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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    Police are always taught to shoot "center mass". It's the easiest area to hit and unfortunately certain situations call for deadly force. It always bugged me and my dad (former LEO) would see episodes in which police shoot for arms or the hand (he used to joke he blamed "The Lone Ranger" for that - since that character would always shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hand). I also had an issue in which the drug dealer was arrested and in cuffs and then suddenly he's allowed to go free on the senior officer's say so. That would NOT have happened IRL. Once those cuffs go on (unless you're being "detained" and they have to tell you that at the moment it occurs) you can't "un-arrest" them. Plus, it's all on body cam and someone would have to explain to their superiors why they did that. Ditto. I found my self wishing they'd shut up! Too distracting and didn't add to the story. Good point. Hope that he graduates to detective soon - then he'd be a different sort of rookie. I did like that crack about him wanting to make detective so he'd become Chief one day!
  2. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    Sorry you had a bad time of it, but if that had happened to me as a kid, my parents would have beaten a path to that person's door - and done a tag team beatdown! I get what you're saying. Murphy's mom (Avery the Elder) was a tough woman and much of her base personality is reflected in Murphy. Her father did spend a lot of time working on the newspaper he worked at (IIRC he was a publisher), and it was one of the issues that lead to their divorce.
  3. I remember an episode about this, but I think it was that JJ thought he might have contracted VD. His paramour claimed she had it and claimed he gave it to her. Later JJ was found to be clean which meant it was the girl's current football boyfriend that gave it to her.
  4. Send the poop!!! To both him and the secretary!!
  5. Cobra Kai Speculation

    True. However, TPTB have managed to keep a very tight lid on spoilers of any kind - one of the biggest being Kreese's return. It's possible Shue did agree to come back, and we're just waiting for them to spring it on us. Notice throughout the season, she is mentioned often and we see scenes of her from the movie and still photos in the trophy case (from, "Esqueleto"). Her permission was required to use those, so it's possible she might be open to appearing. As for her being married, yes, she is, although it's also possible she didn't update her page (remember Daniel said he didn't ask to friend her on FB so he hasn't seen any current photos or info about her beyond the initial page). It would be very easy to have her separated, divorced or widowed should she revisit her hometown. We'll just have to wait and see. I do think we will get more info from different parties (like Freddy Fernandez) which will ultimately lead to answers.
  6. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    I'm just not feeling it. Not only the lack of laughs (or one good line per episode) but I think characterization for Murphy is slipping. This. Murphy didn't take crap from guys like the professor character. That was one of the things that made her such an intrepid journalist; even a 19 year old Murphy would have seen it coming. If the Murphy we've always known had walked into the man's house and there were no other party guests around, she would have done a 180 and left! Ditto! I love Frank's character and he deserves something better. It's not a crime to find a person attractive even if you don't initiate contact. Miles also deserves better - even he knows dating in the workplace is often frowned upon in some companies. He would have been informed of the rules regarding such things when he signed on. The ICE joke wasn't funny either. Maybe that's a clue that Miguel should "make it legal" rather than hide like a child because he heard "that word". If he is a Dreamer, he would have filed the paperwork already. So far, we have yet to really see Avery at work or on his show. I think we need to see more of him doing his thing. Hard to say. I work in TV news and since Murphy and the gang work for a cable network of some size, they likely all have offices and at least one assistant to handle certain tasks. The meeting was held on set, which is not uncommon when there is a large group to gather for a meeting like that. Regular meeting rooms tend to be too small unless they hold them off property. It doesn't necessarily mean they don't have offices. Miles's position demands office space, so it's not a stretch for Murphy, Corky or Frank to have one too. If Diane English really wanted to take a chance on something contemporary, lets see a bookend episode in which Avery is called out publicly by a girl he once dated in college (or better still - someone who crushed on him but he didn't reciprocate) for touching/harassing her a decade ago. Then Murphy has the issue of wanting to be Mama Bear (because she knows her son would never do such a thing) and also consider that others could have had their reputations destroyed undeservedly.
  7. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    I highly recommend "Limitless" the TV series! He was the main character in that show.
  8. I've always been a fan of post-apocalyptic films. Some are serious (Mad Max) others cheesy and/or campy. America 3000 (1986) falls into the latter camp: It's not the best of its kind, but I find it entertaining. Amazons with big hair! Men enslaved! A sasquatch! A literal battle of the sexes! Plus it has Chuck Wagner (Automan) in the lead role as the leader of the men's resistance! That alone makes this a hoot!
  9. Ralph Macchio and William Zabaka spoke to Syfy Wire following their Cobra Kai panel on Sunday. Unfortunately, there isn't much new here - but they did have a quick Q&A about capes and super powers. One thing I found annoying was the guys constantly asking the host to repeat the questions. I don't know if it was the mikes or the acoustics int he room. Not much in the way of spoilers either (the cast already had table readings and will be shooting in Georgia very soon). All they could say was new characters would be coming into play.
  10. Sounds like what my bosses do. In fact, we have "all employee meetings" in which nothing is discussed that couldn't have been sent to us via e-mail. Not to mention the news never includes raises or bonuses for us, or relevant info for my department (unless it's the anchors). They try to boost attendance by having a drawing (everyone who shows up gets a ticket) and the winner gets some cheap tchotchke that we received free from a promotional junket sent to us by the network. We do have potlucks from time to time but most of us bring wings/fingers/pizza to the event. I remember at holiday time (Thanksgiving specifically) we used to have turkey dinner with all the trimmings from a local market. they had a fresh meal for both shifts! Then after about 3 years, it was a Bobbie sandwich platter from Capriotti's (their famous "Thanksgiving on a roll") while someone else bought soda and chips and cookies from the market across the street. That was fine for the next 12 years - until last year when the sandwiches were all we got. Cheap jerks! Corporate is really saving the money aren't they?
  11. Blind Item Speculation

    Could the alliterate singer/actor wannabe be Marilyn Manson? He's crazy enough and has had several violent relationships.
  12. Returning Characters

    Seeing Peter Hunt again could be interesting, but I'd like to know if Avery's father Jake Lowenstein (Robin Thomas) will appear. Obviously he bailed on Murphy when she was pregnant and it's unlikely he spent much time with his son. I'd love to see an episode in which we also see why Avery is so close to "Uncle Frank". My guess being he was the father figure Avery needed growing up and it was Frank who taught him all those "guy things" like how to shave, etc. It might be good to see Avery chew out his sperm donor for choosing the life of a political radical over him. Stuart Best (Wallace Shawn) could waltz by for an episode, as could Miller Redfield (Christopher Rich). Andrew J. Lansing, III (Paul Rubens) could also return - maybe as an executive (perhaps at Wolf Network) who probably annoys Avery on the job like he did with Murphy. Audrey (Jane Leeves) might come back and Miles and she could take up with one another again. What's sad is how many recurring characters have since passed on!
  13. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    I agree and it's this thought is why I questioned Frank still chasing chicks at a protest. Sure, that made sense for his younger self but did Frank (or Corky or Miles) truly grow in the 20+ years since we've seen them? It's not that Frank shouldn't be pursuing a relationship, but how he's going about it.
  14. Blind Item Speculation

    From Entertainment Lawyer: Who indeed? Now, this piece of sludge: Why, why, why?
  15. This! I loved the show back in the day, and there was talk early on that Brosnan should be seriously considered for the next James Bond. Because of NBC, he was dragged back for a very messy final season which I hated. He got the role of Bond eventually, but because of all the network hijinx, he wasn't able to get to it when he should have and aged out of the role too soon. What killed me even more was we never found out Steele's real name or parentage. I always thought he and the viewers deserved that much.