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  1. Cobra Kai Speculation

    New bit of speculation regarding Mike Barnes: Methinks Johnny does know Mike Barnes and the fellow he was talking to on the phone in the first episode ("You better pay me what you owe me Mike!") was him! During the meeting to get CK reinstated, Johnny is asked about knowing Terry Silver. He states he didn’t know who he was. He never denied knowing Barnes because they never asked about him. This going to get interesting! That means Barnes owns a construction company or handyman type business in order for Johnny to be working those odd jobs in the first episode.
  2. I think he’s about 3 or 4. More than likely he repeated what he heard from mommy and daddy as opposed to actually knowing the word.
  3. Well Bitcheroo used her position to get her kid on our show this morning - again! This time it was about how smart he is because he said the word “yacht”. She and the baby daddy sent cell phone vid of this grand achievement. I’m sorry but the only future that kid has is to have his nose firmly planted up someone’s ass - just like mommy.
  4. I found out one of the producers is quitting and just my luck she has a serious case of "senior-itis". She's been spending her last week just slacking off and making me insane waiting for scripts. She doesn't bother answering my questions anymore about when stuff will get done. OK, so you're quitting - that doesn't mean you do nothing you last week. If I did that the show would fall to pieces! So sorry Petunia13! You know what you could do to those bitches right? Send the poop!!! It might be fun to see them get grossed out while you look innocent of anything!
  5. Found this article in Forbes Magazine about Martin Kove. It seems he's been set up to be a regular for not only season 2, but season 3 as well! Also mentioned was a potential spinoff for the character of Kreese that was pitched to him before Cobra Kai came along: Interesting! I suppose the Kreese we saw in the finale wasn't Johnny's imagination after all! Now I'm even more curious as to what he'll be doing on the show.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Watch On, Watch Off

    Not the first time I've heard this. It's usually chalked up to "Hollywood martial arts". To go into detail of the color of belts and what it takes to get a black one would just interfere with the action.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Watch On, Watch Off

    I agree. I still think the change was a bit abrupt and from what I had seen, the CK kids (specifically Aisha and Hawk) seemed to be lacking in good sportsmanship. Even Johnny had that when he was their age. In Miguel's case, I think it's a combination of factors: the "no mercy" mantra, hormones, jealousy (caused by an amount of insecurity when he saw Sam with Robby), and alcohol. Remember also that from the beginning, his mom was against violence, which means his dad may have been a very violent person and she was worried he'd take after him. Up until episode 9, I really liked Miguel and thought he was the perfect balance of his boy next door self and being able to defend himself with confidence. I'm still hoping he'll take the right path eventually.
  8. After rewatching all ten episodes, I am beginning to have some suspicions about Johnny's inner turmoil. It's obvious that Kreese's betrayal broke Johnny's spirit. It lead to him giving up the one thing he really loved doing and he lost all direction in his life. Losing the tournament really wasn't the cause of the path he eventually took, but it seemed to steamroll things since he also lost Alli the same night. I'm guessing that by the way Johnny spoke about her to Miguel, it was their first serious relationship. For Johnny, I also think it was the first time he had love for and from someone other than his mother (whom I suspect died prior to the events of the first KK film). With his mom gone, he was stuck at home with Sid belittling him so having Alli love him was his world (aside from Cobra Kai). I can imagine why he thought they'd get back together eventually. Two years is practically a lifetime to a teenager. I'm guessing the reason for the break up may have been due to his growing aggressiveness through Kreese's Cobra Kai teachings and perhaps him becoming a bit possessive if he thought Alli was being eyed by another guy. Of course, when Daniel shows up, one of his worst fears came true. Once Miguel convinced Johnny to open the dojo, you can see Johnny regain his purpose in life. Before that he pretty much gave up on everything, and seemed to be dying a slow death as he crawled deeper into that bottle of Coors Banquet (that stuff must be flying off the shelves since this show debuted!). One thought I had recently was that KK3 really should have been Johnny's redemption story. Daniel and Miyagi would have returned from Okinawa, and at some point run into Johnny, who lost his love of martial arts and becomes directionless. Miyagi and Daniel would have helped him with Miyagi-Do to help him balance his Cobra Kai style, then he and Daniel perhaps would participate in a tournament on the same team and become friends. At least we might get this scenario with the upcoming season.
  9. Cobra Kai Speculation

