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  1. Chris Kimball is Chris Kimball's biggest fan.
  2. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    KYV? ;)
  3. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Although not discussed, my guess....Trump/Haley 2020
  4. The Conners: Speculation

    Holy crap, when did that happen??? I freaking LOVE this idea.
  5. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    My grandpa used to pour coffee out of his cup into the saucer (thus cooling the coffee down a bit), then he'd pick up the saucer and drink from it. He was an Irish immigrant, he came to America in 1925.
  6. S10.E01: The West Side Curmudgeon

    I think Debra looks great. What looks offputting to me is her face makeup color is very pale, compared to the way she looks in real life.
  7. The Conners: Speculation

    The character Roseanne annoyed me to no end, so I will not miss her at all. I always watched for the rest of the characters. I'm anxious to see them without Roseanne Barr chewing the scenery. I was also not a fan of Harris, but maybe this show change will also change her character. As someone said upthread, to make her more of the actor's real age instead of trying to play (and not very well) much younger. And if she does still play younger, maybe she could play it more naturally instead of feeling forced.
  8. S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    I would like to see Rebecca's story, because she is a bit player in the show. What was her life without Jack, not just immediately after it happened, but as a single mother, before her relationship with Miguel? We've seen bits but not her point of view. How did she and Miguel get together? Maybe they don't think Rebecca's story would be interesting to the viewers since she's an oldster and not part of the desired demographic. The show is all about the Big 3, but I think Rebecca should have her part too.
  9. I caught the first few episodes last weekend. I enjoyed it. For someone who completely didn't have his shit together a decade ago, Tom Arnold really does now. Something tells me he will find stuff and it won't be akin to Geraldo Rivera's Capone vault. Hopefully anyway.
  10. S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    ...says my 115 lb mother in law. Easy peasy, right? I refuse to speculate/worry about who Randall and Tess are going to "see". Won't happen for another year or so or even longer, and I have other things to worry about.
  11. S01.E01: An Incident at Creede

    Rippleintime17, I just finished watching the series. Enjoy it, it's quite a ride!
  12. All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2018 Season

    Sorry, back to last week. I wonder if the "anonymous source" cooked up the story (along with the WH spin team) about Rosenstein taping Trump and sold it to NYT as a "true story". The story would then give Trump the leverage he needs to fire Rosenstein based on this "anonymous" tip, however made up it was. That they are indeed making up their own fake news.
  13. S01.E01: I Saw the Sun Rise

    Hopefully it will be more of a big brother/little sister type relationship.
  14. S01.E07: Homecoming

    My favorite all time movie across all genre (not just Westerns) is Lonesome Dove, and as far as westerns, I also recommend the Longmire series. I was hoping that Truckee would turn the gun from his horse to Frank, and be the one who takes him out. But then we would not have had the token shootout at the OK corral finish between Frank and Roy. I understand Roy's (now Mr. Ward's) need to see his brother and become family once again. But if the series were to continue, I would like to see him return 'home' to Alice, yet keep in touch with brother. Mary Agnes/Mary/Maggie for mayor!!
  15. S06.E10: Goodbye is Always Implied

    How many books are there? I'd love to start reading them.