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  1. New episode titles released: http://www.spoilertv.com/search?&max-results=50 4.06: When Harry Met Harry 4.07: Therefore I am Is Harry meeting new Harry and commiserating with him about the previous incarnations demise over coffee? How very meta. I think, therefore I am? The Thinker reveals himself? Caitlin takes full control of her powers (therefore I am)?
  2. First look at David Tennant and Michael Sheen as Crowley and Aziraphale: http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2017/09/18/first-look-tennant-sheen-good-omens So it looks like it's now expected to launch globally on Prime Video in 2019, and will air on BBC Two at an unspecified later date.
  3. I don't think they have, but they should! I'm Rip Hunter. I like Rip, but I wonder if I got him for the same reasons I got Dexter Morgan.
  4. Agreed. I am...shall we say less technically proficient, and even I do this or catch up on the app. So strictly in regards to numbers that could be less affected than it once might have been. And even with all of that I think that alot of tv's are on during holidays - especially after the tv boom. It's what we do at least after big holiday/family dinners, so it looks like we're watching Arrow this year! As to the second, she wasn't actually an undergrad - she and Barry went away to college at the same time. When we meet her she's actually a graduate student finishing up her degree in (according to early interviews with the actress) Criminal Psychology. The problem is as a PhD student (she mentions working on her dissertation) she shouldn't need an undergrads elective courses (journalism, which she mentions in the same conversation) so it can get confusing. The perils of sloppy writing. There have been some good points upthread about how they can better utilize her skills, but honestly with Harry M.I.A, Vibe now with Kid Flash in the field, and Caitlin currently absent (coming to terms with her own powers, likely putting her out there with them more often too once she's under control) someone at the lab needs to be manning the desk, and why shouldn't she be there? They're all operating on a skeleton crew absent their leader and just trying to hold things together right now. I get where you're coming from about lack of faith from the network, but I think the original poster was just surprised as many here were about the odd scheduling. I know I was. But it's worth noting that as of now almost everyone is releasing a holiday episode - I believe Flash and Legends are airing on Halloween. The only one to escape so far is Supergirl, (and even as a watcher, that's.. probably for the best) so at least in this instance I don't think it's a case of network neglect. Or maybe they're just using their superhero properties as guinea pigs to test run holiday viewing data. Who knows. At this point I wouldn't put anything past them. 😅
  5. Thanks, Trini - that does make sense. I think for me it's that bending the origins of Wally and Linda (and Eobard with Eddie especially, though I didn't see that as 'bending' so much as 'illuminating newly important history') are okay with me because they allow them to tell this story, this interpretation, in a fresh and unpredictable way, without erasing who they are, or even necessarily all they bring - it leaves the door open to tell those stories or bend them to this one. With Bart, bending his origins in this particular way not only erases where he comes from (important!) but who he comes from, the past/future/past between the families/the family, and every single storyline that comes along with it. Could there be ways to bend them around a new status quo, it's possible...but yes. A conversation for the comics or speculation threads. I'm pretty sure the print on the wall says "I.D must be visible at all times" - county lockup or mental health hospital? If Barry's found wandering a road naked and mentally unresponsive I'd believe the truck drivers would be kind enough to pick him up or stay with him and call for help. Central City just seems like that sort of place. Argh. They have made such a point of stressing that Iris and Barry's butting heads is going to be a humorous affair that will resolve their issues and strengthen their relationship that, fandom wise, this is what I'm more worried about. The soon-to-be wife and best friend butting heads where the groom is concerned is a time honored, often funny, character revealing tradition that eventually brings