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  1. Here's how the next host/OAP who has to wear the shrunken sweater feels about it... "Bah, humbug!"
  2. This is a really awful dress on Dana. The red and black stripe at the waist doesn’t work at all. She continues to look haggard IMO.
  3. Jen was on a roll during her Philosophy show last night. All this dramatic animation to sell shower gels and skin creams! I bring you... The Many Faces of Jennifer Coffey:
  4. Oh, @Denver Hoosier, I’d pay to see Carolyn wear that little shrunken sweater. That might beat out the striped dress in the 2017 Fashion Fail Awards. 😂😂
  5. Some random thoughts on the presentation of an Isaac cashmere sweater... Jacqui Stafford’s hair looked good this morning. It was washed and curled - major improvement. Touting the sweater, Jacqui said, “This is the finest cashmere that Isaac offers.” I thought she was going to say, “this is finest cashmere you can buy.” Saying it’s the finest cashmere Isaac offers doesn’t tell me much. It might be like saying, “This is the finest Christmas decoration that the Dollar Tree offers.” Pat was pushing it as a Christmas gift and said, “Imagine the look on the person’s face when she opens the package and sees this sweater.” A look of shock, I’m guessing, if all she got you was a Poo-pourri gift set. At the end of the show, Pat passed the baton to Jill who is hosting the Calista show. Jill said, “Pat is my favorite peer here” and went on to explain that Pat is always the one to call you when you’ve had a loss, etc. I can see Pat doing that - she seems like a genuinely nice person - but I loved Jill saying Pat was her “favorite peer.”
  6. Oh dear, here’s a closeup of the ‘do. Where to begin? The sparkly barrette on the side, the piece of hair hanging in her eyebrow, the swoop in the front? What a mess!
  7. Agree! He was really pretty adorable with his dogs around him.
  8. I was just coming here to post a pic of it. The first word that came to mind to describe her hair - tragic. It looks like she has one side clipped back. Oh my! She also appears to have raided the Frau’s jacket closet.
  9. Not liking the stringy side ponytail on Nancy, who’s on Q2 now presenting the Big Deal. It looks nuSandra-ish (and Nancy actually looks like Sandra here, come to think of it) -
  10. I know, it really is! When a sweater clings under your boobs like this and shows every lump and bump, it should be a clue that it’s not a good fit!
  11. Unnecessary Mary said the same thing, never saying the word "Uggs," of course, just "that other brand that you'd pay $300 for."
  12. Every time I see this OAP, I think of Stanley Tucci in “The Devil Wears Prada” -
  13. I got a kick out of watching HB sell Claudia’s Canine Bakery dog treats during the morning show. He’s so in his element when he’s got the dogs on set. As he fed the dogs treats, he said “This makes me happy.” “This really is how you tell your dogs on Christmas morning that you love them.” ”There’s some of us, quite frankly, that like some dogs more than we like some people. You know what I mean?” One of the dogs gave him a kiss after getting a treat. He said to the other dog, “Can I get a kiss?” The dog turned around and walked away, and HB said, “Okay, kind of like my senior prom.” 😊😊
  14. Yeah, Carolyn’s sweater is too tight. So what else is new?