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  1. S02.E06: We're All Beasts

    The plot of “Red Hot” is eerily similar to a short story I wrote for a college class (without the porn scenes). Hunh. Lori looks so much better in the red wig than that blonde shade. Hope she keeps it for awhile.
  2. Teenage Erin Silver was a major character on the 90210 reboot, and I think maybe Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez got a shout out?
  3. The Wire in the Media

    I’m rewatching season one after many years and immediately noticed the Wee-Bay scene that’s become a meme. Heh. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/wee-beys-reaction
  4. The Cast of "The Deuce"

    I met Gbenga at Afropunk 2016! Really nice guy. He had a furniture company where he would refinish pieces in African fabrics. I didn’t even recognize him from The Wire. https://www.elledecor.com/shopping/a8800852/gbenga-akinnagbe-the-wire/
  5. I don’t even think Val was particularly hot for Ray in and of himself. I think she sexually harassed him for a power trip. He definitely had no gold to dig and no emotional connection like Tom or Colin.
  6. On a related note, I hate the way teen shows like BH:90210 and lately 13 Reasons Why waste these mint-condition classic cars on teenage boys (even rich ones whose parents can pay the sky-high insurance premium). Young “car guys” are generally into tuning and stuff. The O.C. is one of the only shows that reflected that it was written by a younger person car-wise.
  7. Wait...so since Dylan left town on a motorcycle, has the car been sitting in a garage untouched all these years? I remember it being pretty shot up as opposed to one sniper shot. As a car enthusiast, yes the Porsche is more interesting than the cast at this point.
  8. Also, if he’s still a multimillionaire then donate the car to an auto museum or something. I think the “gang members” want to be doing the west coast sign a la Snoop Dogg, but perhaps the show didn’t want to offend any actual gang members.
  9. Also, I know California was all early with their smoking ban and such, but I find it highly unrealistic that all these people work at or hang out in a NIGHTCLUB like every other night and no one smokes. Noah’s out drinking and driving, but he’s concerned about his lungs? Yeah, ok.🙄
  10. Does Gina know that Noah is rich, or is she just trying to break them up for giggles?
  11. S02.E02: There’s an Art to This

    I know! I love the actress, but find the “high maintenance” Fig look to be oddly unflattering on her. Her 70s look is amazing. Does anyone know if the blonde at the dressing table with Lori (Midnight Blue conversation) was supposed to be a real person?
  12. S02.E02: There’s an Art to This

    Glad that Candy has a mentor now. Pleasantly surprised to see Ashley back as a feminist advocate, this should be interesting. I want things to work out well for Lori and her career. I dunno, I get a bad vibe there, hope it doesn’t go “Star ‘80” for her. That bleached hair is giving me “tragic blonde” foreshadowing-Marilyn, Dorothy Stratten.
  13. Not only does “going out” Denise look old, on first glance I’d swear it was Sheryl Lee or someone dressed in a Laura Palmer costume.
  14. And We Might See Them Again

    Funny enough, I heard the new CW show “All American” being discussed on the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast (where Sarah & Tara have appeared), and its premise of a Black high school football player transferring from Crenshaw to Beverly Hills reminded of all the good Black guest stars on 90210. It totally could have been a spin-off back in the day. http://m.cwtv.com/shows/all-american
  15. The Deuce in the Media

    As far as we know, she successfully left town to go live with her sister in upstate NY. College girl hid her at her apt, and then signed over the check her dad gave her at that country club party.