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  1. I'll probably give it a few episodes but I just can't see it lightening up given the subject material.
  2. Who knew the depression could be so depressing? Well done, but probably the darkest drama I've seen in a long time. Not quite sure if I'm up for it, to be honest. Decent performances all around and I did enjoy the soundtrack, so there's that.
  3. One engine and one truck, so yeah, Truck would be the one overhauling with Engine supplying the water. Dumb fire plot, but I did like Stella's save. No way they're bringing everybody down the stick in that situation. Third Watch was one of my favourite shows.
  4. I missed that part. Still, in a fairly high-end place like that they'd have chemical suppression, and firebreaks between the kitchen and the front of house, no? I was only half watching (and half asleep), but I though I saw one of those table-side brazier grills burning hot, and oddly enough, flames from a table with no visible source of combustion on it. Because flaming hot kitchen grease is going to spill on a table. More like the gallon of lighter fluid that was set off before they called 'action.'
  5. Utterly predictable. I do hope Otis finally gets a romantic interest with Mac's daughter. Bye Hope. Hope Severide thoroughly disinfects....things. I still like Kidd and Severide. The only thing worse than Dawson on my screen is Daddy Dawson. Please bleed out on the platform. So a couple of tabletop-style grills go up and they don't just bring a couple of handcans and put 'em out? Not exactly super-combustible material there guys. Just charcoal. And if they're gas fed, duh, shut off the gas. Morons. At most, bring an inch-and-3/4 up the stick and go to town with it. Why risk all those customers maybe falling off the aerial when they're all safe on that balcony. Wait to put the fire out and down the stairs they go. They might even get to pay their tabs on the way down.
  6. I think the shrimp might have a different viewpoint, though.
  7. I've said it before. Saint Gabby, First of Her Name. And her middle name is Mary-Sue. Still a toss-up with Upton on "PD" for who wins the statuette for Worst Character in a Chicago Franchise series. Now that I think of it, it's Gabby. At least Monica Raymund can act, even though I hate the role she's playing. Spiradakos can't, but her character hasn't been defined well enough to despise (yet). I'll handwave the collapse and rescue logistics to a degree, since it's a network TV show budget. We the audience have to see, so of course the lights are still on, and it didn't immediately pancake down. I can work with that. I was rooting for the collapse to smush Saint Gabby, but we all know that can't happen. She bends the laws of physics, space, and time doncha know. The same cable set that carries electricity to the elevator will also carry the alarm signal and phone line. I can see the phone not connecting, but if there's power for the elevator car's internal lights (which there was), then the bell will work too, which the FD would hear. Where can I get one of those magic 27 MHz CBs that also transmits and receives on a 700 MHz digital trunking system? They could be handy. (Hint: it can't happen). I literally LOLd at that, since 2-way radio tech is my stock-and-trade. Cellphones most certainly do work 15 feet below ground. Well, my Verizon phone does, 1.4 miles from the closest tower to my own basement, but YMMV in Chicago. And even if that CB wasn't a Magic Transceiver, if it had power it would transmit a signal that I can guarantee SOMEONE would hear and hopefully relay by landline to 9-1-1. AND most CBs have a PA function in them, thus the "electrician" could probably jury-rig an external speaker from someone's car stereo easily enough so they could make some noise. And speaking of which, HONK THE FUCKING HORNS for heaven's sake. All of them. Nothing says "Come rescue us, we're trapped under 30 tons of rubble" than multiple car horns sounding in a way that they don't sound like an alarm system going off automatically. Idiots. Why would a Battalion Chief be the one bestowing the promotion? Wouldn't it be a DC, the Commissioner, or some other white helmet doing the honors at HQ? I don't get the badge history thing. Makes no sense, but maybe that's a Chicago thing. Probably not, but I don't know. When Boden tells BC4 that there's a trapped FF/PM in there, why wouldn't Casey have chimed in "She's also my wife." I sure as shit would have if it was the love of my life. And with that, the entire team would have Casey's back (unless they all knew Gabby and wanted her to end up getting slipped under the garage door instead).
  8. The Commissioner is appointed by the mayor, so presumably if he has some pull in the mayor's office (or has incriminating pictures of the mayor) he could be named to that position from a BC. You can imagine the shitstorm from the rank-and-file and the press if that were to happen, though. I'm guessing the promotion to captain will fall through because of a Plot Device To Be Named Later, thus keeping him in the house, since there is no position of captain in E51's quarters. Each rig has its own LT, and the BC (Boden) runs the house in this case. I'm guessing the rank of Captain would become the senior officer in a house that doesn't include a Batallion Chief, maybe? That's a bit unclear to me. The double transport in that case would make sense. The kid strapped onto the backboard with what appears to be a minor injury, and certainly a BLS transport, isn't going anywhere if that backboard is secured to the bench seat. The cardiac is an ALS transport for sure, and with no other resources available for 10 minutes (hint: real-life they'd have a sea of emergency vehicles for a collision involving a child) he needs to go ASAP. So, with no other ambo available, what else would they do? I suppose they could keep the kid strapped to the backboard on the ground with a couple of EMT-B firefighters or uniform cops to keep her calm until another ambo can get there. I would be quite surprised if, for an MVA, dispatch wouldn't roll 2 or 3 ambulances, since accidents often have more than one pt. Or at least an EMT supervisor who can maybe transport an ambulatory BLS pt in a pinch.
