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  1. S09.E08: Danish Week

    yeah I got spoiled following a twitter earlier here that was about all the double entendres -- all strung together (it was rather amusing)--- but it more or less advanced to more recent tweets and I saw the result right there in front of me. Oh well. Yeah I agree with you on the sad sack of Rahul. How can someone so clearly talented have such a poor opinion of himself? Re: Prue's necklaces; did I imagine or did she have two versions of more-or-less the same necklace? Big spiraly things-- I thought one set was all red, and another was red, white, and blue. Maybe I misremembered.
  2. S09.E03: Bread Week

    I don't think so. They all seem very talented.
  3. Season Five Episode Talk

    I remarked on her teeth on some other thread and someone said "she gets paid by the tooth."
  4. S09.E08: Danish Week

    another one of those "two countries divided by a common language." I was so confused when Briony said that "sherbet was decorating the handbag." Apparently sherbet is some sort of powdered candy. Who knew. I thought it was like fruity ice cream!
  5. S09.E07: Vegan Week

    I noticed that Jon had meringues on his show stopper (which I imagine was the same technique as for the technical). So presumably he at least had done that once before! I loved the look of Rahul's little rosettes of veggies that he pre-roasted in his tarts. He seems like the guy to beat, low-confidence or not.
  6. S09.E06: Pastry Week

    which one is Jon? I don't want to google for fear of getting spoiled, but I can't think of anyone other than Kim-Joy being kitschy-- Yes, it is nice that people are more free to dress, or look, however they want, regardless of what "conventional people" (like myself) might find attractive. I think back to my grandmother (this was a long time ago, as I'm 50+ myself) would remark on a scientist or other "important" person who might look a bit scruffy, or wear jeans, while being interviewed as "why can't they look 'nice' for this important thing?" Times have changed.
  7. S09.E01: Biscuit Week

    Someone younger, or actually British can answer better, but I gather he's kind of famous in Britain as a comedian, among other things. I gather you didn't see the first season he was on? I think he will grow on you-- he's actually delightful with a sweet manner that you can't help but like. My husband saw him for the first time over the weekend as he walked through the room and said "wow he's an odd looking person!" (He was wearing a very garish bumblebee shirt that made no sense at all). True that! But he's always sweet.
  8. S06.E07: New Kids on the Dock

    You're right; she was perfect when the guests came back from the disaster of an outing. Upbeat, friendly, etc. Unlike Caroline who looks like a scared rabbit if more than one person asks for a drink at the same time (even if it's the same freakin' drink!)
  9. S09.E04: Dessert Week

    That blancmange made me think of a strange dessert that was popular (at least in my family) back in the 70s. It came from a box and sort of made a three layer raspberry dessert "all by itself". It was called Jell-O 123 LOL https://food52.com/blog/18270-in-1969-kraft-forcefully-split-its-jell-o-into-three-layers
  10. S06.E07: New Kids on the Dock

    when Caroline greeted the guests in the morning up on the sun deck and asked them "can I get you some coffee?" all I could think of was that if I were on a fancy pants yacht there damn well better be some good self serve coffee somewhere that I can get the moment I am upright! None of this waiting around for someone to get it for me.
  11. S06.E07: New Kids on the Dock

    Caroline is a pain in the ass. She keeps saying that "everyone was saying she was faking her injury" when that is absolutely not what she overheard. She looks to be a picking a fight at every opportunity (as is Rylee to a lesser extent TBH).
  12. Season Five Episode Talk

    She did core them with a melon baller. She also poached them in ginger beer. She left the stems on but they were at the top. I'd have removed them myself.
  13. I also thought she "cheated" a bit by only having a couple of treats left by setting the "scene date" just before Christmas. I was surprised that none of the judges said (at least as we saw it) that "it looks nothing like an advent calendar". Who was it that stuck some hard candies in as at least some of the treats? I didn't see that in the reveals.
  14. I didn't think those halloween cutters were so hard to transform. Boo could be a snowman, I saw the spider as a reindeer, the ghost could be a bell, ... (that's me writing before seeing what any of them decide to do).
  15. Season Five Episode Talk

    I do also. Born and raised in the NYC metro area.