his leg was scraped up. However, that doesn't look like blood. My problem with it being a water pack is all the tubey things. Most water packs just have one tube to sip the water and that could be on the other side we can't see. I think a blood pack would have that extra tubing for whatever reasons. Maybe it's a harness of some kind. If you look at his hand, his leg is almost the same color but it looks bulkier. So I'm thinking a flesh colored prosthetic over his actual leg so it looks kind of weird.