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  1. Can someone please post he link for thee preview? I can’t find it! 😩
  2. Her head looks dislocated and she has no neck.
  3. As long as there are no more fake graduation ceremonies, it will be ok. That was awkward and just plain embarrassing. It was actually painful to watch. Let’s hope they never inflict that on us again. 😜
  4. Are any of the issues we are not seeing being addressed by TPTB or ignored? Is the behaviour worthy of being cut or just annoying? PM me if you need to.
  5. Yes I did! Awkward and uncomfortable! 😜
  6. I like Victoria’s energy too. If she can harness that energy and come back composed next year, I think she will be fine on the team. JMHO
  7. Victoria reminds me a little of Taylor from season 7. She was also unfiltered, uncontrolled, immature and not the strongest dancer in the room. Kelli didn’t find it cute or acceptable and cut her for it.
  8. Bahaha. Your screen name is great!
  9. Do we think Kelli was caught off guard by Neecie’s VK comments or was it all scripted?
  10. I will be fast forwarding through the entire team building segment next week. Can’t stand that stuff. Just show us more dancing! 😀
  11. So, do Kelli and Tina still follow each other on social media or are those days over?
  12. It’s “My Way” by Calvin Harris. 😀