  9. It wasn't just "so wrong" to me, it's a mark of absolute callousness and an evil that is irredeemable in my book. If they had shown it that would have been the end of this show for me, and probably a boycott of ABC. I get why they did it, though, but they went a bit too far. She was a douchecanoe of a mother in every way and I'm fine with them portraying her interactions with people as such, but that there crosses every single boundary between douchecanoe and just plain rotten-to-the-core evil. So yeah. Twisting Department, butthole spiders, acid vats; the works. Then slo-mo drop-kicked into the sun.
  10. I was almost going to say that Eleanor's mother deserves to be drop-kicked into the sun, but then what fun would that be. It would be over too quick. Maybe drop-kicked into the sun s-l-o-w-l-y, following a prolonged stay in the company of Todd.
  11. Fluff episode, but I did like the Hope reveal. I don't get the issue of doubling up in the ambulance. A critical ALS patient and an injured child, no second bus for 10 minutes, that's a no-brainer. Load and go. Just hope the girl on the backboard was properly secured to the bench seat. The $64,000 question was how did those two manage to get the bariatric pt on a stretcher into the ambo in the first place without a lift assist. Would a V-tach patient have sat up and been "normal" 10 seconds after being shocked? Conscious, yes, but able to sit up and talk? And why the hell wasn't he connected to the Lifepak? They obviously would have had to have him connected to detect the V-tach then to shock him, so where were the leads? Mullins is Chekov's Chief. Bet on it. TV-CFD seriously needs to examine its entire brass' leadership qualifications. But I do agree with Mullins on one thing. Cigar butts are nasty; they stink to high heaven. I have a dedicated ash can on the driveway filled with BBQ and fireplace ashes, and as soon as I'm finished a cigar that's where the butt gets dumped. If I were a boss I'd have been pissed to find those, too. This was a very short episode. 38 minutes from what I saw, where the average network drama is 41-43.
  12. I thought something was off. If this turns into Chicago Police-politics I'm out. I don't turn to TV dramas for "a conversation about urban policing challenges." I watch to see TV cops arrest or kill the villains, solve the mysteries, tell compelling stories, and maybe have torrid affairs with each other along the way. 502 and 503 were as PC-preachy as the worst crap from the '70s.
  13. Did Chicago PD get a new showrunner this season? It seems the entire tone of the new season is quite different, and it has nothing to do with Lindsay leaving. They had a formula that worked pretty well for 4 seasons. Ratings were acceptable and audiences knew what they were getting, including ocular discomfort from excessive eyerolling. This episode was just plan bad, but I wasn't particularly happy with the first two, either. Especially with no emphasis on patrol.
  14. I'm sorry for any blacksmiths reading these forums. You will be unable to purchase your new anvils for quite some time since they were all used up on this POS of an episode tonight. Oh, and earth to CPD: the rest of the free world uses photo "6-packs" for positive ID, administered by a so-called blind detective (an officer who has no knowledge whatsoever of the case). And yes, a witness is allowed to change his or her mind after careful reflection. Idiots. Also, please show me a station house interrogation room that isn't recorded with at least two angles these days—one on the subject, one on the investigators. That said, I miss the TortureCage™. Because what police facility doesn't have at least a half dozen for those recalcitrant suspects! </sarc>. Oh, yeah, when the perp in the box says "lawyer," questioning stops immediately or else every single word uttered afterwards is inadmissable. Note to the writers: it'll still be possible to get the bad guys if you write within the guise of reality; you'll just have to work a bit harder at it. Only thing that surprised me is they didn't go after the Bentley-driving white owner of the meat processing plant, since in TV Copland, he's the most obvious bad guy. And one last thing. I hate Upton; Spiradakos still can't act. Oh yeah, and Burgess as a Wild Child? Bwahahahaha.
  15. I do the same. A blacked-out home theater, 65" TV with a complex sound system and bass shakers in my recliner (they make all the difference!). Plus the fact my TV does a decent job at upscaling the image to faux-4k quality, means I get to see intricate details of those amazing costumes and props, but also the hairlines of the wigs, which are particularly annoying. The show is lit, shot and directed beautifully. I'll buy the series on 4k HDR Blu-Ray, if they are ever released in that format, without a second's hesitation. As a child of the 60s (born in '61), so much of their apartment's set decoration resonated with me 100%, and triggered some powerful memories as I watched. The snow globe and the reflector-backed Christmas tree lights (and the large C9-style outdoor lights, with no garish 21st century inflatable crap decorations) were staples of my childhood Christmases that always make me gooey inside when I see them on screen. And the pipe. Like most men of the day, my own father smoked a pipe (as I do now), and since aromas can bring back some powerful memories, moreso than even sights or sounds, I can see why they added that in there. In truth, an extinguished pipe positively stinks, but I'll handwave that for the sake of the emotion it's supposed to imbue to the scene. As for Sophie, I don't hate her, but I do think they could have done better. What I do think will happen after she goes back is that she'll need to fit in to the family dynamic, since she'll be living amongst first generation immigrants, and thus she'll eventually take on a more natural (less-fake-American) accent. I hope that's the case anyways. Also, she's still a 20 year old girl (Brianna; Ms. Skelton is 23), so I can forgive her one-dimensionality for now. As her importance to the story increases, and as she gets more worldly, I hope the actor will be able to rise to those challenges. The print shop. I was expecting that in two weeks, not tonight. I'm glad they did it now and it was everything I could have hoped for.