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  1. S14.E20: Judgment Day

    April gives me life. Her and Bailey were a hoot. I wish I was as talented as them at making nose music.
  2. S03.E16: An Inconvenient Truth

    I liked the way Natalie treated her patient in this episode, but I hate her relationship with Halstead. Both him and Casey are such doormats.
  3. Missy and Georgie were definitely the highlight of this episode. They were just adorable.
  4. S11.E21: The Comet Polarization

    I liked this episode, but was confused by something. Didn't Raj quit the university and find another job? The way he was rambling on about the comet though, it seemed he still worked at the university.
  5. S06.E19: Where I Want to Be

    There's just so much Gabby.
  6. S04.E18: Lose Yourself

    I didn't think it was possible to love Iris more than I already do, but it's happened. Still don't have a clue about this Enlightenment that Devoe likes banging on about. We should have something by now.
  7. I love the Pierce's.
  8. S03.E14: Schott Through the Heart

    This was probably my favourite episode of the season. Was amazing seeing Mary Cooper on the show. Having only seen her on The Big Bang Theory, it was a pleasure to see her here. She was excellent. It was also awesome that Winn got more to do. Hope this episode was a game-changer in terms of giving him more stuff to do. I don't think I've ever heard Mon-El apologise for anything before and he couldn't stop this episode. First for his lies to Kara and then for his karaoke performance. Really enjoyable. Brooke was Toy Girl right? I thought she looked familiar!
  9. S02.E07: Day 450

    This was probably my least favourite episode of the season, although it was still enjoyable. Diane slowly unravelling is fascinating to watch at the moment and it looks like this will be continuing next episode. I'm worried about Marissa.
  10. S07.E10: Clarity

    Superb episode, Claire Danes was phenomenal.
  11. S04.E17: Null and Annoyed

    Decent episode. Ralph is terribly annoying, but I really enjoyed the Breacher storyline, as well as Marlize's scenes in the episode. Breacher's line about seeing his reflection in his knife was absolutely hilarious. In fact, most of his and Cisco's lines were very amusing. More of this humour please, rather than fart jokes writers. I think it's about time we hear more about this "Enlightenment" that Devoe keeps banging on about.
  12. Best episode of the season, which has been excellent. Loved the fights this episode, especially between Thunder and the silent woman (Syonide is her name?). Roll on next week!
  13. S02.E06: Day 443

    Adrian is awesome. In fact, everyone on this show is just bloody awesome.
  14. S05.E16: Inside Voices

    It was a good episode. Then I saw Raina and it became fabulous. Bring her back!
  15. This show is just so much fun. You can just tell that both cast and crew have so much fun doing this. Looking forward to next season.