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  1. If she keeps that up she'll lose everything- what an embarrassment & horrible example to her poor kids.
  2. S07.E00: First Look

    There's a three Ryan's strike out at this point. We'll see if this will be strike No. 2 for David & Danielle.
  3. S06.E17 Kirsten, Michael & Roni 2017.06.13

    I don't know if it's blaming the victim. She did say something about she probably shouldn't have followed him. He was out of control; it's not a good idea to push someone who is already losing it - that's just a fact. But it doesn't mitigate the fact that he was so lost in his own crap he couldn't have cared less about doing something so reckless & self serving that inflicted permanent damage on her. She did do something unwise, but he's still the one completely in the wrong for his violent behavior.
  4. S07.E00: First Look

    Yeah, realized I had the wrong dog breed there. We don't know they've been matched though, right? It was a wild guess. At least there are no "Ryan's" this time. That's a name with a bad track record for this show.
  5. S07.E00: First Look

    I'll be shocked if Bobby isn't matched with the dog foster lady. Maybe she's got a retriever he could borrow...
  6. S07.E00: First Look

    So, Pepper has checked fondling dead ducks off her bucket list.
  7. Zach and Tori

    I can see hoping for a certain gender, but thought Tori was a bit too focused on having a girl. Hopefully she'll be mellower about it when/if they actually have another.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Wedding Crashers

    I guess the budgeted for the parrot; s/he was worth every penny. :) I was also hoping they talk on the side somewhere quietly, as that is rude. But anyone watching the show after will also know what they spent, which is why I would think they're getting something for having their wedding featured.
  9. I'm not so sure everyone even heard Amy in that moment. Of course everyone saw it later watching the show, but that's after the fact & not quite the same. She was mic'd up & the camera catching it was gold for production, but the 'looks' we saw of people reacting (Tori, etc) could have been to anything or even just an innocent look meaning nothing at all, at some other point in the day. Did they show Amy walking away speaking with the others looking toward her in the same shot- together? If not, it could've been edited just to seem that way. For all we know Matt didn't even hear it. Many a time I've walked away from someone muttering something nasty in response to their ass holery & they did not hear me (hangs head in shame - but not too much),
  10. S07.E00: First Look

    So I'm thinking of these possibilities: Mia is matched with Mr. Type A planner Amber is matched with Mr. Traditional brings home the bacon she cooks it guy Danniel is matched with Mr. Has Severe Dog Allergies (or just doesn't like them)
  11. S07.E00: First Look

    Oh, missed the exciting minute. Wonder if they'll spare time for a re-play.
  12. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I think the brides need more guidance with rating the dresses, as in: Was it fitted well? Any wardrobe malfunctions? lol It's a personal thing & should probably be more hands off than the rest of the wedding; some have no common sense about their comments. But I guess that would take the possibility of some real nastiness out of it (& they can't have that happen!).
  13. S07.E00: First Look

    Where was this shown?
  14. I also feel the Tell All's are very production (& alcohol) driven, so we don't know how much that fire was getting fueled. Either way it was bad, but I can't really see these two as bff's IRL.
  15. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    Yes the other shots bride won - she was from NY though; Kara was NJ. Both were awful.