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  1. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Another example of fakety-fake crying by hubby in the interview room!
  2. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    https://pagesix.com/2019/01/09/mean-girls-broadway-stars-shade-lindsay-lohan-at-her-own-party/ This is a link to the Joan Crawford picture.
  3. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    Very sad. Yesterday she was on Howard Stern. He asked if she was upset at not getting acting roles any longer, and is she upset when she sees someone like Emma Stone, who is comparable in age and look, getting great roles. She said yes, and she attributes it to her not living in LA anymore. When you’re not around they don’t think of you, she says. No insight or just a sad cover up. There’s a picture of LL in today’s NY Post in Page Six, where I swear she looks like a 60-year old Joan Crawford.
  4. I have to disagree in part. All religions depend on fundraising, albeit not to the level required by Scientology. Churches or synagogues can’t function without membership fees and additional fundraising. For example, I have seen friends who belong to a synagogue have to attend an annual dinner and pay a fee. Every year someone is nominated for an award at the dinner, and it’s expected that the honoree will donate money and solicit outside friends to donate. It can get pretty aggressive I consider myself lucky that I was raised without religion. But I find them endlessly fascinating. We had cousins who joined the Sri Chinmoy cult. One left as a 50 year old after a wasted life. It’s partly to try to understand why that I watch shows like this and read up on the subject.
  5. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    So a brand ambassador is someone who “up-sells” $1500 bottles and beach chairs! All righty then.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I agree with this. It's the ascendancy of social media, which we happen to be participating in here. But they want you to post on Twitter and the like so that they will get buzz, even if the responses are nonsensical.
  7. This is the worst show. So unfunny! I tuned in to a random episode because I saw the lead actress in Crazy Rich Asians.
  8. S01.E07: Part 7

    The IG report is riveting.
  9. S02.E01: Ja'loja

    Welcome back, show! James was pulling an Eddie Haskell. Hope that’s not too much of a geezer reference.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    The Friday story was edited in such a misleading way. The friend couple spent an hour and a half in high dudgeon about Sabrina''s transgressions, but then it was revealed that they were involved in the poly lifestyle too. It came off like they were jealous. Then it was revealed that they were divorced. Why not just say so from the beginning?
  11. S01.E07: Part 7

    Too late now but for future reference it was on Showtime Anywhere at midnight, but not on regular on demand. They usually post episodes earlier on the SA app. I learned this while watching other shows.
  12. S01.E06: Part 6

    So funny. Dano is also my BIL’s doppelgänger. We’ve noticed the resemblance for years.
  13. Mykelti

    They were really off the air for a long time, I realize now!
  14. Mykelti

    They are married for two years? I thought it was one year!
  15. Well, that's just it. It would paint them into a corner. a corner that doesn't really make sense for these people. They are not the type of people, usually the super orthodox, who sit shiva for a daughter who does the wrong thing (e.g., marries out of the faith). But they have also been written as overwrought. overbearing, overinvolved parents. Still, I can't see her having to hide a career as a comedian. Just my gut feeling.