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  1. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    That's the reason that Duck didn't get the spot. At 16th, he'd fight Tombstone in the first match. He would think to protect his wheels and AssHat (who HAD be featured even though he didn't say anything) would be out early. Can't have that!
  2. I have a niece who's abvout the right age so I'll definitely be watching! Exactly 30 cleared stage 1. That's a good number, I think. Professional rocks get endorsement deals. You can tell them by the decals they have plastered all over.
  3. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I (a white male) say that there is nothing more fragile than the white male ego. There is a huge Arabic population in the US, especially in Detroit. All anyone would have to do is spend a day or two in their neighborhoods to get a wide variety of stories. I'll watch it because my Baptist wife will want to. But I don't have a lot of hope. I certainly didn't. She seemed to be only in one or two episodes and only as the "villain of the week". Damn poor promos!
  4. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    I hope not -- too many affairs and almost affairs as is. I think she's maybe seeing Jacob as who he wants to be -- a good pastor. I don't think he did -- I think the cops are there for a completely different reason. I see them as two beautiful shows == not a competition. I don't think it's the boyfriend. When she told him to stop, he did so immediately -- but I'm sure he was a little frustrated (and VERY horny!) and needed to walk away. That strikes me as being completely impossible.
  5. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Isn't that when they introduced Giancarlo Esponito as Giradelli's son? I'm not disputing that it bececame a "white-led" show, only that they added another Black (or mixed) man about that time. This is a pathetic excuse. All they have to do is join the Facebook groups made by minority creators. I could point them to them to any number of talented writers, just in the science fiction / fantasy / horror genres. Or look who has been winning the Hugo and Nebula awards. You think any o these people know NK Jemmerson, much less Valjeanne Jeffers or Milton Davis. Nnedi Okorafor is getting some attention, but what about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who wrote the brilliant Americanah? They are just not trying.
  6. S06.E19: The Geek Interpreter

    Sex workers have romantic partners, too, who they don't bell for time.
  7. S06.E19: The Geek Interpreter

    How many brilliant female mathemeticians interested in FEMA flood plains do you think there are??? My feeling (endorsed by the dialogue at the end) is that they are friends who enjoy time *sexual and otherwise) together. They just hadn't thought of "going to the next level". I hope you're right, @johntfs. But Michael will kill someone "close" to Sherlock and/or Joan, and they could be setting up Athena to be more than a sex partner just to be "fridged". Generally, the writers are better than that, but it's far too possible that's where they're going.
  8. S06.E18: The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz

    @theatremouse has the timeline right.
  9. An evil plan? She was from the town (exurb of Los Angeles, actually) I live in (Norwalk, REPRESENT!) so I was happy she did so well. $50K in the first round, a vacation and I think $12,000 in the second -- that's nice change for a half-hour's work! She was buzzed for saying "L.E,D." for "light bulb". L.E.D. stands for LIGHT emitting Diode, which is why she was buzzed.
  10. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    I have to say the best joke is actually the title -- a play on both "Uncanny Valley" [anything that looks ALMOST like a person but not quite -- including sexdolls -- is jarring] and The Valley of the Dolls (an OLD sexploitation movie)!
  11. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    You could be right. The "optics" of it looked bad to me.
  12. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Braugher was one of several outstanding actors and actresses on Homicide. Yaphet Kotto played the head of the department. Richard Belzer did such a good job as Munch that he reprised his role in a total of ten series on five networks! It also had Kyle Secor -- Bayliss was definitely a major player on the show.
  13. All Episodes Talk: In the Beginning...

    Uh, Sophia, if Jacob and Kerissa say "No phone", that means no phone, regardless of who Zora was going to call. Their house, their rules, not yours! I disagree. I thought it was hypocritical of Charity to be all "Yay, gays! Whoo!!!" for the choir leader but her son might get "tainted" if he stays with two gay men. Having Aaron there should actually reassure her that Kevin will be staying, and that thewre's another adult who can look after Nathan. She lost points with me after that move. Have you met Grace Greenleaf???? I think they said she's in councilling.
  14. Battlebots (2018): All Episodes Talk

    "USA vs The World" is so overdone. It would have been fun to do something like having two vertical spinners fight, or to have "oddest robots" fight.