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  1. Definitely didn’t have VK in mind for this! Lol. Was thinking about the worthy TCC who were cut! 😀
  2. Here’s my CMT wish list for next season: 1. Show a “pony tail” night when K&J are not present and the practice is held by group leaders or other staff 2. Vet makeovers 3. Uniform and costume production, possibly with Lisa the seamstress 4. Follow a few girls who were cut as they prepare for 2019 auditions...real prep classes (not the class Kitty holds for finalists to polish their solos) and anything else they are doing to get ready to make a comeback Any other ideas?
  3. I feel like I never got to know many of these rookies. 😩 Too much focus on a certain person.
  4. Tonight’s episode seems anticlimactic to me. The whole show was so focused on VK that the season seemed to end for me when she was cut last week. I had to remind myself that there was another episode tonight. 😳
  5. Are there any more updates about VK possibly getting her own show in her lead up to auditions? Just wondering.
  6. Here’s my take: I think Kelli’s comments that VK has potential for the team blah blah blah were made to appease TK and VK. And probably Kelli herself. I think VK comes back next year with her weight and behaviour at a decent enough level that she gets a place on the team. JMHO
  7. This, and what about those with severe food allergies? If someone put a plate of lobster or shrimp in front of me I would be in an ER very quickly!
  8. Kelli told Malena something like “I don’t see why you wouldn’t make the team”. Maybe she said the same thing to VK who took it to mean that she was a lock for the team.
  9. So, do DCC get free healthcare through the Cowboys organization?
  10. Can someone please post he link for thee preview? I can’t find it! 😩
  11. Her head looks dislocated and she has no neck.
  12. As long as there are no more fake graduation ceremonies, it will be ok. That was awkward and just plain embarrassing. It was actually painful to watch. Let’s hope they never inflict that on us again. 😜