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  1. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    You caught that!!! I caught it too! EOE is one of my favorite books.
  2. I feel sorry for those kids that had to witness all of that abuse and violence for years. Witnesses to abuse are victims of abuse.
  3. Hey, y’all!!! She has been on her own for TWO months!!! Good for Roni! She finally left the asshole.
  4. Hey Kirsten, you reap what you sow!!
  5. Kirstin is just a waste! God what a whiner! Why the hell did she ever breed, she can’t even take care of herself.
  6. With the wigs and the clothes that she chooses, Dr Lola always looks like a little girl playing dress-up!
  7. Hi guys!!!! If I remember correctly, Michael was a piece of work.
  8. I agree. But I think the reason that she was not comfortable was because that it wasn’t done correctly. Too much hair, too much make up, and a dress that would not look good on anybody. And rather than taking it slowly like going shopping or to a restaurant for the first time in female clothing, she was thrown into the deep end and taken to a nightclub. I don’t think it works that way. I think the transition has to be gradual. But what do I know, I’m not transgender.
  9. If it were me, Lucy would have been out of the house by now. Because, an asshole is an asshole in any gender!!! Asking a straight person to be a lesbian is like asking a lesbian to be a straight person. It doesn’t work that way. What about that doesn’t dear Lucy get?
  10. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    Totally agree!!! I love this actress and noticed her immediately in the promos.
  11. She is over 500lbs again and she has the nerve to tell him she sticking to his plan. Let me tell you, honey, if I had nothing to do all day and if someone else was paying for it, I’d be in the shrink’s office every day!!!!
  12. It’s fork-to-mouth disease!!
  13. You would think that they would’ve learned a little something from other people who made that mistake!
  14. Diana is melting away.