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  1. I agree with the rest of your post (The Designated Senator would be in charge and shouldn't be happy that this pup is dictating party policy). The blowed-up president designated a member of his party; the Senate designated one of theirs (as they do in the Real World from time to time) and the House one of theirs (as they have not done). All three Survivors might be from the same party but there could easily be a 2-1 split.
  2. It looks even weirder in full. I love that Jackie's is just NO.
  3. It looks like just a bunch of random letters.
  4. Hard to believe that's possible, but here she is!
  5. This is the first I've heard of it.
  6. I guess Violet kicked him to the curb, too, once she found (a) how vapid he is and (b) that he has double Mommy issues! I don't think we've seen her this season.
  7. You have an extra "https" in your link. It should be https://www.buzzfeed.com/frederickmckindra/greenleaf-makes-space-on-tv-for-queer-black-people-in-church?utm_term=.lyApqy7kRx#.qf81Pr8GlQ
  8. That should definitely put the kibosh on whether he had the operation. I agree -- it was a thing of beauty. They looked like poor Doris to me. On the other hand, they were exposed to the protomolecule, so anything is possible. ============================ BTW, shouldn't it be called a proto-virus? Calling it a molecule has always seemed off.
  9. Pitch? (LOL)
  10. A general will try to get favorable terrain but that isn't always possible. The SoS was talking about the generals who had lost the terrain challenge but won anyway.
  11. Vengeance may be the Lord's but justice is not. If the Lord can't put Mac in jail, if He lets one more girl get raped, then He's not much worth worshipping, is He? If you mean "the lighter girl is good and the darker girl is bad", I feel you. All part of the Wonderful World of Colorism. That was the third reason she gave (after the problems with the schools, and Leonard "not being sincere". If she really didn't want Grace, she could have said so earlier. I think she just doesn't want to get married and will use any excuse. I don't get this reference (other than Mr Mobisson looks a bit like Mr Dirden). ================================================= ETA: Charity, you don't out anyone without their permission. Ever. Even to your mom. Just say that the problem is between you and Kevin, and you can't say more. Kirissa, your daughter has to beg and plead (and bring your husband in) to go to a chaperoned birthday party, but you let her drive off with three other teens and no adults? Out of character for her!
  12. Knowing Ridley, he'll probably make the Koreans the heroes...
  13. Sing with me: When there's booze in the punch And the pot-chips go crunch Those are mores... You need to put "rager" in quotes. That was, by TV and movie standards, a pretty calm house party, not a rager (except to Junior!). You say "peanuts" and I say "penis" Let's call the whole thing off...
  14. Since this is not the real Tiana -- the one who knew Hakeem well enough to stay away from his "romancing" -- they dress her to be his girl. Because God forbid she have her own life. No woman working with a Lyon can resist their sex appeal! (Blargh!) He was lying, and Guilanna knew he was lying, when he said Nessa would be cool with it. Nuh uh. For me, this show has devolved to "Which Lyon is fighting with which other Lyon this week?" Awfully repetitive. One thing that's interesting is that Daniels has said that Rhonda was added to give a White POV (because Black-led shows need a White POV even though White-led shows don't need a Black POV). However, Empire has kept it's lead on Fox (Cancel Bear has it's Renew / Cancel index at 2.27 -- the next highest show is The Simpsons at 1.13 -- half that) without the White POV so it's obviously not necessary.
  15. He may have the title but he has no rank in the Chicago PD (other than the fact that 5-0 o0utranks everyone everywhere).