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  1. Given he's still married & from what I'm reading the wife is still with him, Ximena may be an actress in Columbia playing along & helping both their careers. Oh, & I doubt the show would know this, yeah, no, they wouldn't, of course not...
  2. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    Chloe's mom seems stunted, much like Kelsey. They both waiver between trying to be a parent, but not really knowing what that means, so end up acting like 'frenemies' to their daughters. The step father just sits there listening to Jessica rambling on, nodding his head & looking as if she's saying something incredibly wise. SMH I'd really like to know why Max was found incompetent. The previews showed his behavior getting worse & his comment about Chloe being his at 18 is disturbing. I never thought I'd miss Kelsey's fixation on repeating "you need to take the proper steps" "prove to me you can be parents", while smugly shaking her head but after this last episode... Lexus should concentrate on getting through school, learning to be a good parent (not from Kelsey obviously), & finding something she'd like to do with her life besides screwing around. Shayden needs to be banned from Kelsey's home but somehow I don't think him even peeing on her damn toothbrush will make her wise up & set boundaries. That creepy doctor would've been off base with his comments even if they were a settled married couple, but given he was speaking to a teenage girl in front of her family, he's completely unprofessional & an idiot as well.
  3. I think Rachel's friend was going for smoky eye, but ended up with black eyes. I wonder if she wore that at night would it work like black out curtains...
  4. On the 'couple of months', wasn't she in England around Christmas? I guess she doesn't put her decorations away, because there were stockings & all kinds of Christmas decorations around the piano still out & in perfect order. I'm in process of watching ...
  5. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I searched but couldn't find anything. I wonder if they are going to drag Max & Chloe into a Season 3. Seems McKayla has secured her spot on Season 3 with baby #2 (I'm not sure I believe her saying she's done with the show). Maybe Lexus will be securing her spot by declaring herself bisexual, rekindling a relationship with Lily (they have showed her picture so I wonder if she's going to show up at some point), while getting pregnant with #2 with Shayden. They haven't reached bottom yet but all that could do it.
  6. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Haven't read it; I defer to Rap's comment above.
  7. S7. E12: The Art of Communication

    Even if the conversations are production driven (definitely), it's still part of married life to have to deal with in-laws & their opinions. In the grand scheme of things, Bobby's family has been quite supportive to the point I think whatever decision they make reg. kids will be supported as well. Even if not, Danielle seems steely enough to handle it. Now if it were Amber having any disapproval from her in-laws it would be different, but we never see them. The show will work with the people willing to be manipulated involved.
  8. I would think they can't possibly be caring for those animals if not together 24/7 - farming is not the kind of thing one can do p/t. Lauren isn't into it at all. My guess is this is a story line to fund the baby process &/or jump start more of an acting career for him again.
  9. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Ugh; could've done w/o the picture of Jer in a robe, possibly fresh off copulation. Auj looks pale & emaciated.
  10. S02.E07: Truth or Lie

    One of mine did the 'dada' sound for everything for a while. Next week it looks like Tarek is upset because they haven't had sex therefore he has no proof of her love. Yeah okay, like sex is proof of love; um, not at all. And Tarik has no 'love' he just wants to get laid, &/or make sure she's what he wants before he seals the deal; prick. Hoping both of them had some testing before they were together...
  11. S07. E.11 State of the Union

    It's been more than established & driven home by the over edited & production driven show that Amber is "insecure", or at least around Dave, her insecurity is emphasized. Dave has an air of superiority about him, & I think it's in particular directed toward women. If she is not very secure in herself, she will let him get the better of her; if she is secure in herself, she probably wouldn't stay with someone so critical. There's a reason the guy's not been married & I do think we're seeing it in this dynamic.
  12. S7. E12: The Art of Communication

    I'm sorry you've been taking my comments so seriously; I have been snarking to a degree here. I honestly don't feel Danielle is 'suicidal' LOL; she's enjoying Bobby's lunches & doggy service too much - SNARK ALERT! I'm still not seeing the 'slam' in their discussion; I only heard an explanation, but the subject is a sensitive one so no doubt people will see it differently. To each their own, Danielle & Bobby as well.
  13. S7. E12: The Art of Communication

    For all we know Danielle might have asked how they arrived at their decisions but it was edited out. It doesn't mean they won't be supportive whatever the decision is, & I didn't read anything about working moms not loving their kids into their explanations. Maybe there was concern about whether the child will be safe, which I think in this world is a normal concern, & maybe if there are kids someday they will work something out with his family. If I were to take the conversation seriously, I would be concerned for Bobby's sister bringing the kids around since it could create some suicide ideation for Danielle, but that's doubtful so I'm not worried about it.
  14. S7. E12: The Art of Communication

    Most likely. The thing about her friend felt very staged to drive the point home - Dave likes tall brunettes & Amber is insecure about it. Damn you show, I get it already. I'm not sure telling two SAHM apologists that you want to kill yourself around other people's kids is a winning strategy....... Had the same thought; she wasn't reading the room too well with that statement.
  15. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Sounds really nice - I hope all goes well for her! Waterproof...