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  1. Far be it from me to judge anyone else's hair (speaking as someone who has purple and blue hair :) myself), but for the life of me I could not figure out what was going on with that horizontal "seam" running across the back of Matt's hair! What was that?? I wasn't that crazy about any of the makeups in the finale, but I was rooting for Jordan since I liked the way he improved towards the end of the season and he seems like such a nice guy! Too bad the series had to end on such a "meh" note. Maybe they could take a break for a while then bring the show back again - I'd still watch. Hopefully the models have gone on to bigger and better things!
  2. I am always impressed by how deceptively easy he makes it look! He was sooooo close on the 18ft Warped Wall - I was really hoping he would make it!
  3. S03.E04: Desserts

    She is the cutest! I've never been much of a kid person, but even I have to admit that the clips of the little kids enjoying the home bakes have been adorable this season! I think it was a clip of the stay at home mom (sorry - I'm terrible with names too!) in this episode that showed her little boy saying that his mum's cakes were amazing! Awww! So nice that she has such a great little fan at home! :) I just love watching this show! It makes me feel genuinely good about people like few other shows do.
  4. S01.E07: The Glam Slam

    Just watched the finale. I liked the final two, Argenis and Alexx, and I was happy with Argenis being the winner. Especially after looking back over all of the makeup looks he created. I think he had some of the most striking and nicely done applications throughout the competition. I really loved his comic book makeup and the one final look he did with the splashes of bright color around the eyes and the blue lips. I still wish they had been given more time for all of the finale challenges. At least they got 90 minutes for the very last challenge! It was also nice to see Michael Costello as a special guest judge. I'm really happy for all of the success Costello has had since his rather rough initial season on Project Runway (success is the best revenge!). And it was nice to see Alexx win that challenge.
  5. S01.E07: The Glam Slam

    Pretty deserted on this board.... I like seeing interesting and beautiful makeup applications so I was looking forward to this show, but I have to say I've been mostly underwhelmed. :'/ I agree - her look didn't say "dewy" to me at all - I thought the eyes were too bold and dark and all that gloss was just yuck! When I hear "dewy" I think of something much lighter, natural, and fresh looking. Those examples they showed to introduce the illusion challenge were so incredible! Too bad none of the contestants' results came close. The broken glass look was the only one I really liked. I don't know if it was my TV or the angle or the background behind the model, but I couldn't really see what the judges were raving about with the Genie look. I just couldn't really see the illusion effect that well - it just looked like a blue face and a neck painted black to me, lol! But as you mentioned, 1 hour just wasn't nearly enough time to create a great illusion. In fact, time has been my biggest gripe throughout the whole series of episodes. I just don't think 1 hour is enough time to create a really impressive makeup look for any of the challenges, especially if the contestants don't know what look they'll be creating ahead of time ( I don't know if they're told anything about the challenge parameters ahead of time or not.). I wish they would give them 2 hours per challenge. Instead, with 1 hour I feel like we get a lot of unfinished, underwhelming, sometimes hastily applied looking applications. I sometimes wonder how the judges can keep from looking disappointed when they're presented with the looks! I like a lot of the Instagram and other photos they show when they introduce the contestants, so I know many of them are talented and could create really nice makeups with more time! Ugh, I couldn't take her meltdown! She had to have known she would be the one eliminated in that round! I'm fine with the 4 contestants who are left and I'm not really rooting for anyone in particular. I hope they're given more time to create really great looks in the finale.
  6. Ready Player One (2018)

    I'm pretty much in agreement with everything you said. I really liked the book and felt that they changed a little too much for the movie. I felt like they kind of changed the tone of the book in the movie, making it more of a fun, fast, action movie. I thought the tone of the book was a little bit darker (but still fun) and that the IOI corporation and Sorrento came across a little more menacing in the book. In the movie I found Sorrento to be a little too cartoon-ish, and I thought the post-it note with his password was pretty silly. I also had to kind of roll my eyes at the way the employees at IOI were cheering at the end - they just seemed a little too enthusiastic and sunshine-y in their powder blue uniforms. I was also kind of disappointed that they changed the challenges so much. I mean, I get it, the way the challenges were done in the book wouldn't have translated well to the big screen, but they seemed to go through them way too quickly in the movie. Also, I have nothing against Tye Sheridan, but he really didn't do that much for me as Wade in the movie. That said, I thought the movie taken on its own (ignoring the book) was a fun entertaining movie, and I enjoyed it for what it was.
  7. Isle of Dogs (2018)

