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  1. S03.E07 Study War No More

    Not just Black bodies -- Black slaves. Angola Prison is a horrid example.
  2. S03.E08 Come, Clad in Peace 2018.07.18

    Because you're "family" until you hurt poor li'l RA's feelings. Then you can go to Hell. The reason she doesn't have her LAST job is because Charlie jumped on the "poor li'l RA -- Darla can go to Hell" train. Darla lost her job before that because poor li'l RA guilted her into helping him out. As long as she doesn't have to depend on any of the Bordelons, she should be OK. Charlie has supported him monetarily as well. Same.
  3. S04.E13: And He Shall Be a Good Man

  4. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    I can't wait to see that.
  5. Small Talk: The Coffee Machine

    Almost all the fans had trouble with this, especially with Mal. There is a woman you'll meet who is a MUCH better love interest for Mal.
  6. I waqs able to relate (if not sympathize) with Clarissa more in the book the the show. In the book, she's got monomania, rather than being a sociopath. Her (clinically insane) obsession with Holden makes her do things that she feels very guilty about -- like "carrying" Ren about even after he's gone. And she doesn't drop her obsession because of one short speech by Holden. The blending of characters -- especially of Drummer as Pa and Sam -- was hell done, and I'm glad we didn't have to suffer through Ortiz. The show's version of Ashford was a lot more balanced -- he wasn't the weak bully (and murderer) that Bull had to contend with. All in all, I love the adaptation -- there's a real love for the books that shines through.
  7. The monograph that The Nose referred to is from canon -- in The Sign of the Four.
  8. We know there are -- the "Dog Pound" for example.
  9. I actually prefer that -- why waste time with empty words. There are "99 Words For Breasts" (this is an actual song!) so he was trying to steer the contestant by rhyming and alliteration. ============= For "shock", I was saying "Taser"
  10. S01.E09: Resurrection

    I told my wife that at a minimum, I would have put Smith in a coma; more likely, completely and permanently paralyzed her -- let her scheme all she wants as she lies drooling in a hospital bed.
  11. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    This is the kind of Ninja Warrior camaraderie I like to see, and can't imagine Billings joining in. ETA: Duck was winning against Bronco, in my opinion -- better driving, more aggression and better use of the primary weapon. But then he forgot his number one rule: stay in the middle of the Box. He let Bronco take him to the edge, and bye bye Duck.
  12. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    I can see absolutely no good coming from continuing with this conversation.
  13. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    I saw the screws stop during one other fight, though, although it didn't matter then. So I wouldn't say for sure. Since there's prize money involved, I think it's illegal for them to screw with the screws.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Ghosted

    Opposite Claws and $10,000 Pyramid -- I'll try to catch it on demand. Maybe.