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  1. S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    FOH I would have whooped James' ass like he stole my life savings then sent my husband to whoop his ass again. An open palmed slap that rattled his teeth would work as well. People want to say nasty shit and not face consequences I get that, but that's not how the world works. I'm starting to hate Sandoval. He's the worse kind of come up. He's one of those guys that gets a little success and suddenly he's Steve Jobs. Why is he buying ridiculous unnecessary toys for Tom-Tom? Scheana pisses me off because she's an incredibly stupid person (like what the fuck is going on with public education) but she thinks she's special or talented and she's not. It's one of the drawbacks of YouTube-- most of those views are people laughing at you dear. I don't like anyone on this show anymore so it's time to bow out again.
  2. S11.E05: Tatted Tales

    Kenya Moore deserved the ass whooping she got from Porsha. She was trying to provoke a reaction and she got one. It's no one's fault that she can only hand out wolf tickets and pick on poor Kim Fields. Fuck her. Agree with all this. Shamari's make up choices make her look a lot older than she is. I was looking at that blonde Farrah wig during her performance and had to wonder where was the stylist or best friend? I think she was missing Porsha because she is intimidated by the other women who are older and less bird-like. I think the producers thought this show needed a dose of Love & Hip Hop--that's the only explanation I can see for the addition of Shamari. What I always liked about this show is it stopped short of the L&HH stuff but I don't know if that will continue to be true if Shamari and Porsha are the future of this show.
  3. Because it illustrated that she and Randall have anxiety disorders in common. It also demonstrated that she's not always cool and together.
  4. The Alvin Ailey dance company performed at my middle school in Brooklyn when I was just 10. It changed my life. If Randall manages to show the kids in that neighborhood there's more to the world than just their block he could make a remarkable difference. ETA: I agree that if Randall focuses on making the Rec center a haven for kids that would be a better use of his time and fulfill his desire to help people.
  5. The disintegration of Randall and Beth's marriage is like watching a car crash in slow motion. I hate to say it because there are kids out there that need the Randalls of the world (if there are any left) but the beginning of the end was Randall's desire to adopt. Randall drives headlong from one situation to the next without stopping to consider the impact on the people around him. How could he continue this campaign when his family so clearly needs him? The actress playing Tess is doing an amazing job. I think gender reveals are dumb--sorry not sorry. I'm struggling to get into the baby storyline because Kate's such an entitled ass it's hard to root for her. Who thinks they can just walk into a school and teach without any credentials? What pisses me off is Kate seems like the type that would want that exception for herself but she'd never make that accommodation for someone else. Did Rebecca say she's been in pain for years in very specific areas of her body and had kept it quiet for years? That's incredible and terrible. I like Kevin and Zoe together and the beauty they bring to my screen is amazing. Thank god the days of an all white straight cast with the one troubled gay child are over. We really have to stop normalizing hatred and bigotry for the sake of those who are uncomfortable about the myriad types of people in the world besides themselves.
  6. S11.E2: South Peach

    Two things: 1) umm weren't you the person who was getting information from Aydin's teacher to come onhere and start rumors about Phaedra's bad parenting. 2) If more people had actually been slapped across the face for being an asshole there'd be fewer assholes in the world.
  7. S11.E2: South Peach

    I like Eva and I can see her being a shit stirrer just by dropping inconvenient truth bombs. Why would Kandi interpret Eva's comment as a slight against Shamea's complexion? I think that's Kandi's insecurity about Eva's beauty talking. I hope Porsha finds true love. Everyone deserves happiness and she's mostly harmless.
  8. S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    I've actually been wondering if this is the direction they're heading. Maybe it seems forced to you because in other shows there's typically one character (usually a stereotype) to represent marginalized groups. I think a multiplicity of characters with diverse backgrounds interests and issues shows those areas of one's make up are just one component to who they are as a person. (Someone else can probably phrase this better). I said "oh sweetie" out loud during Kate and Tess' discussion. Kate's not really warm. My aunts all descended on my house when I got my period the first time. It was like this welcome to the club atmosphere that was very reassuring but completely mortifying.
  9. S02.E08: Heart in a Box

    The reveal about Nina was so anti-climatic. I really thought I'd be more moved. I like Conrad and Revenge together. Revenge grounds him without clipping his wings. I totally get Devin being over his day, but I wish Priya had told him there are hospitals that specifically cater to the poor in SF that do cutting-edge medicine. Titanium hips and heart transplants aren't restricted to those of us with health insurance. MMV but if she moved for him, he should at least consider moving for her.
  10. S09.E06: Pastry Week

    Does anyone else think Prue and Paul are a little mean to Manon? In my head, I chalk it up to the centuries-long animosity between the English and French lol.
  11. S03.E07: Sometimes

    It was a very crowded field when Mandy Moore was trying to make a go of it. Was she playing down her singing voice because she didn't sound LA good in that scene? Rebecca's PJs were adorable. I sometimes forget how swoony Milo is because he's playing a dad. I'm enjoying watching Jack and Rebecca's courtship because you'd assume that everything went really smoothly, but based on this and Vietnam episode it wasn't easy sailing. Rebecca actually had some doubts. Also, Dad-Jack and Former Army staff sergeant-Jack are two different people. I'm very interested to get to know this guy.
  12. You really think so? All the guys she's been with so far were broke except Leon. This new guy may be the first one that's actually on her level or am I forgetting someone? Why does Nene look so bad? Her wigs and makeup are atrocious! I hope we see her love on Greg, keep him happy and fuss over him a little. Greg is old, sick and scared, probably, I wish she'd be nice to him instead of complaining when he tries to talk about what's happening. What kind of person rolls their eyes and complains when someone talks about their illness.
  13. S03.E06: Kamsahamnida

    Kate's not having a typical course of IVF and if I'm not mistaken they've done multiple rounds. I mean I have pretty good insurance but they wouldn't approve an MRI let alone a high-risk procedure like IVF in an obese woman. MMV but it boggles my mind how a middle manager living in an apartment can go to extraordinary measures for IVF and that gets handwaved but an executive commodities trader taking a year off makes everyone uncomfortable. Obvs MMV but I watch TV so I don't have to think about jobs, bills and how to eke out a living and have a social life in one of the most expensive states in the nation. I watch television to see homes that are better decorated than mine inhabited by people better groomed than I. I don't need to see people struggle or worry to enjoy or relate to a show. I enjoyed the Waltons very much when I was growing up in Brooklyn.
  14. S03.E06: Kamsahamnida