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  1. Relationships: Speed Dating

    I saw that last week quite by accident, and the entire thing was vile. I say "by accident" because this was one of many channels I would casually catch over the years, with others who covered the wider Arrowverse, making the conscious choice to drop two seasons ago when I realized how consistently unpleasant it, or more specifically she, tended to be (for comparison, on that same weeks Arrow review the looming spectre of Oliver's main relationship was met with one long "Noooooo...!" followed by what you might expect.) Just as a casual viewer, only having caught odd reviews of odd shows every now and then, this woman has always, always had terrible things to say about the leading ladies going back to the early days, parroting the misogyny du jour toward whatever woman was their fandoms chosen punching bag. If last week was anything to go by, this has yet to spare her from the same treatment by their channels comnentariat, but why you'd want that acceptance and approval, I'll never know. It's rank, and I pity her. Just to loop it back to topic, Caitlin is rather adorable in her new "been there, done that" casual relationship advice stage. Even with the glitchy Killer Frost issues, it's been freeing for her (and the audience, or at least this member) to not have her be bogged down with relationship problems. She seems so light now, and it's honestly great to see.
  2. I'm expecting it with popcorn and champagne! I would die of happiness if they managed to sneak that into the wedding somehow, even if it's something silly like Oliver shrugging and letting her squeeze his bicep before she walks down the aisle. While Barry stands up front, just giving the eyeroll of his life. I'd run from the torches and pitchforks with a smile. As to the rest of the now-old news, I'll admit I wasn't happy either. At all. I've only had a day to really process it, and it just seemed so disrespectful. Robbing two couples of having their own day and all of the little, special moments that come along with it, to then split that down the middle and anger their fan bases to boot. I don't know what they were thinking. It felt wrong to me. And knowing the inevitable anger and infighting it was going to encourage didn't help either. And while that's probably going on out there as we speak and will undoubtedly continue until the crossover itself, I've been really pleasantly surprised at just how well it's being taken in others. Far more than I expected, I'm seeing a willingness to work out the situation and make the best of things with alot of open humour and civility, and it's all been...pretty okay. Really that's all I ever want, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts The situation itself probably still isn't ideal. I think its fair to say that no one is exactly overjoyed at the prospect of missing out on things they want for their couple because of timing and circumstance. But with it being what it is, I still think it can work itself out. Flash has the lead up on it's own show for personal moments and pre-wedding shenanigans, and there's no reason why there shouldn't be all the hugs and warmth and bonding we could ever wish for. The final crossover hour will likely be crazy, but axing the traditional first dances or epic kisses - no matter how tight the scheduling is I don't believe they'll do that to anyone. And where Oliver and Felicity are concerened, I really like what was said earlier in the thread about them having alot of personal moments and remembrances through the event, leading to living in the now with what you know you truly want and going for it at the wedding. That's a lovely idea that makes alot of sense, and I can now see them going that way. The only difference is it doesn't make me feel robbed - why should it? If anything, it's a really perfect way, especially on an interrupted/spur of the moment storyline, to honor what each couple has been through and means to each other, culminating in the actual weddings. It's sappy in the extreme and likely to send half of us into comas, but that, like the wedding, is something we'll all be experiencing together. If anything, it will at least serve as an ongoing reminder that these people are friends who (perhaps begrudgingly) do love each other, and the fanbases will stop tearing each other apart for a little while. Or not, I'm not expecting any miracles. Except Oliver offering up a pre-bridal march bicep squeeze for my own personal amusement. I'm still not letting that dream go. In any case, I still think this has a chance of being a lovely and memorable event for everyone, and even if there are disappointments, we all know we can somewhat rectify those and have our intimate celebrations after, back "home", and know it's going to be a hell of a crossover otherwise and regardless. There is just too much awesome coming outside of wedding concerns to ruin this event for me, and even that has a hope at working itself out unexpectedly. It might even be charming. I guess we'll see, but my excitement remains undiminished (and the wedding never was).
  3. Just now getting to the news and I am so, so upset. I really didn't want to lose Victor Garber. I understand him wanting to pursue other opportunities, but did they have to write him out like this? After discovering he now has a daughter? After everything Clarissa has been through since the particle accelerator explosion? He disappears, comes back as half a crazy person, leaves on a timeship, and then dies in an alternate universe? Why couldn't he "retire" and go home to his family? And I like Lily very much, and would be happy to have her join the Legends crew, but I agree with the poster above that having an older character really added something to the show. His intellectual vanity, his stubborn insistence on always being right, his cranky humour and experience....even his physical vulnerability and adjusting a very set world view to accommodate unforseen, extraordinary circumstances brought a viewpoint I don't think we necessarily see very often. Especially in this universe. That diversity of viewpoints is kind one of Legends defining features to me. The transient nature of the characters is another one, I know, but if it was his time to go, did I really have to be this way? Well. I'm going to miss his utter horror at Mick Rory's antics, and his older gentleman faux pas, and his dynamic with Jax, and Sara, and the crew. All of the unpleasant news just came all at once, didn't it. Well...if Sara doesn't have to be spoiler tagged in the Supergirl spoiler thread, is there any reason why this topic (and other relevant crossover material) can't be discussed spoiler tagged strictly in our own spoiler thread during crossover season/episodes? Not to be combative, but @Proteus makes a fair point why the MYS thread funtions as too much of a catch-all for those who don't follow or aren't fully caught up on the other shows, and that aside there are probably a variety of reasons some might prefer to discuss the crossover material concerning their own characters in their own forums.