    I really enjoyed it a lot. The stop-motion animation looked great and I loved the voice work and the personalities and interactions of the main dogs. I'm surprised there aren't any comments on it here yet, but then again I guess it's still in limited release right now. Be sure to post here again after you've seen it!
  8. S01.E18: More

    That "drinking" line was great! I really admire Freddie Highmore's ability to toss out lines like that in a completely unforced way with a totally straight face. One of my pet peeves with less talented actors is when they're supposed to say a funny line in a straight manner, but the actor gives away that they're in on the joke - takes me right out of the scene. Freddie Highmore is so great at staying in character! Also, I want to chime in with everyone else who recommends watching "Bates Motel" - Highmore and Vera Farmiga are so very excellent in that show and the rest of the supporting cast are great too. The show really did a great job of showing Norman Bates' evolution and making both him and his mother disturbing, frightening, yet very sympathetic characters. The final season was heartbreaking.
  9. S01.E17: Smile

    Someone needs to capture that and make of GIF of it, lol! :)
  10. S01.E17: Smile

    I totally agree. If Kalu really does leave, I'll miss the little interactions between him and Shaun! Kalu has really grown on me since the beginning of the series. I laughed out loud when he poked his head in Glassman's office, then I laughed even harder when he came up behind Kalu! I couldn't help but have thoughts of Norman Bates whipping out a knife and stabbing him to death, lol! This was certainly a roller coaster episode with its hilarious moments and tragic or near-tragic moments and the going back and forth with the Lucy and fake-Lucy patients.
  11. S01.E17: Smile

    And he gave Shaun a partially used bottle of milk. "Best Bro" indeed. Ugh.
  12. S09.E16: USA vs. the World (2018)

    Maybe the weatherman life is as draining as the U.S. presidency? And I just realized why I shouldn't like Joe (most of it political views), but he doesn't rub me the wrong way I'm not familiar with his political views... He does look older than 28 though! I wondered if maybe the Ninja life is starting to wear on him? In his post-run interview with Christine he mentioned something about finding it harder to get motivated at times or something like that. And I think he made one other comment that gave me the impression that maybe he's not as driven about the Ninja stuff anymore. I've always enjoyed watching him run the courses because he looks like such a regular guy (an average Joe, hehe), but he's deceptively fast and usually makes the obstacles look kind of easy.
  13. S01.E16: Pain

    Thank you izabella! That's the piece I was missing - I didn't realize she had implants all over the place! I hope Shaun's friendship with Kenny doesn't blow up in his face. I thought the way Shaun's face lit up when he said, "That sounds like fun" when he decided to sit down and play Mortal Kombat with Kenny was so adorable! I hope he got something to eat other than just plain white rice for dinner though, lol!
  14. S01.E16: Pain

    A couple more questions to fill in the gap in my DVR recording - what was it that originally brought the female patient and her husband to the hospital? I gather she had some sort of infection that necessitated removing her breast (?) implants, but was there some other reason that originally brought her in? And why was she so reluctant to have the surgery? Was she afraid it would make her "ugly" to no longer have enhanced breasts? Or were replacement implants down the road not an option?
  15. S01.E16: Pain

    Ahhh, thank you NotCreative Enough for clearing that up for me! I like to believe that Park actually does care about Shaun. There were a couple of quick glances that he gave Shaun that make me feel that way. One was right after he forwarded the info on Kenny to Shaun's cell phone and one was at the beginning of the episode where Shaun pointed out that if the male patient had previously had spinal trauma it could have accounted for someone as young as him being in his current condition. Park kind of looked at Shaun like he admired his ability to quickly come up with these kinds of insights. I really like the addition of Will Yun Lee to the cast so far. I wondered about that too! I know I wouldn't be able to just write a check for ~$2500 on the spot without doing some shuffling between my checking and (also meager) savings account. And who still carries around checkbooks? lol!