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  1. Not necessarily, but it needs a daily vacuuming. And not wearing outside shoes. My carpet is white and 3 years old. Still white. When you live in a cold climate, cold floors are not welcome. No tile, no stone, no echoing noise.
  2. Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    1, 19 Bad, bad season for funny.
  3. As I said, to each his own. But testing the bath water will show e. coli and staph at a minimum. But, obviously it's survivable. I prefer to wash germs down the drain but that's just me.
  4. Me, too! I look back fondly on those days (well, most of them) and enjoy seeing those clothes again. Never had the figure for the ones that Jennifer wore but she had a blouse on the other night with a lace collar that I coveted! I have save the turkey episode as well. I haul it out when I need a laugh.
  5. Small Talk: The Wagon

    I can feel my heartburn kicking into overdrive.
  6. The way that Mormons crank out kids he's probably used to multiple bodies crammed into small rooms. If you are raised that way it seems normal.
  7. My new house has no tub in either bathroom. To each is own but I don't enjoy sitting in "butt water" as a friend used to call it. Both bathrooms have step in showers - good for us old folks with bad knees! Not single complaint from any visitors! Maybe they could remove a closet and make it 2.5 bedrooms....
  8. Is that a local thing? Because that's always part of the deal here. Appliances are expected to be left unless there is a stipulation about them not being included in the sale. And it normally is not. Didn't they even have some of the window treatments added to the mortgage?
  9. Small Talk: The Wagon

    You mean like the ability to cook palatable food?
  10. And one does wonder if that price includes all of the stuff that will need to be done - I would imagine new carpeting or changing the floors would be a big expense with that many rooms. Prices are all over the place on those online sites. And then throw in the fact that Janelle is the agent (with a big fat zero under the "recent sales" heading) and, well, who knows. It may go to some delusional fan with money to waste just to be close to their adored "stars".
  11. They were lucky that this gamble will ostensibly pay off. In so many cases the interest only loans come back to bite the owners if the market tanks. They end up owing more than the house is worth. If they get asking, they will definitely make some bucks. Which, I am ashamed to admit, makes me stabby. Grifters should not be rewarded, especially those whose financial program includes multiple bankruptcies.
  12. Plus you have to pay it off at the end or remortgage to keep it at the end of the interest only period.
  13. Is this supposed to be some sort of photo journal where there is a picture a day?