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  1. S06.E11: Law of the Jungle

    Oooooh. Now I know. They got personal coaching from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from "Skyscraper." And this page tackles the same physics. https://www.boredpanda.com/dwayne-the-rock-johnson-skyscraper-jump-funny-reactions/
  2. S01.E06: Heartbreaker

    I wrote about this in the thread for the episode in which it happened. I was on the scene of a fence post through the noggin' about 30 or so years back, and the dude walked out of the hospital under his own steam a couple of weeks later. It was a 2" OD pipe, not a 5/8" rebar, so yeah, it's possible, but it would have left one hell of a scar, front and back. Handwaved away because why bother with the makeup expense when they could spend that money renting a damned Cessna Caravan and putting it down on a golf course (or CGI'ing the hell out of it). Props (ahem) for the creative use of a checklist, I'll give him that. I'm a private pilot, although I haven't flown in years. On my checklist for a 172RG, before taking my now-wife up for a ride I did a custom pre-start checklist, which read in part "Fuel...on both, Mixture...rich, Master...on, <#HerName>...goosed, mags...both, CLEAR PROP...." Checklist completed, pilot smacked. Just sayin'. But I'd sure like to know how to get a NAV/COM to dial into the Public Switched Telephone Network. That was a neat trick, though definitely not better than making a MAYDAY call and requesting direct to BUR (2 minutes from where they were, by the looks of it), with EMS waiting. Oh, and there's a fire station on the field, too. And yeah, 65 knots my ass. About 80 over the fence! PsychoBabe was played great. Loved it. I learned to tie a necktie when I was about 8 or 9. And since he's wearing a $1.29 suit, why not his uniform clip-on tie to go with it if he's that dumb? I swear, I lost IQ points watching this tonight, but it had its moments of stupid fun, so there is that.
  3. S30.E06: "The Claws Are Out!"

    Forgot about Washington Sq. Park. I go to the BBQ festival there every year. I think they've had a few starts in Central Park as well. They've managed to ignore New Jersey, which is probably for the best.
  4. S06.E11: Law of the Jungle

    Well foo. I thought we had one more week before the Olympic break. This was the cliffhanger. Next episode on March 1st. Looks like the rest of February is a write-off TV wise, too.
  5. S01.E05: Point of Origin

    Just like the Chicago Fire producers need to see that nobody likes Dawson. Hey, maybe there could be a 2-for-1 swap between LA and Chicago. 9-1-1 gets Saint Gabby, Buck goes to 51 in Chicago.
  6. S30.E06: "The Claws Are Out!"

    The closest ones to me were the Season 1 Finale (Unisphere, in Queens, a block away from where my ham radio club met), and Gotham Hall at B'way and W. 36th St, a block away from the best steakhouse in the known (and unknown) universe. I remember the one in Salzburg (the palace, whose name I forget at the moment), Lauterbrunen, Switzerland, Interlaken, Switzerland and a few others I'm forgetting at the moment. EDIT: FOUND IT: http://bit.ly/2EnvD2L Now to enjoy a Staropromen beer (with two fingers' worth of head) while I'm there :). I'll also try to find the Pitstop from Season 15 at Střelecký Ostrov, and the one from Vienna.
  7. S30.E06: "The Claws Are Out!"

    Did anyone manage to catch the name of the beer from the detour, and the overlook used for the pitstop? I will be visiting Prague this June, and I want to add that pitstop to the dozen or so I've visited over the years (most recently, the St. Peter and Paul fortress overlook, and in the park behind St. Isaac's).
  8. S06.E11: Law of the Jungle

    But...but...but that would take away screen time for our Beloved and Blessed Saint Gabby. Heaven forfend!
  9. S01.E05: Point of Origin

    I think the writers got a rebar through the brain. It would explain much.
  10. S01.E05: Point of Origin

    Yup, crispy-critter, given what they described as the facts. And let's just say for the sake of everybody watching on TV, it was not realistic-looking. I'll leave it at that. Normally, of course they don't. The fire depicted in Bobby's building was based on the real-life Grenfell Tower fire in London last June, in which 71 people died. In that case cladding that was not up to code was bolted on to the building, there was only one staircase for the entire building, and no sprinklers, among other problems. In the episode here, the responding firefighters mentioned siding, and that the sprinklers weren't working. If you're interested, read this Wikipedia article on what happened, and how: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grenfell_Tower_fire. The failures that led to this are unimaginable, and had it not happened in real life but portrayed as such in the movies, I'd never have believed it possible in a first-world country in 2017.
  11. S06.E11: Law of the Jungle

