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  1. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    And realistically a lot of retail jobs wouldn't hire him because they figure he'll get a higher-paying job in no time and leave. I wonder how many new laws and regulations Michaela had to learn.
  2. S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    Oh, man, watching Natalia's smirk just vanish as she realized she was voted out so made up for a stressful few days at work. She obviously didn't catch Alex's look of "my god, that was like nuclear-level rude" after her little "go away and go nap" comment. That was a blindfold challenge I could stand to see again.
  3. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    The CIA is actually extremely limited as to what it can do in the US. TV shows a!most always ignore this fact. That said, I have no idea who would get this case. Homeland Security? The Winchesters? Also, yeah no. I would not be paying back the insurance money.
  4. S16. E04. Third Wheel

    I knew it was the fisherwoman right away, since she pronounced the fish crappie, not croppie, which is how I have always heard it. And I don't even fish.
  5. In a certain sense, they aren't family. Mary is exactly like that family member who sits in an Indonesian jail for 20 years on drug charges, no one visits, and she comes home to strangers. Heck, people coming back from fighting in World War 2 for a couple of years came back to people they no longer knew or felt anything for.
  6. Well, there's also the possibility that to Carver it does all make sense. If he believes that shacking up with Amelia shows maturity, no more co-dependence, whatever, then to him showing that proves his point.
  7. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    The statue was creepy, I'll give them that. Yeah, Saanvi seems to be the only one really proactively trying to solve the mystery. Ben's kind of fumbling his way into it. I think people really don't understand that for the people on the flight there was no time gap. To them 5 and a half years ago was two weeks ago. These aren't returnees from a Russian gulag, these are people who came out of a coma (so to speak).
  8. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    The Men of Letters probably had a huge stash of it.
  9. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    If I'm remembering correctly he was really really misogynistic.
  10. Mary is allowed to change her mind. Free will. She is allowed to realize that she cannot lead effectively and worry about Dean. Because she has had problems bonding does not mean she cannot worry.
  11. Bobby probably still feels out of kilter in this world. Mary may not want to lead. This really isn't a zero sum game. If random character says "love your eyes!" to one brother, this doesn't make the other have hideous, nausea-inducing ugly eyes. Sam's leading because at this juncture no one else is willing. This doesn't lessen Dean's leadership abilities.
  12. S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    Frankly I don't blame the lesser demons for being afraid of Sam. I would think any monster with any sort of self-preservation instincts would be afraid of Sam and/or Dean. As I said many years ago, I'd be leaving them a nice fruit basket with an apology card if I ran across them. I'm not surprised that Kip would be angling for King of Hell- realistically it must be a slaughter in Hell right now amongst the demons for power. I think Michael went with vampires because he can control their desires fairly easily. Humans are too varied. Jo wants things- like respect- that he's unwilling to give.
  13. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    Yeah, I have no idea why they did that. That said, that was a glorious flame-out. I hope someone else tops that next week.