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  1. All Episodes Talk: Watch On, Watch Off

    It gets better as the season progresses! Can’t wait to discuss it further!!
  2. I had that happen to me when I was in HS. I was working in fast food and my family planned a trip to Disneyworld. I told my boss the dates I’d be gone. I came back and they told me was fired because I didn’t show up for work. I told them about the vacation and they obviously got the dates wrong to put me on the schedule. They asked why I didn’t call them from Florida. How am I supposed to call you about a problem I didn’t know about ??
  3. Dreams

    I had an interesting dream the other night, it probably reflects how starved I am for compliments and appreciation for my work. In the dream I am working with a celebrity (who I admit, I am crushing on) and he and I are working on a project together. He'd written a screenplay and I made some changes to it and made additional suggestions. He loved my changes and couldn't wait to put me on more projects! He wondered why wasn't I in this game sooner! I remember feeling so happy that I was doing so well and that someone "in the biz" honestly thought so! I briefly contemplated how great everything was at that moment!! Then I woke up. I'm reminded of that joke about the American Dream - that it only happens when you're sleeping.
  4. Congrats GHSCORPIOSRULE!! Interesting day I had yesterday... It was time for employee reviews and my manager told me that my work was very highly rated! I was pleased as punch to hear that, then my manager added this: "I noticed your work/praise really improved since [former edit partner] left." I found this interesting. A few months ago I mentioned how Bitcheroo had my then edit partner fired (partner didn't want to talk about it and management legally couldn't either), and I had to wait about 2 months for a replacement to break in. I'm curious as to how with my former partner gone that my work became "better". I still work as hard as I've always had, pleasant to everyone as I can be, show up on time, etc. Could there have been something going on with my former partner poisoning me without my knowing? I thought we had worked together quite well. My main complaint (which I placed on the producers at the time) was that I was often passed over for projects while they ran over to her while I was the senior editor. My new partner is working out well, and I've never worked exactly the same with any partner I ever had. We just find a way to balance each other out eventually. We do seem to get things done faster; so far we've been able to finish the show about an hour early, which gives us plenty of time to relax but ready for anything breaking. Odd, since he'd been out of the editing game for two years before coming to work here. He worked at a supermarket in that time; I wonder why my bosses had such a time finding someone who wasn't an active editor? Not that it matters right now. I wonder if it has to do with Bitcheroo's reputation? Either that or maybe they're bring tight with the payscale.
  5. Attention fans: A Retro 80s weekend is going on at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma. Sean Kanan (Mike Barnes) and Martin Kove (John Kreese) will be there for a Q & A on September 14-15. One Cobra Kai fan on YT seems to think this confirms Kanan is coming back as Mike Barnes since there has been no other confirmation of that except for Kanan's saying so in that video from the George Lopez Charity Golf Tournament. I wouldn't necessarily think so, but considering how many fans want to see as many KK actors make a return as possible, I'd like to think it's another way of promoting the show and character without formally announcing it.
  6. Found this cute nugget. It's a retro style credits sequence akin o the 70s or 80s style TV shows. I thought it was well done!
  7. I thought being a streaming show they weren’t eligible for Emmys? Good to heat anywY! But William Zabka deserves one as well!! This show wouldn’t work without him and how he brings Johnny to life!
  8. I found this by accident. Color me surprised!
  9. We just had a big storm which brought down a large pine tree on the business property. It took out two employees' cars! No, neither car belonged to bitcheroo. This is a first since I'd been working there, at worst it was a few small branches and leaves on the ground. The rest of the morning newscast was full of the usual idiots who drove into deep water and ignored every orange sign, billboard and PSA that warns about what happens when you drive into it.
  10. Found an awesome review of the show (plus reviews and analysis for the first 3 KK movies) : Afterbuzz did a lengthy 4 part discussion on season one which is also enjoyable (especially part 4, since they're each wearing a karate gi based on both dojos!) Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
  11. Found this clip of Chad McQueen (Dutch) from last year promoting the Ford Mustang in Ireland. I never thought he looked too much like his dad when he was younger, but damn if he doesn't seem like a virtual clone now - right down to the voice and air of coolness! If he agrees to appear on Cobra Kai - it could be an interesting turn!
  12. Found this interview with Elizabeth Shue which she did last fall.
  13. Small Talk: You Ain't Got The (Karate) Chops

    I went to cash my paycheck today when I spotted an empty bottle in the parking lot. It was an empty bottle of Coors Banquet! I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of that!
  14. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    No! No! Not Harlan!I I enjoyed much of his early work but I loved his turn as the new Mr. E. on Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated. I was hoping there would be a DTV release in that universe to pick up the story.
  15. Reboot A Show: Give Us A Pitch!

    I don’t have high hopes for the Daria reboot. They’re pairing her with Jody when she should be with Jane. Plus I couldn’t tell if they were putting her back in HS or later.