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  1. S24.E07: Beauty is Raw

    I agree, but I was a bit disturbed (I know I'm a fuddy duddy) by the touching of breasts that seemed pretty prevalent. I mean, if they were guys, this would be a "no go" right? Shouldn't that be in the category of "don't touch without permission"?
  2. S22.E08: Week 8

    I didn't see that season, but just had to crack up that she's (still) wearing an evening dress. How convenient! Of course I'm the kind of girl that would be in my jammies as soon as the door closes behind my date :)
  3. S24.E07: Beauty is Raw

    I can really do without all these weepy psychoanalysis sessions of everything that's gone wrong in their lives.
  4. S24.E06: Beauty Is Pride

    I don't think so. Exhibit A: Stacey McKenzie which I have trouble getting my head around.
  5. S22.E08: Week 8

    I think they really gave her the edit to be the next. Her shock and dismay at being auf'd (just like Arie, you know?) Her sobbing in the car, "this is what happens every time. I doubt myself. Will anyone EVER love me???????" Perfect resume.
  6. The editors are really milking the eventual story line. While Arie is leaving Lauren's hometown date, there's a voice over (no visual of her saying it) "If he chooses someone else over me that's gonna be devastating". The exact same clip (with the visual of her saying it) at the RC. Hit us over the head, ok?
  7. S22.E08: Week 8

    I get creeped out by Arie saying to the family "Kendell and I have amazing chemistry". Which means, yeah, I want to bang her just as much as I want to bang the other three girls. And Kendell's dad "You may at some point come to me asking my permission..." PERMISSION? Ick. But honestly what parent would give a blessing or be happy to say "you go, guy" when there are three other girls he just might like better. What parent would be ok with that? You want to hear "your daughter is the only person on earth I can imagine myself with". Which of course ain't gonna happen.
  8. S22.E08: Week 8

    Editors having fun: Arie's voiceover when greeting Kendall "I really love the conversations we have" while the visual is SMOOCH SMOOCH EXTRA SMOOCH.
  9. S22.E08: Week 8

    I couldn't help but notice when watching last week's Top Chef episode-- they moved into a new resort, and two of the great big guys did the back flop onto the bed. Must be part of the contract! I just thought "it's bad enough when the little girls on The Bachelor do it, but don't you feel embarrassed?" Maybe they're TB fans and were being sardonic.
  10. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Very interesting that those last two have no historical ties-- I never would have guessed. Thanks! I guess I still have that image of the Queen on their postage stamps!
  11. History Talk: The British Monarchy

    ^and a related question going back to the Commonwealth meeting. I saw an article that at the time of the Queen's coronation, there were far fewer countries in the commonwealth than there are now (and the sovereign of GB was the leader of most of them, unlike now). Where did all of these extra members come from? I might guess it is former colonies that have "splintered" but would like to know more--
  12. S01.E03: Hitting the Pavement

    I totally agree. I mean, are we 15 years old? And you know what Bethany, you can douche in a half bath so your stupid comment doesn't even make sense.
  13. S15.E11: Cooking High

    Yeah up thread I posted that once someone converted my TV's closed caption of "Kosha Val" to Courcheval I looked it up, and it's at 1800 meters, not 18000 feet. LOL. So he's thinking "what's the big deal about 12000 feet" when in fact it's twice as high as Courcheval!
  14. S15.E11: Cooking High

    ^yeah but they were not cooking at Telluride, they were cooking at Alpino Vino, the highest elevation restaurant in North America at 11,966 feet.
  15. S15.E11: Cooking High

    Must be (couldn't the closed caption people at least *try*? Kosha Val??????) But it's at 1800 meters not 18000 feet. Hmmm Wonder if the illustrious chef was confused. The highest mountain in the alps (according to Ms. Google) is Mt. Blanc at not quite 16000 feet. So there is no *restaurant* at 18000 feet! Wonder if that's why Gail was giving such an odd look. Like "I know you're totally wrong, but I'm too polite to say so"