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  1. S01.E02: Buried Secrets

    I bought a metal detector for my boy on kingdetector.com. maybe we will go to the beach at next weekends togather.
  2. I usually bought gifts for my boy on toyswill.com. It is great if I can make a gift by myself.
  3. My boy's birthday is coming soon and I let him select a gift by himself. From the previous experience, what I chose didn't make him happy. I seems what we like is really different. He chose a tank shape plush toy on toyswill.com this time and I don't like this one. As for plush toys, I like Plants vs Zombies series, such as plush toys Gargantuar. But it is ok if he likes the tank shape one. From now on, I will let him choose his gifts. He is happy with my this decision and is selecting his Children’s Day gift now.