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  1. S06.E04: American Classics

    Where did Lindsay, Camson and Grayson come from?
  2. S03.E17: Let Pinhead Sing

    And I thought I had a bad voice.
  3. Spoilers With Speculation

    I hope Sam and Dean get to gank Scrappy Doo.
  4. SuperPositive

    That was nice, though clearly she is not versed in classic movies.
  5. S13.E15: A Most Holy Man

    Well, yes. They had to be chasing a Mcguffin because The Maltese Falcon was a Mcguffin. I thought this was a great homage to The Maltese Falcon.
  6. S06.E03: Culinary ABCs

    Ben's fruit tart looked so ugly. I just know I would suck at getting those corners thin enough. I liked Zia, but I'm glad they sent her.
  7. Adults do-Luca did- so I guess why not kids?
  8. As someone not from NYC, ask me how much I care about NYC. That said, for kids a sandwich is a great choice to represent themself on a plate and it sounded (and apparently was) tasty. I knew both sisters would go through. Yeah, that berry tart looked awfully messy. How much practice does it take to make those gyoza look like that? A couple months?
  9. And they've mentioned in various seasons looking at guidebooks in airports, asking seatmates, etc.
  10. There have been horrific incidents with speedskating skates as well.
  11. Because Cody and Jessica also have a fan base from Big Brother. Not every viewer detested them, even those that watched or read about the live access, and they probably had people who saw them for the first time here and have decided to check out Big Brother because of them.
  12. The mikes caught Cody saying something to Jessica about the pieces being doubled so there was some trick to the plane as they raced around the Hornet. I did wonder if that was allowed.
  13. At one point in Hong Kong while they were running did Evan tell Henry to keep up even though he was ahead of her? I'd love to see Kristi and Jen on an All-Stars season. Also Team IndyCar because they were generally good-natured. That photography task was diabolical. They had to wait. They last thing they wanted to do! I don't have a problem with Cody and Jess winning. Aside from making Paul explode, they earned it. Plus I liked it that Jessica admitted that she had been useless the previous leg. They need more final tasks like this one.
  14. Jessica did nothing-and admitted it-in Thailand. Otherwise she's been pulling her weight. Also admiring the adorable kitties. There is no way I could have been that calm while scorpions crawled/sat on me. Just no.
  15. Ashton of the Ashton/Vanck team got the majority of the hate because of her mean-spirited belittling of Vanck while he was literally standing right next to her.