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  1. I found this on YouTube. Sorry if someone else posted. I’m not here very often.
  2. S03.E12 Elmsley Count 2018.06.10

    Axe is the greediest bastard of them all. For him to be mad at his staff for wanting $$ is a bit ridiculous. Also, anyone notice Spyros dancing when the band was playing? Man, that guy does uncool guy well.
  3. Oh, honey, journalists in NY and LA and London, etc. would/will/did run this story. It’s a great news story. They pay them shit. And just like all the other teams that are being called out, it was a matter of time until someone stepped to say the Cowboys are no different than the rest.
  4. Off topic but Sarah looks fantastic. Abigail came to auditions heavier her second year. Kelli and Judy made her work out with Jay. She told him she ate junk food in her off time. She dropped the weight fast. Her rookie season was when Kelli made that comment...which never made sense. She was tiny. Maybe the shorts were just the wrong size.
  5. S03.E12 Elmsley Count 2018.06.10

    What? The writers have never implied anything like that. Axe admitted to Wendy that he accelerated Donnie Caan's death. I don’t think Axe could do anything at this point that would surprise Wendy.
  6. S03.E12 Elmsley Count 2018.06.10

    I agree. He painted Axe into a corner basically. This show is complication, on top of complication, on top of complication.
  7. S03.E12 Elmsley Count 2018.06.10

    I disagee. If there is one person Bobby will never dump, it’s Wendy. Wendy was at the company even before Wags. Wendy for Axe is a best friend, someone who is never going to let him down. Even when Axe was pushing at her when Chuck was going after him, she proved her loyalty. Wags as well but Wendy has been tested and comes out on top, every time.
  8. S03.E12 Elmsley Count 2018.06.10

    Well, that was a surprise. I didn’t hear what Sacker said to Chuck so I will have to watch it again. Grigor or whatever JM’s character is named, put Axe in a no-win situation so it will be interesting how he handles Taylor. And yes, how everyone remembers how to reference Taylor is so perfect it throws me off many times. Another messy end to a season. It will be interesting if Malin Ackerman continues to be on the show. Was this season a blip and she will be a part of the show again going forward or is she being written off, only showing up once in a while as she did this season? Also, I loved how Jeffcoat said that Chuck invited him into his home. Jeffcoat told Chuck he was coming to dinner - a stupid thing to point out I know but it just underlined his character to me. Next season will be an interesting journey for both Axe and Chuck. I felt this season was a bit of stumble but @dwmarch surmised it beautifully so I assume this is what the writers were going for.
  9. S03.E11: Kompenso 2018.06.03

    I got that their getting divorced.
  10. S03.E11: Kompenso 2018.06.03

    Wow. You’re good. I so did not get that. I thought Bobby was staking her out because it was comp day.
  11. I love him more than I can say. I know he doesn’t treat women with the same respect as he does men, but I just “get” him.
  12. Please. What makeovers? In the past few years, no one has come out the salon looking better than when they walked in. It seems those days are over. The only recent good makeover I can think of was the girl who went from bright blonde to brunette (she was in hair shock). That was a good makeover. Otherwise, not so much.
  13. S03.E10: Redemption 2018.05.27

    Shameless is a kind word for what Axe is.
  14. I live in LA so I was interested in where people who don’t live here get their news. I’m a Jezebel and Page Six girl. And I listen to Howard Stern 3 days a week and am on YouTube a bunch. Basically, I’m all over the place. Agreed!
  15. S03.E09: Icebreaker

    I kind of have to agree. I am getting the sense the show is jumping the shark this season...it’s edging there. Bringing JM into the show for an over-the-top performance may just do it. If the writing/story becomes fantastic all of a sudden then I might stick around, otherwise, I am losing interest. Fast.