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  1. I just started watching “Sharp Objects” on HBO, and the main character is an alcoholic with a bunch of airport bottles of booze. I immediately thought of this scene while reading the show’s discussion thread on here. Heh.
  2. Didn’t he own the gun David shot Gwyneth with?, so I assume he is licensed, but who knows if there was an investigation into that where he would have been at fault? A friend’s ex-cop father died (of natural causes/old age) here in NY and someone from the firearms licensing department or whatever contacted her about his gun. She has it stored at her local police department for safekeeping until she can sell it, since she has no license and is not interested in getting one. Granted, maybe things were different in the ‘90s.
  3. Just started The Teacher’s Pet podcast, and it’s quite good. There are elements of The Keepers (male teachers dating teen girl students in the late 70s/early 80s), and the disappearance/murder mystery of of Lyn Dawson ( former rugby star/gym teacher’s wife). https://www.theaustralian.com.au/the-teachers-pet
  4. And wasn’t Dylan’s inner child wearing a baseball cap when mourning Mr McKay?
  5. It looks like Kelly and Val are both doing “The Rachel” a couple years late.
  6. *Sexually harassing* Ray since she threatened his employment at the club. Because toxic.
  7. Upon this last rewatching, I really dislike Val. She reminds me way too much of “cool” friends I didn’t realize were incredibly toxic when I was at that age. She can’t leave the show fast enough.
  8. Scandalous Speculation

    Hmm...It makes sense that a baud might be the go-to person for discreet abortion/birth control information at that time. Maybe Lady Isabelle’s attempt failed?
  9. Scandalous Speculation

    Yes! This is has bothered me since last season. Even at the beginning of season 1, I would have thought that Charlotte especially would “code switch” to a posher accent around the nobles.
  10. Yeah, but plenty of people-especially the Dylans of the world repeat all those patterns. Dude was a drunk and then an addict self-medicating his traumas, and he could afford to run off and travel the world instead of getting real therapy (not that past lives woowoo bs).
  11. I rather liked Kelly’s hair and makeup (and overall look). It’s like she relies on being a “cute blonde”, but good makeup and decent hairstyling bump her up to beautiful.
  12. I know! I hate this trope SO much. Wasting my time, clothing/grooming budget, and gas for nothing.
  13. And it’s extra-amusing that the mid to late 90s was the height of all the heroin chic and weird-looking models trend, but spazzy mcflailing wasn’t making it work.
  14. To give the writers some credit-this pivotal moment of Cheryl being into Hollywood clubs, movie stars, and Dylan’s Porsche (totally normal for a teen *cough* any girl) gave us YEARS of Brandon/Dylan competition. Especially when Dylan fixes a problem with money and Brandon is bitter- again, and again, and again. The Class Struggle in Beverly Hills indeed.
  15. Isn’t BH it’s own little town within LA? I could totally see them being very NIMBY about an erotica store because of wealth and property values as opposed to feminism/what about the children?. The closest one in my NYC suburb is in a semi-industrial zone right next to a highway on-ramp, but these days you can get toys in Spencer Gifts at the mall.