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  1. Absolutely. And I said "create a child WITH someone" - those were my words, which included Shawniece. And sure, she's just as responsible, of course. But my point was she didn't cheat on him when things were bad, & things were bad with him from the beginning. Reg. Shawniece staying, she gave it a shot at least; she tried with him to the point of looking pathetically needy, which seems like an issue for her. He was making it difficult for her from the start. Neither had to stay but my feeling is they knew she was pregnant by 'decision day', which may have made her more invested to try, yet again, to make it work. Jephte, I believe, was just paying lip service to the marriage & maybe didn't want to dump his pregnant wife on TV. But once the cameras left he figured cheating on his pregnant wife wasn't as bad - in his twisted mind. And yeah I've said for a while now everyone with troubled matches are getting financial incentives to stay together, however, the pregnancy threw an extra twist into their situation.
  2. Cheating on a pregnant wife is the very definition of, well, much worse than jerk. If Jephte didn't want to get married Jephte shouldn't have gone on the show to begin with, & if he didn't like Shawniece he could've left her from the get go instead of staying & being irresponsible enough to create a child with someone he isn't into. He's already set a horrible example for his daughter, so not a great start as a dad either. He's worse than a jerk.
  3. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    He is definitely into the being a dad thing at this point, & emphasized wanting to 'see HIS son being born'. But the show could've edited out any mention of supporting Olga. He was definitely trying to be there for her, albeit not always saying the right things, but I think he tried- in a bumbling sort of way. I agree on the stomach, & was surprised at how much they showed without a 'graphic images' warning (maybe I missed that).
  4. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    They don't seem to know who they are or what they want to do, & lack self-awareness so badly it's painful to watch.
  5. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    Steven, in his ignorance, probably thinks c-section means painless birth. He said something to her while they were cutting her open about how she would've been in so much pain if still laboring. However, she just had major surgery, AND a baby, so now she has the post surgical pain/healing process while taking care of a newborn. I'm not big on hospitals being relaxing places or even the best place to heal, but if she's more comfortable there & has no help but him at home (& a film crew in her face) he should've let her take her time.
  6. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    Obviously everyone has emotions, & Steven is really out there with his which is in stark contrast to those around him right now. He's also young so may lack in some self control there as well, especially publicly. I also thought his reaction to the baby was very sweet & touching; Olga was obviously overcome as well just more low key about it. No doubt there will be clashes between them soon.
  7. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    The actual "calling" is unstated as of yet, according to @Rap541 synopsis. Maybe leaving the show was the beginning of the "calling". He's probably using a cliff hanger - "the calling" - to keep people on the edge of their seats, wondering & listening... but it may never actually be revealed. Again - LOL. I find this a bit contradictory. Perhaps she'll expound more on this in future. (Not that I care, because she most likely doesn't understand true stress, but her perception of what is stressful would be kind of interesting). Well good thing they "work" from home... or maybe there's a bed in the farm office, for, 'ahem', naps...
  8. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    I prefer the emotion to robotics. She's obviously not used to it, LOL. What I don't like is if they get annoyed & impatient with him over it. She may even think he's weak because he shows emotion, but we'll see. At one point in the previews she was calling him an "ass hole", so drama (real or contrived) is on the way.
  9. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Well when she was pregnant she didn't want to hear anyone's negative stories, but then afterward she shared all the negative things she experienced. It's not okay for them to be brought down by others' struggles, but it's perfectly fine for them to dump all their shit on the world. It kind of infers other people's experiences have nothing to offer them; they have nothing to learn from others. But not even 30, barely married, 1 baby, & they have so much wisdom to impart on the world a website, book, & podcast are necessary to enlighten everyone else.
  10. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I was going to ask if they were drinking, or at least Jer. Might take a few to get through that, even for them.
  11. She looked exhausted at that 'party'... maybe too much "D" already.
  12. Jeremy and Auj Poj

  13. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I wonder if sex positions will always be part of the podcast posts. We're well aware they have sex, don't need visuals.
  14. FWIW I don't think Tyler could've handled it any way that would've appeased Isabella. She's not 'in love' with him nor was she with David - she just sees a type she likes & goes with that. And what a joke when she said she 'may choose' someone else & started naming the paired up men, as if they would all just drop who they're with & run toward her as if she's some kind of damn prize. She's really full of herself.
  15. MAFS: Happily Ever After? S01. E03

    I hope that years of catering to (what seems like) a demanding, emotionally constipated spouse does not make Bobby cruel, but resentments build without even realizing so he/they may 'wake up' one day to another reality. I'd need to see younger pictures of both; she may just be aging better. Yes she was more honest, but she was also adamant that her way was THE way, & Bobby looked like a whipped little pup sitting there trying to assert himself (LOL; he looked a bit fearful actually) ... it almost came off like, "but, but, but... yeah, okaaaaay, yes dear..." I don't know if this is now their shtick for the show, but they're both coming off badly. Danielle is assessing every backyard for a good corner to build Bobby's doghouse; all the dogs will sleep outside with him, out of choice... (it'll be warmer).