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  1. S02.E01: Brother

    Vulcans have a longer life span than humans. Spock could be several years older than Michael but just aging more slowly.
  2. S08.E01: Episode 1

    I don’t think many of the characters are aware of Trixie’s alcoholism. Nurse Crane and Sister Julienne are because they’re in charge and I think Barbara knew there was a problem when she had to cover for her at one point. But as far as the others knew, Trixie was just visiting her Aunt and not drying out/getting back on the wagon.
  3. S08.E01: Episode 1

    The closing credits listed Sister Winifred. I think she may have been in the congregation when the novices were taking their vows but my picture wasn’t clear enough to be sure. I was half convinced they’d lose one of the triplets as well. I’m glad they pointed out that most of the women getting ‘helped’ did actually get help without complications.
  4. S03. E01. The Ground Beneath Their Feet

    Cable missed a day of work and they couldn't contact her so Danny checked out her apartment. Within a day or two they have her officially listed as a missing person and Danny goes back to get her laptop to help track her down. There wasn't much else that any of them could do, expect keep going with the jobs they're being paid to do. IIRC, the bridge collapse was in New Jersey, not New York, so maybe it just didn't occur to them that she could have been anywhere near it, especially since the victims appeared to have all been in cars and Cable didn't have a car (they mentioned that she'd hired one). So Bull gives the mother 2million. That's great. She can spend 400k getting tested and use the remaining 1.6mill to hire a hitman to bump off everybody on the list ahead of her and then take out somebody with a matching liver. That is one forked up health system you've got there.
  5. S02.E03: Home

    Well that was unexpected. I had no idea the actor was leaving. Now I feel guilty that I was so annoyed early on when it looked like an Alara focused ep. I agree with everyone who wondered why send the one injured person to climb down and save Ed. Surely all three of Alara’s family should have taken the opportunity to get out while they could - just in case Alara hadn’t been able to subdue the bad guy. Then again, given that neither her mother or sister did anything other than sit there when Alara was fighting the woman, she probably thought they’d be useless. And another thing. If you’re sending to people to a planet where they’ll be crushed to death if they exit the ship, why not provide a suit for each of them? For that matter, they both should have been suited up on the journey in case they had to make an emergency landing.
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Bests and Worsts

    Now if only he could get over his creepy obsession with Jake and Amy.
  7. What Are We Currently Reading?

    Just finished reading Graham Norton's second book 'A Keeper'. It is a real page turner and you wouldn't think from his chat show persona that he could be so dark and deep.
  8. S07.E02: Going to War

    I think that Otis said the elevator car had gone up instead of down and opened on the fire floor. It’s something to do with the heat short circuiting the electronics and calling the car to the wrong floor which is why you don’t use elevators in a fire situation.
  9. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Isn’t it sort of the basic premise of most organized religions though “we’re right and everyone else is going to hell”
  10. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I remember in that episode, Abby lying flat on her back as Doctor Coburn told her they’d have to do a hysterectomy and Abby just totally uninterested in the whole situation. And then I started thinking that she probably had that same expression on her face when she’d conceived the kid in the first place. That’s when I decided I’d better things to do with my time.
  11. TV Tropes You Hate

    I don't hate it when it's used to highlight the dangers of having to resort to illegal backstreet or self-induced abortions because there's no legal means available. (IIRC, Call the Midwife used that trope a few times)
  12. S02.E02: Primal Urges

    Yes, but it took several hours to prep the shuttle and fly it to the planet. They had at least that much time to do the lottery as to who was going to travel in the first batch of evacuees.
  13. S02.E02: Primal Urges

    Did they ever address why he was skivving off early? I mean, was he originally just planning on using that 15 mins and getting home at his usual time and just kept overrunning? I know it was partly to highlight to Ed and Kelly that Bortus was behaving out of character but it doesn’t make sense that he’d need to leave early when he was going to be spending hours in there anyway Bortus is third in command. He would probably have the authority to approve a non standard piece of software. It’s possible they felt it was better to keep families together as much as they could. Rather than send a bunch of kids off with nobody to look after them. They should have had some sort of evacuation protocol in place even before the shuttle got there though. Even without the shortened time, they would have still had to split the evacuees up - with no guarantees that the shuttle would be able to return a second time. It it was also nice and convenient that the survivors were all humanoid. When they couldn’t get video, I was expecting them to land on the planet and discover that they were maybe all giants or some species that they couldn’t fit more than a few people at a time in the shuttle.
  14. Bull in the Media

    All of whom are getting paychecks from the same source and who will naturally have a vested interest in not saying or doing anything that would negatively affect that source. Given what happened to Eliza - somebody who could reasonably be expected to have a bit of power on the set - I’m not overly surprised that other people weren’t speaking out. And if a ‘chaperone’ was being paid by the production, guess where their loyalties would inevitably lie.
  15. Jenny: The Protagonist

    I've no doubt that some midwives of the era would have helped women out when necessary, or at the very least they'd have known somebody who did terminations and would have passed on that information to women who needed it.