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  1. S10.E11: Philadelphia City Finals

    And Jamie Rahn's story had an identified sightings of Geoff Britten in Denver at the new Ninja studio where Jamie is working. In the ANW book, there was a mention that Britten was working with the franchise designing and testing obstacles.
  2. Let's take the phrase "level playing field" and turn it into a ANW phrase ....something like "trains in a Ninja Gym". Contestants who train in a Ninja gym have an advantage. Actually they have at least two advantages: one is that they have seen and mastered obstacles very similar to the ones in the competition. The second shouldn't be under rated: that is that they know that there are obstacles that they understand, and that gives them an inherent confidence. When I've gasped this season at the speed that some of the male competitors have reached zipping through the course, I looked for a commonality. That commonality is multiple past competitions and having a Ninja Gym to train at. The inherent confidence isn't there for the women. It needs to be, but they don't have the history of past competitions as individuals, nor do they have an easy going approach that would come with time. The women gymnasts are often short, for floor exercises etc. it makes for better physical ability and maneuverability. But it doesn't make for lean and tall. And reaching across a six foot gap is easier if your arm spread is six feet, and not five feet. And the added pressure of not being Kacey, who____________. So, I'll be a party of one, watching, and cheering for rancher Lance Pinkus (an unforgettable name) who clamors around his barns, the guy from Alaska with nothing like a gym, and Bootie who trained some with the football team (who could have used him as a water boy.) These are my chosen warriors because they, to me, seem to be at a disadvantage, and they are doing well regardless. The women are also my warriors because they are playing a different game, with different dimensions to get through obstacles more easily handled by tall and lean.
  3. In theaters April 20. I don't think it got a lot of publicity back then. Thanks for putting this up. I will look for it as I came to know another area in Europe that was occupied and I talked with a number of the inhabitants (in German) about their time being cut off from the rest of their country.
  4. The changing face of fall Fashion magazines: they're getting skinnier.......fewer pages...........which equals a drop in content and advertising. How will this affect Project Runway? Darned if I know, but there's info in this article that may be worth remembering next year. The famous September issue slims down
  5. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    There is a little bitty bot that deserves your attention when you watch tonight's episode. Fast as a mosquito and does affect the fight. Tonight's matches were so good that we backed up and rewatched three of them. Some of tonight's bots are just built so well that they can survive all kinds of hits. Tonight's fights are the ones you want to tape and return to and watch on a cold snowy night with a hot butter rum (0r two) and some comfort food. (and maybe a big cigar, if you are so inclined.) So, I'm not going to spoil this for anyone, but you really need to enjoy this one tonight.
  6. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    My brief, biased review of Robot Wars: This is an hour long show that follows Battlebots on the Science Network. It sounds to be six hours or so in total length. It's frantic and confusing, and would be better if it's weren't so late at night when watching two bots go at it seems sort of calming, but four plus minis at one time for three minutes is tiresome. Not to mention the floor treatments, mini bots and the half ton bots that live in the corners. It's not a really big cage, and the photography and photographic story on Battlebots is simply better from the lighting and multiple camera angles to the announcers and Farouk. The bots are 220 pounders that don't look that big and don't seem to pack that much potential kinetic power. What makes it interesting are the different approaches, even if they seem wonky,sometimes they work.
  7. Matt is from and lives and works in Austin Texas. It's been decades since I've been there, but it's the most artsy fartsy city in Texas, even allowing for enclaves in Houston and Dallas. There was something I saw in a rewatch that has really bothered me: they told (?)Walter to simplify one of his characters because too much was going on. We've heard that advice fairly often before. Why didn't we hear it with Matt's jester? There was so much stuff on her, that she dominated the scene not in a good way. A simpler, cleaner costume arms and legs would have made her stand out just as much, without resembling a cluttered Victorian drawing room, all on one person. When the director told Walter that Walter needed to do something if he wanted to earn 100K, I would like to have heard what lead up to that. My intuition says Walter was doing a push back at changing the things that he really liked about his first makeups and that the Director did not like at all. But I could be totally misreading what went on. Did anything come out of Twitter to explain Walter's disasters, etc.?
  8. Am I mis-remembering back to the olde, olde days when Glenn wasn't exactly well liked by many of us? Then came a special in which he, Ve, and Nigel were the competitors, and Glenn's charity was the homeless cats (felines) of some part of a California city? and how when he talked about that charity, all of a sudden I found myself liking him for coming across as a guy with empathy and a heart? I'd like to have seen more of that Glenn.
  9. S10.E10: Indianapolis City Finals

