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  1. The GIANT Robe looks like the jacket they give you when you go to one of those Ice Bar places!
  2. Thank you for this article. It just killed a full hour of my workday!!
  3. S18.E19: Nominations 6

    How about "one hundred percent"! ghoulina beat me to it!!
  4. I would vote for Michael Emerson reading a phonebook with his mouth full!
  5. Huge Six Million $ Man fan when I was a kid. Few years ago found season 1 dvd at Best Buy and couldn't get through an episode. So Bad!!!
  6. Thanks...now I know what I'll be humming the rest of the day!!!
  7. S03.E07: Song Of Myself

    Pumpernickel bishop's bread!!! Just lost some coffee out my nose. Thanks!