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  1. Actually, realtor.com has an article on the house they did buy at 2.1 million. It is bigger than one Jen said was “too grand” to live in.
  2. I read an article about how the show is scripted and about the things they did not film. For example, this article talked about how their second book told about it taking Zoey months to come around when they first took her home from India. If the show is scripted, I do not understand how the parents are willing to let the children be portrayed the way they are being portrayed. Will taking cashews out of that jar, going through people’s closets and running amok through other people’s houses, shows a total lack of manners. Both Bill and Jen are responsible, intelligent people. So, if the children do not act in this manner normally, why would the parents allow them to be filmed showing behavior that they are told to exhibit rather than behavior that they would naturally exhibit when such scripted behavior is unflattering and unacceptable?
  3. I watched the first two episodes and those kids seem much more bonded to their father than they do their mother.
  4. S06.E07: Lisa's Story

    That was Schnee, I believe. Another person I would loath to spend 5 minutes in her company. Look at how many musicians have died of a drug overdoses and that fact has not influenced countless others to go down the same path. Denial is the nature of addiction and no matter how much you see it around you, you deny that it has anything to do with you because you’re not an addict. You got a hit your bottom and everyone’s bottom is different. One would think that finding maggots in your fat folds would constitute your bottom, but in this case, evidently not.
  5. S06.E07: Lisa's Story

    And, in the article I read, Danielle stated that her mother’s death wasn’t weight related because she had recently lost 90 pounds. Her body had simply given out. Of course her body gave out and that is due to years of supporting all of that weight. Danielle is still in denial. That’s the problem with families with addiction. The addict is in denial and the family is in denial which is why they continue to enable. There is a simple fact about addiction. You stop one of two ways: either you get clean, or you die. Drugs usually kill your fast, alcohol can take decades as can morbid obesity. Either way, you stop using.
  6. S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    I believe that WHY she committed suicide is related to her comment about how he has destroyed her whole family. She is the one that brought him into the family. Therefore, I see it as self inflicted punishment for bringing the snake, as it were, into the garden. And if she does know about her father, that further validates my theory.
  7. I thought of Scarlet O’Hara as well!!!And we all know how that turned out. She never got Ashley Wilkes!
  8. Good. If her family enables her, they should foot the bill for her!
  9. No truer words were ever said!!
  10. She certainly does need a 12 step program doesn’t she? I’m just not sure which one.
  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂Nicole and Danielle do make quite a pair, don’t they!?? Both in their choice of men and their regard for the welfare of their kids.
  12. Huh?? What?? What did I miss??? And, he won’t be the last.
  13. I could not agree more!!
  14. I just finished watching this and I have this to say: David, STFU!!! You should have nothing to say about anybody. Pedro, run, not walk, back to Columbia!! Jorge, your wife embarrasses you???? You, who have no shame about your own behavior? Russ, she must be quite the POA for you to put up with her. Your dog makes a better companion. Of course, I said that right from the get go. Nicole, he doesn’t want you, move on. Start thinking of the welfare of your daughter for a change!! Annie, run, not walk, back to Thailand without the 300lb albatross.
  15. GREAT summary!!!!!😂😂😂😂