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  1. S14.E02: Starter Home

    Please remember to keep the discussion about the episode.
  2. S20.E20: Live Eviction #6. Head of Household #7

    Please keep the live feeds talk out of these episode threads. If you want to discuss the feeds and any episodes, go here. Thanks.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Please remain on-topic.; if your post does not primarily have something to do with what has occurred on the Live Feeds, it is off-topic. If you want to discuss racism, please take it to the appropriate topic. Thanks.
  4. S20.E12: Nominations #4

    Please keep all feeds talk out of the ep threads. Thanks.
  5. Live Eviction #2; Head of Household #3
  6. Testing, Testing

  7. S20.E07: Power of Veto #2

    Power of Veto #2
  8. BB App Store #2; Nominations #2
  9. Carolyn Jane Shawn The Men Models Other Hosts & OAPs Hairdos
  10. BB20 Fantasy Game

    Mine are right.
  11. I've re-opened this thread. Please remember the rules going forward. Thanks.
  12. S20.E05: Live Eviction #1

    Live Eviction
  13. S20.E04: Power of Veto #1

  14. S20.E03: BB App Store #1

  15. Talking about Hosts children is a violation of SCS Forum rules. This thread will remain locked for at least 24 hours. Warnings will be handed out if Shawn talk shows up in any other thread in this forum.