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  1. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    She didn't look like she batted an eye. I'm sure she's probably used to it, and sees nothing out of the ordinary at all.
  2. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Christmas Soup. It sounds very Little Matchgirl-ish. Amy's stories about feeling left out, teased, etc., left me a little teary eyed. I'm happy Chris makes her feel loved and accepted.
  3. Well, I suppose Thomas has got to find someone who's not all there because HE'S not all there. No mentally healthy/mentally stable person would want him.
  4. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    The sinking house is a metaphor for the Eason family.
  5. She does look beautiful! I was just waiting for the squealing of brakes, loud crash, and non-stop horn. It seemed like it would be a great PSA for keeping vigilant on the road.
  6. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    IKR? Color me confused, as well. Maybe this is something he learned in jail. His rights. ghoulina's reply seems to make sense.
  7. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    So do I. I think the worst mistake he ever made was hooking up with the hag that is Kail. When he saw her at the mall, he should've just smiled and kept going. I think if it weren't for her he'd be booed up with some nice girl somewhere, living a normal life.
  8. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yeah. That deputy didn't come off as an authority figure at all. So what happened to the welfare check? They just leave the kids? Is that how it happens that kids wind up in basements locked up for decades and no one knew?
  9. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    Oh, I agree. Brianna is not that into him. Maybe he's not loser-y enough for her, what with the job and benefits, but in my experience, when you are with a man in a long distance relationship, you show up a little more put together when he sees you for the first time at the airport. Yes. I could totally see Chelsea constantly on the phone with Cole while he's at work, and when she can't get Cole, I'm sure it's Randy.
  10. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Oh she's going to heaven for sure!
  11. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    Now I am extra fussy when driving, especially after having been in a wreck on a major highway in peak traffic, but I was having major fluttering in my stomach when Chelsea was tickling Aubree--who was in the backseat, mind you, while she was driving! Teen Moms, please keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.
  12. Well, Jacqueline, you had a great run for about 15 yrs...
  13. I agree. I can see tumult between Tori and Audrey in the future. Tori seems to have more fire where Zach is more laid back, and I don't think Tori would let Zach get steamrolled.
  14. Really? Aw..I love Steve! I also like that he had the self-awareness to know to be wary of a business relationship with Manuela, and that he very easily and respectfully walked away. I just find him so cool and sexy...
  15. Zach and Tori

    Ironically, Molly is probably the ONLY one in the family that's most qualified to run the farm.