  4. Unspoiled Speculation: Flash of Genius

    With the Flash wedding fully confirmed in all corners for the crossover event this year, I'm now at 99.99% certainty that their 100th episode will introduce Bart. Too soon for my taste, but the perfect time otherwise. Whether or not they choose to feature this during the crossover will probably all depend on the extent they want to use him that season - if he's going to be featured heavily with hopes of crossing over (Legends being the likeliest candidate), they'll want to introduce him to the rest of the Arrowverse. If it's going to be a more personal story they might choose to have their 100th episode stand alone, preceding or following that years crossover...but I doubt it. Flash more than anyone likes to go big and take full advantage of the shared universe. But as always, varied mileage, speculation...and so on and so forth.
  5. Unbeknownst to us all, Diggle is actually holding the pamphlet in the foreground, but the drawing is framed so closely it cut the back of his head clean out.* Dammit, Jimenez! *sad sarcasm That makes sense, I hadn't considered that. Isn't Diggle going through personal trials when the season returns? Maybe moving toward resolving them during the crossover, and this is why (if) he's not suiting up? Still no excuse for Spartans helmet not being in that top right corner, but... I still can't wrap my head around it, either. Nate not being there after they put so much effort in promoting his character was odd, and Kid Flash even more so since he's also related to the bride and groom. But it occurred to me that, like Felicity, they are also having their own mini-crossover prior to the big four way (on Legends? The trailer wasn't clear...) - and Felicity will be in an entire episode. Since those three are already being promoted cross-show in the lead up to the two-night, maybe they wanted to use the poster to showcase the newer characters the audience might be less familiar with, though it won't necessarily reflect their screen time? I don't know, I'm still disappointed that Martian Manhunter apparently won't be making an appearance. Why. Well, now that we've seen the poster, my thoughts are leaning heavily toward Earth-2 - there Cisco had to convince E-2 Killer Frost to help them, and this despite having just lost her Ronnie, and having been terrified of Cisco's own E-2 doppelganger Reverb, and not knowing our Cisco at all. I'm wondering if they might not do the same thing with Alex and Overgirl - sort of playing off the theme of connections enduring through worlds and universes - or simply have them interact in some other small but significant way. Its just a theory, but it's where my mind is going. In total agreement on the second part - as a poster upthread mentioned, those covers often featured characters who barely appeared in the story. For all we know, the extent of Wild Dog's participation here may be him jumping onto the scene, attack dogging Dark! Oliver, getting an Arrow to the butt for his trouble, and flashing a thumbs up at the camera as he limps off screen.
  6. I have a strong suspicion that it's together and not married (at least I hope not if only to spare us the extra angst) and it's going to lead into a long "finding their way back to each other" storyline that lasts into back half of the season. Or it could just be their way of adding drama while keeping him busy with the Legion? I've got nothing. Besides Alex, it seems. She's meeting Sara and Captain Cold! Does he come back early in the season? Do the Legends drop into Supergirl? Or vice versa, since they're closing crossover? The scheduling must be ridiculous, it's going to be insane seeing how it all ties together. Particularly with Arrow following Supergirl. What's the throughline?
  7. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    New episode titles released: http://www.spoilertv.com/search?&max-results=50 4.06: When Harry Met Harry 4.07: Therefore I am Is Harry meeting new Harry and commiserating with him about the previous incarnations demise over coffee? How very meta. I think, therefore I am? The Thinker reveals himself? Caitlin takes full control of her powers (therefore I am)?
  8. Good Omens in The Media: What Apocalypse?

    First look at David Tennant and Michael Sheen as Crowley and Aziraphale: http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2017/09/18/first-look-tennant-sheen-good-omens So it looks like it's now expected to launch globally on Prime Video in 2019, and will air on BBC Two at an unspecified later date.
  9. I don't think they have, but they should! I'm Rip Hunter. I like Rip, but I wonder if I got him for the same reasons I got Dexter Morgan.