    Just had a thought about what former Cobra Kai Tommy might be up to; I think he became a coroner! That way, when he's at a crime scene, he'll yell out, "Get him a body bag!" Just me then? OK!
  10. I can totally see Sam, Robby and Dimitri as the counterpoint to Miguel, Hawk and Aisha. Although, Sam & Aisha made up, so I don't think the writers will continue tension between them. Miguel and Robby however........
  11. I would think she'd be the mother of a Miyagi Do student. It's Danny she knows after all! Found this trivia sheet on "Karate Kid" and it definitely sheds some light on the characters as we know them in Cobra Kai: That last one I believe is a reference to Kreese. Makes sense considering where they seem to be going next season. I also found a few review and reaction sites on YT. This one is a favorite of mine - seeing him react and comment while watching the show is interesting! This one is fun too, plus he does other reaction vids. This review is a podcast. She's done 4 episodes so far and episode 5 is on the way.
  12. Cobra Kai Speculation

    According to an interview with Ralph Macchio I posted in the speculation thread, several former co-stars from the films are "campaigning" for a return to their characters in Cobra Kai! This leads to a lot of storylines and revisiting old plot points while setting up new ones. Some recent speculative thoughts: Daniel, Johnny, Ali, et al could appear at the class of '85 HS reunion. This could also make room for Johnny's Cobra Kai buddies (Bobby, Tommy, etc.) to appear, even if they may not have any regular storylines. It would give us a chance to see where their lives went after the events of the film. I expect to see more flashbacks to Johnny's childhood - especially with his mom. It's obvious she passed away long ago, and I suspect she may have died before the events of the first KK film, which could have added to Johnny's issues. Speaking of which, Johnny tells Miguel that he and Ali had an argument and broke up prior to the events of the first film. If Ali were to come back and give her side of the story, I have a hunch it will be that she broke up with him because he was becoming too aggressive and possibly possessive of her. I imagine a situation in which the two are out on a date and some guy hits on her, and Johnny decks him. Ali calls him out on his behavior and breaks up with him. I think Louie, having been fired by Daniel after the damage he did on Johnny's car (among other screw ups) will go to work for the competition at Cole's car dealership. I wouldn't put it past him to spill some professional secrets which could put Daniel's business in jeopardy somehow. I's been confirmed that the character of Mike Barnes is set to return next season. Could the karate bad boy be stirring up trouble in the valley? Maybe Kyler and his crew will learn karate from him and sparks will fly! I think Johnny's ex will meet her Mr. Right Now and run off to Vegas. Robby ends up moving in with his dad and the two begin healing their mutual wounds. It seems Robby is being set up as the bridge between Daniel and Johnny and their fighting styles. Will Robby go back to school or get his GED? There was no mention that he essentially dropped out. There's also one potential loose end with his former partners in crime. I wouldn't put it past them to get revenge on him. Somewhere further into this series (like last season or next to last), I'd love to see Ali return. Perhaps she is divorced or widowed and moves back to Cali where she and Johnny reconnect. If Johnny has picked up enough of his life by this point, she may decide to see him again. Maybe they end up marrying this time (IRL this has been known to happen to former HS sweethearts who broke up and went on with life only to reconnect decades later) and Johnny finally has earned his happy ending by being with his lost love. The only other option would be for her to finally get Johnny to let go of his glorified memories of their teen relationship and let him move on to a relationship with someone else. I can see this, but I imagine he would have been dishonorably discharged only to end up in a civilian prison for another serious crime. I can see this happening! This one is a bit of a wildcard: Having gained a modicum of respect for Johnny after he paid him back, Sid dies and leave Johnny a small financial windfall. Not the whole enchilada necessarily, but maybe 250K or so. Enough for Johnny to try to move to a better apartment and make more positive changes.
  13. Ralph Macchio in this interview hints that we could have plenty more KK alumni visiting Cobra Kai! According to him they're "campaigning" to be on the show (at 13:22)! Maybe Elizabeth Shue/Ali could happen after all!
  14. I was so annoyed yesterday. It was the anniversary of D-day. The 22 year old know it alls didn’t bother to include it in our morning show. At least our evening show included it.
  15. Found this by chance - it shows Billy Zabka and the actors who played his fellow Cobra Kais (minus Chad McQueen/Dutch) doing an ice bucket challenge from 2014: Nice to hear that Zabka keeps in close touch with his former co-stars. Makes me wonder if they'll make appearances eventually.