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  1. S01.E01: All That We Left Behind

    You all echoed some of my thoughts. I thought it was interesting, but confusing. I'm willing to give it a few more episodes though. At some point I turned to my husband and said, "Why don't they just put the telepath into a coma and get him out when they are ready?" Also, I think the telepath may have saved that woman in the shower rather than hurt her because there is apparently some other baddie on the ship. Oh, we'll see how it goes.
  2. Season Five Episode Talk

    One thing that bugged me a bit was they were really trouncing the baker who made the tiramisu with madeleines saying the dessert has to be light and fluffy, and yet they were a-ok with Lerome's gelee, which isn't light and fluffy. What?
  3. Season Five Episode Talk

    It's my understanding that pinky fingers extended is either no longer proper but also something to do with syphilis (those who extended their pinky fingers usually had it...it affects the hands.) Is Nancy trying to tell us something? Also, has she said, "yummy yummy in my tummy tummy tummy" yet? I loathe her.
  4. S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    What I don't understand is last week Amanda was safe even though she didn't properly nail a reflection, but this week they are all worried about the number of stems at the bottom of Chris' bouquet? So, adherence to the rules is only a temporary thing? To be honest, Amanda's looked unfinished to me. I did like the red flower she did. I didn't think it was muddy at all, but the two orange flowers? They didn't look done. How come they didn't say anything about that? I hope Christian goes and walks off the rim of a volcano.
  5. Season Five Episode Talk

    I think you'd be brilliant in one of the bake off shows!
  6. S02.E04: I Put a Spell on You

    I said the same thing to my hubby too. Why didn't she just be honest with Bobo and tell him and let him decide instead of deciding for him. He's an adult. I know she wants to protect him, but first she lies by omission and then turns him into a dog with no input from him. To be honest, after that stunt, I'd dump her. She obviously doesn't trust him to make his own adult decisions.
  7. S11. E10. Put up or Shut up

    Three things I've learned from this show as a result of all the artist complaints: 1. Don't be fat. Fat skin is hard to tattoo. 2. Don't be old. Old skin is hard to tattoo. 3. Don't ask for anything more than something extremely simple and even that is hard to tattoo. Ooh, bonus one... 4. Don't pick any part of the body other than thigh. Everything else is hard to tattoo.
  8. S8 E1: The Boogeyman’s Nightmare

    He's been on a lot of Verizon FIOS commercials. The curly haired kid. He made a lot of them and they were shown a lot too.
  9. I love all the championship shows, but I have to say, the Spring one is my least favorite. As for Zac, I also cannot stand him. I watched him on Top Desserts and I hated him then. He's just too mean spirited. I'm glad that Lorraine and Carla stopped him from ranting and being insulting re: the "it's not fondant". I miss Ron Ben Israel too. I do love Carla though and she has to stay with the show permanently. LOL. Thinking maybe I ought to audition for this show. Hmmm.
  10. S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    Oh, I don't know. It would be fun to see Snaggy and Bayleigh have an utter meltdown and tell each other off on the Amazing Race while they try to muck through mud, failure after failure. :)
  11. S11. E04. No Wrist, No Reward

    I'm fairly ok with Cleen, but I have a hard time enjoying watching Christian. I wish we could just have a great group of tattooers and forget about grudge matches and captains of the team egos. As long as EJay never comes back again, I'm fairly happy.
  12. S20.E35: Double Eviction #1

    Me too! I was just thinking that a JC and Sam final would be so delicious. Though I think Tyler played a great game, I lost all respect for him for hooking up with Angela. I've hated her since she trashed Rachel for no reason. I hope her emotionless cruel butt gets burned.
  13. S11. E03. Right On Target

    I just looked it up and apparently Dave was suicidal earlier this year. My guess is that he lost a lot of weight struggling with that. I hope he feels better soon.
  14. The Buffet Line: All-Seasons Discussion

    I hate the new format. I liked the old format much better.
  15. I have been revenge watching because I want to see Dreadlock Girl and Full of Himself Pompous Jerk who unseated Saeed kicked off by a different singer, but last night was the last straw. That woman who sang Prayer was freaking amazing. And she lost out to sick and croaking Dreadlock girl because Dreadlock girl has an interesting look? No. I'm done. I'm done with listening to Khaleed, I'm done listening to Full of Himself Pompous Jerk who unseated Saeed brag about how he deserves it all, finished. The only one I'll still like after this is Meghan Trainor.