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  1. I don't watch monster trucks either but her name fit her unlike the others. I think The Ginga Ninja is a great wrestler name, and I'm surprised there isn't one.
  2. Meeeeeee tooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  3. I got the monster truck driver off the name of her truck! I missed the wrestler since "Syther" didn't sound like a real wresslin' name to me and he claimed he was badly bruised in class any more. (The woman was out -- "The Educator" was too on the nose.) The biggest clue for DarthVader is that both of the others sounded like they would have changed their name by now, esp. #3.
  4. And not yummy cinnamon toast, but dried-up and burnt white bread toast.
  5. Too bad the two mayors are on different networks. If they met, they could call it "A Tale of Two Cities"!
  6. Mel was funny but Chloris was ghastly. I don't know if she's really senile or if it's just an act, but it is so not funny. Mama Doris is the absolute leader on this game. She and I rocked it, especially since we were the only ones to pick DarthVader Williamson.
  7. They didn't even save either of the serial killer's victims!
  8. 1. Of course she doesn't really have a story of her own, just in service to Olivia's #AllMenAreEvil storyline. 2. Dealing with Hightower should have been Season 1, and the Face-Stealing Demon should have been Season 2 (and The Face-Stealing Demons is my new band name). See #1 above. Vampire blood has the power of PLOT!!!!!
  9. I was thinking of how you could put "matchmaker" in there -- "marriages done by matchmaker", maybe, but that might get buzzed.
  10. Or she figured as long as she had to be there for the shooting, do stuff she likes.
  11. Evil Underlords have better taste!
  12. This is Tim Gunn after all. I'm sure that to him, a badly tied cravat or mismatching socks are like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  13. The only one who stunk was Leslie (the civilian, not Jones). She stunk so bad. Chuck was a good player but he got stuck with terrible categories on the final pyramid.
  14. They really blew it with Madonna. She was always present at the conferences, since they were at her cafe. But no one thought to include her, so that when she thinks of committing suicide, it has at least a little resonance. Two or three scenes every few episodes, and more time to her over the oh-so-vapid (but white!) Creek, would be all it took.