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  1. S01.E12: Crew Love

    Luca is a big fat NO to me. He's constantly putting her down and dismissing her ideas. Fuck him with a 2 by 4, as the saying goes. Aaron was better, but someone outside the "friendzone" might work better.
  2. Athena & Bobby

    Me three!
  3. S04.E04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

    I was excited about Jordan at first, but they gave her a personality-ectomy, so I pretty much forgot about her. (The fact that you weren't sure about her name speaks volumes!)
  4. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    ..and.... you've given it far more thought than whoever the prop master was who designed it.
  5. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    I wrote to @scarynikki12 and she said the mods are discussing it. For now, I would appreciate it if everyone played safe and marked previews as spoilers. That way, it's up to each person to look or not.
  6. S04.E04: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2

    "I know this is a weird thing to yell..." LOL Yes, take the one black woman in forever on this show and smash her brains. Nice optics. Unfortunately, I fear this may be where they're going.
  7. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    She can leave any time and take Agents of SHIELD's Dove Cameron with her. 2 major differences (for me anyway): Jada Pinkett Smith is way hotter than Peyton List, and is a much better actress. I dunno -- I don't think Gotham would pause at blowing up a woman. This the show that slaughtered a kid, remember. Ditto. Not only for the reasons above, but it's about time they had a woman of COLOR on this show.
  8. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    "Bought" is being very generous. "Stole" is closer to the truth. Most of the black musicians were paid paltry amounts, if anything. But that doesn't fit with the "Elvis is the Hero of Rock and Roll". There's no way Ray would have designed that wheel. One of the tasks on both the outer wheel and one of the inner wheels was "clean the air ducts". Add me to the "uh, no" side. Ditto. Some shows on the Previously forums allow preview talk, others don't. There's nothing in the Notes from the Mods thread. I read their Gotham review regularly.
  9. S05.E13: Principia

    If Dove Cameron was a halfway decent actress, we might have a glimmer as to what she thinking. Alex stupidly thinks he's going to "get some" (not realizing that the kind of person Rubuy is never comes through). The kitten only ran up the tree because it was scared of Mac's shotgun-axe!
  10. 9-1-1 in the Media

    Worth reading for the Angela Bassett Tweets. Seriously, her Twitter account is AWESOME!!! She calls Buck "ManChild" and he goes with it.
  11. S01.E09: Trapped

    Indeed she did.
  12. A New Beginning: OUAT 2.0

    Beautifu!!!! They'll be reincarnated as coat hangers (then bicycles)
  13. Remind anyone of anyone? The Red Queen of TTLG is not the same as the Queen of Hearts from AIW. Blergh. One is a card and the other a chess piece!!!! So the White Queen can't forgive the Queen of Hearts for anything! (And the Red Queen isn't cruel -- she's Alice's mentor.)
  14. S01.E11: Safe and Sound

    The "first wave" of Cuban exiles, including brothel and plantation owners and other "fat cats" (the one I heard called "ricos" somewhere that I don't recall), that left as the Revolution succeeded, tended to be fairly conservative. The Bay of Pigs and Gonzales incidents amplified it more-so.
  15. S06.E10: Rock Your Face Off

    I'm dropping the discussion of Fleetwood Mac as being off-topic.