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  1. Julia Jones, who played Gab, did such a remarkable job. She barely said 10 words in the first half of the episode but said volumes with her face. It was just heartbreaking. I wish that Henry would hook up with May. I love her and they have so many of the same goals for people on the rez. And Henry is incredibly attractive 100% of the time in my book. I prefer his stories and those of Mathias to Longmire (I know, I know, but I do!).
  2. He is. But his affairs were consensual.
  3. That house was Stepford Wives creepy.
  4. Diabetic coma....slipping away......blacking ou...............
  5. I thought the same thing the first time I saw that. Nothing says holidays like big blood clots.
  6. I do feel sorry for them but it was 4 weeks out of their lives and it's not like they were overseas fighting ISIS or finding cure for cancer or something. In the long run they'll probably look back and laugh at how it the timing just sucked.
  7. Anything we can do to bolster the spirits of our troops is worth the time and effort! Glad so many are on board.
  8. Probably because zero tolerance is zero tolerance. Otherwise why fire anyone - just make an announcement at the beginning of any meeting, congressional session, or program that one of the people is a bad person but the show must go on or other people might be inconvenienced.
  9. 5, 7, 40
  10. Maybe that's how they can market it. The man gets a key that opens the doors to all of the rooms so he can hop from bed to bed with ease.
  11. I don't believe there is any money involved for the contestants. They are just vying for the title, nothing more (other than the trip overseas).
  12. Might want to check the closets for garden tools. I'm with you, Vedapierce. Those kind of places just give me the willies. Not the ghost part (I spend a lot of time at a 141 year old lighthouse) but I just don't care for the old antique looks. That stuff always smells musty.
  13. Well, I am no wise crone but lock them up with me and they'd be sorry they were born. As and ER nurse I participated in way too many rape exams in my life as well as court appearances. IF you've seen how absolutely horrific and humiliating an exam can be, you know why women are suffering in silence. And too many of these animals get away with it. I'm glad we are finally reaching a point in our society where men are going to have to accept responsibility. I appreciate the fact that Brodak is glad he is being called out. I do feel for the bakers, truly I do. They got caught at a bad time.
  14. "I didn't know men could be such bastards".....Christine Brown, 2014 But do we know that? Do we know that she's the only one whose name is on the papers? After all, they are still "spiritually" married so it could be that he's still involved. This group is so dysfunctional, I wouldn't be surprised. But I totally agree that Sobyn must be going nuts.