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  1. Some do. I checked out a guest a year or so ago who actually did say aboot. "Aboot how long does it take to get to the airport? ...Aboot 35 minutes?" I double-checked where his address was, he sounded so stereotypical. Canada.
  2. I don't know if those were spider webs, though.
  3. I think Gordon is also seeing who sends up real problem chefs and who sends up people they hate/are jealous of.
  4. Go away, Elise. Kiribati should be far enough.
  5. The demons can sure craft elaborate fantasy worlds. Yay kids for rescuing Rose! Harper is badass. Slater clearly likes badass females.
  6. Loved Antoinette hurrying over to help. Loved that the Paul Hollywood handshake awe s Americans, too.
  7. I had a guest enter the lobby not too long ago about 4 AM and she jumped, said "oh!" And mentioned there was an animal right by the lobby doors-maybe a raccoon? I checked it out after she left. Hiding behind the planter was a skunk. I beat a hasty retreat and let my night staff know not to use that door for a while.
  8. The lobby of the hotel where I work. Tarantulas are rarely seen here in Tucson unless it's Monsoon.
  9. I have a spider story for you! Earlier in the year some guests were in the lobby talking and suddenly one said "Miss? There's a tarantula in here." So I looked, and yep. Tarantula cruising across the floor busily. I captured it with a broom and a sweeper pan and released it outside. It stomped away, and I swear it was all *stomp stomp stomp* "I wasn't even doing anything." *Stomp stomp stomp* "Well, fine, then. I didn't want to be in there anyhow." *stomp stomp stomp*. Much huffier that the young California King Snake that scared a bunch of guests. I went out with a flashlight to see what kind of snake had them fleeing inside and found it trying to get up a wall. So I moved the poor thing, which was all "um, lady? I don't think I like this" as I picked it up and moved it. Impressed the Hell out of the guest who showed me where it was. Seriously, they're harmless and generally good-natured.
  10. Gah. I hate Chrissy. I hate family week. Have reward be a meal and let everyone visit. .....I am not cut out for this game.
  11. I find it hard to believe Tara and the others had never run across the "Sandy Hook was faked!" bit before.
  12. These are the stats from the Social Security website- they track names. It's more official than the bump. Bother. It's not giving me the correct web address. Anyhow, Jensen has gone from below the top thousand before 2008 to 365 in 2016.
  13. Yep. I got my current job partially because my boss and I are fellow Midwesterners and both Big 10 football fans.
  14. I'm just going to hide in here and revel in the best season (so far) in years.
  15. Marcus, if things don't work out with Fish & Wildlife Guy, we (posters in this thread) are willing to adopt you. Because damn, buddy, you need happiness. Oh, Verity. Creepy house =run. They always will. I suggest you go watch some true crime shows. You'll see.