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  1. Ha ha. Yeah it’s funny (but kind of realistic) that the show pulled back on the obvious wealth signifiers- Porsches, Rodeo Drive, mansions-once the gang was on their own but they still have daddy buying them a newspaper or financing a boutique a year or two out of college instead of schlepping in the lower levels of their fields for years. Include owning a restaurant/nightclub for that matter.
  2. And We Might See Them Again

    I just started watching “All American” and the affable blond secondary character guy is the “Steve” to me since I don’t care enough to find out the character name. He’s even wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the beginning of episode 4. Hee!
  3. Donna’s Guy Fieri skirt! That’s totally something I would have bought at Hot Topic at that time, but doesn’t strike me as very “Donna”. I forgot about that flames trend.
  4. The only other Felice I’d heard of at the time was from The Kiss, so I was predisposed to get a bad vibe. Heh. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kiss_(1988_film)
  5. See this annoyed me because it totally doesn’t gel with the “Felice got knocked up and dropped out of the Rose Pageant” story from college. Unless maybe that was a miscarriage and she had Donna later? I didn’t notice exactly what graduating class Felice belonged to.
  6. I figured Bobbi was a nickname for Barbara (or Roberta). Do we ever see her name written?
  7. Up to 3:10 and quite impressed that they got Lady Gaga right as “Bad Romance” dropped. Up to 3:19- I was never really into Dan, but the longer fuller hair is so flattering! He looks like a Renaissance painting. Maybe the actor’s been working out too, but it’s mostly the hair. Also, I’m always worried their champagne is going flat being poured and not always drunk right away.
  8. Funny enough, a FB friend was joking about the age of 90210 actors a week or two ago (of course I provided this podcast link and recommendation) and apparently David/Brian has fans among the gay Black guys in my FB circle. Who knew? At the time I would have gone for Dylan and his rich broody rebel thing, but I now find season one Brandon to be gorgeous lookswise. Just like I started rewatching Gossip Girl a week ago and find Nate to be gorgeous and roll my eyes at Chuck and his mannerisms.
  9. Hunh. Dating Megan Fox in her “prime” did wonders for Brian’s rep. Somehow I thought he was ”Gen X Scott Baio” with the way people carry on, but Wikipedia only lists Tiffani, Vanessa, and Megan as significant relationships.
  10. I like Gina too. She’s got some legitimate class envy, and doesn’t seem to care about being liked.
  11. Yup, long French manis tended to be reserved for prom/weddings, and probably would have been regarded as trashy/strippery for an everyday look to someone of Donna’s social class.
  12. I just started re-watching after only seeing season 1 and a couple episodes of season 2 in the original run. I remember Chuck attempting to rape Serena and Jenny in the pilot, but wooooow am I finding Blair’s Asian and Black “ladies in waiting” problematic as heck as well. And the constant “slut-shaming”! How were we so unwoke just 11 years ago? I’m just going to treat this like dark comedy like most of Cruel Intentions. On the positive side, I LOVED Serena’s yellow Ralph Lauren bridesmaid gown then and now. I spent ages looking for a cheaper version of the purple & cream pinstriped blazer I think she wears in early season 2. They made a Lauren version a few seasons later, but by then I accepted that I’m not built like Blake Lively.
  13. S02.E09: Inside the Pretend

    Funny enough, I’ve been rewatching The Wire after many years, and left season 2 wondering if Chris Bauer had previously auditioned for Tony Soprano, since HBO likes to reuse actors.
  14. S02.E09: Inside the Pretend

    Also, at the end of season one Ashley got on the bus to go live with her sister in upstate NY, so I thought it was weird that Vincent and Abby didn’t try to track down her family like they did for the girl that died in the fire. Of course it had been years, so there could have been a falling out offscreen. I chuckled at Lori emerging from the airport in a bikini top (especially with the old-school stewardesses right next to her). Even now every once in a while a person is challenged for wearing daisy dukes or other “inappropriate” attire on flights (though some airlines had that as a uniform look in the ‘70s). Glad to see Lori and Darlene getting happy endings. I was afraid that Lori would OD on coke after everything pretty much going well for her. I was surprised they introduced VHS/Beta so soon since $1000 in 1979 is still about $3400 in today’s money, but it’s good tease for season 3. I’ll be curious to see how the movies went from mob funded to more corporate endeavors.
  15. The episode aired Feb ‘99, just enough time to rip off the plot of “Very Bad Things” which came out in Nov. ‘98.