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  1. Danny Rand: Heart of a Dragon

    I felt some sympathy for the actor this season. The Danny Rand character really got sidelined with losing the fist and injuries. But sidelining the character really improved the season (along with reducing the number of episodes). When Danny was forcing offering the fist to Colleen, it really seemed like Danny was taking the backseat in his own show .. but then again, it is a show called Iron Fist - - not Danny Rand as Iron Fist. Having the show revolve around the legend and concept of the Iron Fist works much better. We get to change the focus to the Wing/Knight team-up and the messy Meachum family dynamics. I blame the writing and directing (and probably casting). The actor was great in Game of Thrones. It reminds me how someone like Nicholas Cage can get nominated for an Oscar when working with the right team ... but usually ends up getting nominated for Razzies, otherwise. Same with Halle Barry, Michael Fassbender (and many more).
  2. S03. E01. The Ground Beneath Their Feet

    Here is my cynical take on this: The insurance company will save millions, maybe billions, if they can shut down such settlements and avoid a precedent being set. Otherwise, they will be on the hook for paying out for liver transplants from that point forward. Similar to how some car companies 'do the math' and determine it is cheaper to settle some wrongful death lawsuits instead of paying for a massive recall of their vehicles in order to fix a potentially deadly defect in the airbags.
  3. S02E04: Target: Iron Fist

    I still don't quite get Joy's over-the-top anger issues with Danny and Ward, but I thought the actress did a good job this episode - - her scenes with Mary and Ward were near-riveting. And Ward is stealing almost every scene he is in, also. I suppose good actors make the most of whatever dialogue they are given. But Danny... ugh. It was almost as if Misty was looking at Danny and then back to Coleen with thought balloon saying: "Really? You picked this guy..?"
  4. S02E01: The Fury of Iron Fist

    I have to say: despite Danny continuing to be the weak link, Iron Fist is vastly more 'watchable' than Jessica Jones (season2) or Luke Cage (any season). We do a lot of eye rolling, but have decided that "somewhat silly" trumps "outright boring" any day of the week. We never finished JJ season 2 and never got past three episodes of any of Luke Cage - - despite their better reviews. As for the eye-rolling stuff: It must be a combination of the writing and the acting that makes Danny come off like the Greenwich Village Idiot. He acts, and reacts, like an impulsive eight-year old kid. When he quickly flipped through Joy's documents and just signed - Argh! . Despite being a secondary character, Ward is much more interesting to watch. (At least I am able to relate to Ward's behavior and he does not make me want to hurl rocks at the screen.) And it still seems as if Danny just randomly won the Iron Fist lottery. I can see why Davos is so pissed. There is not a glimmer of wisdom or evidence of years of martial arts training and discipline in anything that Danny says or does. And the actor just cannot pull off the badass-wearing-a-hoodie image that he seems to to trying for. So, we are in for Iron Fist Season 2 - - but not for Danny. Ward, Colleen, Davos, and even Joy and crazy-new-girl make the show worth watching.
  5. S06.E20: Fit To Be Tied

    That was the most awkward, clumsy serial killer attack / fight I think I have ever seen on television. I guess the blame should go to the director -> writers -> actors. So many WtF's.. Did not Joan receive fight training from Sherlock way back in the first season? Are the doors in the brownstone made of balsa wood? Was the serial killer trying to channel the spirit of Michael Myers from 'Halloween' with the slo-mo pursuit? What happened to quick-thinking, resourceful Joan Watson? I would have given her a pass if she had tried several options, but discovered that the serial killer had anticipated every one and she was trapped. What I really wished had happened was this: Joan discovers she is trapped by serial killer guy who has anticipated almost every avenue of escape. She realizes he is going to take his time after disabling her, maybe having a broken leg or ankle. He allows her to hobble away in an attempt to escape, like a wounded bird. Little does the serial killer know that Joan is actually leading him to the one room in the brownstone that he did not account for: the 'danger room' where Sherlock and Joan have been putting everything that might be hazardous to a new baby in the house ...
  6. S06.E18: The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz

    I did not follow the logic there. So, you inherit a billion dollars and have to pay taxes on it ... But you just inherited a billion dollars, so... are you not a billionaire?
  7. S06.E18: The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz

