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  1. S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    Ah thanks , that makes more sense.
  2. S02.E03: Baggage

    Doesn’t June have stuff she wants to take with her from around the building, useful items? Idiot, just walking out in the clothes she’s wearing. June often acts and speaks in a very slow and dramatic way instead of a practical way, given the circumstances she’s in. Glad they brought in June’s mom and her history there from the book. I really liked the line about how this stuff was always there in American society, people just didn’t notice it... well, some people noticed it, feminists noticed and tried to raise awareness of it. That kind of thing is much more interesting than yet more scenes of handmaids being tortured in illogically brutal ways (illogical because they supposedly want them to have babies and severe stress and torture will obviously make that much less likely). I didn’t really get why June’s mom and her friends were so against her publishing job. And her mom being against her getting married... didn’t seem like very good reasons she gave. I was expecting “he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you,” not “you can’t get married when there are political issues to fight”. How about at least “marry someone who is passionate about fighting for your rights” rather than “don’t give your energy and passion to a man”. But I guess her mom isn’t supposed to be perfect either. Where do I recognize the actress who played Omar’s wife Heather from? And I think she was much thinner than June, unlikely her dress would fit June so well. Maybe would have been better to crop her hair and take Omar’s clothes, but maybe she figured her face couldn’t pass as a man’s. I get that it’s heart wrenching for June to leave Hannah but logically she has a much better chance at getting her back if she makes it to Canada and gets involved with resistance groups instead of being on the run for her life. I hate extended scenes of TV characters driving and not looking at the road because they’re having a moment with the passenger. Watch the road! Oh man, I thought she’d be making it to Canada. So ready for a change in the narrative structure of this show. They could have had her escape and then go back as part of a mission to infiltrate and rescue Hannah (actually, Luke is the one who should be doing that). When we saw Moira in the nightclub it immediately reminded me of Jezebel’s and I wondered why she’d want to hang out in a place like that. And then it clearly wasn’t working very well for her. She can, but it might lead to a miscarriage. Unclear how much she cares about the pregnancy, though. I thought she was going on foot, until she ended up at the airfield.
  3. S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    I guess that would work but I prefer watching it in the daytime, psychologically. I always use closed captions but it doesn’t help with things that are purely visual, like the wall at the Globe - I saw nooses but I didn’t see boood or bullet holes, I read that here afterwards. I just looked up the Boston Globe on google maps - is she in the heart of downtown Boston? I thought she was somewhere a bit more isolated and industrial?
  4. S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    I can tell I’m going to have to watch on a better screen - I could barely see any of this. All the scenes were so dark, even though I turned up the brightness all the way. It sounds like I missed some powerful details, so I shouldn’t have called the scenes too slow. But they need to remember not everyone has a big new TV when they’re lighting the scenes. Yes, this was a big mistake.
  5. S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    Interesting that Gilead still respects Canada enough to let Emily’s wife and child go just because they had Canadian passports. Otherwise that’s another baby to give to a high ranking couple.
  6. S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    The flashbacks were the best part. It still seems like a big jump from something so close to us to where they are now, but I guess the point is that it has happened and it can happen here. Chilling having it explicitly set in Boston. I wouldn’t think that just because babies are apparently so rare and precious now, but I would think she’d view it as HER baby, not Nick’s. I don’t see her wanting to stay with Nick if they got to Canada, even if Luke was dead. It doesn’t make sense to shoot Nick, she needs him on a practical level. And his politics are unclear. But that’s different than being in love with him.
  7. S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    I’m only watching this now, but here are my thoughts as I’m watching... (I wish they’d keep the threads separate even when the first episodes air together; now I can’t read this thread till I watch both first episodes). I knew the whole time that the whole scaffold thing was just to scare them - and I wonder if some of them will realize this means they’re too valuable of kill if they rebel en masse. The music playing over it bugged me. I thought June would get out of the whole punishment thing much sooner on grounds of being pregnant, since Serena and the Commander knew (and Nick too?) and that kind of stress is a good way to cause a miscarriage. What kind of operation are they running here? Well, we already knew it wasn’t a remotely rational one. And why did Nick say “trust me”? Is it that he knew they weren’t going to kill them? But they are still being tortured and maimed. (I wonder if they hadn’t decided last season where exactly she was going in that van - I was hoping Canada). We saw last season that when June gave birth to Hannah, the maternity world was totally empty and someone immediately tried to steal the baby - that was some pretty dramatic societal infertility (which I think was a mistake, narratively, to take it quite that far, but whatever, they already did it). Given how incredibly unusual it was to have a baby at that point, it seems weird that June would be taking birth control pills that long after having Hannah. I know they wanted to make a point about Luke having to sign off on it, but couldn’t that scene have taken place further in the past when she was younger? Ugh, the hand burning was a bit much - I don’t want to watch torture porn. And again, don’t they know that stress impacts fertility? Are they trying to make them all infertile and suicidal? There are so many better ways to have surrogacy slaves, logically. At least with Janine’s eye it was one as an example to the others, but now they’re going to burn off everyone’s hands? And I know Aunt Lydia engineered that to make all the other handmaids hate June, but also June didn’t have to take a bite right then. Ok, I see Nick was in on some kind of escape. He’s lucky she didn’t have a miscarriage from the stress before he showed up, though. And why didn’t she ask him to help her cut off the ear thing? At least he’d be able to see what he’s doing, and maybe minimize bleeding all over the place, which doesn’t exactly help with laying low and escaping. I do like the theme of her keeping her maiden name, and people making an issue of that. My mom kept her maiden name and people used to ask me if my parents weren’t really married, or if it wasn’t weird and confusing, etc. No, it was never an issue, and I would do the same. The second episode was, surprisingly, kind of boring. Lots of long slow scenes mostly in the dark with very little happening and hard to see what was on the screen. I don’t usually multitask during this show but I found myself browsing the web during some parts. I find it hard to identify with June wanting to have sex in any of these situations - how many people were doing it while on the run from the Nazis? But fiction tells me that sex is life affirming in these horrible situations and maybe it really is, I wouldn’t know. Or, cynically, having sex with Nick might make him more likely to go out on a limb for her. She’s largely at his mercy, he has all the power and she has none. Who is the Wife who got sent to the colonies, are we supposed to know her? Was she still wearing the dark blue Wife outfit? I didn’t notice until the very end when she was on the cross thing. Interesting that she was still spouting True Believer phrases.
  8. S01.E04: Season 1, Episode 4

