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  1. Sadly, that ship has sailed for these women. I am guessing the men love to see the boobs on display in a Neanderthal, chest-beating "look what I bagged" declaration. Modesty is definitely a thing of the past.
  2. I have white carpeting and I run my Roomba through the house every day. It's been down for 3 years and not one single person with allergies (and I have friends who do) has problems visiting overnight and it is still white without any stains. You just have to work at it. Some of the carpet hatred borders on irrational. I have a friend with hardwood floors and despite sweeping and mopping the dust bunnies are always present somewhere.
  3. I'm along for that ride.
  4. If they are not his biological kids, do they make the cut on the planet count?
  5. Appalling. I tuned it at the end (by mistake) and wondered where the top of the dress went. I though those babies would fall right out when she bent to hug her dad. And shame on him for not saying anything. That was disgusting on so many levels.
  6. Just to play the devil's advocate, it would be a tough decision for Koodie. He believes he's in total control and is the most adorable, intelligent, irresistible thang on the face of the earth. So to get turned down and have that captured on film would be a huge blow to his massive ego. On the other hand, we've seen that these nimrods would do pretty much anything to keep the TLC train rolling including selling out the privacy of their own children. So there's that....
  7. Maybe that's for next season since the trend seems to be to pretend we don't know crap that's already been on the Internet. Good heavens, the Golden Grandchild was a year old before we saw the Big Birthing Sideshow.
  8. All of that tugging of the top to keep it up. Ugh. As one who finds the whole alteration phase fascinating, will you let us share that with you? One of the things that I can never picture is how they shorten it. If the bottom has all of that beautiful lace detail, obviously they can't just turn it under. So how do they make it short enough to fit you? Inquiring minds want to know!
  9. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    So $3600 a year for, well, not much. Yikes!
  10. IF that's true, that's hysterical!
  11. S09.E09: The Longest Labor

    Makes me wonder if they are running out of polygamists and Little People so they have to recycle the same tired Brown Clown stories yet again. How many weddings, childbirths, and eye boogers do they expect us to tolerate. I was done a LONG time ago. These people are more boring than watching paint dry especially since we know the ending to every damned story already.
  12. I think they should sneak back into Utah, film crew in tow. and then live in those Mormon caves. Imagine the art with the kids as sentinels perched high on the parapets watching for the cavalry to come and round them up. Kootie can string lights on the ceiling and the wives and share a campfire to roast the tater tots.
  13. Beautiful! And I love the straps, give it a much more distinguished and different look.
  14. If she is doesn't want to be criticized, stop posting crap all over the Internet.
  15. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Do all HOA's cover the same things? I don't know, never had one. If they differ by property I would think "paying for itself" would depend. If it just covered lawn and landscaping and the person never uses the pool then it probably wouldn't. It's not like you'd need major repairs like a new roof every year.