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  1. S16. E04. Third Wheel

    This was a poor rehash of McGee in the Ziva-Tony time when McG's car was being held hostage by a car repair place and he came back after a case and over the phone became assertive. I remember that well. Maybe the writers need to have watched this show, because they've forgotten that McG. The interaction between Jack and her frenemy (or whatever niche she crawled out of ) was terrible. Mature women don't act that way in a business situation. Maybe drunk on their posteriors, but probably not even then. Any tolerance that Jack had earned in her interactions with Vance disappeared. Did that lead to the car thing? Funny I find it easier to recall a situation that might have happened with me, rather than something that is Washingtonian in its creation.
  2. Return to Bravo: Anticipation and Fears

    Does this mean for the unusual materials challenge they will go to a butcher shop?
  3. S16. E04. Third Wheel

    Sounds like an excellent pilot for a new show. Where are Jessica Fletcher's writers when we need them?
  4. S16. E03. Boom

    The timing of the second bomb had it being delivered to the delivery service while obsessed fan was being interrogated. The chemical signatures of the two bombs were identical and in the second one they found a more recognizable metal pin like the more melted piece of metal in the first bomb. Gibbs recognized that as the "Seal Pin", and they started looking for commonality between the two bombings. First at Seals who had washed out and were in the potential first victim's Seal class, then at Seals who made it to a certain stage in the demolition training. That gave them their suspect and they brought him in. After he shot at Torres , etc. as they were trying to bring him in.
  5. It was a two week long competition. Remember reality show time is different that real time.
  6. S16. E03. Boom

    Whatever evil flying banshee dusted the writers with stupid dust ....should be shot down and made to watch Bravo real fishwives shows for a week, straight. Delilah watches reality? Nope. No way. No how. Delilah is a smart woman and has children who are walking and talking and she is turning them into little people who giggle and laugh and amuse themselves when they aren't mimicing Mommy. Tim comes home and interacts with his children, being the Dad that he wishes his Dad had time to be. Fer gosh sakes, don't dumb either of these folks down. And Leon...physical therapy is one thing, mental therapy is another and wouldn't he have needed that also, if not more so. Dating a woman without doing a background check? don't think so. Way too much stupid dust floating through the air
  7. Season 10 all episodes talk

    Silly me, I thought the scruffy look was so they could wander through the back streets of Los Angeles without attracting attention. Except their clothes were clean.
  8. Return to Bravo: Anticipation and Fears

    It's been well over a month and nothing. No names floated, no teases. Has Bravo lost interest? Any whispers as to what either group might be doing? A week ago Heidi said the return to Bravo was a factor in her leaving. And not much more did she divulge.
  9. Battlebots 2018 Season Discussion

    Chomp and the hammer used to irritate me. As did so many wasted chomps from other hammer bots, But that group won a 'special' prize in the previous (two years ago) competition for going in the direction that TPTB wanted bots to go. That is, they awarded a prize for the automation that drove the bot to align in a specific way with its target. At least I guess that's why the they got a prize. I hope that bots don't go that way because watching the drivers' and their choices is important. At the end of the competition there were pictures of previous winners. Does anyone know what happened with the couple who always dressed in green scrubs and who drove a ? wedge that had the nuclear danger symbol (trefoil) on it (I could be forgetting or misremembering some of this).
  10. The Walking Dead in the Media

    This article has more about Scot Wilson's other roles earlier in his career. He was memorable and easy to relate to.
  11. Feud in the Media

    Olivia deHavilland takes it out of California. Not that CA might be prejudiced in favor of the Hollywood golden boy, but she is taking it to the Supreme Court (or at least trying to.)
  12. Battlebots 2018 Season Discussion

    I think that may have been explained last week, by editing in comments by Bronco's leader who talked about the metal fatigue in his robot before its battle, and then we got to see the damage caused by the battle. Bronco, from what I saw, was going to need a major rebuild. About the Tombstone fight: Ray wanted to see if by repairing the chain (and maybe some more things) that Tombstone was back up to fighting, and the previously unseen (among many many of the 64) wanted to see how it could stand up. What impressed me (and scared me) was that Ray keyed in on the "hands" and surgically removed them. That's a driving skill that I didn't think he had. Tombstone's blade didn't just take off each hand, the energy that it used to launch the hand into the arena wall was simply awesome (in a world where I overuse that word).
  13. S05.E02: Inside Out

    By coming that late in the year, you'll be missing the smell side of things, which is most impressive in summer. By the end of summer, which sometimes happens in October, the urine (human and mule) is just getting its aging and a hot humid summer day is something you won't forget. You are safer wandering in a car than on foot. Across the river (Algiers Point) has a lot of the cemeteries and streets where many eps have been filmed., The National Park in the swamp is a great place to go for walks on raised walkways and it's safe. Don't expect to find parking in the CBD or the French Quarter. If you lived there, you'd feel shabby after several hundred years and the heat, humidity and bugs that make NOLA home.
  14. S16. E02. Love Thy Neighbor

    So Kasey with a Masters is all of a sudden all seeing and all knowing. OK. The show needs someone with depth of knowledge and Ducky has his side, but they haven't let anyone else grow professionally. My point of reference is on the fly larvae. I know the professor (not from the immediate DC area) who was called in on the Chandra Levy case because he was the regional expert. I know him from a different side of his expertise, and he really IS an expert. So I was somewhat insulted for him for a MS beginner to come up with fly larvae knowledge based on no experience.
  15. Season 10 all episodes talk

    Hidoko died because of Mosley's lack of planning, not just her poor planning. ( I'll guess that Hidoko didn't have an identical twin who will come in and avenge her sister.....where's a good identical twin arc when you want it? And then Mosley shot and killed an American citizen who happened to be in a foreign country where guns (snicker now) aren't supposed to be in private ownership. That citizen has family and they might want custody of their grandchild, nephew, kin because they might not want the child to be reared by a woman who murdered his Father. Head injuries often require hair cuts to get in and clean out the damaged area. I guess it would have ruined the mood if Kensi had asked them to cut as little hair as possible. But his really dirty hair, made even dirtier by the accident, would have made medical treatment of a head wound really problematic.