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  1. She should be. It’s the Victoria show and VK wanted everyone to know it. I’M HERE!!!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!!! Uh, no. That is precisely the WRONG reason.
  2. He’s a great analyst for whatever channel he signed with...can’t remember which. He’s gotten high marks by everyone. I’ve watched two games he called (is that an analyst-?), anyway, he did well with his insights and shows he knows his football.
  3. Whoever said Dak was a one and done was correct. I want to think otherwise, but this team is playing poorly. Bad plays executed badly. I wasn’t a fan of Romo but he became pretty great when he wasn’t injured. Big mistake to let Dez go.
  4. I wrote it before and I write it again: her weight is a sidebar. Her conduct was way worse.
  5. Ugh, the Cowboys. What a mess. They dropped the ball today more than I have ever seen.
  6. I just can’t watch this. Melissa hair looked green on her segment on Good Day, LA or whatever LA morning show she did. And it still looks green. She just annoys me.
  7. Rodeos freak me out. I went to one. Once. Never again.
  8. She developed a belly in training camp. It’s a moot point as we are comparing apples to oranges here.
  9. Courtney gained some weight in her belly during training camp. That is why Kelli asked her to lose weight. She lost 9 pounds on MyFiTFoods in a few short weeks.
  10. This I like. For me, I can’t get past the lying. Weight aside, the lying, backstabbing, all of it. That to me is way worse than an unfit body and sloppy dancing. And, I will bet that Jinelle was honored that Kelli asked her to help VK. She even said she would be happy to download what she knows or what is in her head to help her.