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  1. The setting was on an indoor field and some of the girls were practicing next to them (they were seated - not too staged). John Frankel pointed out the workout gear the girls were wearing (tank top and leggings) and asked why they couldn’t wear that one the field. She said it was because they are entertainers, performing a show and they need to wear costumes and the workout gear was not a costume...not a great answer. He gave her plenty of openings to agree with him slightly and she stood fast. When the segment ended, John was in the studio with Bryant who said to John, “What is with Shauna Peters thinking it is okay for women to shake their stuff in skimpy outfits?” I paraphrased but basically what he said. I forgot to mention the Jets have a female coach and she spoke with John saying how offensive she finds the Jet’s cheerleaders. During games, some of the male Jets' coaches will actually say something lewd to her about the cheerleaders and she has scolded them. But she wants them gone. Lastly, I don’t agree with what the UK guy was saying about the beginning of the end for female entertainers in sports. I think it is going to evolve, but disappear? No way.
  2. I was catching up on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and they did a segment earlier this season (August) on cheerleaders. They interviewed Shauna Peters, the director of the Broncos cheerleaders as well as one cheerleader on the squad. Shauna said all the things you would think a director would say. Empowerment of women, etc. But the interviewer was asking her challenging questions about the purpose of cheerleaders. Also, about why they have to wear skimpy outfits. And why the swimsuit calendars. He (John Frankel) then goes to England to talk to several owners of sports teams (darts - huge there - and race car driving) who have let the women go because of the new attitude in this generation. Now mind you, these women didn’t do anything. They didn’t dance. They didn’t do anything really. They were there as ornaments. But in regards to the darts tournament guy, he said people complained as did the tv networks so he said he let the women go. One of the last things John asked the guy is if he thought this was the beginning of end of the women as ornaments in sports. He said yes. The other thing that was brought up was that U.S. dance uniform costumers have been asked lately to make costumes that are less revealing. It was an interesting piece. Nothing about the lawsuits was mentioned.
  3. Thanks for this. There seem to be details missing (it had to be more than one comment, one social media post and one chat) but it seems something escalated enough for her to quit and file charges.
  4. Did you watch Season 2? It’s fantastic. And so were the gals.
  5. It is a little odd to be talking about that. Where was she posting that and why? It’s no one’s business so why bring it to begin with?
  6. See after Brooke cut her hair and came into her second year, she looked amazing. Her first year she had bad hair and still needed to slim down some.
  7. These guys take off their helmets on the sidelines and I think, I have no idea who that is. Jeff Heath, Cole B, Dak, Ezekiel, Sean Lee, Randy Gregory, Demarcus Lawrence, Terrence Williams, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin and the new guy Amari Cooper. That’s it. That’s all I know. I used to know them all.
  8. Kalyssa (sp-?) got her lips done. It’s really bad, Hopefully, she will let them go back to her normal lips. Some people look good with injections. Some, not so much.
  9. She is still dancing too wide. She doesn’t understand spacing.
  10. Watching the Cowboys/Falcons game. The Cowboys look good. It took them too long to get it together this season, but I’m thinking next year they could do well. Better than the 8-8 they’ve been doing these past few seasons. They are about to go into overtime maybe but anyway, team is looking better than they have been. So many new young guys I don’t recognize anyone on the team any longer...not much anyway.
  11. The guy who runs it is a bit of tyrant. And an asshole. I worked on a movie they made years ago and it was almost impossible to do press for the film. The performers cannot speak to press out of costume and make-up and even then, the head guy wants to do all the talking. But he was so rude and demanding the stupidest things, things we could not guarantee or were out of our control, that we had limited press coverage because of it. It has turned me off to Cirque du Soleil ever since.
  12. All the animals at nearby shelters have relocated. Photos of firefighters rescuing stray cats, deer and bunnies and a donkey are everywhere. I’m going to try to get over to Woodland Hills tomorrow to a college where Agoura Hills has relocated their animals but I don’t know if I will be allowed in. Everything is closed off. Hoping you and yours are all safe, @go4luca
  13. I watched the news for five hours yesterday than HAD to turn it off. It’s just so sad. Stay safe friend!!!
  14. Hi! She had a bad interview and was outdanced by rookies.