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  1. S03.E07: Walter Taffet

    I’m years late in watching this, but the discussion about Stan’s backstory is fascinating and I think I agree it doesn’t quite jive with what he’s like now. Does the FBI really send family men with a wife and kid at home off on long term undercover missions? Did he really not see them AT ALL for three years? I would have assumed he was at least visiting them every few weeks.
  2. Rhaegar and Lyanna: So Many Questions

    Maybe this is a better thread for the question I just put in the Jon thread. I read the books first and I’m more familiar with them than the show, but I switched to the show when it was clear the books would never catch up. Just finished season 7. So so here’s my question: I remember tons of hinting and foreshadowing in the book that Jon was the son of Lyanna and Rhaeggar - for instance, Ned did a lot of thinking in book 1 about Lyanna’s “been of blood”. But I don’t remember any of those internal thoughts in the show. So what, if any, hinting and foreshadowing was there in the show about Jon being their son (before season 7)?
  3. I looked through all the pages on this board and there doesn’t seem to be a thread on the Unsullied or Grey Worm. Sorry if I missed discussion on this that has already happened. Heres my question: doesn’t castrating a boy remove the part of him that makes testosterone, and thus make it harder for him to build muscle? Doesn’t seem like a great way to build an army. Have they ever discussed this?
  4. S10.E02: Episode 2

    How did they get Robert’s family on with a product he didn’t even like? I’m wondering how that got set up.
  5. S02.E06: Behind The Red Door

    Watching for the first time. It seems Stan is going to let himself be pressured into giving Oleg information. But the obvious move for Stan is to try to exfiltrate Nina and end the operation. He mentioned he couldn’t do that because her family would be killed, but that doesn’t make sense - the end game was always to exfiltrate her. Are we supposed to assume he doesn’t want to exfiltrate her because he doesn’t want to stop seeing her? He’s pathetic and making the wrong decisions when he still has a solid chance to get out of this ok.
  6. S02.E05: The Deal

    I’m watching this show for the first time so I don’t know what happens. I’m not clear what Oleg’s game is, but either way it seems to me that the correct move for Stan to make Ned this immediately tell his superiors and try to exfiltrate Nina. Why is he acting like this is something he can be blackmailed over? But I assume for TV plotting purposes that won’t happen - wonder what his reasoning will be.
  7. Season 1 Discussion: Tusk

    It’s just hard for me to believe that she’d believe that to such an extent that she’d think it’s ok to actively spy with a spy pen and everything.
  8. Patsy: Keeping Dark Secrets

    They aren't very consistent about the number of rooms. If they can give Delia her own room, why are the other nurses sharing? When Valerie shows up later she even asks for her own room and is denied. But if Delia has her own room, then I guess that is almost as good as she and Patsy sharing.
  9. Season 1 Discussion: Tusk

    I just finished Season one (and haven’t seen he rest of the show). I don’t really understand the backstory with Martha. What job does she think “Clark” has that she thinks it’s ok for her to spy on her boss for him?
  10. Patsy: Keeping Dark Secrets

    When Patsy and Delia were both living at Nonnatus House, were they roommmates? It seemed like they weren’t, but then why not?
  11. Is there a thread for medical questions about childbirth and pregnancy in the show? I have two: Why do they often say “it’s very important that you do not push yet”? Is that still done? Sheila’s pregnancy: I thought once you were on bed rest, it was for the rest of the pregnancy. But she was up and about and energetic while still pregnant after so,e time of bed rest. Is that normal?
  12. Seasons 1 & 2 Discussion: Midwifery Memories

    I just rewatched that one and after he died the sister also said “we we more than brother and sister, more than husband and wife, even”. So that did seem to imply something more like a married couple relationship. But I also wondered why they didn’t pass themselves off as a married couple, like in the book Middlesex. Not sure they even had to move; if their whole family was gone and they grew up alone in the poorhouse, who would notice if they changed their names and said they were married?
  13. S07.E04: Episode 4

    I didn’t buy the whole British cast being so cool with polygamy. Why didn’t anyone suggest she could divorce him under English law? Maybe she wouldn’t want to, but I would have expected one of the western characters to think that was the obvious response. And ok maybe the husband was forced to marry the young cousin, but how could he possibly justify not warning his wife what had happened and just springing it on her like that? I could never respect him or expect respect from him again after that.
  14. S07.E03: Episode 3

    These nuns have got to be the chillest nuns in the world. Brothers and sisters living as married couples? No problem. Abortion literally IN our church? Who are we to judge. I keep having to remind myself they’re not catholic nuns, but even so, it doesn’t seem realistic. (Though I always wondered why the brother and sister from season 1 didn’t just pass themselves off as a married couple, like in the book Middlesex).
  15. Season 1 Rewatch Thread

    I just finished Season 7 and then re-started Season 1. It sure seems like Poplar was portrayed as much more trashy, dirty, and dangerous back in Season 1, and the people generally as more desperately poor and living in much worse conditions with less expectation of them improving. Is this showing the times changing as the years go along? Did the East End improve a lot historically between the years of Season 1 and Season 7? Or is it more a stylistic change in the show? Did they ever give an explanation why Chummy apparently comes from a super rich background but decided to become a midwife in a poor area? I can think of reasons, just curious if one was given. I found it implausible that Jenny wouldn't have realized that's what would happen. Wasn't that the standard thing that was done in those days? Someone should have prepared Mary for it beforehand, it seems like they just took the baby without telling her it was going to happen.