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  1. All Episodes Talk: The Bennett Living Room

    So. Part 5. Thoughts? Just binged it this weekend. Can't say I like the way they handled Rooster's departure but the Peterson's Ranch solution was the right one. Overall I liked a good chunk of it, but there were other things that disappointed.
  2. Agreed. And they wasted great potential. The actress is skilled at her craft and I will miss her presence in that sense, but not the character at all. There's a real issue with the lack of female and minority firefighters in the country, and the bit in season 2 when she was competing to become a firefighter was one of my favourite story lines. If they'd kept her on truck and just gave her her fair-share of romances and trials-and-tribulations that other characters went through then great. I didn't even mind her marriage to Casey on the surface. It's a plausible scenario. But the instant they started to Mary Sue her is when the show went to a five alarm mess. It was "The Dawson Show, with Matt Casey and featuring Eric Severide."
  3. She is. I wrote that before the announcement broke. Needless to say, that news made my day.
  4. 9-1-1 in the Media

    According to THR, she's out as a series regular but will make at least one appearance. Two new regulars coming aboard, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ryan Guzman. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/911-season-2-adds-ryan-guzman-1114534
  5. S01.E09: Hot Box

    Command will always be in a white helmet. They give the orders. Where there are multiple white helmets, the highest rank rules the fireground overall, others with different responsibilities. Red is typically an officer in charge of a specific piece of apparatus—a ladder, truck, squad; either a captain or LT and he/she implements the orders given by the white helmets. Black or yellow helmets for the working firefighters, and blue (in some departments) for safety officers. Some departments use yellow for trainees. If there's no chief on the scene, then the ranking officer (red helmet) gives the orders until a chief arrives.
  6. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walker, Spencer and Kinney have all re-upped. Chiefs generally don't run a single house. Battalion Chiefs are stationed in a house but are responsible for a few others in the area, with a district chief/division chief/platoon chief, depending on the terminology of the department, above them. Officers of the rank that Boden holds manage the scene upon arrival at incidents, with additional district chiefs being called on subsequent alarms for different aspect of fire command, and higher-ranking chiefs coming in as supervisors in major disasters. A Deputy District Chief like Grissom, and a District Chief would roll on a 1st or 2nd alarm working structure fire. Keeping to our TV universe, let's say a nearby station—I think they used 60 or 66 back last year, and the rat-infested CFD Station 19 (as opposed to another Station 19 a few thousand miles west), they might have a run and need a chief, in which case Battalion 25 (Boden) would be called. If that were real-life, he would likely be called out far more often than either the truck or the heavy rescue. Usually each piece of apparatus has a captain and senior officer, again, depending on individual departments' command structures. If Boden were to leave "51" then I could see both Severide and Casey running the ship, each as the leader of their particular company. But having a Battalion Chief in the station is a good TV decision. Harken back to Emergency!, and there was no chief in that house; it was just the Squad and Engine, with Cap't Stanley in command of the Engine. In earlier seasons, "Battalion 14" seems to have been their BC at working fires.
  7. Gabriela "Gabby" Dawson: Love her, hate her

    I agree. Now compare Gabby to Shay. Shay's character was OK, but the actress just doesn't click for me. Not then as Shay, and not recently as the supposedly romantic lead on the now-cancelled Lucifer. German just can't act very well, or at least, she has a hard time connecting with the audience. You could say the same for Tracy Spiridakos over on PD. Ms. Raymund is very good at her craft and she'll obviously land somewhere in a lead role sooner rather than later, and I wish her the best.
  8. Gabriela "Gabby" Dawson: Love her, hate her

    Is she leaving of her own volition or did the show decide to take another direction? Or perhaps since she was ostensibly the female lead, maybe her contract demands were too high at renewal time. I'm curious whether she jumped or if she was pushed out the apparatus bay doors. I really liked her character back in season 2 (??), when she was training to become a firefighter, and ultimately made it. That wasn't a bad story at all, and if they'd kept her on truck, or if they'd integrate Engine into the show, on that rig and treated her like any other FF then I probably wouldn't have had as much of a problem with Gabby. Her departure also leaves a gaping hole in the Chicago universe, since Antonio on PD will be affected (or should, if there's even the slightest bit of continuity. Ahem.), not just DoorMatt™. On the other hand I'm interested to see how much anguish Casey is going to go through this fall as a result, and how he'll come out the other side. Some potential for Jesse Spencer to hit a few home runs if the writing of Gabby's departure is up to snuff. I have to wonder, will he still be single at the end of next season or will he get a new love interest? Worst case scenario, this is a massive psych-out for the fans, and Her Magnificence returns in a Very Special Episode during the November sweeps or something.
  9. Chicago Fire in the Media

