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  1. NCIS: Los Angeles

    The script's production date is 1-10-19. Anyone know how much time generally elapses before broadcast? (Is there a group I can join that hopes that the recent unpleasantness should make them go, get married, and get on with their lives in the first half of the next show?)
  2. Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    A certain distinctive wig has a second job.
  3. S16. E12. The Last Link

    I fell asleep watching our DVD of the show. Mr. Ecats asked if I wanted to save or erase. I asked if he had watched it....sort of... well, what happened?......don't really remember. So, we did the NCIS unthinkable. We erased it.
  4. They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)

    Link for Monday, January 21 showings with a search function by zipcode.
  5. They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)

    After extremely limited release in the USA, there is a mid January wider release in three or four major cities. That will be followed by a wider release the first of February. Somehow they not only sharpened fuzzy images, and colorized them, but they also converted them to 3-D.
  6. Three Identical Strangers (2018)

    We borrowed a copy from our library and Mr.Ecats didn't think he knew anything about it. Then the film clip came on with them on the Phil Donahue show and he remembered watching it when it was on and how astounded he was by the whole thing. I really liked the first fifteen minutes. They drew me into the story. They appeared to be having all the fun in the world. And then the documentary started getting real. It was probably the most memorable documentary I've seen (after Mondo Cane). I'll probably return to the queue to get it from the library again to see what I missed and how the story builds knowing the end. (The comments at the end about what's happened since need a website updating them, probably.) Must see.
  7. Northern Exposure

    Check your local nearby city library. If Knoxville Tennessee has all the DVD's of Northern Exposure in their holdings (and they do), other libraries will also. (We binge watched them two summers ago.)
  8. NCIS: Los Angeles

    Tonight's episode will give me nightmares. Well, sort of. The man trapped by the car who will die when the pressure is removed remains in my memory from Homicide: Life on the Street, the police drama set in Baltimore where that same pressure remove= death was done with an incident on the above ground metro there. It was vidid and terrible and terribly memorable. Mr ECats tells me that the Homicide episode was a copy of a China Beach Episode where removal of pressure pants = death. Homicide was and remains a vivid memory and this was a pale immitation, but enough to spur my memory. Lots of gun shots breaking the "identify your target before you shoot" rule. A positive: Hettie's (Linda Hunt's)still a part of the intro for the show.
  9. The Walking Dead in the Media

    Danai Gurira gives an interview with her future plans. Lots of writing. Lots of stage productions of her works. A movie with her Black Panther character. If there was any mention of The Walking Dead, I missed it in reading too fast.
  10. NCIS In The Media

    Meanwhile, a few seasons back Jamie Lee Curtis acted as an interesting foil for Mark Harmon. There was, IMO, some chemistry between them. Well, Jamie is out there and it's as if she's a whole new woman. This weekend at the Golden Globes:
  11. Vera

    Book Number 2 was a smoother read and I recognized the plot from the TV show. Vera gets a bit more play and she starts to come forward as a detective who can put together minutia ignored by other police officers. Much of the "Vera" comes out as she interacts with others and I'm beginning to prefer the rich tapestry of the books to the abbreviated cloth of the series.
  12. NCIS: Los Angeles

    I'm still hanging in, but by DVR. I got out of the Sunday night habit because of CBS. Yes, it remains CBS' fault for not assigning a specific time slot to this and the rest of their Sunday night lineup. Use the assorted minutes after their football game for a live discussion of almost anything. But they don't dare let anyone speak freely anymore. In the past weeks' rerun filled vacuum, aka, past weeks' vacuum, I returned to my earlier conclusion that I prefer these characters and the way they've been developed over the other two NCIS' characters. The absurdity of an aged adobe building being a top secret state of the art tech center and the neighborhood never noticing (much less one with always available parking next to the boat shed on the water)....well, we all have our fantasies and always available parking has been one of mine ever since living in the French Quarter across the street and one building down from where Angelina and Brad lived occassionally.
  13. Feud

    Miss DeHavilland lost her bid to the Supreme Court asking that the Court review the sppeals court decision.
  14. S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Can you imagine looking at your world with a thick, black sphere around it? If she wore them to give publicity to a glasses designer, I expect the designer gave up a year ago wanting the publicity to happen. Wonder what Michelle looks like now? Also the hair (please don't say it worked for Anya so it will work for Michelle.)
  15. S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Does this mean that the weekly winners won't get the $5k for each weekly winner that Milano promised?