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  1. Wow - considering how she was raised, Historia has been incredibly well adjusted as a young woman.
  2. Second time around, I like this ep even better. It’s just a fun vibe with these friends. I hope Haruko doesn’t mess things up more than necessary. There’s a shot of her near the beginning, maybe continuity from Progressive?
  3. I’m really enjoying this show, including watching it with the kids. (I’m really hoping Midnight is going over their heads though....) Was there an ep this past weekend? I.e. anything from the next event after the obstacle race. It didn’t record for me at least. Also, at the end of the month, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is coming to movie theatres! I’m looking forward to that as well.
  4. I still say Josuke’s stand looks a lot like Thr World. Props to [as] for running these so close together by the way. I know the bizarreness must end sometime, but it’s nice that it’s not yet.
  5. I’m liking that it’s a different art design style. Was the background shading flickering during the convenience store scene though? Josuke has a cool stand, seems like a lot of room for cool stuff to happen. This season has a lot more swearing though.
  6. Next week: an hour of Titan! This week: the Levi squad tries to use Eren’s power, but he has some difficulty performing. Then Levi gets out-thought in a rooftop. ”People always talk after the first fingernail” is a scary piece of information to have.
  7. I’m not liking how the light mage just reused Scar’s backstory, but it’s not the least original thing about this series. At least Yami got some good exposition.
  8. It doesn’t explain why Leol’s water never drained though. Unless he meant that above ground, he has to keep creating more, since it flows away? Also, if you can borrow anyone’s power, was the tsunami one really the best he could use?
  9. I love that Dio stops time in the title sequence. Great touch! DiU guy’s new Stand looks a lot like The World. Coincidence?
  10. I’m amazed that Marie even exists at all. I figured she would be his split personality or something. I love the literal flying nun - reminds me of grade school.
  11. Even Polnareff has those broken heart earrings. I figured it was kind of a theme of this season.
  12. Did anyone else think Cool Ice looked kinda like a Pillar Man? I know everybody is chiseled on this show, but he really had that whole thing down.
  13. Finished Progressive. It was really pretty, but I’m not sure what I got out of it. Was it really about Hidomi and Haruko both trying to get the man they wanted? I’m going to have to digest further.
  14. That was my favorite ep yet. I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ve turned the corner on Progressive. I think I like it a lot more now that it’s Ide and Hitomi finding each other, and not some kind of unrequited feelings (at least for now).
  15. I like the new credits, although they spoil that Red Guard has a lot of arms. I’m going to miss the Troupe if that’s the last we see of them. They had potential.