all parties closer. In-universe, it's going to show us exactly how they're deflecting and coping with Barry's loss and solidify the team dynamic going forward. Outside? It's going to be yet another outlet to funnel character hatred through and fuel complaints for months. The issue itself will likely be met, worked through, and resolved with hugs and stronger bonds and new clarity in two odd hours of t.v. time, but seventeen episodes later it's still going to be, "remember when Iris had the nerve to question Cisco about something she knows nothing about in a space she has no place in?" When the issue - I assume about how or whether to (try) to get Barry back - will have never really been about her way over his, but about deflecting her pain where the entire situation is concerned. Cisco, once that becomes clear, will understand this. The viewership...won't always show her the same consideration. Which is fine, honestly. Everyone has their opinions, and simply finding her uninteresting or resenting her existence doesn't make them wrong, even if I don't agree. Granted some people wish she would fall off a cliff, but by all means, to each their own. No one is being forced to like or even tolerate her, but keeping in mind that this is all speculation it is still tiring sometimes knowing that no matter how well explained or even justified her actions or reactions are, the hatred directed at her will just keep getting tossed around, and we will just keep getting hit with it. But onto happier subjects...I saw that video! I thought she was just referring to the girls night, but if it means outside of that then I'm all for it. I'd love for her to meet the other casts. Just toss them all into a snow globe and shake it and see what happens. When it comes to crossover newbies, I don't care who meets who as long as it's someone they've never met before. So excited. Less excited about the rest, but not feeling hopeless just yet. Grant and the E.P's have all said the season is planned out from start to finish. We already have alot of information about the first part, and it's going to be absolutely packed with great stuff - and we haven't even started filming the crossover yet. But we know nothing about what the storyline is or where the characters are going after Christmas break. No plans regarding that as of yet doesn't mean no plans at all. I'm willing to wait to see what they are. And if all else fails, it's early enough days that they can still incorporate that into the existing plans for her in the back half. And yes to Breacher's introduction being in the Halloween episode! That is perfect. And unless I'm mistaken, isn't that also where they're going to introduce Elongated Man's powers? I think we're meeting him as Dibney beforehand, but the actor was in that episodes set photos with Danny Trejo so maybe that's when we see him in his alter ego? Bonus points if someone references or carries a machete.
  6. Super Season trailer! AKA "Flash Pass":
  7. Super Season trailer! AKA "Super Grill":
  8. Super Season Trailer! AKA "Cold Brew":
  9. You are not alone! He's such a big awkward softie and I think he'd be hilarious. And speaking of, has anyone posted these CW Super Season trailers yet? They are so cheeky, I love it.
  10. I think the simplest answer is because Diggle is awesome. Everyone wants a piece of him. Near strangers deciding on spontaneous nuptials because they heard he was going to be officiating? Sounds legitimate to me! 👌 (Yes, I'm joking, but I see no lies.)
  11. Regarding Bart, this has been coming up quite a bit lately, and I'm a bit at a loss as to where exactly it's coming from. My guess is innocent musing elsewhere that somehow mutated into a prospective future plot point and gravitated to wider fandom, but I've seen no indication, none at all, that they plan to do this or even know anyone is expecting it. I think the back to the future situation you mentioned is more likely, and in a world where time jumping it is in fact one of the cornerstones of the Flash mythos and a major, major part of Barts story specifically, why should they change it? What would that accomplish, besides crippling all related storylines?* Where is the appropriate thread to discuss this, I have thoughts? (*to be clear, this isn't at all an attack on you, Ruby - I'd just like a better idea of the where's and why's if you can help since I have no idea where this theory originated from, so I can better explain why changing Barts origins is a hard no for me.)
