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  1. Even Polnareff has those broken heart earrings. I figured it was kind of a theme of this season.
  2. Did anyone else think Cool Ice looked kinda like a Pillar Man? I know everybody is chiseled on this show, but he really had that whole thing down.
  3. Finished Progressive. It was really pretty, but I’m not sure what I got out of it. Was it really about Hidomi and Haruko both trying to get the man they wanted? I’m going to have to digest further.
  4. That was my favorite ep yet. I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ve turned the corner on Progressive. I think I like it a lot more now that it’s Ide and Hitomi finding each other, and not some kind of unrequited feelings (at least for now).
  5. I like the new credits, although they spoil that Red Guard has a lot of arms. I’m going to miss the Troupe if that’s the last we see of them. They had potential.
  6. I found the video game sort of interesting, but only in that there’s no way those two could narrate what’s happening in the time intervals they claimed they had.
  7. I get the same feeling that we’re still in emulation mode rather than making something new. Partly I’m missing a “moment”, like the first time Lord Kanti flew But I like that I can’t really tell if it’s IDE or Hitomi who are special, or if they both are. It’s going to end with her connection to humanity being key, I feel.
  8. Really, no replies about Progressive ep 1? Hitomi is detached from reality because her father’s out of the picture. Unfortunately, two different guitar-packing ladies have taken an interest in her involvement, and as a result, at least parts of her apocalyptic nightmares are starting to come true. I wasn’t sure how the pace and structure of this ep would hold up to FLCL classic. For me the jury is still out, at least until next week.
  9. I know - I first thought I’d skipped one somewhere, possibly in the aftermath of the Easter shenanigans.
  10. Not looking forward to the rest of the Kilua and Shoot angst-off. Meanwhile, Gon will eventually put all his money on Black to somehow pay off this thing. Loaning your opponent aura seems like a thing you only use on less powerful opponents. It kinda reminds me of “Raise your head, Wabisuke!” from flock-of-seagulls guy on Bleach.
  11. It would be tough to be Mariah - only plastic sunglasses, no metal earring studs, no metal fasteners on clothing. When she gets old, no metal replacement hip. It might not be attracted to her, but it would be attracted to her opponents. She’s in the hospital now, hope they don’t put metal pins in her broken bones.
  12. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    FYI - I see last week’s shows are being rerun this week - but on my DVR they are listed as repeats, not new. So if you tape them like I do, check your settings.
  13. I give up on understanding how gravity works on the Tekkadan ship (the Isarubi?). Flashback Shino can just spin in midair but then stop somehow? it hurts every time I see him miss with the giant banner spear weapon. I notice Shino has the red eye like Mikazuki in that scene, though - nice touch.
  14. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    I’m glad to see I didn’t miss anything on April 1. I DVR the whole thing since I can’t stay awake for three hours of TV any more, and usually find out about schedule changes the next day. I notice my cable co. didn’t have the April 1 listed episodes available, so figured they didn’t count as aired. I liked Mind Game by the end, but the first part kinda dragged. It reminded me of Ulysses - just a day in the life of a kind of nebbishy dude.
  15. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    I was somehow worried to be watching Alternative before Progressive, but I guess I didn’t need to be. I’m digging the girl-squad vibe so far. Seems like we’re still going to be a coming of age thing.