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  1. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    I agree. Maintenon is just not compelling and that is probably more true to the real Maintenon then her being Clare Underwood. I also think how they handled the kids of Louis and Phillipe was poorly done. We saw the king’s heir twice out of 3 seasons and there really was zero point to introducing Phillipe’s kids at all. I guess there was a point to Mary Louise but honestly season 4 could have focused on these characters and their relationships with their fathers. Instead it was blink and you miss them.
  2. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    It seems like the iron mask story was done mostly to have a mystery since there were ones in the other seasons. The problem was the ones in the previous seasons were just more interesting and actually involved Versailles and people in Versailles. The iron mask story was just too isolated. Also the biggest issue is that it isolated Phillipe and kept him from characters you wanted to see him with. He’s married to Palatine and how many scenes did they have? Phillipe comes back a relative stranger and no meaningful scenes about it with her?
  3. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    I also wonder if the writers were writing this season with a 4th in mind and were told while filming they weren’t coming back and had to change things last minute.
  4. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    The writing on Versailles reminds me of the writing in American soaps. The writers put the characters where they want when they want them. Most of the time there is no build up and you can watch an episode feeling like you missed some episodes. I felt like that while watching Versailles this season. Especially with Phillipe and his breakup with Chevalier. They never gave us a why. It’s up to the viewer to make some kind of sense out of it - and that is just poor writing and storytelling.
  5. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Everything on the show was underwritten. They should have had the show go at least 5 seasons. They squeezed too much in 30 episodes and what we have is very shallow storytelling and characters acting in ways that make no sense to you.
  6. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Can anyone make heads or tails of a Phillipe? He couldn’t care less for his daughter but is completely kind to a man he just met. They were nice scenes but... Regarding the Chevalier and Delphine, I just can’t with the Chevalier being legitimately attracted to a woman. Not the guy I have watched the past 2 years. Its also the most explicit sex scene he had and all it took was putting him with a female. Does that bug anyone else?
  7. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Oh I know about the legend, I just don’t like that the writers went with it.
  8. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Williams and Runyan are the only actors in the US which is why we’re only seeing them. The other main actors live in Britain.
  9. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Yes at most Louis was a bastard. I’m fine with fiction but the writers making one of the most famous rulers in Europe a bastard is a little too much for me. Honestly though if you are going to do it than make Louis the iron mask guy’s son and Phillipe the son of Louis XIII. That would make for interesting drama. I was annoyed by the scenes of Chevy with Palatine and Marie-Louise. It’s like they were trying to put him in Phillipe’s place and I’m sorry I don’t buy Chevy giving a damn about his daughters. I was also annoyed that they had Phillipe send his daughter away never to be seen again without a backwards glance.
  10. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    The only thing I enjoyed about the last Inside Versailles was hearing Evan Williams thoughts on Chevalier and Delphine. I’ve wanted to hear his take since the whole thing began.
  11. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    I wonder the thought process of the writers to portray Phillipe as a completely disinterested father. It’s like when they remembered the real Phillipe actually had children they could only play it for laughs. I get the idea that someone else raises royal children but not knowing what they look like is too much. I also read that when it came to his children the real Marie Louise was known to be Phillipe’s favorite. This is a long winded way of saying the writers really missed the boat here. We’ve spent the last season watching Phillipe in a story that really is just not necessary and having him be completely indifferent to characters he has any kind of connection with. Regarding the slap, I can’t completely hate on Phillipe here since she did have a knife to a man’s throat. Also this is a man who raped his first wife so if I can ignore that and still be a fan of Phillipe...
  12. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    I had a similar thought that by making Louis so awful you won’t miss the show. Maintenon makes Montespan look like a Girl Scout. I just need someone to explain to me why Bontemps was against her influence and nothing is said about Maintenon’s. Montespan didn’t feed into Louis’s god complex and sure didn’t tell him to persecute his people in the name of God. The queen deserved so much better. The real queen died from some kind of infection in her arm. What happened on the show was done to just beat the fans over the head with Louis believing he was chosen by God. I liked the scene with Phillipe and Chevalier but I’m not here to see them talking about Chevy being in love with a character he’s known for 5 minutes. All I’ve seen is a character eyeing a potential way of keeping his place in Versailles and getting his hands on some money since he lost his place with Phillipe. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her but I don’t see love - on either part.
  13. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    I also think Maintenon is boring and listening to someone go on and on about religion makes me tune out - especially with a character that’s a hypocrite (she’s all about God but uses Palatine’s son to punish her?) but the biggest problem is the actors don’t have that kind of chemistry. I just don’t buy into their love story and as I said she just seems like a mother figure for him. Who knows that might be why the real Louis fell for her.
  14. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    This show is completely not fun to watch. It’s just so dark this year. It doesn’t help that Phillipe is cut off from everything and you don’t really get to see his humor. That is one of the best things about the character. Chevalier and Palatine being BFFs is great but something is missing without Phillipe.
  15. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Louis is full on tyrant this season. He had his unlikeable moments in previous seasons but there is nothing rootable about him this year. I think the only reasons Guillome is around is Phillipe wanted him rewarded for saving his life and it gives a reason for the king to interact with the peasants. I would have rather not seen Sophie come back at all than be used the way she is. I just can’t with the bug in the Queen’s ear.