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  1. S02E10: A Duel of Iron

    Much better than Season One and also better than Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Season Two (although the acting is better in both shows). Maybe all the Marvel Netflix shows should be 10 episodes? This season flowed really nicely and things actually happened.
  2. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    So I've just been binging the whole series over the past few days. Overall, I really liked it. Some episodes felt very slow in terms of pacing, but the characters were good. And my goodness the finale was great! Sun is by far my favourite character, she is like the queen of my heart. I often cheered when she started fighting. Just amazing. Her dog is beautiful too. Lito probably comes next with his crew.
  3. S01.E10: Colony Collapse

    Decent finale. I hope Mina is alright! I must say with the exception of Tyrone, the female characters are written far more strongly than the male ones. There should be more balance.
  4. S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    So I've just binged the first two seasons over the last week or so. I liked the first season, but thought the second was really great. Steve and Dustin are definitely my favourites. I think what I like the most about this show, even though it is quite dark, there is just a tremendous amount of warmth within it. You can just tell that the cast work together seamlessly. On a sidenote, what on earth happened to Dustin's tortoise after he was ousted from his cage? I don't think we ever saw him again after that.
  5. S01.E09: Back Breaker

    Considering that this was the penultimate episode of the season, it was quite slow, so I hope the pace picks up for the finale next week. I hope Mina is alright, I like her. Not a fan of Tandy this episode.
  6. S03.E13: The Barrier

    I've just been watching this show on Netflix for the past week, and I have to say, it is hysterical how silly this show is. I really enjoyed the first two seasons (especially Season Two with the earthquake sloth and ice lizards), but feel like with this one it took itself a bit too seriously. Easily the best part of Zoo were these forums, which I read pretty much after every episode. You guys are absolutely hilarious! I really liked Jackson and Jamie, but found the rest of the main cast to be a bit bland, or in the case of Mitch, rather irritating. Logan seemed really pointless this season, but I did like him in Season Two. The acting was generally pretty good, especially James Wolk. I felt terrible for Jackson throughout the series, he might just be amongst the most tragic characters on TV. His Dad goes crazy, he leaves with his Mum to go to Africa, gets married and has a child who are killed, the second woman he loved died, he is then forced to kill his Mother (baffling as to why he couldn't kill his sister), finds out his Dad is alive who then dies for him, finds his evil sister and then he discovers his son is actually alive. I like how he kept going, but goodness me, the guy deserves some happiness! At least he has Abe. Overall though, a highly amusing series. Oh and just a reminder because I laughed every single time I read it - Antarctic Lesbians!
  7. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    If Oliver is going to be in prison for an extended period of time, and if the writers don't want to bore the audience, as well as it having to end before the crossover, the only way it can work is if the writers do some sort of flash forward (although this would have to occur on all shows involved in the crossover). Aren't we supposed to be getting the flashbacks back this season (I think I read this somewhere)? On another note, I must say, I haven't seen many clips of the SDCC panel, but from what I have seen the actors seem rather bored. Surprising, given that there is a new showrunner.
  8. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I must say whilst I'm looking forward to the next season, Cicada might just be the most unintimidating name for a Big Bad ever.
  9. This show is hilarious. I love it.
  10. S01.E07: Lotus Eaters

    I've just been catching up on the show. I like it. I don't know if anyone else sees it but I find that Tandy looks so much like Claire from Heroes, and her Mum looks like Meredith on Grey's Anatomy. It's a bit uncanny.
  11. Season 2 Discussion

    So I just finished the first two seasons in about a week. I need more Grace. She is beyond glorious.
  12. So I started watching this show (from the beginning) last week, and it is probably one of the best shows I watch (although it took a few episodes to get into it). The characters are great, it's well written and it looks incredible. I'm very impressed. The only character I'm not that mad about is Naomi and wasn't that mad about Miller. Chrisjen though is incredible. The woman is a bloody dragon! A bit disappointed she was barely involved in the final half of Season Three (especially as she started sharing scenes with most of the main cast), but hopefully she is in it more next season.
  13. I see you're point about it being dangerous, but he is basically the boss of Harlem now. I can't imagine anyone would dare mess with him.
  14. The start of the season was awfully slow, it sped up in the second half, but the end just baffled me. Luke says he wants the club to be burnt down, the next scene he is the King of the club and has no interest seeing Claire - the woman he supposedly loves? Baffling. I must say, whilst Bushmaster made a compelling villain (Mariah definitely takes the crown though) the Jamaican dialogue made it quite difficult to understand him and his friends/family. I understand the show probably wants to represent real-life as much as possible, but on a TV show you need to know what people are saying. I will miss Mariah, although it looks like Tilda and this Italian mob boss could be interesting. I definitely have my eye on Tilda. Also, if this forum could be an indicator for the amount of viewers that have seen this season (compared to other shows on this forum), I can't see it getting a third season.
  15. It was all a bit lacklustre, but there were a few really nice scenes. I liked the scene where Mon-El said goodbye to Kara. Nice acting. Really liked the scene where J'onn promoted Alex. Loved Alex's goodbye to Winn. Was really sweet. Overall, this season has been hit and miss, the strongest part easily being the first few episodes after the January break.