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  1. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018)

    YMMV, but I really liked the movie. I was entertained throughout and teared up during the church scene. I liked Lily James and felt she had such optimism and energy as young Donna. I love Meryl Streep, but I felt she was miscast in the original. I felt that Meryl was working very hard to "sell" Donna, whereas in almost all of her other roles that I've seen, I never see "Meryl", only the character she's playing.
  2. I agree. At the beginning of the movie, older Dottie phrased the same with her grandsons, telling the oldest to give the younger sibling a chance, while telling the younger sibling to "kill him". Foreshadowing for the ending...
  3. S01.E06: The Remembering

    Heck, I take more time picking out my clothes for the day than he took in making that billion dollar deal.
  4. I agree. I'm still mad that they cancelled Harry's Law a few years ago. Older audience, great show = cancellation
  5. S01.E04: The Long Black Train

    It was nice to see John Dutton smile. I love it when Kevin Costner smiles <melt>. He has certainly aged well.
  6. The Judges

    Maybe I haven't seen Maneet in a while, but on WCC, wow has she lost a lot of weight! So much so that my husband, who has watched Chopped forever, didn't recognize her.
  7. Mom in the Media

    As much as Allison Janney chews the scenery in her role, I think Anna Faris really carries the show. I think she should have been nominated instead.
  8. S01.E03: No Good Horses

    We watched a second time last night because the first time I wasn't really paying attention and husband wanted to see Kelly Reilly naked again. Which, watching Beth stomp out to the horse trough, we get a glimpse of her ass with the robe falling away; in the next shot her robe is pulled closed at the front. How did that happen with both of her hands full? Poor editing. And, btw, maybe I haven't watched much Jerry Springer, but who would ever stomp around naked without a care in the world, with their brothers and others around? Unbelievable. Beth is a mess, yet Daddy wants her to run for a council seat?
  9. Fargo In The Media

    Season 1 was my favorite too
  10. Season 5 Discussion: Got Nose?

    Or the many ear lobe circles when young people decide they don't want them anymore. They had a guy on last season I think, that had to have surgery to repair his ear lobes after he took out the circles. Plastic surgeons who specialize in tattoo removal and ear lobe repair will be highly in demand soon, I think.
  11. S01.E03: No Good Horses

    losing interest in this show....
  12. S01.E01: Daybreak

    Don't get me wrong, I love a strong, confidant, take-no-crap woman. If Beth was portrayed as shrewd, cunning or just plain evil, I would be fine with it. But the actress' performance comes across as trying too hard to be shrewd, cunning and just plain evil, which to me makes it comical and not natural. Maybe she needs more time in the role, but I didn't find her believable.
  13. S01.E01: Daybreak

    Watched it last night. Pilots tend to be a bit clunky, so I'll give it another chance. I agree with many of you that I really dislike daughter Beth. I had a hard time focusing with her terrible bangs and crooked teeth. Shallow I know, but it took me out of anything she was doing/saying. She is similar to how I feel about Lara on Billions - trying so hard to be badass that it's actually comical. Another possible miscast is the lawyer brother, Wes? He looks nothing like any of the others. I know they could say he looks exactly like his mother, but his features are just so distinct, it's distracting to me.
  14. S01.E01: Daybreak

    I must disagree. I like almost all of Kevin's roles and the movies he's been in. One of my favorite lines was Bull Durham "I like long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last all night..." sigh....