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  1. S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    I think Gabriel is a red herring. I think Annalise picks a student from difficult circumstances (foster care, troubled upbringing) first Wes, now Gabriel. I'm honestly really sick of the kids' attitude towards Annalise. Connor reminds me of something I read in a novel once "insecure people want you to tell them their worthless because it validates their hatred for themselves". Connor should be in intensive therapy. I don't care why Annalise picked him, I'm exhausted of having to bear witness to his berating himself. I do enjoy the actor's scenes with Viola though.
  2. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Check the dialog I believe the doctor indicated that he'd diagnosed the heart condition and had advised Jack that he'd probably be 4F. My Dad and Uncle were the same. Both talked about the opportunities to travel after being discharged, but never the war. Any speculation on how Jack's grandfather triggers the father's drinking?
  3. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Think about the television characters that have been exalted over the last few years, Don Draper, Saul Goodman, Walter White, hell Tony Soprano! Now think about Jack Pearson within the landscape of those male dramatic leads--Jack Pearson is very special. Parenthood had 3 male leads including Peter Krause and none of them connected with people in the way Jack Pearson does. Jack is a good guy--you can root for him and know he'll do the right thing. That's rare in the landscape of male TV leads these days. *shrug* I loved that the doctor mentioned Jack's heart irregularity--good job continuity cops.
  4. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Ha! Showrunners gave a middle finger to the people that rag on the show's time jumps. Nicely done. So anyone else think all of Jack's children are a lot like his brother? Now I get why my Dad and his friends aren't big on birthdays. I mean I knew about the draft and how it was done but I never connected the two things. I was completely enthralled. This was really well done! I'm looking forward to understanding Jack's backstory beyond his father being an alcoholic.
  5. S11.E5: Edward vs. Lewis

    I just came here to say if I were Gage during that exchange about the dresses that would have been the moment I decided to poison Jeff little by little. What a horrible fucking person. This show probably won't do well in the ratings in the current climate because people are constantly having to deal with assholes. There's nothing special or extraordinary about Jeff Lewis that makes his being an asshole forgivable or worth ignoring.
  6. Season 6 Discussion

    Maybe I'm wrong but I wouldn't share my marriage woes with anyone in this circle. Them complaining about Quad not sharing is like an abuser complaining you don't want to snuggle. I continue to love Simone and Jackie's friendship but I find Simone deeply unpleasant on her own.
  7. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    Why isn't Kate in therapy? I understand Rebecca not forcing it when they were teens since therapy wasn't really a thing in the 90s, but Kate desperately needs more therapy. I love no filter Toby! I'm confused, hasn't anyone ever told Kate (out loud) that she wasn't the only one who lost Jack? Maybe its just the way my siblings and I handle things, but a good knock down drag out fight often clears the air and unites us against my mom (as it should be ;-) ) The Pearson kids manage each other, they don't seem to have honest interactions and I think it's really unhealthy. People need to be called on their shit and no one can do that like your siblings. Since men can have children pretty much their entire lifetime why couldn't Kevin populate the world with a slew of good-looking, compassionate, potential alcoholics at 70? I hope Sterling K Brown works with Kay Oyegun to make Randall's feelings of not belonging more authentic. The writing on this topic is very clunky and I'm afraid they're going to mess up the message. Where are Randall's friends? He needs other Black people to talk to about his experiences. Also, why isn't Randall in therapy?
  8. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    I see Issa in a lot of jeans and tshirts. Her outfit at Tiffany's shower was pretty simple as I recall. I believe the ladies of Instagram and YouTube have shown that flawless makeup can be had at drugstore prices. Being broke and fabulous is a skill. Rent the runway and Poshmark have provided even more opportunity for it. I have a $2300 sofa but I didn't pay $2300 for it--not even close. There are plenty of online outlets to get great stuff for low prices. I love Molly and Issa's friendship. Their ability to call each other out and watch each other's back is admirable, frustrating, but admirable. Molly, unfortunately, is one of those people that has to learn every lesson the hard way. She reminds me of the memes that go around asking what you would say to your younger self, older Molly would tell young Molly to chill the eff out. I don't think Daniel is a loose end. As Molly aptly said when we saw him last "Bye Daniel". I really want the focus of the show to stay on the girls. Too many shows drift away from the main characters or themes to appease networks/audiences and end up losing the magic that drew us to them, to begin with.
  9. S03.E07: Obsessed-Like

    I think if Molly and Tiffany were best friends she'd be married or engaged. Friends like Issa encourage your career aspirations while your married friends always seem to have a dude for you to meet. What I wonder though is whether Tiffany would encourage a marriage for marriage's sake or really help Molly to find her "One".
  10. S02.E01: 00:42:30

    I've always considered myself a bleeding heart but there were babies in the ICU! I'm all about righteous anger and protest but I was screaming at my television for them to send her to jail and never let her out. I'm going to need Theo House to tone it down a little. His behavior towards Nina is cringeworthy. He's not fun and his behavior borders on harassment. Nina and Micah are getting on my nerves. I don't find them cute or hopeful. I want Nina to be a badass doctor. All I've seen is a badass doctor and various men getting in her way.
  11. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Is it possible the writers are writing from the perspective of the kids so that's why Jack appears to be the idyllic father and husband? If we shifted to Rebecca's memory of Jack and those big moments we may get a more balanced view. Just a thought...
  12. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Not the goatee, on his forehead. What is that?
  13. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Why doesn't Toby just shave that ridiculous tuft of hair off the front? Also, can he even see his penis with a belly that big--yikes? How has he not had a stroke too if he's taking anti-depressants with all that weight on? I bet Toby would be less depressed if he weren't so fat. Just really got tired of reading so many posts about Kate's weight when I'm positive Toby hasn't looked down and seen his dick or his toes in years.
  14. I'm so confused by Mrs. Bucket with her emphasis on class hanging around with a lying thief like Dawn Ward.
  15. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    This is a tv show filmed on several soundstages. He has a speech impediment. His accent probably shifts with each role. He didn't sound like this on Heroes either. It's a way to demonstrate that thing that some of us experience when we're ruminating on an awkward situation and we think of all the things we should have said. It's a device to deliver the "I shoulda said!" we all experience after bad dates or general interactions. I'm just going to mute all the Beth hate because I honestly want her to be my BFF. I love a smart, strong intelligent woman, but I loved Julia Sugarbaker and Murphy Brown back in the day *shrug*. Her talk with Kevin was honest and just what someone who constantly gets smoke blown up his ass needs. After addiction and Sophie Kevin deserves a nice easy romance. I loved Jack and Rebecca in the truck. Sigh Toby and Kate should take the IVF money and hire a surrogate. They probably couldn't adopt because of Toby's depression, heart condition and both their weights. Still love this show!