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  1. GBBO In The Media

    It’s usually available on the Channel4.com website soon after the air date and I think because it’s ad supported, it’s not region locked. (I’m not in the UK but I can still legally watch it on their site - useful for when the DVR is playing up).
  2. I’m working my way through a rewatch of the show. Getting a bit bogged down on S4 because it’s my least favourite season, but only a few more eps to go until From what I’ve heard about the telemovie that’s been filmed without Craig, they’re going to jump forward a few years and Lucien is going to have been missing for some time. I’m thinking that by the time it airs, Craig’s situation will hopefully be resolved and we’ll know whether he’s going to return to the show.
  3. I was happy that they kept the book ending. Too many adaptations want to have a ‘happy’ ending by letting the last two characters survive.
  4. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I'm currently reading this book. As a mystery/thriller, it's not too bad - although I might change my mind by the time I finish it. It's written in the first person from Joe Biden's point of view, which i'd probably appreciate more if I'd heard him speak (might have to see if I can find a speech of his on youtube so I can really 'hear' him).
  5. Gymnastics

    I thought that was such a fun routine. Bronze medalist was also entertaining to watch.
  6. S06.E10: Chocolate Chip Nookie

    I think that if one of them had flipped on the other, there’s no way they’d have been put in the same prison, let alone the same block. And
  7. S03.E08: Biscuits

    Did they actually show the drawing of what James’s barn was supposed to look like? I don’t remember seeing it. I thought he did well to get something that looked like a showstopper even if it wasn’t what he’d originally planned.
  8. S01.E04: The Silkworm Episode 1

    Ugh, translation she's probably going to have Strike and Robin hook up around book 5 or 6 then. (sighs) So predictable.
  9. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I glanced at the url and somehow missed the word ‘Ivana’ If you’ll excuse me, I’m just getting some brain bleach.
  10. S06.E10: Chocolate Chip Nookie

    I assumed the ‘tried to kill their sister’ referred to Barbara and Carol trying to off each other in prison. A is for Ad seg?
  11. S06.E01 Who Knows Better Than I?

    Luschek. I mean, he’s lazy as fuck, and happy to bend the rules but I don’t think he’s evil or sadistic. He’s the type of guard who will let bad things happen, but won’t actively make them happen.
  12. I find that charmingly naive that they think that an event that happened three weeks ago will still be considered ‘current’. Anybody remember what was the scandal/crisis/corruption of the day three weeks ago? There’s just so much crap going down that events or incidents that would once dominate a news cycle for weeks, now don’t even make the top ten crazy list a week later.
  13. Or maybe the hospital just had good enough security that a magazine wasn’t able to access its patients medical records. I mean, aren’t there any sort of privacy laws around healthcare or can any budding vulture, sorry I mean ‘journalist’ see whose in hospital at a particular time. (Not defending him, just patients in general)
  14. S06.E13: Be Free

    Caputo did bring the info to Taystee’s lawyer. She thanked him for it outside the courtroom and said they’d been able to get another autopsy done. She also said that it wasn’t necessarily going to help that much as the jury were just going to have two conflicting expert witnesses to deal with. Im not sure what other information you think he had and withheld.
  15. S06.E07: Changing Winds

    Blanca presumably gave up Ruiz after the whole ‘worshipping the cult of the Virgin’ scam that Gloria pulled in order to get the message to her that they needed to rat on Maria.