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  1. I saw that too. Nicely done. in Colombia. But not heart or brain doctors.
  2. Cal Tech has at least one library that Alex could have studied at.
  3. Lucy kicks a ball which hits Regina in the shin, infuriating her to the point of burning villages down to get her revenge! Did I win????
  4. Anthony is is definitely the weakest actor of the bunch -- weaker than any of the kids, even. All he knows how to do is cry -- which fits, Dre being a spoiled, stupid baby. I cried, too -- when spoiled baby Dre threw away 6 perfectly good sliders just because Johan wanted one. F** you, Dre, and your stupid privileged ass, He's going to have a lot of work to do.
  5. I know "of" a lot of their work, but haven't seen most of it. There were far too few ancillary characters who really didn't add much -- Preston's dad and brother, Eames' aide (and Eames herself wasn't really necessary). Just what purpose the "education initiative" serve, plot-wise? They just made the show drag on. And as much as I loved "Boogs" (LOL), a lot of that plot could have been snipped (like the blackmail that didn't go anywhere) could have been snipped.
  6. I was part of the group that was yelling for Sunny to Finish Him! With all of us raising a ruckus, it's surprising he didn't hear!!! "Here's a magazine with a painting of an imaginary city -- that proves Azra is real!!!!" Whenever they show the Wired cover, I have to laffffffffffffffffffff!!!!
  7. +1000 to this entire post!
  8. That was my take-away too. When Preston was questioning Cox, he forgot the number one rule: Never ask a question you don't know the answer to. He should not have asked Cox if he was scared but if he'd had any training or was legally allowed to have a gun while on the Tours. Cox having a gun in the first place was a felony which made him accessory to murder.
  9. Anyone else hollering at Cookie "Make the call! MAKE THE CALL!!!!!!!" while Jamal was singing? I wonder if Rumor will be back for some mother-daughter time. How did I miss that????? Sooooooo awesome! Devilish Diana DuBois told him he had to do what they say in order to see Bella. It really didn't work for me but I can hand-wave it.
  10. I never believe any of these stories. It's always about a woman (never a man) who's "being a diva" and "everyone hates" and blah blah blah misogyny. ETA: These are the exact same "sources" that said that Taraji was "difficult to work with" and that "Cookie would be gone" at the start of the season. They were lying then -- they are lying now. I haven't seen Ms Long in much, but this I might be able to get behind.
  11. One of the advantages of being a newbie is that I don't know squat about Missy of River or Moffat, so I can enjoy this season in and of itself. And I liked this episode a lot. Very silly and contrived -- reminding me of the earliest of the Dr Who episodes. Don't you hate it when that happens!!!
  12. Even Legends of Tomorrow handled its biblical nonsense better. The "Spear of Destiny" was the lance used to pierce Christ's side during the Crucifixion and washing it in Christ's blood would take away its power. Horsefeathers, but at least consistent horsefeathers.
  13. It was passable. I liked the cast but the plot was plodding, the end result not very satisfactory and I was left with a massive case of the mehs. I'm torn. I want to watch and support this, but it looks like the only show I'll watch on CBS Plus or whatever it's called. And I don't watch any show on on my phone.
  14. Riley and hubby or boyfriend were on the way to the hospital and she started to give birth right as he crashed. He was killed and Riley gave birth in the snow. The baby died before it was more than a day old, at which point Riley almost gave up and died as well. This was later intercut with Will driving the same route to the lab, so we got the harsh mountains of Iceland in the winter and the lush mountains in the spring.
  15. Soooo freakin' AWESOME!!!