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  1. One of many things that’s annoying about Oprah IMO...
  2. I thought so too. I couldn’t resist the screenshots - Marie Louise was so funny! Even Carolyn had a good laugh.
  3. Carolyn chowing down on popcorn: Then Marie Louise Ludwig has a little fun and goes for it:
  4. Home Shopping Network

    It also looks like something Loco Lori would “design,” except it would also have lace hanging off of it somewhere. I could see Kerstin wearing this.
  5. QVC

    IIRC, QVC used to sell German merchandise. I remember cuckoo clock shows (Bob Boringsox was usually the host) and I remember them selling beer steins too. This goes way, way back, of course. It was during the era when they sold a lot of collectibles, like Fenton art glass. I miss those days. Even though I didn’t always collect what they were selling, some of those shows were very interesting and, as pointed out by other posters, they added variety to the Q’s programming.
  6. Lol, and they actually each had their own category in the last poll too. They certainly will again this time. Heck, I already have enough pics of Carolyn this year to fill up the whole poll! We may need to consider a Lifetime Achievement Award for these two, like the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Oscars.
  7. I’ve officially had it with this Before and After slidey screen thing. PTR keeps sliding it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth - just stop it, for f**k’s sake! And Janie has on another unfortunate outfit. The Elvised collar, the cinched-too-tight waist, the Logoesque lace top showing beneath the jacket - just no.
  8. Home Shopping Network

    We have three squirrel feeders in our yard. My favorite is a little seat that attaches to a tree and has a corn holder, similar to this - It’s the cutest thing to see a squirrel sitting there, eating away!
  9. To all the Sparkly Snarkers -
  10. Home Shopping Network

    Oh my goodness, how adorable! I would be totally distracted too by that cute little guy!
  11. No, but she needs a better bra. She modeled Isaac’s pima cotton tee shirt this morning in AM Style, and the girls definitely needed an uplift...with a crane, perhaps.
  12. First time these two have opened Saturday Morning Q together in weeks. Kerstin’s look? Good grief!
  13. QVC

    Oops - wrong forum. Moved to Shopping Channel Hosts.
  14. QVC

    I wish I had a potful of it right now! 😋🍽
  15. QVC

    When it comes to chicken and dumplings, this is more like what I’m used to - Much more appetizing than the slop that the Q sells.