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  1. I laugh my butt off every time I see the Dominoes commercial where a guy pulls into his driveway and gets out of his car and a gigantic pine tree falls & lands on top the car, totaling it. Then, he's like, no, no & reaches in the backseat to pull out a Dominoes pizza & he's so relieved to see that it's ok. So, he turns to walk into the house and slips on the ice & the pizza goes flying into the air & lands in the snow,
  2. I thought it was hilarious, though, that Sam gave it to Rafe in a snoty Kleenex. lol
  3. LOL, Nancypants, LOL
  4. That fuckin' fat bald piece of shit deserves everything that's coming. I am enjoying seeing him go down. You get yourself back on track, missy.
  5. ROFLMAO - this is hilarious
  6. Absolutely. It doesn't matter how she thinks, it's how HE thinks. He is a misogynist. YOU WOMAN!!
  7. I totally disagree with this. Steve has done everything to make stuff right with her and she has resisted. She was a bitch to him and he let her until she came around. They have a long history (like my whole life,) I think that Kayla can be a total bitch and Steve just puts up with it.
  8. No matter how the Dad acts, this Andrei is a scary guy. He appears, to me, to be a woman hater & wife beater. "You are a woman." Like, that is supposed to be some kind of an insult. (He's a misogynist.) She needs to get the fuck away from him now. His haircut looks just like Barnabus Collins.
  9. You know, though, that there's a pattern here with all of the guys on these boats. Every season, every sea (Caribbean & Mediterranian.) They just want to fuck whatever is available and these girls give in. It's ridiculous.
  10. I am vegan, so if that aunt presented me with a goat head for dinner, then I would've ran for the hills. OMG. But, watching Nicole absolutely cracked me up. That was reality tv gold. The teeth, the teeth!
  11. If I have to hear one more song from Belles daughter, then I will puke.
  12. Gosh, I had no idea. Thank you for responding without attacking me. I appreciate that. I still cannot stand Shannon - I still think that she is a bitch. But, I do appreciate the info on David and his mom. But how she treated pretty much all of the ladies on this show is despicable.
  13. Whatever. I still cannot stomach Shannon - she is a fucking bitch. If you love her, then good for you.
  14. I did not know that he gave his wedding ring to his child to return to Shannon. Good gawd, that is horrid. I just go by what is on the show, not what media reports. WOWEE. That is the biggest piece of shit moves EVER. I totally agree with you, I think that Shannon badmouthing David for years probably took its toll on his mom. I still think she was desperate. She knew from the show that those guys were her friends.
  15. Yes, I do mean that. I saw it differently, though. I saw it as a mother who was desperate to get her son back. Of course, David is an adult. I also saw that differently. He could have left her, which is the right thing to do (I agree with you there), but, I honestly think that he truly did want to keep his family together. The mom usually always gets the kids, so I'm not feeling that argument.