    Connie or any clerical staff, or if it's just Engine, or Squad, or Truck that goes, the folks from the other apparatus or Boden, I guess. Trudy can have some fun in her off-times. 21st District and House 51 are obviously a big extended family; that's totally realistic. Everybody knows everybody else's kids, family situation, etc. And especially in Trudy's case since she's married to a T-81 FF. Naw, Molly's 2 will be back since Otis is involved with the woman who's dad used to own it. That's B-plot stuff, or even C-plot. With Brie's storyline (hopefully) done, they need a new A-plot to take them to the Olympic break cliffhangar. I think that's going to be Severide and Grissom, and/or Grissom coming after Casey's fresh new bugle. A-freakin-men. BTW, prisoners in transport are usually shackled hand and foot, hands behind the back, and after Freddie Gray in Baltimore, securely fastened to the prison van's body to prevent injury in case of a crash. Prisoners in TV shows are always shown hands-in-front. Sorry bunky, it don't work that way <g>. There are also usually a whole slew of police cars at an MVA scene for traffic control, accident investigation and so on. That was a head-desk moment. She's still somewhat new to Chicago and may not have made many friends outside of work. I agree about Kidd and Severide being forced back together (by bad writing). They've been intimate before, but now he sees her as a trusted colleague and a good friend, so to me that's a pretty good foundation to build something real over. Only problem is, if it crashes and burns, you've got a very toxic workplace all of a sudden, and the old "don't crap where you eat" proverb comes into play.
  12. S06.E11: Law of the Jungle

    Yeah, I was thinking about that too last night. They'd have gone over like a couple of stones. No way that place doesn't have a road or driveway or something on all four sides. Magical TV fire, of course. Couldn't they have just vented the tank to atmosphere, if the alternative was DeathAndDestruction™?
  13. S01.E05: Point of Origin

    I can see the electricity being off if it was vacant, but there would always be heat; the risk of pipes bursting would be too great otherwise. Burst pipes in an apartment building would cause massive flood damage to the unit and everything below it, plus it makes economic sense to have central heat in the building. I doubt any building in that part of the world would not have central heat.
  14. S06.E11: Law of the Jungle

    See, show? You can do an episode that's fun without Gabby. Overall it was decent. Loved Platt and the kidlet. Pure gold, but I was disappointed that Hermann didn't give her the grand tour, let her climb a ladder (tied off safely, of course), play with the the siren, but I get that maybe he didn't want to encourage her to do something dangerous with her life. Still, that kid rocked. First rescue was a good plot staging area, which hopefully won't go beyond this episode. Liked Casey taking the high road later on: "We met last night." I was afraid it would devolve into the usual fight/animosity with Ramifications Later On, but pleasantly surprised they didn't. I don't think there's a copper anywhere who wouldn't thank the FFs who did their best to rescue their own, even if the outcome was bad. Rule One: You can't save everybody. Didn't we see that professional difference of opinion a few weeks ago at another scene between Severide and Casey? Chain of command. Cap makes the call, but also takes the shit if things go pear-shaped. Both ideas looked sound, but it should have taken a lot less time to get a chain around the steering wheel and pull it out of the way, or hell, just use the Hurst to cut the steering column/wheel right off. R&D on the "slamigan." Just. No. That plot should Never Be Heard From Again. Really thought Zach was going to snuff it, with his dying words to Kidd, "Take care of Severide" or some such nonsense. Glad neither happened. I think they let an out-take make it to air. In Molly's, Grissom tells Hermann, behind the bar, "I'll have whatever Taylor's having." At least that's how it sounded on my system. OK, the Big Call. I've got carpal tunnel from handwaving all the idiocy away, but I'll at least give them props for going in with full SCBA. Masks don't make for good TV, but they do make for firefighters coming out alive, so yeah. Thanks for that. Why was there still power on in the water plant? If there's a risk of explosion, wouldn't you want to cut any additional source of ignition? Of course the shutoff was stuck. Of course it was an old wheel valve. Why would there be high-pressure acetylene in a water treatment plant? I'm also not a chemist so I don't know what the reaction is between acetylene and chlorine, but it seems overly contrived for that scenario to exist. Rooftop idiocy: OK, they're holding the valve closed by hand. I'll let that crap sit for the sake of TV drama. Clockwise pressure is all that's needed. So raise the aerial, get some men up with chain and a come-along, loop it around what they're holding onto for dear life, tie off to something immovable on the roof itself and take the load. That'll hold the valve until a team of pros can come up and effect repairs, meanwhile bring the men back down the stick. But hey, jumping into water of unknown depth from 50 or 60 feet up, in full bunker gear, looks like so much fun. Especially after they're both physically exhausted from a major hazmat incident and rescue. Silly, stupid fun, though.
  15. Any Seattle natives know what station and apparatus they're using for filming? Chicago Fire uses Engine 18's quarters, and Emergency! used Station 127 so I'm curious where this is being shot.