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  1. Oh, I see. I must had missed that.
  2. Probably the funniest episode so far. Also, was this the first episode where Roseanne wasn't referenced once?
  3. I liked it at the beginning when the other characters couldn't understand Sheldon. Classic. I also agree with the person praised Penny's work outfit. It looks great.
  4. Three's Company

    I'm still in the process of watching the complete series DVD set. The last episode I watched was apparently the final episode with Lana. I heard that her character was written out, because John Ritter didn't like the character. Kind of like Jack on the show, funny enough.
  5. Are new show forum requests being taken again yet? There's a new show that never had a forum, but has a thread, and I may want to request a forum for that, depending on how things go. And with these changes, how do we go about requesting new show forums now? Are there any certain formats to follow like before?
  6. Schooled

    Who here has seen the latest episode, "Lainey's All That"? I remember enjoying the movie She's All That in the late 90's, so I liked the references to that. Overall, I didn't like this episode as much as the series premiere though.
  7. Mythbusters Jr.

    Even though I prefer the original Mythbusters, I'm amazed at what these kids can do.
  8. Not me. I prefer the hairstyle she had in the older seasons.
  9. Schooled

    So, I just watched some of The Goldbergs, and so far, Schooled > The Goldbergs. I'm not sure how many people would agree with that opinion.
  10. The Conners Alphabet Game

    S is for Survive. Most of characters from Roseanne survived, except sadly for Roseanne herself.
  11. Schooled

    I couldn't agree. I think Lainey fits very well as the protagonist, and is a overall a good character. The Coach and Prinicipal are good characters too, don't get me wrong, but I don't think either of them being the protagonist would really fit a show like this.
  12. Yeah, but some Mythbusters Jr. discussing is in the Mythbusters thread. That's why I asked posts pertaining to that show to be split into its own thread.
  13. Now that Mythbusters has been made into a single thread, how about splitting Mythbusters Jr., which is more or less a spin-off of Mythbusters, into a separate thread?
  14. Mythbusters

    I agree. Pretty fun episode. Though, I didn't like it at the end when they blew up that orange car with the flowers. It looked awesome.
  15. S01.E09: Rage Against the Machine

    I'm from a family who always struggles with money, so episodes like this really hit home for me. I wish Dan would have gotten the money from the vending machine incident, to be honest.