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  1. The mobile Q site has been showing the program guide with hosts' pics for a while now. I think they finally started doing it that way across all their platforms.
  2. Maria’s eyebrows are more and more clownish looking.
  3. Evine: Be Good

    Thanks, @rcc - glad I can make you laugh! :-)
  4. Evine: Be Good

    Me too. I was just thinking that most of Carolyn's clothing is distressed...from being pulled apart at the seams. :-)
  5. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but it would look a lot better on her without the huge stripes. The stripes don’t do anything for the dress or for her. She struck the Carolyn “model feet” pose. Showing off her blue shapers.
  6. GMTA - I was just getting ready to post this pic of her sitting down in the dress. I have a feeling that when she stands up, it’s not going to be a good look...
  7. True! Blabby, on the other hand... Some major sun damage there. She was manic during the opening 5 minutes of SSWJ, practically orgasmic over “every shoe on sale!!!” and “every shoe on easy pay!!!” She puts the Energizer Bunny to shame.
  8. Amy really looks like a young Susan Lucci in this wig. I do like her better in longer hair.
  9. This wig is a little more aging - Aims has a Suzanne Pleshette vibe here - but she still looks far better in these wigs than some of the other hosts we’ve seen in them. She’s been picking the color, and she just said she likes to go with a wig that’s her own hair color.
  10. Aims is on take-one-for-the-team duty tonight, hosting a Hairdo wig show. Here’s the first one - not all that different from her own hairstyle, and I think she looks cute.
  11. It sounds like the same kind of selling schtick that Zell uses.
  12. Midway through the Scrub Daddy presentation, the OAP said he wanted to show a use for the product that Shawn shared with him. She told him that when she got engaged, she got a lot of things like glassware that had sticky labels on them, and she used the Scrub Daddy to take off the labels. The best part was the expression on David’s face as the OAP was telling the story and demonstrating:
  13. I clicked over Beauty IQ because they were doing a Hairdo wig show - I wanted to see who was hosting and if she was taking one for the team and wearing the wigs. To my surprise, Alberti was hosting. The OAP seemed amused, and kept smirking when she looked at him. Needless to say, Alberti did not try on any of the wigs. I got to wondering what he would look like if he did. Thank you, Face Swap app. I almost didn’t post the pic below because it’s so creepy! Happy Halloween!
  14. QVC

    Do you mean the African American man with the chef’s hat who used to present Corky’s products? I think his name was Robert, and he was a pit master at the restaurant. I believe he retired.
  15. Yes! Maybe she read our critique of her boxy leather jackets. I’ve had it with Valerie’s use of the word “story.” In the few minutes I’ve been watching, she’s shown us a “cardinal story,” “plaid story,” and “candy story.” It’s an “ad nauseum story.”