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  1. Or have it a week behind on Netflix North America (US and Canada), since it will be on Netflix everywhere else.. CBS All-Access has non-skippable ads? Unless you pay an additional $4 it seems. Hell to the no.
  2. I'd like to watch but getting "All-Access" for one show isn't happening.
  3. Anyone know the current odds for this show making it to air? Last I heard there were still major problems.
  4. There was one point where I expected someone to say "Let's not quibble over who murdered whom..." LOL Hard to see how we're going to get any good resolution in one episode.
  5. YAY!!!! If Angel can do it...
  6. I remember the questions about Mrs Stanger's EDS when he competed the first time -- that they were making it sound worse than it actually is (it's very rarely fatal, despite what they said). In two years, the collegen in her bones is nearly 100% better? I don't buy it. The Rail-Runner was definitely the Ninja killer of the season. From most to least finishers: LA had 22 finishers, 3 fail on the Warped Wall, and 5 on the Battering Ram Daytona Beach: 18 finishers, the other top 12 failed on Rolling Thunder San Antonio: 16 finishers, the other top 14 failed on the Pipefitter Cleveland: 14 finishers, 1 idiot failed on the Warped Wall because he had to have light-up shoes, the other 15 failed on the I-Beam Gap Kansas City: 10 finishers, 2 failed on the Warped, 13 on the Bar Hop and 5 on Crank It Up Denver: Only 8 finishers, and all of the other top 22 failed on the Rail-Runner
  7. So no Muppets? Sad now.
  8. Glad to help -- and I think you're right.
  9. WOOOOT!!!! Always great to see a PTB here in the forums. And very cool planning ahead! I hope the fall of the House of Isher Usher Ishida is near. Sorry (notSorry) Mr Mallozzi, but "Japan is Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!!" is the weakest part of this show (now, had it been done with Muppets...)
  10. Ya know, it's too bad Nova's and RA's mother never got introduced to her grandson -- "True, Blue."
  11. And the little bit from 1:10 to 1:30 shows what can be done with contemporary if the the person knows how to DANCE!
  12. They want Ryo to remember that the Blink Drive is broken, probably beyond repair (maybe yes, maybe no...) that he will never defeat them and that next time he comes after them, they're coming after him.
  13. Wheaton was amazing!
  14. The point is that there are 6 new regulars -- even promoting from recurring to regular involves a salary increase, I think. If CBS had floated rumors about the deals (4 Asians might be promoted and and another 2 added!) while negotiating with Kim (Park took herself out of the running early), it would have gone down a lot smoother. It seems like Dougie "House"er to me. No thanks.
  15. Herman the Fake Native American, you mean. Unless he's dropped that crap.