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  1. I got a good laugh of sorts today. I went in to work and while buying something in the break room, I lost about 50 bucks, which had fallen out of my pocket. I realized it about a half hour after I left the break room and went to check if it was still on the floor somewhere between there and my desk. Nothing. I went over to my co-workers (producers all) and politely asked if any of them had found the money I had lost (at that hour of the night there are only 4 people present in the newsroom and it wouldn't take long to figure out the money had to belong to since they came in shortly before I did). One of them reached into her back pocket and handed the money back. I had a hunch who it was because before I asked for the money back, she had this s**t eating grin on her face, like it was the best day of work ever! Of course I managed to turned it into the worst day ever in less than 30 minutes flat!
  2. Young Justice

    Agreed on all - except it's Original Roy, not Ray. Roy definitely calmed down a lot since he was so hell bent on vengeance with Luthor and the only thing that seemed to get him to reconsider was that thing on his arm. It's also interesting that Jim was back in his Guardian costume. Does that mean Mal chose to leave it or are they sharing the role? I think so. It makes sense since the character died and Ra's has his Lazarus pits. I'm sure well get an answer but I think it will end up that somehow Talia got Bruce's DNA either from covert means (stealing a blood or semen sample) or maybe she did have a brief affair with him during the time skip. Ditto. I'm not happy that Barbara was put into a wheelchair to become Oracle (I don't mind that she is Oracle now), since all that super science can't seem to get her on two feet again. Considering all the reworkings of many characters with long backstories which were done well (like the Roy clones and Bart Allen) I'm disappointed they went with crippling Batgirl. I thought the same! It's only been 7 years since Zatara willingly put on the helmet and the best poor Zatanna could do in that time was arrange to have her father back for a mere hour a YEAR? Not even an hour a month, Nabu??? A dick indeed. Makes me miss the Dr. Fate we had in JLU. Wolf seems to sleep a lot lately - is that old age? He's at least 8 years old in YJ's timeline so maybe. I don't think he officially is - more like a confidant and ally. He was the JL's mascot when he was a teenager and as he expositioned, he accidentally outed the secret location of The Cave to the villans.
  3. Are you willing to relocate? Not to uber expensive areas like NY or LA or Chicago, but maybe Texas, Florida, Nevada, etc. Maybe you need to cast a wider net.
  4. Is there a way to find out exactly who her superiors are? If yes, perhaps an anonymous person could upload a recording of her abuse to them.
  5. Is she related to someone in the office or having an affair with someone in power? If so that could be the problem. Is she a member of a "protected class" who the company is afraid of taking action against (even when warranted) because they fear a lawsuit? Do you live in a right to work state? I do and unfortunately, it allows workplace bullying (either take it or quit) unless YOU are a protected class. I have since purchased a device that can be helpful to you - all you have to do is carry it with you and wait until you strike gold: This. I know that some state laws won't allow you to use recordings that didn't have the other party's permission, but if you got her recorded, you can nail her ass to the wall in various ways. Also, keep a written diary of the times she abuses you - dates, times, places, what was said and anything else. That helps set up a pattern. Keep that diary hidden from her (and everyone else at the office - just in case there's a spy) and record as needed. Maybe you can sue the jerks at the company - don't rule out a consultation with an attorney who deals with workplace bullying.
  6. One person is all it takes. When you leave, send the poop!!
  7. I totally relate! For the hemming, get thee to a tailor or dry cleaner and have them do the dirty work. Then do what I did and hire a professional organizer to help you sort out what needs to be done. I found my organizer very helpful in that regard!
  8. S11.E13: Happy New Year

    I used the term because as far as we know, Jake Lowenstein chose not to be a part of Avery's life. His father figures were Eldin and Frank, rather than his own father. He chose to effectively abandon Murphy and Avery because his political causes were more important to him. To me, that makes him a sperm donor, even if he and Murphy did have a relationship of sorts prior to Avery's conception.
  9. S11.E13: Happy New Year

    So would I. I know 13 eps isn’t much time to work on certain storylines but I think TPTB blew a few opportunities here. I kept watching hoping to see Avery’s sperm donor appear (and the emotional fireworks that might have followed) and seeing Miller again would have been nice. In fact I wouldn’t mind a storyline in which he and Corky start dating. I remember way back in the day they were attracted to one another (even though Corky was married at the time) and I thought there was good chemistry there. Instead, all we got were Trump jokes.
  10. For the last several years my overnight shift got Christmas off because we ran a Yule log for several hours. There would be some news later that night but we enjoy a de facto day off. We still get paid holiday too. We could come into the office for our regular shift but nobody does!
  11. Hogan's Heroes

    I didn’t know Crane was trying to get a sequel series going! I am hard pressed as to how they could have pulled it off if Crane had succeeded. At best I can imagine a farewell TV movie to end the series properly. I imagine the war in Europe ending and Hogan and his men save Klink from the gallows at Nuremberg by arranging his escape to South America. Shultz would have gone back to his toy factory and perhaps opened a factory in the US. Naturally the rest of the high ranking members like Hotstettler would hang after their trials. Hogan and his group would have perhaps set up a new intelligence network in Europe and join the OSS (soon to transition into the CIA.
  12. So What Are You Listening To?

    The Archies, “Circle of Blue”. Such a sad sweet melancholy!
  13. S01.E09 Jingle Hell

    I'm calling it now: Charity did it!
  14. Favorite 1960s Songs

    Too many to list - especially since many of them may not have been on the public's radar (or were local/regional hits) at the time they were released: Time - The Pozo-Seco Singers Leaving On A Jet Plane - Peter Paul & Mary Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees I Don't Think You Know Me - The Monkees Whatever Shape You're Stomach's In - The T-Bones Off & Running - Leslie Gore Sunshine on A Cold Morning - Fountain of Youth The Ugliest Girl in Town - The Will-O-Bees It's Not Easy - The Will-O-Bees Georgy Girl - The Seekers Children & Flowers - The Critters Poor Man's Son - The Rockin' Berries Funny How Love Can Be - The Rockin' Berries Lying & Trying - The Shillings Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats Five O'Clock World - The Vogues Wipe Out - The Surfaris Telstar - The Tornadoes Apache- The Ventures Theme to The Good The Bad & The Ugly - Hugo Montenegro Theme to The Magnificent Seven - Elmer Bernstein Theme To A Summer Place - Percy Faith
  15. Agreed! For piece of mind, consult an employment rights attorney to make sure if you can do something legally to come out on top. It also matters if you live in a right to work state or not. I do and when my bitcheroo boss was harassing me, the attorney said I was SOL unless I was a "protected class". At the very least you could try sending your resume around and maybe your experience can get you something better before the ax officially falls.