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  1. Season 36 Rumors and Spoilers

    That was actually Jenna who went to Ghost Island. Thanks for keeping names straight. I guess I just proved I can't keep the women sorted by name.
  2. Season 36 Rumors and Spoilers

    I don't think anyone has mentioned that when Libby drew the rock that sent her to Ghost Island, Michael kissed her goodbye in a very sweet and caring way.
  3. S36.E09: The Sea Slug Slugger

    Somehow, watching her almost disjointed dance after each stage of the eat-fest, I could see her as a Tim Burton cartoon character or starring in one of his movies.
  4. Ponderosa S36

    Libby doesn't take a bad or unflattering picture. Half of, no, almost all the women of Hollywood would sell their _________ to look that good without makeup. About her cooking, she did say that the tribes said they would follow her to get her recipes. Heck, maybe they voted her off because if she talked about food, that might have left them hungrier?
  5. S03.E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

    Fox, INC, made the decision to air local late night news an hour earlier everywhere they broadcast. They listened when people complained that they couldn't have local news and weather on so late that the audience were already in bed, asleep. They took into account that commuter morning times start a lot earlier than they did in the 50s, etc. If you start your drive at 6am, you are up at least half an hour before that and watching news that ends at 11:30 only gives six hours sleep.
  6. S03.E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

    Wasn't there a scene in a past Lucifer when he talked about how it was not possible for him to get drunk? Or at least he couldn't get ton on a bender stage? If booze wouldn't have impaired the Lucifer of previous seasons, why should we believe that cocaine etc. would do much beyond giving him a short lived buzz?
  7. S15.E20: Sight Unseen

    The Torres and Annie story just left me smiling. Two adults interacting felt new and pleasant.
  8. S03.E20: The Angel of San Bernardino

    OK, that was terrible on so many levels. I hate the story line, I hate the way the characters are being developed. I'm not even pleased that we've seen so little of Trixie this season that she looks at least a full year older than she did five or six episodes ago. Starry eyed Chloe is risking her career and her livlihood; screwing her boss during working hours in a closet next to colleagues just gets them both fired. Only one co-worker noticed? Not bloody likely only one noticed. IMO the assorted lines from tonight could have been much better developed and fleshed out in three or four episodes. I used to enjoy replaying episodes in my mind; now I'm rewriting them as if I had control over how the story lines were to be developed. Maybe I'm just having a grouchy Monday?
  9. Ponderosa S36

    Except he doesn't know the vote totals. He knows two votes for him, two votes for a woman, then (to reach a majority of 13 (?) ) he got five more votes. So......he doesn't know how four people voted (I think I remember 13 total, could be wrong). But until last night, he could have believed the vote went against him 7-6, and he's have no way to know any different.
  10. Ponderosa S36

    We could just shorten Chris'sRap to CRap.
  11. Ponderosa S36

    He poses 'rite' pretty for an egocentric blond. Needs to learn the art of quiet. I pity the next two voted to jury, that resort isn't big enough to escape certain personalities. I really appreciated, during his rap, how hard the cameraman worked to keep filming above his Speedos.
  12. S36.E08: Fear Keeps You Sharp

    I'll take that spelling, because a really mediocre feud merits a different spelling. Speaking of sua-vey, in grad school one of our fellow grads was a walking inflated ego and a student left a note for him calling him suave and debonair. We corrected that to swave (rhymes with wave) and De bone 'er, I don't think Mike is Nik's son by a scandinavian mother, but the resemblance is strong (and rather sickening.)
  13. Small Talk: Therapy Couch

    USAToday's list of on the bubble shows, as in bubble to be cancelled, includes Lucifer. If you so choose, this is your opportunity to keep it by showing them your vote. When you see the others on the bubble, you might reflect back on Lucifer more kindly, I know I did.
  14. Georgina was recently back in New York and photographed leaving her and Harvey's brown stone which sold for about twice what he paid for it. No word as to the recent Fashion Week that she was scheduled to show at and then pulled out just before. Or about the continued health of her company (or maybe lack of health).
  15. All Episodes Talk: Causton County Crime

    Always nice to see her mentioned. And sadly missed for a too short writing career.