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  1. S06.E09: Tamy Lyn's Story

    She was using her husband to take care of her and he finally gave up. And I don't blame him. THESE GIGANIC PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS NAKED! How can that be? It's disgusting and they're all assholes. I don't know why Nowzaradin and other drs want to even deal with these fuckwats.
  2. S02.E06: James B.'s Story

    Unlike many of you guys, I just didn't like LB. His mom did everything for him & he just didn't appreciate it. That family welcomed him just like he was their own. He was the one who felt like he "wasn't good enough" when all he did was nothing at all. These gigantic people are so self-entitled, selfish and horrid to their families that it makes me sick. They have everything handed to them on a silver platter and act like they're victims. Assholes.
  3. I didn't realize that Laura was the 3rd personality for Abby. I missed a lot of todays show. But, now it makes sense. I was thinking, who is this 3rd personality? We have Abby, Gabby.....could it be tabby? Stabby? Schtabby? Kadabby? Yes, I loved Eve today - that was great!
  4. Someone in Horton Square saw Gabi with the goods. 'Could have been Will; he was there.
  5. Amen. And what's with Tripp acting all high and mighty? Gawd, he's an idiot. I don't think that a prosecutor would act like that lady (to save my life I cannot think of her name.) I'm sorry, but that is just ridiculous. I used to like Eli, but his character now is just opposite of everything that he came to the show moralizing. He hated his beloved mother for keeping his pop's ID away from him; but, he is willing to disown his own kid for JJ & dingdong Lanis sake? Stupid.
  6. Well, Claire, I never knew ye (i.e. I was never sure how I felt about her) but I like ye now. Go, girl!
  7. S06.E08: Robert's Story LIVE CHAT

    You know, I used to think that this show was rather fascinating; seeing how these people live, eat and try to get help. Many of them are ready for help. Most of them ARE hopeless. My biggest realization is that most of them are such a - holes; treating their families like slaves and treating them like shit. OMG, how horrid.
  8. S06.E08: Robert's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'm game. LOL I just don't understand their nakedness. Get some blankets - sew them together - my gawd - DO SOMETHING to cover yourself up. Disgusting.
  9. Yes, but he has a weird belly button. That's ok, tho.
  10. Remember how he used to kiss? With his mouth wide open, looking like he was going to eat 'whoever he was kissings' face. Oh, man, that was SO nasty. LOL (I still like John, tho)
  11. I do, too. I agree.....did you hear her tell Claire that she, herself, was not judgmental? LOL
  12. A Note on Episode Numbering

    Where do we post at then? I get in trouble in this thread, so I need to be careful...lol
  13. S06.E00: Joseph's Wedding

    I love, love, LOVE the Beatles, but is not a wedding song: "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though there here to stay - I believe in yesterday"
  14. The Hope and Rafe wedding was laughable at best. It was uncomfortable and drawn out silliness. I sure hope that this turns out good with Hope finding out about his infidelity and getting the thing annulled.
  15. All of them that I mentioned are addicts..... duh... sheesh