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  1. So it was the hottest day but Rachel was wearing boots and jeans and baby in a ginormous onesie? Hmmm.
  2. I'm sure it's been said before but Rachel couldn't have worn something nicer to her pre-wedding dinner? She looked so blah, but I felt even more sorry for baby Lucy. She was wearing a onesie 2 sizes too big. Baby clothes are less expensive than adult clothing. She could have found something cuter at 🎯 for $5 or $10--no more than $20! I know that babies frequently go barefoot, but the bare feet along with the cheap, ginormous onesie, just looked so utterly sad. Poor Lucy.
  3. I was totally going to bring up Bass Lake! Tamra is a hypocrite! i do feel for Gina and the impending divorce, but I just don't get why the divorce. Marriage is not daily bliss. It's work, so if he's her best friend and they sleep together etc., then she needs to pack up her and the kids and move in with her husband. They need to live like a family. It's because of this that I don't wanna hear her whining.
  4. Then in that case she needs different kind of help, like therapy.
  5. Stephanie has expressed her concerns are partially due to being responsible for the boys alone. When my husband was in the Army I, and all my friends had to be alone with our kids, raising and disciplining them. I do understand her anxiety because I felt the same way when I knew my husband was leaving. Something major would always happen and in those days I couldn't get a hold of him. He'd have to call me. My anxiety was largely in part due to "what if..." but we didn't have the money that Stephanie has. So, while I understand the anxiety, I don't feel too bad for her. Hire help! She has the means to help alleviate her problems.
  6. Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm still extremely skeptical about a family of gingers JUST SO HAPPEN to have a ginger baby randomly drop into their lives for adoption...no waiting, nothing. I wasn't born yesterday. The theory I'm tossing around is that Bryan had an affair with a young college co-ed. She doesn't want to be a mother now and Bryan doesn't want to be entangled with her, BUT she doesn't want to have an abortion. So Bryan either convinces Brandy to adopt the baby, or he has Travis (friend of the adoption service guy) help him plot to have Stephanie coincidentally find out the adoption agency has a white baby boy who needs a home.
  7. Yes. He looks like a marionette.
  8. Eh. Been there done that. I guess if you've seen one 600lb person, you've seen em all. The little people show are also seeming to lose steam as well.
  9. Season 7 Discussion

    Do they offer cobbler certification at Crown?
  10. SURly Staff In The Media

    Guess he's gonna try to turn a ho into a housewife. I just don't get it, as a mother. That's the example you want for your daughter? I see this all the time with my male counterpart friends and family. They go for the hot girl, the looks, the t&a, and then wind up burned in the end. Oh well! I'm sure he's got a good pre-nup happening. Good for her. A few more years of luxury vehicles and expensive bags for her!
  11. I don't think any of these internet "friends" should be upset that there are multiple "friends." I mean, they live in different countries, for goodness sake. I think if Ricky tells Ximena in a nice way, she'll get it. Tarik's brother was a bully. Who does he think he is talking to someone like that? He was cruel--and scary! Karine is a young girl, who is likely trying to hedge her bets. Paul is in the U.S. for long stretches, so she's probably spending her time checking out who else she can find on the interwebz besides Paul. I mean, she got one guy to travel, and I think she's got high hopes someone else will. Jesse and Darcy make me sick. Darcy is exhausting. She just doesn't know how to shut up! And why are they even together if he wants kids? She's 43! Her eggs are spoiling as we speak! Jon and Rachel--this isn't gonna end well. One day, he's gonna snap. People with those kinds of issues just don't turn it off. It requires work.
  12. I don't think Stephanie needed to lie the way she did. That was a little too much, and yes, I think Kameron was genuinely happy for her. She could've just said, "That's a good guess, but let's wait a few more minutes and find out! I don't wanna ruin our surprise!" Brandi's friends would've been more happy about the baby than the element of surprise. That being said, it looks like Kameron takes it a little too far next week.
  13. I can only imagine Paul thinking "Blue is for boys. I must wear blue." He seems that immature.
  14. I don't know, princelina. I don't think I can mentally get past the idea!
  15. Stephanie can't have a conversation without including the words "poop," or "fart," or in this case "number 2".