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  1. I honestly think the baby is Brian's. I think the adoption story was concocted for Brandi's and her daughters' sake, and to save face, and to preserve her family's fake image. I don't think Brandi would ever leave Brian. She's been with him since they were young, they have children together, and now he's got some coins. She'd have a choice to make. I think she's accepted and loves that baby. Who wouldn't? Brandi just has so much anger, and such a need for the alcohol. Why the need to get drunk, which seems to be her intent when she's drinking. Like a teenager. Or to escape something. Brian has been shown to be cold to her. He's not into her. I think it's easier to be together for the kids'sake, and of course, $. I think Brian will be more careful in the future. A vasectomy may be in order.
  2. The only attractive men on that show are Jeremy and Rich.
  3. It looks like this time she's had her makeup professionally done. Contouring well can make all the difference.
  4. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    What if, given Olga's situation, she's thinking that just getting to America is a better option, and then eventually ditching Stephen?
  5. S06.E07: Flirting With Disaster

    Of course Asuelo doesn't know exactly how to care for a baby. He's young, and he's said he didn't have experience with babies, and that in Samwa the women care for the babies. Koolani is gonna have to teach him...just like couch surfer Steven. Something tells me Father Koolani didn't know how to care for babies either. He looks like he left all that to mama Koolani, and she taught him. Olga needs to ditch Stephen, like yesterday. I just see nothing but poverty and restraining orders in her future if they come to America. Leida is a bitch. So, did her father boot her to the streets of Indonesia? Did he make her pay rent? So why should it be different for Tasha? Why should Tasha be tossed in to a fuck motel? Eric is a liar and has no business taking on a family if he can't even afford to live alone in the first place.
  6. S06.E03: Rough Landings

    But Coltie does call her "mother."
  7. S06.E02: Young and Restless

    I just can't get over someone wanting to sleep with such a winner.
  8. My pet peeve: "He had went..." I hope we never see the likes of Jon and Rachel again. How exciting can it be if for the next 2 years, and possibly forever, if Rachel and Jon aren't even married or in the same country? I can't foresee the relationship working though. I think Jon will cheat on Rachel and blame alcohol. I take that back. I think Jon will cheat and Rachel will take him back. Never want to see Ricky again. Never want to see the Christian stripper again. (Don't even remember her name.) Darcy and Jesse? Ugh. Hate both of them. I'd like Rachel's address so that I may send her a box of my granddaughter's beautiful hand-me-downs.
  9. So it was the hottest day but Rachel was wearing boots and jeans and baby in a ginormous onesie? Hmmm.
  10. I'm sure it's been said before but Rachel couldn't have worn something nicer to her pre-wedding dinner? She looked so blah, but I felt even more sorry for baby Lucy. She was wearing a onesie 2 sizes too big. Baby clothes are less expensive than adult clothing. She could have found something cuter at ? for $5 or $10--no more than $20! I know that babies frequently go barefoot, but the bare feet along with the cheap, ginormous onesie, just looked so utterly sad. Poor Lucy.
  11. I was totally going to bring up Bass Lake! Tamra is a hypocrite! i do feel for Gina and the impending divorce, but I just don't get why the divorce. Marriage is not daily bliss. It's work, so if he's her best friend and they sleep together etc., then she needs to pack up her and the kids and move in with her husband. They need to live like a family. It's because of this that I don't wanna hear her whining.
  12. Then in that case she needs different kind of help, like therapy.
  13. Stephanie has expressed her concerns are partially due to being responsible for the boys alone. When my husband was in the Army I, and all my friends had to be alone with our kids, raising and disciplining them. I do understand her anxiety because I felt the same way when I knew my husband was leaving. Something major would always happen and in those days I couldn't get a hold of him. He'd have to call me. My anxiety was largely in part due to "what if..." but we didn't have the money that Stephanie has. So, while I understand the anxiety, I don't feel too bad for her. Hire help! She has the means to help alleviate her problems.
  14. Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm still extremely skeptical about a family of gingers JUST SO HAPPEN to have a ginger baby randomly drop into their lives for adoption...no waiting, nothing. I wasn't born yesterday. The theory I'm tossing around is that Bryan had an affair with a young college co-ed. She doesn't want to be a mother now and Bryan doesn't want to be entangled with her, BUT she doesn't want to have an abortion. So Bryan either convinces Brandy to adopt the baby, or he has Travis (friend of the adoption service guy) help him plot to have Stephanie coincidentally find out the adoption agency has a white baby boy who needs a home.
  15. Yes. He looks like a marionette.