    My husband, not a fan of ANW, decided that the commercial and a run was brilliant. He chuckled that it stopped people fast forwarding through the run, much less channel surfing through a run. He predicted it would become more common in the future and maybe in other reality TV shows. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it's done on live sports shows. I was using NASCAR to lull me into an afternoon nap, and remember a similar split screen being used there. Not to mention the ESPN four to eight screens you can watch on some individual sports (golf) or to choose which football game you want to follow for a while.
  10. When they were shooting the three scenes, I think the order in which they were broadcast was out of order. First may have come first, but Matt's wasn't second. It ended after dark. Walter's wasn't the next day, but was done second. I don't know if this matters, but was it possible they gave Walter's rambling disaster more time. I think that the contestants had been told this was the last year because Matt (again, Matt) said something about his group being the last ever as he, his assistants and the models left the makeup studio. Early this episode Matt said his makeup was whimsy with a twist. You could have fooled me as he is only whimsical when compared with the usual monsterdemonvampirewalkingdead designers. But his use of those words combined with the word whimsy in the intro to the finale last week, pretty much wrote on the proverbial wall that Matt may not have been preordained to win, but his path was going to fit the layout of the show more closely than anyone else's.
  11. NBC is ruining this show

    As Mr Ecats was commenting on the backstories somewhat favorably (as he doesn't watch ANW with any attention), I used @MAJORMAMA's comment and it gave him needed perspective. Many thanks, because her comment is gold.
  12. S10.E10: Indianapolis City Finals

    I worry that the women competitors are psyching themselves out. Tonight, hearing how important it was for a woman to do ______(fill in as needed), all I could thing was that this kind of thinking leads to failure. Perhaps only Joe Namath gets away with certain levels of boasting, and he's paying in his old age. The guys who appear to appreciate the run and have fun doing it have a much better chance of finishing after a quality run. People under pressure can only do well if they are really accustomed to that level of pressure, or can just turn off the outside world. IMO the women placing lots of back story pressure on themselves and NBC magnifying that pressure.....are going to put off the day when a woman wins. But Isaac fell, and he fell badly where few others did. That will affect him for years to come. In the off season we can work on Haiku for Isaac's fall.
  13. S10.E09: Miami City Finals

    What @Taeolas and @Destiny74 said. I've wondered if Daniel Gill is so comfortable with the obstacles because they are just like his home gym. Also Drew Dreschel. Now that there is an American Ninja Warriors book, all of the obstacles are listed, where they were used (which city and which qualifying or finals) maybe that will level the playing field....except that's a lousy phrase because their playing field is never level. But there might be enough data there, that substitutions between qualifying and finales could be predicted based on the established superstructure that probably isn't changed during the short real world competition.
  14. S10.E09: Miami City Finals

    Without reading about Bootie, I would never have known about the New Year's Possum Drop. Nor would I have found out there's one in North Carolina and another one in Georgia. Now somebody really needs to design an ANW obstacle called the possum drop : maybe that second obstacle but the ball coated with slicked up fur. (Bet you thought I'd suggest Possum Fat, but that would be too easy.)
  15. When Walter wanted his lollypop person to have horns "because I like horns", I thought he has a lot to learn. Then he remembered in his last finale, he was the one person who didn't have to redo any characters. Dude, stop living in the past. Jordon just learned that grasshoppers are the same color from end to end. Must be a city boy. Matt: after Mel was told don't paint a black under coat and then lighten it, what did you do. Grab the black paint and then overpaint it. Was I the only one listening to the comments they got while they were doing their three day stint?