    They're the two most authentic ones on the show, despite how badly they're written at times. Come to NYC sometime...if you think the Chicago accent is laid on too thick, you should hear almost every real FDNY firefighter's Long Island accent! The first few episodes in, six years ago, I thought those two were actual CFD firefighters with SAG cards, just like Mike Stoker and Marco Lopez were on Emergency! in the 70s. As for Gabby's departure, YAYYYYY! I hope they actually kill Gabby off so we'll never have to worry about her coming back in a VerySpecialEpisode.
  10. Gabriela "Gabby" Dawson: Love her, hate her

    I just hope DoorMatt gets he testicles back before she leaves. And please, show, don't just write her out, but actually kill her character off--preferably on camera--so we know that's the end of Saint Gabby once and for all.
  11. Well, if they feared internal reprisals, just leak the data anonymously to the media after the appointment is official. That's one story that no newspaper or radio would dare keep under wraps since it goes to the honesty and integrity of someone directly responsible for the safety of millions of Chicagoans. It was obvious that Boden wasn't going to get the gig since he's a star of the show. That and I doubt any battalion chief in any department would jump up to become the Big Cheese in one leap anyways. Plus there always has to be a foil for the heroes, so might as well be Grissom.
  12. S01.E09: Hot Box

    So they're sitting against the garage door with breaching tools. Nobody thought of using the Halligan on the hinges? Hello, McFly. Oh, wait. Nobody had an axe or a sledge. Maybe they should have called in 81 Truck with their Slamigan™! That would have saved the day! What the f@#$ kind of "glass" was that window made of? In the real world AGP makes window film to thwart burglary. It will delay entry by turning ordinary glass into something like windshield glass but that's easily defeatable with breaching tools—just like a windshield.Those are some pretty high-end home mods, and not the sort of things that the Mrs. Grace L. Ferguson Airline and Storm Door Company would install. As such, their techs and management would know they'd be on the hook for million in liability if they failed to follow code and allowed shit like that to exist without means of egress. There's water supply going to the heater. Cold water in, hot water out. Take the cold water line off and keep yourselves cool. So let's say that such a firetrap DID exist (obviously more robust than shown, considering cheap TV show budgets, etc). Why is that still a 1 and 1 call—one engine & truck? Get in a couple of heavy rescues and the building collapse unit. And MAYBE if it's 112° in there you could, oh, I don't know, TURN OFF ALL THOSE F@#$ING SERVERS?!? And when I saw the water heater, I was also thinking of jury-rigging it, but not the way they did. Of course, they'd all be quite dead if they tried it. And where did all the 50 gallons of scalding hot water go? And since it was a gas water heater, where was it venting to? It has to vent or it would poison the garage with CO. Where it vents, that's where you breach. Oh, and really...wrong radio channel? SFD is on an 800 MHz Motorola SmartZone trunked radio system. Every channel programmed into their HTs is a trunked talkgroup. Come up on the wrong one and someone will hear it. "Unit calling, you're on <channel-name>. Switch to channel 3." Older VHF/UHF simplex systems, yeah, that could be a real possibility, but not in any major city, not in 2018.
  13. She'll go to PR for 4 months, and be back for the new season. I'm rooting for Zika to take hold while she's down there. What do you think the first 6 episodes of Season 7 will be all about? Miracling Saint Gabby, and then Bayyyyyyyyybeeeeeeeeeee!!! All the while Door Matt's balls go back in Gabby's lockbox on the mantel. I can't even with Severide.
  14. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    This year and last were both bad for fans of any genre series. There's been a huge shift away from SF/Fantasy/supernatural in favour of military/spy crap that's served to only free up more of my time and DVR space. Last year it was Grimm (the biggest loss of all to me), and original recipe Once Upon a Time, now this year, the Expanse, Lucifer, the dregs of "Once," and almost certainly Gotham. I know I'm forgetting a couple more as well. Audiences had a good choice of genre material for a while but the tide is absolutely shifting away, Arrowverse excepted, and most of that is unwatchable drek half the time. Thank the ghods that Outlander just got a two season renewal and various Game of Thrones prequels are coming to HBO once the ASOIaF series ends next year.
  15. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Once was a network darling at ABC. Either that, or Adam and Eddie had compromising pictures of Mickey and Goofy that the Disney brass didn't want to see released.