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  1. Pom Wonderful is no longer a sponsor so luckily no more of those. Speed read "Pom Wonderful" often enough and it becomes the far more interesting Porn Wonderful.
  2. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    Last season I didn't like Chomp. I didn't like the apparent instability of it and I really didn't want it to win as often as it did. Of the women competitors, though, I liked the way Chloe thought. No died hair, no silly theatrics, and she didn't make a big plastic bug. What I did like, or at least admire, about Chomp was the inclusion of AI in zeroing in on it's prey. It did that well two years ago. Early on this season I wondered if Chomp was even going to be in the competition. Even last night's episode, Chomp didn't get much air time at all until its match. And then it became obvious why. Chomp had been overdesigned. It self righted too slowly and had lost what speed it had two years ago. As a woman who was active in science before these women competitors were born I cringe when they go into "girl power" and those things. Simplicity but correct design will out, but never overlook the obvious. Engineering celebrates multiple ways of reaching a conclusion and then cost and efficiency and strength of materials get figured in. Chomp lost its ability to keep its 'eye' on the prize. I cringed when the woman judge caused the split decision. It bothers me twelve hours later. It should bother Chloe.
  3. Season 9 Talk

    As much as I disliked this finale episode, (and I admit to watching all three NCISssss) this is the only one that I care about. I really like the four in the upside down burning vehicle. I really like Hettie and the meercats. And Hidoko. Their writers have made me care about what happens in the next episode. (The other two NCIS not anywhere near as much, if at all). The way they handled Grainger's death was excellent. A couple of years ago, I was losing interest in this iteration. But. Somehow, as I was watching, this became my favorite.
  4. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Another version of the story and all of a sudden Friday is a good day of the week.
  5. So, will mermaid be able to afford a custom scale creation? An article from earlier this year says maybe a penny per follower or $100 per ten thousand. (Let us not forget the woman who shot up utube earlier this year and then committed suicide over the money that she thought was owed her but not coming in.
  6. I'm not sure if the "this season" was a part of his comeback announcement, but coming back was announced. I remember when Geoff made it to the top before anyone else. And I felt as if he were robbed with the other dude then went up a few seconds faster. The following year, IIRC, Geoff went out early in slipping off the first part of the qualifier,
  7. OK, Miami, did I see a cool off fan blowing clouds of very fine mist? Not that I wouldn't expect it, but we saw the folks in Oklahoma City wearing winter coats and hats. So I wonder of the returning stars, who chose who would compete where? Locals are easy decisions (Texas- Oklahoma) but Alabama goes to Miami? St. Louis or even north Texas are closer. The pivoting arms that were so difficult (?last) week, the 105 pound man who did so well tonight would still be hanging there trying to get the pivots to work. This week favored the lighter weight folks (my opinion). With all the time spent hanging on their arms, lighter bodymass made for an easier competition. Longer also helped. I burst out laughing at the three legged dog (and an old grizzle muzzle three legged dog at that.) That dog not only got to Miami, but he or she got more air time that some of the WWWA contestants who were pretty good. I watched it after repeats of Battlebots, and, again, fast forward was my very, very good friend.
  8. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    I think we have the next challenge: Incorporate this!
  9. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    Reading Mr. Westmore's book about his career, he worked in the industry (sometimes with little pay), then had a three year apprenticeship and then had to pass a test before he could be the makeup man for a TV show. That level of dedication doesn't seem to be there for most of these contestants. It may be four years since we've seen them, but they don't seem to have grown that much. I think I'm more disappointed with the childish posturing of Kelly and Mel's sort of mellow sort of hohum and then there was Sasha who just seemed to be a second grader passed to third grade before she was ready.
  10. Small Talk

    Makeup Man, by Michael Westmore with Jake Page Foreword by Patrick Stewart For a close up of the cover, this will do. And a quote from Publishers Weekly
  11. Small Talk

    I have just gotten Mr. Westmore's book from the Library. Anyone else want to talk about it?
  12. S03.E24: A Devil of My Word

    Why is it limited to coming back via a USA network or seller of video? What if it were to come back in Australia, with Lucifer and Maze inserted into the time frame of the prisoner transport? What if it were to come back in Korea when the Japanese invaded and enslaved? And not with US producers and with a different show runner?
  13. What you need to know about me is: I'm old, I've been getting social security for nine years. I've enjoyed GOT, and I almost got hooked reading the books. But...something made me wait for the next one, and then next one never came. Right now, odds are I'll last long enough to see the end episodes of GOT next summer. (But friends' funerals are happening more often than I'd wish.) This news from GRRM brings me to acknowledge that IF he ever finishes this series, he's lost interest in writing the books to support it, or dance circles around the telecast story lines, or whatever. The suggestion that the next series will be a prequel ......ah, there's the rub. I don't see how there can be supporting books. I don't see the series being paid for six, seven, maybe nine years in advance, and without prepay, I don't see where the direction is going to come from to outline the action. Even worse, I don't see enough stability in the entertainment venue delivery of series to guarantee the existence such a prequel past a couple of years. At my (damned) age, I simply will avoid getting mentally invested in a show that will either outlive me or will probably leave me wondering WTF was the expected outcome. I want this to be a success, but right now, I have my doubts about it and I have a growing certainty that I'll wait until it's four years in or so (with an announced ending) before I binge watch it (or whatever we'll be calling it in six years, in 2024, a quarter of the way into the next century. Grumpily, EnoughCats
  14. Think of her as a poll vaulter: tall, slim, excellent upper body strength to lift/propel her over a bar above her head, based on her arm strength. Have any of the men been poll vaulters? Natalie....I kept my mouth shut/ keyboard quiet because I thought it was just me. But I kept seeing her and seeing her and somehow she irritated me. And I thought I'd seen most all of ANW from their beginnings and I could hardly remember her. So I read her wiki page and she is I think if we saw her as a medical researcher, I might like her. The rest not as much. And it wasn't my mind: her ANW career hasn't been either from the beginning, nor has it been continuous after her first appearance. Somewhat like Kacey, she got editors points for something done not often, but before other women did it.
  15. Ocean's Eight (2017)

    Tom and Lorenzo wonder if the movie was geared to their demographic. When they saw it, gay guys were the major demographic in their audience. And they talk about how well the movie will reach out to folks for whom the Meta Gala isn't important. I really liked this review maybe because New York isn't my neighborhood (but fun to read about with no wishes to participate).