    It is still surreal to have new episodes during August. This is the time of year for burn-offs and bad summer television: The Dome, Salvation, Whatever that Halle Barry Show Was. Note to producers: When your show has the same name as the lead character, it is not at all likely that said character will be killed. So there was not a lot of tension - just a frustration that Sherlock did not take the simplest route: stay indoors during the 24-hour period and prove the prediction wrong. Tho I mostly like Elementry - the show - I can see why it struggles ratings-wise. There is little to no action and both lead characters are deliberately deadpan. There is just a lot of exposition, people looking at files, looking at computer screens, talking to suspects and Sherlock conducting the occasional wacky experiment.
  8. Bright (2017)

    Finally saw it ... ugh. The only thing that saved it from being turned off was that the action picked up when The Wand made its appearance. So, with more races, you get more racist assholes. Great.
  9. Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

    This one did not have as much spark as the first. It did not help that the main character came off like a spoiled rich kid who kept getting second chances. And the dialogue was flat. Guillermo del Toro has the ability to make cliched material feel fresh - - his directing was sorely missed. In fairness, the characters did say that they were not not as heroic as Stacker Pentacost and did not have the ability to give great speeches. They were correct.
  10. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    I am completely not interested in the adventures of Anna, Space Preacher. Apparently she is a neglectful mother, bad wife, inept counselor and poor judge of character. Her talents seem to be speech writing and smiling while frowning. I would rather have watched any other character instead of Anna's space memorial scene. And watch out, Melba/Clarissa : bad things happen to people who try to mess with Space Jon Snow.
  11. S02.E03: AKA Sole Survivor

    She wallows in self pity as if her powers came with a hunchback or scaly green skin. "Oh no! I'm a tall attractive woman who has the ability to defend herself. Look away! Look away!!" The story of a lawyer, ceo, etc being forced out by their partners has been done to death. After this episode, we have decided to skip to the end and see if there is anything there that would make us want to look back to see what led up to it. I cannot take ten more episodes of this slow-paced dreariness.
  12. S02.E02: AKA Freak Accident

    Not sure we are going to make it thru this season ... so slow .. such heavy-handedness on all the same heavy-handed issues from the first season : guilt and grief from family's death, crappy adoptive family, I think I have lost sympathy for Jessica's alcoholic, asshole lifestyle. It is not helping that she is not as witty this season. Actually, no one is fun or snarky. And Malcom being everyone's eager personal assistant in exchange for verbal abuse is not enjoyable. Jessica should be left to sweep up her own apartment. We are giving JJ one more episode. Then we are going to skip to the end and decide if we care enough to see what led up to it. The other option is to put in in the Luke Cage category of unfinished Netflix series.
  13. S03.E09: Intransigence 2018.06.06

    I'm not feeling the Melba story line : jealous sister, unappreciated daughter, self-taught saboteur. Those flashbacks did not help, either - but it was nice to see Julie again. Fortunately, Melba left a nice confession on the phone of the man she killed - but referring to Mao as 'Daddy' was embarrassing. Why is security so lax in the future? First on the Rocci, then with Melba. Facial recognition and DNA analysis should have prevented her from ever getting on the UN ship to begin with. Melba should have been toast by now. (It's just too easy..)
  14. S03.E01: Episode 1

    I gave this show another shot after losing interest early in Season 2. But this show is still a wannabe soap opera with actors wearing colored contacts and pretending to be robots - and not doing a very good job of it. The whole racism angle could have been done with any type of life form : aliens, mutants, etc. There is just not enough actual science, or even science fiction, to hold my interest. I am not interested in androids falling in love, becoming terrorists, or whatever. The show completely ignores anything to do with how and why such androids would be manufactured in the first place. Why not self-driving cars or automated smart houses? Why do *all* the androids have hair, fingernails, sex organs, etc? If they pose a danger, why would androids be allowed to be manufactured to look like individual humans?
  15. S03.E08: It Reaches Out

    Interesting developments.. though it is annoying that there is a world changing event happening and there are still groups who only want war. And has there ever been time when the governments of the world sent out religious leaders to help explain or investigate some phenomenon? They are really stretching the believability of minister Anna's involvement. Holden being at the center of every event is also getting a bit hard to believe. Even John Snow does not pop up everywhere in Game of Thrones.