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  1. Woah! Troye Sivan! Not to mention Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Edgerton and Flea.
  2. Wow, Chad is stuttering even worse than usual today. I guess Jennifer doesn't know that Brady tried to frame Eve for Deimos's murder. Shouldn't there be a police officer involved in custody transfer as well? Aw, poor Stefan is in pain. Yesssss, Gabi!!! Is Jennifer going to bring Brady down?
  3. He is Brady's lawyer, not Eve's. He's also an agent of the court who is bound not to allow crimes to occur if he knows about them.
  4. Why did Chad keep pounding on Kate's door? After the first three times, maybe she wasn't there? Wow,Eve, wow, Justin, you're both just going to sit there and let JJ ruin his life like that? ooh, Gabi, I love how you're setting Gabi up. Well done. :D Did Theresa really spend all that time with a drug lord without using drugs?
  5. The story behind Drake Hogestyn's injury last year. It was a brain injury. https://soaphub.com/days-of-our-lives/drake-hogestyns-life-threatening-injury-changed-everything/
  6. Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Today's Sacramento Music Circus performance was Newsies. One of my favorite musicals. I just adore the choreography, and I am amazed at how the dancers were able to get this together, considering the last production ended just last week and some of the dancers were in that, as well. Joey Barreiro was Jack Kelly Great voice. Blake Stadnik was Crutchy. According to his bio, he's legally blind, but you would never have known it. he did a good job. Paul Schoeffler, who is a Music Circus veteran (along with Stuart Marland and Ron Wisniski), did a great Pulitzer. Laurie Veldheer was Katherine. I've always thought the role of Katherine was just sort of pasted on to give Jack a love interest, but she has a lovely voice. One of the ensemble, Jimin Moon, who played Henry, is a local high school senior (next year). He held his own, I was duly impressed. The little boy who played Les, Josh Davis, is a Music Circus veteran. This is his third season there I am always glad to see the dance of Newsies. They had to modify it to fit onto the theater in the round, but I wasn't left wanting.
  7. MLB Thread

    I've seen people saying they predicted the Matheny firing before the season even started.
  8. MLB Thread

    The Cardinals have fired Mike Matheny, John Mabry and Bill Mueller and have named Mike Shildt as interim manager.
  9. You didn't get to see him naked on "Oz', I take it.
  10. MLB Thread

    I really disliked Santiago Casilla when he blew so many games for the Giants, and then groaned when he got picked up by the A's. They finally figured out he's worse than useless and have cut him loose.
  11. S38 spoilers

    Reality Blurred: All 18 Survivors could still be in the game at Survivor: Island of Extinction’s end
  12. Race and Ethnicity in the Movies

    The Pure Flix company, which is a Christian studio behind the movies like God's Not Dead, has announced they're going to do a film about the Thai cave rescue. I can't imagine they'll throw in the Buddhism and meditation.
  13. Apparently they weren't late, they were on time, the Queen just showed up early. According to ABC News.
  14. "I'm just a drunken hallucination." weird. Hey, Justin, you're an operative of the court. Even if you're Brady's lawyer, you're not Victor or Eve's, you are obligated under ethics rules to let the judge know what you know. JJ, no, you're going to lose your medic certification.