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  8. Any mention of Lisa Robertson's fans will be removed and warnings will be handed out. Stuff like "I don't understand why anyone would like/want/pay for X" is fine as it's a general criticism about the product and aimed at anyone who expressed approval and/or purchases it, not specifically at her fans. We are happy for you guys to snark on Lisa herself but her fans and supporters are off limits as they are not public figures who put themselves on TV. Also, we are not willing (and have no desire) to foster a combative atmosphere with other sites/boards.
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  11. It's time to move on from the breast feeding discussion. Thanks.
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    I have hidden several posts that were off-topic and uncivil to another member. Please stay on topic. And remember, if some is rude to you please report it and then ignore it. You may also wish to employ the ignore feature. Thanks.
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