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  1. Lisa's Thread
  2. Ask for an answer here.
  3. We are still in the trial period and you may see additional new threads and you may see some closed along the way. Also, questions and suggestions should be PM'd to me and Deaja; they should not be discussed in any of the threads.
  4. Voting does not start until I put up the poll this coming Friday. We're still in the suggestion phase.
  5. Updated OP.
  6. Here's your Evine Channel Topic
  7. Thanks @DownTheShore! This is a great idea!
  8. @Stacey1014 is correct. There is a thread for QVC and a thread for HSN. Those threads are to discuss things like.. 1) I really love the Christmas in July programming and/or 2) I wish they had more cleaning gadget shows than makeup shows etc.
  9. There is a new home for all of you here. Please be sure and read this before posting there.
  10. I moved quite a few posts here, which is where you talk about all the seasons as a whole.
  11. It will be fine if you want to post a link.
  12. NEW RULE: Discussion of the hosts' children is no longer allowed because it can not be done civilly and/or without backseat modding.
  13. Live Eviction