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  1. I'm spoiled by Dear White People, which this a pale copy of. It's alright, but not great. The "Squad" is cute enough to keep me watching for now.
  2. It's a way the schools cheat the athletes again. By turning a blind eye to the cheating, they don't require that the athletes get the skills the need, whether they make it to "The Bigs" or not.
  3. She was also on LA Law, but GG is where I remember her from.
  4. It could have been a plea deal, especially if the Statute of Limitations was running out. For the state of Texas, The Acorn Fairy had been "on the run for 10 years", so even in the worst case, she probably wasn't going to prison.
  5. Also, watch On Demand and on Hulu (even just in the background). The +3 and +7 numbers aren't as important as the Nielsons, but they're the best way a non-Nielsen family can help.
  6. I thought of the twins as Good Brain, Bad Heart and Bad Brain, Good Heart. BBGH (aka "Yale") lived and GBBH (aka "Harvard") died. What I found unbelievable was that BBGH seemed not to have suffered any mental loss at all, in spite of having major loss of oxygen to her brain. It brought back very unpleasant memories of the Terri Schiavo case.
  7. But Sherlock is usually very precise in such things, and would (should?) be appalled at the conflation.
  8. Representation matters.
  9. Criminal Minds is on the same network as SWAT so it is possible. I suppose there would be a lot of comments like "You look a lot like this guy I knew..."
  10. This is #1, #2, and #5: Tweet to the sponsors with a butterfly. The money is more important than the number of fans.
  11. Anara (and her relatives) on Legends of Tomorrow are "unapologetically black".
  12. Batman and Robin! C'mon, I can't be the only one who flashed back to the Dynamic Duo walking "up" a building! Seriously, though, they probably have some sort of propelled grappling hook. Here's the thing though -- all the threats that Jessica and Hondo made to the prison owner were just hot air; I doubt he's doing anything illegal. For-profit prisons are designed to be modern day "plantations", and if anyone complains, they get told "don't do the crime if you can't do the time". Prisoners being four to a cell, having to work in sweatshops (for no pay), getting slop for food -- it's all been well-documented for about a decade with absolutely no push-back. I'm sure Mr Prison-Owner sweated all the way to the country club.
  13. If, as it seems, Piven is out regardless, they could wrap up the stupid "Who Killed Mia?" plot in a single episode and just do stand-alone episodes that aren't All About Tanner.
  14. The island they promptly forgot about (like everything else) by the next episode.
  15. Heavens, no. "Therapy" is where people go to have sex on this show, and she's too young for that!