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  1. Netflix money that could have gone toward renewing Sense8 or buying Dark Matter. But I'm not bitter.
  2. Didn't Ivy just tell Roni/Regina that they were poisoned and Regina believed it? She's dumb enouh to do that. I thought he was Jack the Giant-Killer, or Jack from "The Brave Little Tailor" I thought it was because she was bats! Yep, when she said the necklace stopped glowing, my first thought was that she was dead. Oysters, and they'd eaten everyone! They still sell double-cassette boom boxes, and Best Buy et al sell the tapes.
  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Gothel is no longer in chains and could, in theory, leave for the "outdoors" any time she wants. Maybe a small difference, but it is a difference. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! @Camera One, you are soooooo funny!
  4. Maybe not, but it's in mine! No, if you know something that's going to hurt (or help) a stock, you're supposed to report it to the Securities and Exchange Commission so that others don't have their stock tank or lose out on an investment.
  5. I didn't mean that the whole cast would host SNL. I meant they could pick any of the leads from either show to host. Keith David and Lynn Whitfield are both well-known and respected actors. Merle Dandridge has been a number of movies and Broadway shows. Omar Dorsey is another choice. The point is that there is a large pool of actors of color that could host SNL, and that they're not says a lot.
  6. Probably, and I'm down for that!
  7. I've already said that I don't blame her for rejecting him the first time, before she knew. But after she knew, and knowing that he was obsessed, she owed to him, not just as his ex, but as a person trained in mental illness, including obsession, to help him. We'll never know whether it would have made a difference or not, but as with the chicken soup joke, "It couldn't hurt!"
  8. Not from me. The baby didn't deserve it, but she sure did! I would have loved it when Connor refused to have anything to do with their stooopid plan that Asher would say "I told you so! C-Man, I tried to tell them... Let's get out of here and grab a beer. Michaela, are you coming with us or are you too anchored to Laurel's poison?" The one time someone was shot (Annalise), they didn't die! These clowns are safer around a gun than anything else! He won't get far on foot!
  9. I agree that Bryshere Y. Gray "killed it" when questioning Anika and when turning over Bella. The judge was in an impossible situation. It was clear from the get-go that Hakeem, as much as he loved Bella, was too impulsive and immature to be a parent. And Anika was no prize either. With neither parent being acceptable, the next best thing was to look at the families and living conditions. The DuBois are as deceitful and evil as the Lyons but they hide it better. Between them and Anika's parents on one side and the Lyons on the other, the decision was clear. My least favorite part of the episode was Hakeem being cruel to Tiana, who's had his back for far too long. My second-most favorite part was Tiana telling him to sit on it and twirl. Girl deserves FAR better. I'm glad she got some loving (and some boning!) but my favorite part of the episode was her ending it on her terms! Until Bella turns 18?
  10. Depends on what's in for Jim's "morality".
  11. We will have to agree to disagree.
  12. Of course -- but all the parties do this and Hunt had no say in what goodies they put in the baskets. I'm sure Dench's "people" sent baskets as well.
  13. I dunno. If someone told me that Satan walks among us, I'd blow them off just like Linda did. But if I found out they were right, I'd at least make some effort to let them know -- to tell them, "Yeah, Satan is here -- how did you know, and what are you doing about it" even if I don't know how obsessed they are. Certainly if it was someone I used to love. And it's not like Reese was hard to find -- he was still working at the paper.
  14. I caught on to this episode starting in the past since Lucifer says early on that he'd been working with the LAPD "for a few weeks". By time Reese finished his "murder board", we were back up to the present with the notes about Charlotte. And I love this shows use of color. When Kuciufer is explaining Hell to Reese, Reese is standing in front of the stained glass, so it looks like he's in flames when the camera is on him. Then, when he was dying, his face was lit light blue, hinting at redemption. Dr Linda has a lot to answer for, as far as Reese's obsession. He told her early on that Lucifer was the actual Devil, and she, rightly blew him off. But when she realized he was right, she should have said something. I felt like owed him that much! But she let him question his sanity. And that was wrong. Or both, here!
  15. It's more "I want my mommy!". My wife lost her mother recently, and she'd give just about anything for another day. That doesn't make her selfish, just human. Yvette keeps saying "Money doesn't buy happiness", which may be true, but the lack of it can buy a whole lot of sadness! Good video on how to play here. Reese (or Amy) was giving a clue ("leg") for 3 agents. Perhaps "Table", "Limb" and "Peg"?