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  1. This is a general non-show question: Where do you guys get your entertainment news? Just curious. Thanks!
  2. S03.E08: All the Wilburys

    Well, we’re stuck with Malin Ackerman so I think the writers need to get it together and show her as the badass as she was written in the first two seasons. Plus, their marriage broke up because of one lie? It’s ridiculous.
  3. S03.E08: All the Wilburys

    Unfortunately, this is true in real life so the writing here is spot on. Axe was originally written as loving his boys and wanting them with him as often as possible. He’s way more fucked up this season.
  4. Long time (2007) watcher and fan and I have to say, I have little to no connection to the last few seasons. Jinelle is the last of the girls when the show was actually good...and I am not happy to be typing this.
  5. S03.E07: Not You, Mr. Dake

    He was given the info on Wendy by Spiros, who works at Axe Capital. Spiros said Homeland Security got her phone data. We don’t know if Connerty ever confirmed the data (that little detail was skipped over) then Axe, somehow, manipulated the info. Yes, he wanted Chuck and forgot about Axe. He took too big a bite and choked. And yes, the Wendy at Mafee’s apartment was ridiculous. I actually thought she was going to start stripping.
  6. Knowing Sandie, she didn’t even notice. She’s a sweetheart and LOVES Kelli.
  7. S03.E07: Not You, Mr. Dake

    a) I thought if someone gets arrested and says lawyer in interview, legally they cannot be spoken to. b) More blue. Bobby, Connety, Bach, Dake. What gives? c) Mafee got an office so does that mean he got a promotion? And Bobby doesn’t acknowledge it? But Dollar Bill still sits outside with the other traders? Not getting it.
  8. Men have actually tried out before. It’s just never shown on the show.
  9. I think I posted this in the wrong thread. Re-posting here: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/5/2/17312342/washington-cheerleaders-new-york-times-report-costa-rica Horrifying new story about what happened at a Redskins cheerleaders calendar shoot.
  10. Late to the party here but wanted to answer about anyone who has made it from a Playboy spread. Two people: Pam Anderson and Kim Basinger. Others have done so hoping it will do something for their careers but those days are over.
  11. S03.E06: The Third Ortolan

    I think this was the best episode of the season so far. 1) I was going to comment last week that Malin Ackerman must be pissed that she not really featured this season but she was in a bit last night so it will be interesting to see how the relationship plays out. I don’t believe the marriage is over. 2) Is Chuck actually changing/growing/becoming less obtuse? The end of the episode was VERY satisfying. I said out loud, “FINALLY!" 3) Nothing was mentioned what Dollar Bill did to Spiros. 4) What has become of the case that Chuck was forced to prosecute by the AG? NO mention of that for a couple of episodes now. Like the AG didn’t know who planted the stories in the press. Please. 5) The boys in the Eastern division...what is going to happen there? 6) What the hell was the dinner ritual? Anyone know what that was? 7) Wendy is dressing better so that makes me happy. Huge girl crush on Maggie. I was worried that the show was burning itself out but it’s reignited. For me anyway.
  12. S03.E05: Flaw in the Death Star

    Really stupid observation: What’s with all the bright blue clothes i.e. suits, sweaters, sports jackets, etc. the men are dressed in? What man that you know wears that color? I assume it has a meaning. The meaning escapes me.
  13. Horrible Season 2. Both storylines are a mess. The characters are walking through their lines. WTF?
  14. S03.E01: Tie Goes to the Runner

    You are correct!