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  1. Louisa May...Not: The Book v. the Series

    There's a few instances in my family tree a few generations back. Partly because of being members of a minority religion in their country, and also many of them would have been of courting age in or around the Great War, which would have limited the dating pool even more. (makes it rather annoying when you're trying to draw up a family tree and have to unite as well as divide branches)
  2. S02.E10: The Last Ceremony 2018.06.20

    The pop posters on my teenage bedroom wall would confirm that 30 years olds were definitely on my radar. (Only the ones that could sing of course!)
  3. Wouldn’t it be just easier to buy a second pair a half size larger and swap them out as necessary.
  4. I thought they’d made it clear enough. I may have to rewatch the eps to make sure. (It’s a dirty job but somebody had to do it! 😀)
  5. I agree. Charles may have had his flaws, but he was a more than competent surgeon which made up for them. Frank on the other hand, not so much.
  6. The Eyes: News and Media

    Maybe they mean ten years in Gilead time. I think this is the type of show that they need to set an end date and work to it, rather than just keep going as long as they have viewers. We need to see Gilead fall.
  7. You may not know this about Twitter but if you don’t want to see somebody’s innermost thoughts, nude selfies etc, there’s this wonderful facility called ‘unfollow’. Which means that if you don’t like the content of somebody’s Twitter feed, you don’t have to look at it. And if you’re worried that you’d might accidentally see it, say via a retweet, you can even block or mute their feed so you’ll never be burdened by their thoughts again.
  8. S02.E09: Smart Power 2018.06.13

    How would Eden find out about the letters being distributed? All she knows is that the letters were in her home and now they're not - or at least nowhere she can find them. She's not going to be listening to any international news bulletins, and if there is any news source that Econowives are allowed access, it will hardly be publicizing the existence of the letters.
  9. S02.E07: After

    If a Commander dies in good standing, I can’t see them punishing their widows by sending them to the Colonies or Jezebels. Maybe they'd be allowed to be Aunts, or put in some sort of retirement home.
  10. Mrs. Waterford, the gender traitor

    I would be inclined to show Serena mercy...that is, Aunt Lydia's idea of mercy and give her a quick execution. Commander Waterford on the other hand, I would send him to the colonies until his balls rot off and only then maybe put him out of his misery.
  11. S04.E09: A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie

    Pyg poisoned the homeless people, didn’t he? Does that mean that everybody who ate a pie is going to be poisoned? And how convenient that Jim showed up just before Sofia had to take a bite.
  12. S02.E06: First Blood

    We’re not cheering her because she was a suicide bomber, we (or at least me) are cheering because a rape victim was able to punish a roomful of rapists. Every man in that room was a rapist. Every man in that room was complicit in the abduction and rape of multiple women. The only part of it I condemn is the part where other handmaids were caught in the blast as well.
  13. All Episode Talk: Welcome To Craggy Island

    https://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2018/0602/967779-graham-linehan-reveals-father-ted-musical-is-on-the-way/ This will be seriously awesome, just so long as they get the casting right!
  14. S01.E08: Family Affair

    No they didn’t. They saw that she had no ID, assumed that she was homeless and had no insurance so they dumped her. If Mina hadn’t happened to recognize the provenance of the bag, nobody at Chastain would have figured it out either.