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  1. UA Bulletin Board: The Media Thread

    I really like “small might” :)
  2. I had forgotten that the series really started with the loss of Wall Maria, give or take a few episodes. It really has been a while. The glitch during the end title makes me think the operation doesn’t go quite as planned.
  3. I know slow fights with lots of introspection are this show’s thing, but Knuckle wins the prize for slowing time enough that he realizes that super elongated time perception means he’s likely toast.
  4. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    I’m afraid to look at what a hash the time change has made of my DVR recordings :( .
  5. Got it, I see it now (since she was in this most recent ep.). Her uniform was so Orihime my mind just went there. Uh oh, does this mean Kahone will also have a thing for Asta? He’s so am archetypal Shonen protagonist that I can’t identify with him any more.
  6. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    So far I like the title sequence of Mob Psycho better than the actual show. I think it’s just an art style thing.
  7. I didn’t see the missing face coming so that was a definite shock moment. Latest Ep: Beast Titan is Eren’s Dad? Really? Or did I misunderstand something.
  8. Really my number one complaint about both series is that the Pillows weren’t front and center more. They still leaned on some of their original hits (like Little Masters) too much. I liked Alternative once I realized it was its own thing and not really FLCL. I think it’s the closest to non-Shonen that AS has ever shown.
  9. End title: Noelle, water girl, and Orihime from BLEACH, right? I like that they don’t make it weird, they’re just hanging out. I couldn’t figure out if our musical interlude plus animation was intended to continue the watery theme.
  10. It’s weird that Reiss became an abnormal that he apparently didn’t control. Most human titans are abnormal but appear to be under conscious control. Also, I wonder if that wall also had titans inside?
  11. I really liked that sequence where Midoria and Todoroki finish their fight. I was afraid the deal with the hot water was going to be too much for my kids, but I think the show finessed it well.
  12. Yeah, that one’s pretty gross. If it’s too hot to approach, I hope they have some asbestos Survey Corps gear. Is it significant that we haven’t seen it’s face yet? I like how Armin’s argument against Eren sacrificing himself is “we don’t really know if Reiss will revert after he eats you, anyway”. Logic!
  13. Good question. Maybe he can trip people? Hide their keys when they are not looking? Also, that was a lot of exposition about an elevator. I’m calling it Chekhov’s Elevator from here on out.
  14. E6: The Pillows play the 8-bit Alternative theme while Kana goes Magical Girl on the iron. It’s possible she drags Mars into low Earth orbit, which if I understand orbital mechanics is long term problematic. The good news is that Haruko finally got Kana to do her thing. The bad news is that it’s possible that Haruko orchestrated Pets leaving the planet to get that result. Or at least I wouldn’t put it past her. Later I’ll raise a glass to Haruko’s bass, hors de combat in this episode. I’m sure she’ll find a new one eventually.
  15. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    Did you get that thing I sent you about Harvey Birdman: Attorney General? Get in here on Sunday night!