    What an unsatisfying ending. Thumbs down for this show.
  9. S01.E03: Season 1, Episode 3

    “Kind” isn’t how I’d describe how Simon behaved with his mom in the bathroom. That was totally bizarre. If it doesn’t turn out Simon did it, that’s really too much for a red herring. Yelling at your mom, fine, but pulling away her towel to see her naked? Not remotely normal.
  10. S01.E01: Season 1, Episode 1

    Did I miss the brother being exonerated somehow?
  11. S01.E01: Season 1, Episode 1

    I feel like it’s being hinted that the foster brother might have done it due to jealousy.
  12. S01.E01: Impact

    There are Netflix comments? Where can I read these? I don’t see them in the app.
  13. S01.E01: Stay Inside

    I’m only a few minutes in and this doesn’t seem very good. Is it worth continuing?
  14. Season 1 Discussion

    Since there’s no board for The Five but I see a lot of mentions of it upthread, can I mention the one thing that really bothered me there? Spoiler-tagged:
  15. Season 1 Discussion

    Just finished it. Well, I didn’t suspect Sophie till the second to last episode, so I guess they got me. Mich of the plot was driven by characters doing stupid and nonsensical things, but I enjoyed the show (and I paid attention this time, after having started out watching The Five less attentively and then getting hooked). I think British accents cover a lot, for me. I read this line accidentally before finishing the show, and spent awhile wondering if there was going to be a sci fi twist. I see now that by “current timeline” you mean the present as opposed to the flashbacks.