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  1. This. I have often wondered who pays for all their makeup, skin care products, hair colour etc during the season. That could get expensive, particularly if they blessed you with fake red hair. That stuff fades so quickly and would be expensive to maintain.
  2. I’ve got MS too and it is very inspiring to hear stories like this! Keep going! 😀
  3. I love Kitty’s glasses. They look great on her. I want a pair! 👓
  4. I like the K+J+C trifecta. I may not agree with every decision or comment that they make, but I still think they are great. Just my two cents. 😀
  5. I hope Dayton auditions again. I think she will make it to TC this time. I also wish that Courtney Johnson (season 9 I think?) would audition again. She should have made the team that year.
  6. Does anyone think that the team photo might look messed up because it had to be photoshopped reflect the drama/cut/disciplinary action that occurred around the time it was being taken?
  7. Does anyone know how viewers outside the USA can watch this show? Can't access CMT or American cable networks...thanks!
  8. Did Christina make the team? I hope so!
  9. I'm glad Madeline made it back this season. She seems really sweet.
  10. If the show addresses Holly's departure from the team, we will probably only get their version of what led up to it and how it went down. We likely won't have the opportunity to ever hear Hollys version of events, even through social media, due to her contract obligations.
  11. I respect the viewpoint that Holly may have acted impulsively/emotionally to whatever happened. That may be true. However, it is also possible that her decision to quit was justified in some way. Perhaps, in Holly's opinion, the decision/punishment that was imposed was not in her best interests. We simply don't know all the details and never will. If this was the case, Holly may have decided it was simply time to move on. I'm sure many of us can relate to the desire to tell an employer that a situation is not working and walk away from the job if it's not correctable. Most of us cannot afford to do that due to mortgages, groceries for our kids etc but the "want" to do it is still there. If Holly can afford to professionally and financially move on, and it's in her best interest to do so, then more power to her. Good for her. Live your life on your terms Holly. You only get one life. JMHO.
  12. Maybe they are negotiating a way to bring Holly back to the team. She is a big loss. There may be an attempt to mend fences going on in the background right now.
  13. I like Christina and the hope she makes the team this season.