  12. That promo somehow managed to make the wait to October 10th seem even longer. Thanks alot, Flash. As to your points: .Like Barry, they're probably consciously trying to preserve his boyish charm by keeping him baby smooth. As we've now seen, keeping the both of them this way 24/7 is a mistake, because yowza. .Cecile taking all of this in stride really makes me wonder how the CCPD reacted to their missing CSI being brought in by the D.A wearing nothing but a few months worth of attractive facial scruff and a blanket. What on earth has Joe been telling everyone about his whereabouts since spring? And will they finally admit that Captain Singh knows already? .No one knows the particulars of Barry's lanky frame quite like Cisco. He probably spent months lovingly fitting it, framing it, stitching on the little golden lightning bolts...you know, all perfectly normal things. We all cope in different ways, Trini! .I was saying elsewhere that that truck driver probably just got the thrill of his life, and with any luck so will we. If they can give us burning bras with ladies from two different shows, they can give us this! .I think this, too. And as she did everything but clasp her hands and bat her lashes, this has the potential to be both clever and cheeky. I like it. .Yes. Always. It's going to be a continuing source of amusement for me these last few weeks before the premiere how this marriage quote is going to be taken and run to the ends of the earth by fan and article speculation alike. Because not only could I not be less worried at this point, but I'm absolutely delighted. It's exactly what we've been waiting for. Years and years of their stories and Flash history have been framed around navigating the world of rogue spreeing time bending body swapping secret identity-ing death and resurrecting Superheroing together, and this is the start of all of that. It's the start of everything! How could we not be excited? And speaking of... This is amazing, and so sweet. It's always wonderful when characters (in any medium) connect with someone, and even more so when the people bringing them to life really love them. I hope someone's shown this to Geoff Johns, and Flashtv too. I love it.
  13. Respectfully, any actor by definition is putting on a costume of sorts whenever they practice their craft. This isn't a matter of using disability as a costume, but of playing characters who were coping with disability - and in my humble view, doing so very well. That said, all of this Supergirl discussion has been fantastic - the in-depth character discussion, relationships, mythology, speculation, everything. Great food for thought for the rest of the break. Really looking forward to digging further into alot of the points brought up here and in Supergirl forums when I have the time. Really good read. 👍
  14. Gah! Naked Barry! They let Grant keep his summer scruff for the premiere! Timely promo drop! Thank you for posting, can't wait for Arrow and Legends. That is a sad truth, but probably not the whole truth. Because wrapped up in this understanding, if that's what it is, is in its very nature a solid misunderstanding of a diverse viewing audience. We need more female presence behind the scenes badly, and more open and diversified minds full stop (regardless of race or gender) to tell these stories. Stories where every character, regardless of what they "do", is loved and respected and explored by the writing so they can be cared for and connected with by anyone. It needs to be more than, "Hi, my name is 'Mask', and despite lazy characterization, I am important to this story for this reason. Hi, my name is 'Scientist, Every Last Field And I Mean All Of Them', and despite being little more than a bundle of quirks conceived as a one and done, I am important to this story for that reason." Artemis and Tracy Brand were both treated as plot points, but I cared because I cared about Artemis' story (execution notwithstanding) and I loved Tracy's character. Not because Artemis had a bow and Tracy was a scientist. Those are important parts of who their characters were, certainly, but those weren't the reasons I cared about them. It isn't why I care about Iris. But because the former two are solidly supporting characters, their treatment isn't quite as glaring as it is with the main female characters. To be clear, I am agreeing with you, (and apologize for going off on a tangent) and understand exactly who and what you're talking about. You'd have to be blind not to see that the misogyny at the viewer level doesn't extend behind the scenes. I just can't agree, based on a few seconds of a thirty second clip, that it extends to the marketing here. If lady hating hearts everywhere are soothed by seeing her menaced by giant samuroid, as opposed to, in their minds, doing something useful (thus bringing the hatred!) that's not something I can help. But if anyone behind the scenes tossed that in for that specific purpose, it would be staggeringly naive. No matter who she is or what she does, prominent female characters in a story will always be hated by someone, will always be weighed and measured and stacked against each other, will always be set up at some point to see who is worthy, in their story, of existing as exactly she is. And that's where the misunderstanding I was talking about comes in, in that they believe that they have to appeal to those viewers to do it. They don't. The hatred from those particular viewers, whether its framed as stemming from this character being useless or that character not staying in her place will be there no matter what, because it's the same hatred. Usefulness, their place in the story, whether they are deserving of it are just convenient excuses for it. But misogyny runs much deeper than that, and that is the bigger reason why the rest, unfortunately, is already being done for them.
  15. Thank you! Agreed, I thought it was a banner for a moment myself before the background came into focus around it and then you notice how 3-d it looks. It still might be (it's such a quick shot), but if it is a statue it is huge.