  10. Agreed. I am...shall we say less technically proficient, and even I do this or catch up on the app. So strictly in regards to numbers that could be less affected than it once might have been. And even with all of that I think that alot of tv's are on during holidays - especially after the tv boom. It's what we do at least after big holiday/family dinners, so it looks like we're watching Arrow this year! As to the second, she wasn't actually an undergrad - she and Barry went away to college at the same time. When we meet her she's actually a graduate student finishing up her degree in (according to early interviews with the actress) Criminal Psychology. The problem is as a PhD student (she mentions working on her dissertation) she shouldn't need an undergrads elective courses (journalism, which she mentions in the same conversation) so it can get confusing. The perils of sloppy writing. There have been some good points upthread about how they can better utilize her skills, but honestly with Harry M.I.A, Vibe now with Kid Flash in the field, and Caitlin currently absent (coming to terms with her own powers, likely putting her out there with them more often too once she's under control) someone at the lab needs to be manning the desk, and why shouldn't she be there? They're all operating on a skeleton crew absent their leader and just trying to hold things together right now. I get where you're coming from about lack of faith from the network, but I think the original poster was just surprised as many here were about the odd scheduling. I know I was. But it's worth noting that as of now almost everyone is releasing a holiday episode - I believe Flash and Legends are airing on Halloween. The only one to escape so far is Supergirl, (and even as a watcher, that's.. probably for the best) so at least in this instance I don't think it's a case of network neglect. Or maybe they're just using their superhero properties as guinea pigs to test run holiday viewing data. Who knows. At this point I wouldn't put anything past them. ?
  11. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Thanks, Trini - that does make sense. I think for me it's that bending the origins of Wally and Linda (and Eobard with Eddie especially, though I didn't see that as 'bending' so much as 'illuminating newly important history') are okay with me because they allow them to tell this story, this interpretation, in a fresh and unpredictable way, without erasing who they are, or even necessarily all they bring - it leaves the door open to tell those stories or bend them to this one. With Bart, bending his origins in this particular way not only erases where he comes from (important!) but who he comes from, the past/future/past between the families/the family, and every single storyline that comes along with it. Could there be ways to bend them around a new status quo, it's possible...but yes. A conversation for the comics or speculation threads. I'm pretty sure the print on the wall says "I.D must be visible at all times" - county lockup or mental health hospital? If Barry's found wandering a road naked and mentally unresponsive I'd believe the truck drivers would be kind enough to pick him up or stay with him and call for help. Central City just seems like that sort of place. Argh. They have made such a point of stressing that Iris and Barry's butting heads is going to be a humorous affair that will resolve their issues and strengthen their relationship that, fandom wise, this is what I'm more worried about. The soon-to-be wife and best friend butting heads where the groom is concerned is a time honored, often funny, character revealing tradition that eventually brings all parties closer. In-universe, it's going to show us exactly how they're deflecting and coping with Barry's loss and solidify the team dynamic going forward. Outside? It's going to be yet another outlet to funnel character hatred through and fuel complaints for months. The issue itself will likely be met, worked through, and resolved with hugs and stronger bonds and new clarity in two odd hours of t.v. time, but seventeen episodes later it's still going to be, "remember when Iris had the nerve to question Cisco about something she knows nothing about in a space she has no place in?" When the issue - I assume about how or whether to (try) to get Barry back - will have never really been about her way over his, but about deflecting her pain where the entire situation is concerned. Cisco, once that becomes clear, will understand this. The viewership...won't always show her the same consideration. Which is fine, honestly. Everyone has their opinions, and simply finding her uninteresting or resenting her existence doesn't make them wrong, even if I don't agree. Granted some people wish she would fall off a cliff, but by all means, to each their own. No one is being forced to like or even tolerate her, but keeping in mind that this is all speculation it is still tiring sometimes knowing that no matter how well explained or even justified her actions or reactions are, the hatred directed at her will just keep getting tossed around, and we will just keep getting hit with it. But onto happier subjects...I saw that video! I thought she was just referring to the girls night, but if it means outside of that then I'm all for it. I'd love for her to meet the other casts. Just toss them all into a snow globe and shake it and see what happens. When it comes to crossover newbies, I don't care who meets who as long as it's someone they've never met before. So excited. Less excited about the rest, but not feeling hopeless just yet. Grant and the E.P's have all said the season is planned out from start to finish. We already have alot of information about the first part, and it's going to be absolutely packed with great stuff - and we haven't even started filming the crossover yet. But we know nothing about what the storyline is or where the characters are going after Christmas break. No plans regarding that as of yet doesn't mean no plans at all. I'm willing to wait to see what they are. And if all else fails, it's early enough days that they can still incorporate that into the existing plans for her in the back half. And yes to Breacher's introduction being in the Halloween episode! That is perfect. And unless I'm mistaken, isn't that also where they're going to introduce Elongated Man's powers? I think we're meeting him as Dibney beforehand, but the actor was in that episodes set photos with Danny Trejo so maybe that's when we see him in his alter ego? Bonus points if someone references or carries a machete.
  12. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Super Season trailer! AKA "Flash Pass":
  13. Super(girl) Media

    Super Season trailer! AKA "Super Grill":
  14. Super Season Trailer! AKA "Cold Brew":
  15. You are not alone! He's such a big awkward softie and I think he'd be hilarious. And speaking of, has anyone posted these CW Super Season trailers yet? They are so cheeky, I love it.